William John SULLIVAN and Jane UNKNOWN
County Antrim, Ireland to Nepean Township, Ontario, Canada

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Descendants of WILLIAM JOHN SULLIVAN Lot 33, Concession I, Nepean Township, Carleton County, Ontario. by Dave Sullivan 3 October 2011 Family of William Henry Sullivan (more photos below)
William John SULLIVAN "John" was Wesleyan Methodist, of farming stock, born 1773, near Belfast, County Antrim, Ireland. John arrived in America, about 1809, at the port of Quebec City, Lower Canada, removing again to the Island of Montreal. He married Jane, nee unknown, born early 1770's, France. In the late 1820s, John removed to Upper Canada and acquired 100 acres of wild land at Lot 33, Concession I, Nepean Township, Carleton County, in the "Merivale District", when it was called the "back bush and later "City View". In The City Beyond: A history of Nepean…1792-1990, Bruce Elliott writes "The Merivale area was settled very late...the first farm there was begun in 1819…in the early 1830s several Methodists bought land here, including John SCOTT from County Cavan, who had lived for several years in Goulbourn, John SULLIVAN from Montreal and Abram OLMSTEAD from Hull who was married to Scott's niece Ann FOSTER…". 1842 Nepean Census records the family lived in a log house and land ownership was by Deed. As to the situation on the farm, 32 acres were occupied with 30 acres improved. The family produced 80 acres of wheat, 300 bushels of oats and 700 bushels potatoes. Live stock included 10 meat cattle, 3 horses, 5 sheep and 4 hogs. Nine yards of cloth and 12 lbs. wool were produced during that year. 1852 Canada West Census, Nepean Township records John age 78 and Jane age 77 and was their last census enumeration record. John and Jane had children John, William, James, Jane Jr. and Elizabeth Jane. John James SULLIVAN, born 1811, Montreal, Lower Canada married Rebecca Gardiner, 1835, Carleton County, Canada West. Rebecca was born 1816, Ireland. John was enumerated in the 1851 Ontario Census, Torbolton Township, head, age 40 and lived in a one story log house with eight children. John followed his younger brother, James, to Russell County and resided briefly with his brother at Bearbrook removing to Clarence Township where he acquired 100 acres at Lot 11, Concession 11. 1861 Clarence Township Census, records John, farmer, owner of the property, Irish, birthplace Quebec, religion Wesleyan Methodist. 1871 Agricultural Census for Clarence Township records the family lived in a single storey log house on 100 acres with two barns, one plough and one cultivator. 25 acres were improved and six acres was pasture. As to crops, they produced, 25 bushels spring wheat, 10 bushels Oat, 2 bushels beans, 30 bushels corn and 3 tons of hay and owned 3 horses over 3 yrs old, 2 milk cows, 2 horned cattle, 2 sheep and 3 swine with. 3 sheep and 4 swine were killed or sold for slaughter. The family also produced 50 lbs of butter and 30 lbs of Wool and cut 15 cords of firewood. John passed before 1872 as the The "Cherrier & Kirwin's Ottawa Advertising Directory 1872-73" only lists a Mrs. John Sullivan, laundress and son John Jr. farmer, both of Clarence, North side lot 11, Con. 11. John and Rebecca had children Jane, Caroline, Elisabeth, Rebecca, Mary Ann, John William, Harvey, Mary, William and Thomas George. 1. Jane SULLIVAN was born 1835, Nepean, Carleton County and married Alexander M. Larmour, 1856, Cumberland, Russell County, Ontario and raised family at Concession I, W ½ lot 11, Cumberland. Alexander M. Larmour was born, 31 May 1828, Ireland and passed in 1869 and was interned, Trinity Anglican Church Cemetery, Bearbrook, Cumberland Township. Alexander was the son of Alexander Larmour Sr. (b.1795) County Tyrone, Ireland and Mary Smith (b.1880) Ireland, who immigrated in 1829 and settled at Concession II, Lot 11, Cumberland Township. Alexander had three brothers, John (b.1829), who married Mary Nowland, James (b.1829), who married Rose Dale, William Robert (b.1829), who married Margaret Watson and one sister, Sarah (b.1846) who never married. Alex and Jane had children Mary Jane, Elizabeth, Harriet, William, Alexander, John, Caroline and Henry. 