Joseph and Elizabeth SWAIN

possibly related to ML# 371 (James SWAYNE from County Cork) on the McCabe List
also Michael SWAIN and Mary FOLEY from County Wicklow

October 5, 2002:
Joy: Thanks for sending along the following ... Al

Joseph Swain married Elizabeth in County Cork Ireland. All five children were born in Ireland... . Children... (1)-William born 1815 married Rose Anne Bowes born 1828... (Children... (i)- Thomas born 1845... (ii)- Robert born 1848... (iii)- Mary born 1848 (Robert's twin)... (iv)- Patrick born 1850 )..... 2)- Ellen 1820-1899 married Daniel Carroll... (Children...(i)- Mary 1843-1888 married James McCrank 1841-1891...(ii)- John 1844-1897 married Honora Knox 1854-1898...(iii)- Patrick 1845-1929 married twice Mary Scott and Ann Kelly...(iv)- James 1848-1917 married twice Elizabeth McCrank 1848-1873 and Catherine Wilkie 1853-1942...(v)- Thomas Daniel 1850-1932 married Elizabeth Cunningham 1859-1939... (vi) Elizabeth 1853-19340- married Michael Patrick O'Brien 1841-1913... (vii)- Hannah (Ann) 1855-1872 unmarried... (viii)- Rose Ann born 1858 married John Knox 1863-1916.)... 3)- Elizabeth Catherine 1829-1913 married Martin Bowes 1823- 1903...(Children...(i)- Thomas 1846-1916...(ii)- James born 1850... (iii)- Richard born 1856... (iv)- Rose Ann 1862-1944... (v)- Mari died 1935 married John Cassidy died 1904... (vi)- Liza Ann 1866-1914)... 4)- Michael married Mary Foley... 5)- Mathew married Elizabeth Myers. Note : Rose Ann Bowes and Martin Bowes are brother and sister. John Cassidy was a widower before marrying Mari Bowes. His first wife was Mary Brazeau. (Children of John Cassidy and Mary Brazeau.. 1- James Joseph ...2- Adelaide Married Thomas Hayden .) ... Joy
October 16, 2002: Hi Ellenore Joseph and Elizabeth Swain are my husbands GG Grandparents. Their daughter Ellen married Daniel Carroll, my husbands G Grandparents. Michael Swain (who married Mary Foley ) and Ellen( who married Daniel Carroll) are brother and sister. I will be happy to share information. Looks like you have found the parents and brothers and sisters of your GG Grandfather. Glad to hear from you. Joy -----Original Message----- From: Chuck & Ellenore [] Sent: October 14, 2002 7:42 PM To: Subject: Swain I came across Bytown or Bust and noticed that there was a article on the Joseph and Elizabith Swain, I am a descendent of Michael Swain born 1811 - 1903 and Mary Foley also born 1811 - 1893 they were my g g grandparents , William their son (was my great grandfather) born 1847 - 1907 married to Sarah Jane Carroll married in 1875 daughter of Bernard Carroll and Ellen Heffernan. I have some information that I would love to share with Swain decedents. I have pictures, marriage bonds, baptismal, some death registrations and tombstone pictures of my decedents on the Swain side. I to could be a descended of Joseph and Elizabeth Swain, I have been unable to find any information on Michael Swains parents. Hoping to hear from you. Ellenore ____________________ Hi Ellenore I'm sure I can pick up pictures on word. Looking forward to seeing them. There is not much information on Joseph and Elizabeth Swain except that they were from County Cork and their five children were born there. When they came to Canada they settled in Gloucester. Five years ago I was in Ireland and checked out many genealogy societies. Found nothing on the Swains. What I have on Michael is that he and Mary Foley were married in Kemptville and have two children listed for them. 1) Lawerence married Maria Shields (Owen Shields and Katherine Doberty) Oct-15-1867 in Kemptville. 