John SYKES, 100th Regiment of Foot, From Yorkshire, England
to Goulbourn Township and Renfrew County, Ontario, Canada

New November 28, 2013:

Hello!  I am a direct descendant of John Sykes, born 31 July 1783 in the Parish of Holbeck, Leeds, Yorkshire. John joined the 100th Regiment 
in Dublin on the 30th June 1809 and came to Canada shortly thereafter.  He settled in Goulbourn Township near Ashton on Concession and Lot
VIII, 2 92.  These no's are found in the 1889 lot Atlas for Goulbourn Township. By that time he had shared this allottment with his son, 
Hiram Sykes.  I have copies of various of John's military documents that verify this.  The next generation of Sykes moved to 
Renfrew County in the Cobden, Westmeath area. 

Please include his name on your original settlers of Goulbourn page.  Thanks

Cheryl Franceschi

In 1879, Hiram Sykes gives his postal address as Ashton. He is a farmer and Deputy Reeve.

Here is his farm in 1879 - a picturesque location with the headwaters of the Jock River running through it. Map Source: McGill University Digital County Atlas Project - Goulbourn Township
Farm of Hiram Sykes, Goulbourn Township, Ontario, Canada, in 1879 Jock River, Beckwith Township, Ontario, Canada, in 1879
Stephen Eynough, shown on the map above, was the local schoolteacher. ... Al

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