2. Caroline SULLIVAN was born in 1836 in Nepean, Carleton County, Canada West. 3. Elizabeth SULLIVAN was born January 1838, Nepean, Canada West and married Joe Kinsella, 25 August 1864, Trinity Anglican Church, Bearbrook, Cumberland Township, Russell County, Ontario. Witnesses included her mother and father and Alex Larmour of Cumberland who was married to Elizabeth's older sister Jane, b.1835. Joe Kinsella was born 1830, Ireland and was the son of Thomas Kinsella. They had children John, Elizabeth Margret, Thomas, Joe, Frances Louisa, Susanna Caroline and Elisha. 4. Rebecca SULLIVAN was born 1840, Nepean Township and married Louis Francis Pratt of Goulbourn Township, 9 March 1889, Chatham, Kent County, Ontario. Louis was the son of Augustine and Emile Pratt. Rebecca was enumerated in the 1901 Ontario Census, City of London. She was widowed, age 60, a Baptist and occupation servant. Her estimated year of birth is given as 1840 and she is recorded as patient in a sanatorium. Rebecca's infirmity was recorded as "unsound mind". 1911 Ontario Census, City of Cobourg, records Rebecca was a patient in the mental health facility there, widowed and age 69. Rebecca and Louis had no known children. 5. Mary Ann SULLIVAN was born 12 July 1842, Nepean Township and baptized 20 October 1843, by the Rev. J.B Keough, Wesleyan Methodist Church, Nepean, Canada West. 6. John William SULLIVAN was born 1844, Nepean Township, Carleton County. John married Rebecca Dencham, 15 August 1881, Ottawa, Ontario according to "Ontario Marriages Records, 1869-1927". This register records John's parents were James and Rebecca Sullivan and introduces the father's middle name "James". Wife Rebecca was ethnic French, born 1855, USA and the daughter of John Denham (b.1814) and Harriet (b.1816). The family was enumerated in the 1901 Ontario Census, Oslo Township, Frontenac County and records John was employed as a night watchman. 1911 census records John widowed and working as labourer in Sharbot Lake and supporting children Bertha and Fred. John and Rebecca had children Anne, Elizabeth, Hanna, Georgina, Fred, William, Bertha, Florence and Charles. " Anne SULLIVAN "Hattie" was born, 4 Dec 1882, Oslo Township, Frontenac County, Ontario. Anne married Harry Sims, 1910, Ontario and were enumerated in 1911 Ontario Census, Algoma East, Robinson Township with one daughter, Grace, born 1910. " Elizabeth SULLIVAN "Ethel" was born, 22 Apr 1883, Oslo Township, Frontenac County. Elizabeth married Stanley Robinson (b.1888). They were enumerated in the 1911 Canada Census Town of Gananoque, Leeds, Ontario with child, John, born 1908, Ontario. " Hannah SULLIVAN was born, 28 Dec 1886, Oslo Township, Frontenac County, Ontario. " Georgina SULLIVAN was born, 4 Oct 1889, Oslo Township, Frontenac County. " Fred SULLIVAN was born, 21 May 1890, Oslo Township, Frontenac County. " William SULLIVAN was born, 22 Jan 1891, Oslo Township, Frontenac County. " Bertha SULLIVAN was born, 15 Nov 1893, Oslo Township, Frontenac County. " Florence SULLIVAN "Carrie" was born, 22 Oct 1895, Oslo Township, Frontenac County. " Charles SULLIVAN was born, 10 Sep 1897, Oslo Township, Frontenac County. 7. Mary Elizabeth SULLIVAN "Jemima or Emma" was born 1848, Nepean, Carleton County, Canada West and christened, 25 April 1853, Wesleyan Methodist Church, Nepean. Mary, 26, married John Jenkins, 22 Dec 1874, Belleville, Hastings County, Ontario. John was born, 28 January 1851, Kingston, Frontenac County, Ontario and son of Samuel Jenkins, born 1826, England, occupation blacksmith & Elizabeth Petteg (1831-1881). Mary was enumerated in the 1881 and 1901 Canadian Census, City of Kingston where husband John was employed as a Blacksmith. They had five known children Edith, Walter, Irwin, Lillian and Ann. " Edith May JENKINS was born, 13 Jul 1877, Kingston, Frontenac County, Ontario. " Walter Stewart JENKINS was born, 1879, Kingston, Frontenac County, Ontario. " Irwin Edward. B. JENKINS was born, 28 Feb 1881, Kingston, Frontenac County. " Lillian G. JENKINS was born, 27 Jan 1883, Frontenac Ward, Kingston, Frontenac County. " Annie JENKINS was born, 18 Apr 1885, Frontenac Ward, Kingston, Frontenac County. 8. William SULLIVAN was born, April 1850, Nepean Township, Canada West. William married Mary Anne Symington, 5 February 1883, Chatham, Kent County, Ontario. Mary Anne was born 1859 Howard Township, Bothwell County, Ontario and was the daughter of Hugh Symington, born 1803, Ulster, Ireland and Mary born Germany. They had child Maud. " Maud Mary SULLIVAN was born, 30 Jul 1883, Chatham, Kent County, Ontario. 