2) James married Unknown had a son Ted who married Sarah Lampardy. Children of Ted Swain and Sarah Lampardy (i)- Sister Eleanore, who was a teacher at Immaculata High School. I spoke to her several years ago and she gave me some information on the Swain family. (ii)- Father Ted Swain (iii)- Elizabeth (Betty) Swain who married ? McGregor. Mathew Swain married Elizabeth Myers in Kemptville. Had one known daughter Elizabeth who married James Dunnigan January -1-1852 I will send more tomorrow. Joy ___________________________ -----Original Message----- From: Chuck & Ellenore [] Sent: October 15, 2002 11:10 AM To: Joy Carroll Subject: Swains Hi Joy I have no information of Joseph & Elizabeth other than what I have found on the "Bytown or Bust" site. I will start off with Michael and Mary. I don't have their marriage date, I know they married in Ireland and had Patrick born June 20 1840 in Ireland, they immigrated to Canada 1843, there quite well could be more children. Taken from the Kemptville Advance Deaths Swain- Mrs. Michael Swain July 25, 1893 age 82 yrs nee Mary Foley, native of County Wicklow, Ireland. Taken from the Holy Cross Register: Mrs. Michael Swain ( Mary Foley) interment in Holy Cross Church 27 July 1893 Sons James, Patrick, William. Patrick Michael Swain married Catherine Baxter (born May 8 1844) Married in Feb 8 1863 in Richmond, Ontario. In the Keptville Advance Deaths June 21 1917 In Kemptville Patrick Michael Swain of Kemptville, born in Ireland in 1840 came to Canada at the age of 3, Married Feb 8 1863 to Catherine Baxter at Richmond, leaves widow, 3 sons and 4 daughters. Patrick and Catherine children were: Thomas Swain (Detroit, Michigan, USA) Michael Swain (Fairville, New Brunswick) Frank Swain ( Fairville , New Brunswick) Mary A Swain 28/06/1872 married Mose Sabourin 07/11/1901 Holy Cross Church Kemptville Ontario. Found in the Kemptville Advance November 7, 1901 Miss Mary A Swain eldest daughter of Patrick Swain of Kemptville to Moses Sabourin Ellen Swain 04/04/1876 (nothing on Ellen) Rose Josephine Swain 04/04/1878 died 10/02/1917 Kemptville, Ontario. obit taken from the Kemptville Advance Feb 15 1917 Rose J Swain of Kemptville on Feb 10 3rd daughter of Mr.. & Mrs. Patrick Swain, leaves 3 brothers, Frank of Fairville NB, Thomas of Detroit Mich. & Michael of Fairville N.B, 4 sisters Mrs. M Sabourin, Miss Nellie (Ellen) Margaret & Josephine of Kemptville. Margaret Swain 11/06/0886 about 1969 ( nothing on Margaret) Maria Josephine Swain 23/03/1887 Christened 17/04/1887 Taken from the Holy Cross Register Maria Josephine on the 17th day of April 1887 I the undersigned priest have baptized Maria Josephine born of the 23 day of March in the lawful marriage of Patrick Swain and _____Baxter. sponsors James Swain hid his wife Sarah Lamping Swain. * I am assuming that Catherine Baxter was not Catholic this is why her name is missing or a oversight on the priests part. Note: Since the marriage of Patrick Michael Swain and Catherine Baxter took place in Richmond (probably St. Phillip's), Catherine was probably related to the Catholic Nepean Baxter family. The Baxter's from Nepean were related to the McGoverns, many of whom settled in the Kemptville area. ... Al Josephine was a registered nurse and worked in Montreal, did special duty nursing in Montreal the last few years of her nursing career. Moved back to Kemptville and lived in the family home upon her death, never married. Have Josephine's obit form the Kemptville advance says: Miss Josephine Swain, R.N. Miss Josephine Swain of 112 Clothier Street West, Kempville died in hospital of Tuesday December 24th, 1974. She was 87. Born in Marlborough Township she was a daughter of the late Patrick Swain and Catherine Baxter Swain. Miss Swain was the last member of her family. Miss Swain did private duty nursing in Montreal for several years before taking up residence at the family home in Kemptville. She is survived by several nieces and nephews. A sister Margaret died in 1969. The body rested at the Rolston Funeral Home Kemptville, Fun-(the rest is missing) I will be sending each child separately. Can I send you pictures on word? I am running XP and have not figured out how to crop my pictures with my scanner. Hope to hear from you soon. Ellenore