9. Thomas George SULLIVAN was born 1854, Nepean Township, Canada West. Thomas, age 28, yeoman, Clarence Township, married Ana McDermid, age 26 on 28 June 1876, St. Johns Church, Ottawa. Ann was ethnic Scotch, born 1850 in Carleton Place, Ontario and was the daughter of John & Mary McDermid. Thomas was enumerated in the 1881 Ontario Census Cumberland, Russell, Ontario, working as a labourer and living in the Bearbrook area near his Uncle, James Sullivan. His Mother, Rebecca, Widow, age 65, was living with the family. They had children Duncan and William. " Duncan SULLIVAN was born, December 1877, Cumberland, Russell, Ontario. He married Verna, born August 1882. Duncan was enumerated in 1911 Census living at 8 Hillyard Street, Town of Chatham, Kent County West, Ontario. Duncan was a tin smith and working for Hands Brothers and made $900 past year and had $2000 life insurance which cost him $47 per year. Verna was ethnic English, Methodist, born Ontario and not working at the time. " William SULLIVAN was born, 12 Mar 1880, Cumberland, Russell, Ontario. 10. Harvey SULLIVAN was born 1855, Clarence, Russell County, Canada West. William Henry SULLIVAN was born 1816, Montreal, Lower Canada. William remained on the family homestead at City View and eventually purchased the property. 1851 Ontario Census, Nepean Township records William Henry and his family lived on the south 50 acres at Lot 33, Concession I and his father, John, lived on the North side as a tenant. William married Mary Jane Scott, 1838, Nepean, Carleton County. Mary was born 1815, Upper Canada and was the Daughter of John Scott b.1879, County Cavan, Ireland and Christiana Graham b.1888, Ireland. John Scott had lived for several years in Goulbourn Township and removed to Lot 34, Concession I, Nepean Township near the Sullivan family homestead. Mary Jane died in 1885 and William Henry in 1901 and were interned in City View Methodist church Cemetery, Nepean, Ontario. They had the following children, Christiana, William, John, Harvey, Silas, Archibald, George, and Harriet. 1. Christiana SULLIVAN was born in 1839 in Nepean Township, Canada West. 2. William Henry SULLIVAN was born on the family farm, 14 Oct 1841, Nepean, Carleton County, and married Mary Jane Lee, 19 May 1866, Ottawa. Mary was born, 22 February 1845, Aylmer, Quebec and was the daughter of Alonzo Lee, born 22 December 1805, Vermont, USA and Mary Moore, born 19 May 1839, Hull, Quebec. Mary Jane's father worked for lumber baron Philemon Wright as a "mill-wright" in Hull. A story passed down through the Sullivan family, and noted in Hello Nepean, by Sara B. Craig, describes Mary Jane Lee had observed part of a raft of logs which broke free in the Deschenes Rapids and was passed down and was swept over Chaudière Falls. From the shore, at her father's home on the old Aylmer Road overlooking the river, Mary observed the "raftsmen" working the logs had become trapped on those runaway logs and watched helplessly as a several men drop on their knees praying when they disappeared from view over the falls - all of them drowned in "the big Kettle" below the Chaudière Falls. William Sullivan was a veteran of the Fenian raids of 1866 and 1867 and a long time member of the Ottawa Field Battery in which he held the rank of sergeant for fifty years. He was also a life member of the Royal Orange Lodge No. 156. William farmed fifty acres, part Lot 33, Concession I, which he purchased from his father. William raised a large heard of Jersey Cattle and was an authority on draft horses which he exhibited at fairs. In the City Beyond: A history of Nepean…1792-1990, Bruce Elliott writes, "William became a prosperous milk producer in the Merivale area and by 1907 he was one of 11 of Nepean's 58 producers to have his own milk route, marketing milk door to door and occasionally buying additional supplies from one or two neighbors". William also served the community as a Nepean Councilor from 1897-1903 and again in 1905. William died at noon on Sunday 19 July 1925, age 85, Ottawa, at his home, 43 Rosemount Avenue and was buried in City View Methodist church Cemetery. " Florance Edith Christina SULLIVAN "Tot" was born 10 Feb 1870, City View, Nepean Township, Carleton County, Ontario. At age 20, Florance married Alexander Scott, 24 December 1889, Nepean, Carleton County, Ontario. Alexander was born 27 Aug 1864, Tyrone, Ireland and the son of Robert Scott and Jane Jack both born Ireland. They had children Mary Jane, Thomas Alexander and Perl Norma. " Margaret Ann SULLIVAN "Marcy" was born 14 Feb 1872, Nepean. She married Charles McAuley, 04 Feb 1891, Ottawa, Ontario. Charles was born 22 July 1869, Ireland and immigrated to Canada with his parents George McAuley and Sarah Raisin in 1895. 