October 17, 2002: Thanks for all of this! -----Original Message----- From: Chuck & Ellenore [] Sent: October 16, 2002 1:05 AM To: Joy Carroll Subject: Swain's Second Son William Second son of Michael and Mary Foley Swain William born 08/05/1847 Marlborough Ont. married to Sarah Jane Carroll born 05/06/1852 , Married 26/05/1875 at Holy Cross Church, Kemptville, Ont Taken from the Holy Cross Catholic Church Register On the 26 May 1875 I the undersigned priest after on publication being made by me the other two being dispensed by the RT. Reverend John O'Brien have married William Swain son of Michael and Mary Foley and Sarah Jane Carroll daughter of deceased Barnard Carroll and Ellen Hefferman witness Dennis O'Neill and Pholemen Seitiment and William M Fox. sgn Edward Murray P.P. Found in the Kemptvill Advance Death Notices Swain- William Swain Sr. son of Michael Swain of Kemptville, married to late Sara Carroll, survived by 3 children. William lived with William Jr. & Henietta in Kemptville after Sarah his wife passed away in 1903 till his death in 1907. William Swain and Sarah Carroll are buried at Holy Cross Church Cemetery along with his father & mother Michael and Mary Swain. First Child William Swain born Kemptville On 21/10/1876 -11/04/1967 married Henrietta Greer Oxford Mills born 23/07/1878 - 04/08/1958 both buried in Victoria, BC at Royal Oak Cemetery. I have both Marriage and baptismal of William and deaths certificates of William and Henrietta (my grandparents). If you would like a copy. Taken from the Kemptville Advance Marriage notices dated Married at Oxford Mills October 08 1903 Greer - Swain Miss Henrietta Greer to Mr. William Swain both of Kemptville. Holy Cross Catholic Church Baptismal on the Third day of November 1878, I the undersigned priest, baptized William born 21st of October of the lawful marriage of William Swain and Sarah Carroll. The sponsors were Joh Mea and Mrs. James O'Neil (Sgn) Edward H Murray Priest. The foregoing is an extract from the register of Holy Cross Church, Kemptville, Ont, Canada. Joseph .H McDonald P. P. 1...Margarietta Swain born Kemptville, Ont 01/10/0904 -03/03/1981 Magarietta was a nun, in the sister order of Zion also taught school in St Joseph Catholic Church in Saskatoon Saskatchewan. Interment in Woodlawn Cemetery Roman Catholic Area WRC - 5- W1/3 plot. 2....William Ernest Swain born Kemptville Ontario 25/05/1908 - 25/07/1969 married Mary Margaret Davis born Regina Sask. 21/03/1917- 23/09/1981 Married Regina Sask. 23/12/1939. I also have copies of marriage and death certificates and obits if you would like copies. William and Mary Swain have 4 children *Ellenore May Swain 04/04/1941 born Regina Saskatchewan - Married John David Allen Henery 21/03/1941 born London, Ont. Married 15/10/1960 At H.M.C.S Naden Chapel Victoria, BC Two Children David Allan Richard Henery born Victoria, BC 01/08/1961, Tamara Lea-Ann Henery born Victoria, BC 08/10/1965 *Dennis William Swain born 24/10/1944 Saskatoon Sask Gray Nuns Hosp. Married Glenda Ann Butler 21/06/1963 Two Children Shelly Mary Swain born in Victoria, BC 02/09/1964, Shannon Carroll Swain born in Victoria, BC on 18/08/1969. *Donald Kenneth Patrick born in Regina Sask 22/03/1948 - 18/04/1953 buried in Victoria at Royal Oak Cemetery *Gerald Patrick Swain born in Victoria 16/10/1955 Married Teresa ? Married 1975 ? Mackenzie BC Two Children Clayton Swain born in Victoria, BC 1976, Quinton born in 3.....Mary Patricia Swain born in Ottawa Ont, 28/09/1912 - Married William Everett Morris born 24/03/1908 - 09/02/1966 Married in Port Alberni BC 1940? * Robert Everett Morris born in Port Alberni BC 1945 - 1966 died in Toronto Ont. Victoria BC 1978. Second Child Mary Helena Swain 02/08/1882 - ? Taken from the Holy Cross Registar born Mary Helena Aug 2 1882, I the undersigned priest baptised Mary Helena Aug 13 1882 of the lawful marriage of William Swain & Sarah Jane Carroll sponsors were James Swain & Sarah Jane (Lamping) Swain. signed Michael MacDonald P.P I have no information other than the baptismal of Holy Cross Catholic Church. Third Child John Joseph Swain born in Kemptville, Ont 22/02/1888 -/?/?/1976, Married Mary Caroline Cassidy born in Grand Forks, North Dakota ?/?/1888 - ?/?/1985 Taken from the Holy Cross Catholic Church Registar On the 04th day of March, 1888. I the undersigned Priest baptise Joseph John born of the 22 of Feburary in the lawful marriage of William & Sarah Swain. Sponsors were John Dillon & Mary Ann Swain. signed P.P. Michael McDonald. Taken from the Grenville Marriage Registar of Ontario John Joseph 21 resident of Kemptville both same bachelor, bus driver Roman Catholic son of William Swain and Sarah (Carroll) Swain and Mary Caroline Cassidy 21 res of Kemptville born Grand Forks, North Dakota spinster Church of England daughter of Phillip Cassidy and Annie (Walters) Cassidy witnesses Alice & Gregory Kemp and Carey L Gregory Kemp. Marriage Kemptville Feb 26 1908 by J.W. Gregory Pastor of Baptist Church Kemptville, Ont. * Della Swain born Kemptville, Ont. 06/02/1913 - ? Found in the Kemptville Advance Birth Notices of Feb 13, 1913. Swain Daughter to Mr. Mrs. Joseph Swain of Kemptville on February 6, 1913. Fourth Child Shirley Swain ??? _____________________________________ Also posted on October 17, 2002: From: Chuck & Ellenore [] Sent: October 16, 2002 9:20 PM To: Joy Carroll Subject: James Swain Michael & Mary Swains third son *James Swain born 02/09/1849 - ?/?/? married Sarah Elizabeth Lamping 10/12/1847 - ?/?/?/ Married ?/?/?. Taken from the 1881 Census, Leeds & Grenville, Marlborough Swain James M age 31 born Ont Irish Molder Swain Sarah wife age 31 Swain Levious M age 8 Swain Edward J age Swain Mary E age 6 Swain Margaret A age 5 Swain Lawrence age 4 Swain Rose Josephine age 1 It looks like Sarah's brother was living with them at the time the census was taken. Lamping Vincent brother to Sarah age 36 German Machinist Lamping Mary Ann age 34 wife Levious James 12 James is buried at St Hughes' Roman Catholic, Sarsfield. Carleton Cumberland along with his son William. Found James 1901 census in Leeds & Grenville #8278 Swain James Head 2 Sept. 1849 age 51 Sarah E Wife 10 Dec 1847 age 53 Edward J son 5 May 1877 age 23 Margret A daughter 3 Jan 1876 age 25 Rosa Josephine daughter 14 Dec 1879 age 21 Michael Father 2 Nov 1811 age 89 Child one Levious Michael Swain born 1872 - 05/01/1911 Taken from the Kemptville Advance Death notices Swain - Levious Michael Swain of Kemptville age 38, railroad contractor, bachelor servived by parents, 3 sisters, 1 brother, Jan 5 1911. Levious is buried in Holy Cross Cemetery, Kemptville, Ont. Child Two Mary E Swain born about 1875 no information Child Three Margret Ann Swain born 03/01/1876 - 09/07/1958 Taken from the Holy Cross Church Register Margret Anne Swain on the feast of her baptism 13 of may 1876, I the undersigned priest baptise Margret Ann Swain in the lawful marriage of James Swain & Sarah Lamping. Sponsors Stephen Lamping & Margret Sloan. signed E Murray P.P Child Four Lawrence Edward Swain born 13/05/1877 - 09/07/1958 Married to ?