1901 Ontario Census records the family living Nepean Township, Carleton County in the "City View" district near the Sullivan, Nelson, Scott, Olmstead and Mulvaugh family homesteads. The family is Presbyterian and Charles is employed as a labourer with income of $365 past year. They had children Charles, Fredrick, William and Robert. " Clarence SULLILVAN born 1873, Nepean, Carleton County, Ontario and died in infancy. " Mary Jane SULLIVAN "Min" was born 9 February 1874, Nepean Township. Mary married Ronald John Anton, clerk, Nepean, 8 August 1895, Ottawa, Carleton County and witnesses were Duncan Stalker and Ella Booth, both of Ottawa. Ronald was born 25 August 1872, Ireland and was the son of James Anton and Jeanette Stalker, Ireland. Mary Jane and her husband resided in New Edinburgh, Russell County after their marriage. They were enumerated in the 1911 Ontario Census, Carleton, Nepean living on east side Main Street and Ronald was employment as bookkeeper at the dairy with income of $700 that year. Their children were Florence, Laura, Ronald, Theodore Frederick and Norman. " William Henry SULLIVAN "Willie" was born March 17, 1877 in rural Nepean Township, Carleton County, Ontario. "War Service files, Library and Archives Canada, (regimental No. 241)" indicates William was a veteran of the Boer War. He enlisted, 29 December 1899, age 22, with the Royal Canadian Field Artillery and proceeded to South Africa where he served as a driver with the 2nd Ontario Field Battery. With the help of Samuel Lefleur and Henry Bower, Willie saved a gun, receiving a medal for his actions. William was awarded the "Queens South African Metal and Clasp" for service in the "Orange Free State" and "Belfast" and "Cape Colony" campaigns. The South African War, 1899-1902, was a key event in the military history of Canada. It marked the first occasion Canada dispatched troops to an overseas war. 7,368 Canadians and 12 Nursing Sisters served in South Africa. Willie married Christina McFarlane about 1906. Christina, born 21 November 1883, Beckwith Township, Lanark South, Ontario and was the daughter of Alexander McFarlane (b.1848) and Annie Howie (b.1851). 1901 Census of Canada, Lanark South, Beckwith Twp., records her father emigrated from Scotland in 1859 and was a Presbyterian Pastor in Beckwith. The 1938 Ontario Rural Census, Nepean, taken on the eve of WWII records Willie was 62 years of age and farming 93 acres at North Pt1/2 lot 33, Concession I, City View. He removed to 125 Irving Avenue, Ottawa, by 1947. In the The City Beyond: A history of Nepean…1792-1990, Bruce Elliott writes, "One of the most active builders in City View and Meadowlands in the late 1940s and early 1950s was Willie's eldest son Milton Sullivan. Milton had formerly been a market gardener and then a carpenter building in St. Claire Gardens and Meadowlands in the early fifties. Milt's brother Fred became an active realtor in the City View area". William and Christina had children Minerva, Caroline, Milton, Frederick and Jessie. " Fredrick A. SULLIVAN "Fred" was born 7 July 1879, City View, Nepean Township, Carleton County. He was educated at City View and after leaving the farm he lived his sister Mary Jane and her husband Ronald Anton in New Edinburgh, Russell County, where he worked as grocer for the past 12 months with a reported income of $575 according to the 1901 Ontario Census. "Library and Archives Canada, War Service Records (regimental No. 378)" show Fred was also a Veteran of South Africa War. On 17th day of April, 1902 at age 22 years and 9 months, Fredrick enlisted in the 3rd Canadian Mounted Rifles, South African Field Force and proceeded overseas to South Africa as a private to fight in the Boer War. Upon returning to Canada Fred married Beatrice M. Carington, Ottawa, Ontario. In the early 1900s Silver was discovered in the district of Timiskaming. Speculating on possible business opportunities, Fredrick moved to the Town of Haileybury and 1911 Nippissing, Ontario, Census records he was employed in grocery merchant business. Fredrick later took up residence in Cobalt and became prominent in the wholesale and