/?/? This was taken from the Holy Cross Register. I the undersigned priest baptise Lawrence Edward Swain of the lawful marriage of James Swain and Saraha Jane Lamping on the May 22, 1877. signed by E Murray P.P Confirmed Sept 20 1889, . Married October 2/ 1906 Died July 9 1958. *John Lancelot Swain born 13/12/1907 Taken from the Holy Cross Register on the 22nd day of December 1907. I the undersigned priest baptise John Lancelot Swain born December 13, 1907 in the lawful marriage of Edward Swain and Nellie Fitzsimons sponsors were James Swain and Mrs. Swain (Sarah Lamping). signed J Meagher P.P. Also taken from the register ordained sub deacon July 12 1936, ordained Priest July 25 1936 Rome Italy. Solemn Profession, Society of Jesus Aug 15 1942. *Mary Marie Eleanor Swain born 04/05/1909 - Taken from the Holy Cross Register Mary Marie Eleanor born May 04 1909 I the undersigned priest baptise Mary Marie Eleanor on May 09 1909 in the lawful marriage of Edward Swain & Nellie Fitzsimmons Sponsors Mr. & Mrs. James Swain signed by J Meagher P.P * Notation in the register that Mary Marie Eleanor Swain became a nun Aug 10 1929 she became Sister Mary Eleanor Grey Nun of Immaculate Conception. *James Gerald Swain born 07/05/1911 - ?/?/? married Laurette Shorboneau ?/?/? - ?/?/? married 26/08/1961 Taken from the Holy Cross Register James Gerald Swain born 07 may 1911,I the undersigned priest baptise James Gerald Swain 14 May 1911 in the lawful marriage of Edward Swain and Ellen Fitzsimons Sponsors John Mea and Margaret Swain. signed J Meagher P.P. *a note on the register married Laurette Shorboneau at St. Frances. Aug 26, 1961. *Henry Joseph Swain born 25/05/1912 -?/?/? Married to ? Taken from the Holy Cross Church Register Henry Joseph Swain born March 25 1912, on the 31st day of March 1912. I the undersigned priest baptise Henry Joseph in the lawful marriage of Edward Swain and Mrs. Swain ( Ellen Fitzsimons) sponsors were Ellen Vincent and Mr. Vincent Lamping. signed by J Meagher P.P. Taken from the Kemptville Advance Birth Notices Swain - Son to Mr. Mrs. Edward Swain of Kemptville on March 26, 1912. *Loretta Margaret Swain born 25/09/1915 - ?/?/? No more information Taken from the Kemptville Advance Birth Notices Swain- daughter to Mr. Mrs. Edward Swain of Kemptville on September 25, 1916. *Mary Elizabeth Swain born 25/09/1916 - still alive married a McGregor??? Taken from the Holy Cross Register Mary Elizabeth born 25 of Sept 1916 I the undersigned priest baptise Mary Elizabeth on October 1st 1916 in the lawful marriage of Mr. Edward Swain and Mrs. Swain (Ellen Fitzsimons) *A note on the register Mary Elizabeth married in 1942. McGregor Taken from the Kempt ville Advance Birth Notices Swain- Daughter to Mr. Mrs. Teddy (Edward) Swain of Kemptville on September 25, 1916. I spoke with Mary Elizabeth (goes by the name of Betty) she resides in a retirement home outside of Ottawa, tried to find out if there were any decedents of the Swain's living in Kemptville, she did not remember , being 87years old her memory of living people was fading. She did tell me she was the daughter of Edward and Sarah Swain. *Rosa Teresa Swain born 14/09/1879 - ?/?/?/ married 17/06/1908 to ?? Taken from the Holy Cross Catholic Church Register I the undersigned priest baptise Rosa Teresa Swain on the 20 Dec 1879, Rosa Teresa born Dec 14 1879 in the lawful marriage of James Swain and Sarah Lamping. Signed J Meagher P.P * Note on the register married 17 June 1908 John J Meagher P.P. *William Swain ?/?/? no information William is buried at St Hughes Cemetery in Sarsfield Carleton Cumberland
June 2, 2005: Friends, I'm looking into the ancestry of a Patrick Bowes, who was born in Canada, but whose parents emigrated from Ireland. His parents were named Martin Bowes and Elizabeth Swain. I don't see any Patrick listed as their son on your site. Does this ring any bells with you? The dates seem about right, and Patrick named one of his daughters Rose. Thanks for any advice you may give., Walter Naegle _____________________ Mr. Naegle: Are you a descendant? If so, I could add your e-mail and e-mail address to our web site as a contact for other researchers. Martin and Elizabeth were married in 1842. Patrick was born in 1845. ... Al Lewis ____________________ Dear Mr. Lewis, I am a descendent of Patrick Bowes. Let's see.... He would be a great grandfather. My grandfather was married to Patrick's daughter, Kathleen Bowes. Please feel free to add my info to you site. Thanks for your help. Walter Naegle ______________________ Here are two records from Ellen Paul, (Notre Dame Cathedral): Marriage: 7 Nov 1842 Marriage of Martin Bowes of Gloucester to Elisabeth Swain Witnesses: James Helvoy (McEvoy?) and Mary Toll Birth: 30 Nov 1845 Baptism of Patrick, born this month, son of Martin Bowes and Elizabeth Swain Godparents: Richard Bowes & Mary Ann Brennan ... Al
November 10, 2008: Hi Al, You have a page /swain.htm where some people have reported the Swain family of Kemptville as coming originally from Cork, but also on that page is the death record of Mary Foley Swain giving her place of birth as Co. Wicklow. This web page has a history of Michael and Mary Swain, and reports them coming, c1840, from Wicklow to Throoptown (which is Augusta Township). The Swain page on this website is secured, so I've been looking for other proof, without much luck till I found the page on B or B. In later years, Michael and Mary lived near their son, Patrick, in Kemptville, but attached is the 1851 census page for Michael and Mary, in Oxford Twp., -- perhaps at the Augusta Twp. border, like the James Burns family? All this to say that we have another entry for our list of Wicklow to Augusta families. Clonegal parish has a number of Swains in its records, but none for Michael that I can see. ... Anne Burgess
November 12, 2008: I haven't had any luck finding a Swain record with the word Wicklow on it, Al (other than your page on B or B), but here are the marriage records for two children of Michael Swain and Mary Foley. I suppose that when Lawrence's residence is stated as "of this parish", it may have meant Marlborough as a mission of the Basilica. Notre Dame Basilica, Ottawa 5 Oct 1867 Marriage of Lawrence Swain, "of this parish" s/o Michael Swain and Mary Foley to Maria Shields, d/o Owen Shields and Catherine Doherty, "of this parish" Wit: not named St. Philip's, Richmond 8 Feb 1864 Marriage of Patrick Swain s/o Michael Swain and Mary Foley, Marlborough to Catherine Baxter d/o Fergus Baxter and Ellen Dolin (Dolan ?) Wit: John Keegan and Catherine Baxter ... Anne ____________________________________ Hi Al, I've found out that Michael Swaine m. Mary Foley in Aghowle (Clonmore RC parish, County Wicklow), so I guess it's no surprise that he went first to Kingston, since all of that Aghowle civil parish appear to have reassembled in Camden and environs. seems likely that Mary Foley was the sister of Bridget Foley Cassidy (from our list of Fitzwilliam emigres): CASSIDY, Thomas and FOLEY, Bridget from Killinure to Hungerford, ON (Hastings County) On another topic: I ordered from Alibris that book by Marianna O'Gallagher: Eyewitness Grosse-Ile 1847, and it's just excellent, with records, letters