mining business in that city. He entered politics and became mayor of Cobalt from 1928-1930. Fred died, 18 Feb 1954, Cobalt, Ontario at the age of 71. Fredrick and Beatrice had children Fredrick Lee and Marion. " Caroline G. SULLIVAN "Carrie" was born 23 April 1881, Nepean Township, Carleton County, Ontario. Carrie was the twin sister of Elizabeth. She married John Alexander Nelson, born 1877, Nepean, Ontario. According to oral family history Caroline and John were childhood sweet-hearts. John was the son of Robert Nelson (b.1845) and Grace Ann Woods (b.1849) of Nepean. John's grandfather, Thomas Nelson (b.1803), County Antrim, Ireland was a pioneer settler who settled 250 acres at lot 34 Concession A Rideau Front. Caroline passed, 16 November 1961, age 80, Nepean and was interned in the Merivale United Cemetery, Nepean Township, next to her husband John, who passed 14 July 1923. The Merivale Group of Cemeteries is on the West side of Merivale Road just south of Hunt Club Road, behind the Merivale United Church. They had children Lester, Lorne, Evelyn and John. " Elizabeth Harriet SULLIVAN "Liza" was born 23 April 1881 Nepean Township and was the twin sister of Caroline. Elizabeth married William Donald Jones, 30 September 1909, Carleton County, Ontario. Her husband, William, born 16 May 1878, Ottawa was the Canadian bike champion from 1895 to 1900 at a time when bicycle racing was a top rated national sport in Canada. At the time of the 1901 Ontario Census, William was living at home with his parents and working as an electrician with a stated income of $1,000 for the year. His father, William Donald Jones (b. 1848), was Welsh and emigrated from England in 1868 and settled at Ottawa where he became well established as printer. Elisabeth's son, Ernie Jones, born 6 Oct 1910 was brought up at the family home on Churchill Avenue in Highland Park, Nepean. He was educated in Ottawa and went on to become a popular Controller for the City of Ottawa. Elizabeth passed, 1978, Ottawa. Elizabeth and William had children Ernest and Mary Christiana. 3. John Scott SULLIVAN was born 23 July 1843, Nepean, Canada West and baptized, 23 September 1843, Nepean. John married Sarah Jane Wilson, 9 September 1869, Carleton County. Sarah (b.1852) was the daughter of John Wilson (b.1811), County Cavan, Ireland and Helen Beatty (b.1817), Arklow, County Wicklow, Ireland who were pioneer farmers who settled March Township. John carried on a business as Farmer and Lumberman in Nepean, according to "Belden's historical atlas", then, about 1881, John and Sarah immigrated to the American mid-west with daughter, Florence, and settled in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA. Minneapolis lies on both banks of the Mississippi River, just north of the river's confluence with the Minnesota River. Known as the "Twin Cities," Minneapolis-St. Paul eventually became the 16th-largest metropolitan area in the U.S.A. John Scott was enumerated in the 1905 USA Census, Ward #4, Minneapolis, Hennepin County, Minnesota, age 60, birthplace Canada. He was a mill worker at Washburn-Crosby mill. Nicknamed the "Mill City," Minneapolis grew up around Saint Anthony falls and between 1880 and 1930 Minneapolis became the world's flour milling capital. By 1905, Minneapolis delivered almost 10% of the country's flour and grist. At peak production, a single mill at Washburn-Crosby made enough flour for twelve million loaves of bread each day. John and Sarah had one known child, daughter Florence. " Florence V. SULLIVAN was born 1878, Nepean Township, Ontario and died in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA. Florence married Alexander Sutherland, 1885, Minneapolis, Hennepin County, Minnesota. He was born 1857, Wisconsin and died, 19 Jan 1910, age 35, Minneapolis and buried in Emerald, Wisconsin. They had two children Lelah, (b.1885), and Violet, (b.1900), both born Minneapolis. Violet married Lester V. Daniels and died, 28 Feb 1944, Minneapolis, Hennepin, Minnesota, USA. 4. Harvey SULLIVAN was born 24 May 1845 on his parent's farm at Concession I, Lot 33, Nepean Township, Carleton County, Canada West and baptized 6 May 1847, Nepean. Harvey married Sarah Jane Frazer, 1867, Nepean, Carleton County, Ontario. Sarah, born 1841, was the daughter of William Frazier (b. 1813) and Margaret Winthrop (b. 1813), Ireland. 1881 Ontario Census, Nepean, records Harvey carried on business as Farmer and Stock Grower. In 1884, Harvey and family immigrated to the USA and settled first in North Dakota, where their only, daughter, Daisy, was born. They moved again to Washington where the family was enumerated in the 1910 United States Census, Seattle Ward 7, King, Washington. Harvey was age 66, Sarah 65 and daughter Daisy age 25 and 1884 was the stated year of immigration. Harvey died 25 August 1913, age 68 and Sarah passed 26 January 1928, age 83, Seattle, ward 7, King County, Washington, USA. They had children John, Archie, William, Robert, Harvey, Silas and Daisy. " John Scott SULLIVAN was born 1868 in Nepean, Carleton, Ontario married Anne born Seattle, King, Washington, USA. He died 9 Feb 1921, Seattle, Ward 7, King County, Washington, USA. " Archie SULLIVAN was born 1869 in Nepean. Archie married Etta Hegaas "Ettie", 16 Aug 1909, City of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. Ettie was born 1883, Union City, Washington, USA. Archie died 1 Aug 1924, Seattle, King, Washington, USA. " William Charles SULLIVAN was born 23 Feb 1872, Nepean and died 26 February 1957, Seattle, Washington, USA. " Robert E. SULLIVAN was born December 1874, Nepean, died 29 Nov 1940, Washington. " Harvey SULLIVAN was born 1878 in Nepean, died 7 Mar 1940 in Seattle, King, Washington. " Silas SULLIVAN was born 22 Aug 1880, Nepean, died in Seattle, King, Washington. Silas married Mary Mackenzie, born 1869, Seattle, King, Washington. She died, 7 Nov 1936, Seattle. " Daisy SULLIVAN was born 1885, North Dakota, USA. 5. Silas SULLIVAN was born, 8 Sep 1848, Nepean, Canada West. Silas removed to Torbolton, Carleton County by the 1871 Ontario Census and acquired 100 acres at Concession VI, Lot 1, Torbolton Township. Silas married Mary Jane Payne, 1882, Torbolton Township, Carleton County, Ontario. Mary Jane was, born 1853, was the daughter of James Payne (b.1830) and Elisabeth (b.1853) both Ireland. James Payne farmed the south half Concession VI, Lot 1, Torbolton Township. Silas removed to Concession VI, Lot 8, March Township at Dunrobin where he died, 16 December 1920. Mary passed 1935. Both are buried Dunrobin United Cemetery, March Township, West Carleton, Ottawa. They had children Elisabeth, Minnie, Margaret, Patrick and Ada. " Elisabeth SULLIVAN born1869, had children Percy Rutledge, born May 1882 and James Rutledge, born Aug 1894, Carleton County, Ontario. " Minnie SULLIVAN was born 1874, Torbolton Township, Carleton County. " Margaret SULLIVAN "Maggie" was born 22 May 1882, Torbolton. She died, 1959, March Township, West Carleton, and was buried 1959, Dunrobin United Cemetery, Ottawa, Ontario. Margaret married Henry Sandfield Kennedy (1881-1955) Carleton County. " Patrick SULLIVAN was born May 1883, Torbolton Township, Carleton County, Ontario. " Ada SULLIVAN was born July 1899, Torbolton Township, Carleton County, Ontario. 6. Archibald L. SULLIVAN "Archie" was born 3 Nov 1849, Nepean Township, Canada West and baptized 25 May 1850, Wesleyan Methodist Church, Nepean. Archie married Mary Cameron, 27 Oct 1873, 1875, Altena, Ontario. Mary was the daughter of John and Mary Cameron. The family moved to Lakeside, Muskegon, Michigan, USA about 1877 where they were enumerated in the 1880 United States Census. Archie was employed as a Laborer and Mary was a stay at home housekeeper. They had children Silas, Mary Jane and Minnie. 7. George H. SULLIVAN was born 20 May 1852 in Nepean Twp, Carleton County and baptized July 12, 1853. George, age 25, residence Hull Quebec, occupation Culler, married 22 year old, Mary Lalonde, 27 July 1877, Birchton, Quebec, near the Town of Sherbrook. Mary was born in Oswego, New York, 1855 and was the daughter of Nazier and Mary Lalonde. George was enumerated in 1881 Ontario Census, Portsmouth Penitentiary, Portsmouth, Frontenac County, Ontario. George is an inmate, described as a male, ethnic Irish, age 28, born Ontario, occupation Culler and Religion Wesleyan Methodist. George's wife, Mary Lalonde was enumerated in the 1881 Quebec Census living in the household of J. P. Oraced A'Orsonnan in Hull, Quebec. Mary i recorded as age 25, born USA, married, Ethnic French and Roman Catholic. George and Mary did not record in a search of 1901 and 1911 online Canadian Census. They had no known children. 