between the clergy, maps, etc. - and it's a beautifully made book, as well. ... Anne __________________________________ More from Anne: I have these Swain records, taken from the index to Clonmore Parish, Co. Wicklow, and they do seem to cover some of your people: 1835/11/17 Marriage of Mary Foley to Michael Swain Aghowle 1841/06/13 Bapt. of Lawrence, s/o Michael Swaine and Mary Foley Aghowle 1837/02/12 Bapt. of Mary, d/o Michael Swaine and Mary Foley Aghowle 1838/10/21 Bapt. of Patrick, s/o Michael Swain and Mary Foley Aghowle I also have a couple of Clonmore parish, Co. Wicklow, records for Matthew Swain and Elizabeth Myers, including the baptism of their dtr. Elizabeth, who married James Dunnigan in Ottawa: 188/04/07 Bapt. of Elizabeth, d/o Mathew Swain and Elizabeth Myres Coolkenno 1826/03/12 Bapt. of Patrick, s/o Mathew Swain and Elizabeth Mires, Coolkenno 1823/05/25 Bapt. of Luke, s/o Mathew Swaine and Elizabeth Myres Killinure Hope these are helpful. Do they match your records? ... Anne
November 14, 2008: Hi again, Al: I had a note yesterday from Brian Bailey who notes that this couple were married in St. Michael's Church of Ireland in Aghowle. I think Patrick was a Catholic, though, because the whole family is listed as RC in the 1851 census, and their children were bapt. in St. Camillus, Farrelton. It seems that Frances Codd Swain's parents were Ann and Abraham Codd; the Patrick Swain couple had a son, Abraham. Because Patrick Swain lived at least some of the time in Farrelton, and died there (but buried in Martindale), I think it's possible that the Ellen Swain who m. Daniel Carroll, and who lived most of her married life in Farrelton, was likely of the Wicklow Swains (and not the Co. Cork Swains, who were probably related to the ML Swayne from Cork). Here's that Ellen Swain/Daniel Carroll couple (taken from the page on Bytown or Bust): Ellen Swain, b c1820, m. Daniel Carroll, lived in Gloucester and later in Farrelton - Mary 1843-1888 M. James McCrank 1841-1891..... - John 1844-1897 M Honora Knox. 1845-1891..... - Patrick 1845-1929 M twice Mary Scott and Ann Kelly..... -James 1848-1917 M twice Elizabeth McCrank and Catherine Downey ..... - Thomas Daniel 1850-1932 M Elizabeth Cunningham 1859-1940..... - Elizabeth 1853-1934 M Michael Patrick O'Brien 1841-1913 ..... - Hannah (Ann) 1855- 1872 ..... - Rose Anne 1858- M John Knox.. Hope I haven't completely confused you now. I'm wondering what brought a Wicklow family to Farrelton/Low. There must be more. (There were 2 Wicklow families in Old Chelsea/Farm Point, but I don't know the distance between there and Farrelton.) ... Anne
November 20, 2008: Hi Al, Today I was looking at those Swain baptisms you sent me, and I noticed this one: 11 Jan 1852 After three publications of banns, marriage of James Dunnigan of Aylmer LC, adult son of William Dunnigan and Ellen Byrnes / Burns, to Eliza Swain of Bytown, adult dtr of Mathew Swain and Elizabeth Myers (Mears) Witnesses: Patt. & Ann McCann Now Eliza's parents, Mathew Swain and Elizabeth Myers, were married in Coolkenno, County Wicklow. I think the witnesses at Eliza's wedding were Patrick McCann and his sister, Ann, from the adjoining townland of Aghowle. They are on the attached Fitzwilliam emigration record, and the family came to Bytown and Gloucester in 1851. Fitzwilliam Tenants - Family Group ID: 742 Parish Aghowle Year Listed: 1851 Surname McCann Reference No. 72 Group Members: Eliza 54, Bryan 29, Catherine 24, Pat 19, Ann 17, George 15. Voyage Townland Ship Pilgrim Departure New Ross. May 1st Aghold / Aghowle Arrival Quebec Source: Surplus People by Jim Rees, companion CD ... Anne

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