8. Harriet A. SULLIVAN was born 12 Apr 1854, Nepean, Canada West and baptized 3 September 1854 at the Wesleyan Methodist Church, Nepean. Harriet moved to Midwest USA with her brother John and settled in Grand Forks, North Dakota. Harriet married Ronald Charles C. Gifford (b.1872), about 1895, North Dakota. Charles mother was Jennie Gifford (b.1828) New York, USA. The 1880 USA Census for Poughkeepsie, Dutchess County, records Charles lived with mother Jennie, widowed, age 52 and keeping house and Charles, single, age 30 worked at a fruit and confectionary store in Poughkeepsie, Dutchess County. 1910 North Dakota Census, Kenmare, Ward County records Harriet, age 54 and spouse Charles, age 61, and two issue Charles age 15 and Russell age 13. They both died Kenmare, Ward County, North Dakota, USA. Harriet and Charles had children Charles and Russell. " Charles C. GIFFORD was born 1895, Grand Forks, North Dakota. 1920 North Dakota Census records Charles married Olga J. (b.1899) Minnesota. They had issue Charles Jr. (b.1918) and Marion (b.1920). " Russell Orlando GIFFORD was born 1 May 1897, Grand Forks, North Dakota and married Pearl O. Joslin, 9 Jun 1919, Minot, North Dakota. Pearl was born, 1896, Renville County, North Dakota, USA. James SULLIVAN was Protestant, a man of strong religious convictions and upright character and a devout husband and father of twelve children. James was born, 1820, Montreal, Lower Canada.. He removed to Carleton County with his parents in 1830s and honed his farming and lumberman skill on the family farm at "City View". By the 1850s, there was little prospect of prosperity for James remaining on the family farm as older brother, William, assumed title of the father's farm, built himself a new house and retired his parents as Tenants to the old farm house. Furthermore, the prospect of James purchasing his own land in Nepean was not a valid option because by the 1850s almost all of the reasonably fertile land in Nepean had been taken and the only land left over was on poor soil. In addition, land speculation was driving the cost of farm land up. However, Russell County had opened up for settlement in the late 1840s and was becoming an area of secondary settlement for a number of families from Carleton County. Prior to 1850, James removed to Russell County, Ontario where he worked as lumberman and farm labourer some 12 miles south of the Ottawa River village of Cumberland in the "Bear Brook" area. James married Jane James, 1857, Bear Brook, Russell County, Ontario. Jane was born, 1839, County Donegal, Northern Ireland and daughter of William James and Catherine Margaret Buchanan (b.1806). The James family was Protestant Irish, but originally of English origin as one of their ancestors had served in Cromwell's army in Ireland and then settled there in County Donegal. William JAMES was born in Tully Augnish Parish, Rathmelton Townland, County Donegal, Ireland in 1794 and immigrated to Russell County, in the mid 1840's and settled on the boundary between Cumberland and Russell Townships with his brother George on the W½ lot 28, concession VII where they cultivated an extensive farm. On February 2, 1858 "Yeoman" James bought the 50 acres of land near Bear Brook described in the "Ontario Land Archives", as the S½ of W½ Lot 20, Concession VI, Cumberland Township from Thomas H. Johnson of Vankleek Hill, for Ten Pounds and Two and one- half shillings. James was a "shanty farmer", a term used to describe young men who lived two lives in that they worked all summer planting and bringing in the crops and then went to work at a nearby timber shanty from December through March to make extra money, returning in April to start spring planting. The fortitude and perseverance of Yeoman James is truly amazing. In 1858, the area was still wild land. There were no roads in the area and travel was by walking or horseback. Only a rough track through the forest and swamp linked Cumberland Village and Bear Brook. The area settled by James was thickly wooded with red and white pine which provided excellent material to build his house but the area was also inhabited by large numbers of bears and wolves. The stream which ran through the area was named the "Brook" and "Bear Brook" Village got its name because of the numerous bears that frequently came to the stream to drink and feed on the abundant acorns which fell from the plentiful oak trees along its banks. Unfortunately, the 1851 Ontario Census for Cumberland Township, has been lost, consequently, the 1861 Ontario Census, Cumberland Township is the first census in which James was enumerated. By 1861 Census taking, James had three issue born Gregory 3, George 2 and infant Sarah. He had erected a one-story log house and cleared and cultivated ten acres of land with nine acres having crops and one acre used for pasture. The remaining 40 acres were still "wild or under wood". As to the crops, one acre of fall wheat produced 15 bushels, 1 ½ acres spring wheat produced 25 bushels, 1 acre of barley produced 45 bushels, 4 acres peas produced 20 bushels, 4 acres of oats produced 100 bushels, 1/2 acre of Indian corn produced 6 bushels, 1 acre Potatoes produced 100 bushels and 1 acre turnips produced 100 bushels. Four tons of hay was brought in and the stand of sugar maples yielded 15 lbs. of maple syrup. The family had 1 milk cow, 1 pig and 23 other assorted livestock. The family also churned 80 lbs. Buttermilk and 1½ barrels of salt Pork (200 lb. barrels). Under the remarks section is made the comment "new settlers". The cash value of land was $400 and value of farm implements and tools $8. By 1871 Census taking, James had four more issue born, twins Maria and Antony, James and Catherine. James now owned a plow and a fanning Mill and a new barn and stable had been constructed. 30 additional acres were improved, with 30 acres having crops and four acres used for pasture albeit with help of sons Gregory 12 and George 11. The remaining 16 acres were "wild or under wood". As to the crops, they produced 25 bushels spring wheat, 15 bushels peas, 50 bushels oats, 5 bushels Corn, 400 bushels Potatoes, 50 bushels Oats, 13 bushels Buckwheat, 7 tons Hay and 100 bushels Turnip. In addition, 700 cubic feet of squared or sided timber was cut as well as 15 cords of firewood. James sold the farm in 1894 and moved to Ottawa where he lived with son Gregory from 1901 until his death. James died in Ottawa, Ontario, 13 October 1906 of "mind disease" (Alzheimer's) and was buried in Vars United Church Cemetery, Bear Brook, next to his wife Jane of 32 years who passed 22 August 1889 at age 50, on the farm at Bear Brook. They had twelve children, Gregory, George, Sarah, Marie, Antony, James, Margaret, Catharine, Daniel, Elisabeth, Mary and John. 1. Gregory SULLIVAN "Greg" was born 2 June 1858, Cumberland Township. Gregory's first marriage was to Lucinda Mc Manemy (b.1859) of Osgoode Township, 20 September 1881, Ottawa. Lucinda was the daughter of Irish immigrants John Mc Manemy (b.1826) and Elizabeth Cross (b.1826). Lucinda passed in 1885 and she and Gregory had no known issue. Gregory's second marriage was to the Widow Harriet Silmser, 12 November 1885, Metcalfe, Carleton County, Ontario. Harriet Silmser was born 29 August 1857, Osgoode, Ontario. She was ethnic German and the third child of ten children born to Philip Silmser (b.1823) and Nancy Bellinger (b.1832). Harriet was the sister of Melissa Silmser who married Gregory's brother George. Harriet's first husband, Robert Howes (b.1825) was ethnic English and 25 years older than Harriet. They were married about 1873 and lived at concession 7, lot 11 Cumberland Township, Russell, Ontario at the time of the 1881 Ontario Census. From her first marriage Harriet had issue: Ulysses, (b.1873), Charlotte, (b.1877) and Mary Alice (b.1880). Harriet died at age 70, 12 Sep 1927, Wentworth, Ontario, Canada. 1891 and 1901 Ontario Census, Wellington Ward, indicates Gregory and Harriet operated a successful rooming house at 282 Bank Street, Ottawa. "Ottawa City Directories 1884 -1901" indicate Gregory worked various labourer jobs such as house builder, lumberman and a trackman for the Ontario Eastern Railroad. Gregory and family do not record in the 1911 Ontario Census. According to oral history, the family might have moved to the Wentworth area. No record for Gregory's death has been found. Their six children were George, Samuel, Charles, Joseph, Hattie and Evelyn. " George James SULLIVAN was born 27 September 1886, Osgoode, died at age 21 days, 18 October 1886, Osgoode, Carleton County, Ontario. Cause of death unknown. " Samuel Gregory SULLIVAN was born 12 October 1888, Ottawa, Carleton County, Ontario. He died age 21 years, 4 months and 15 days, 27 February 1909 and was interned in Beechwood Cemetery 24 May 1909. Cause of death unknown. " Charles Antony SULLIVAN was born 17 August 1890, Ottawa, Ontario. "USA, Michigan Marriages, 1822-1995" records Charles, age 31, painter, married Edith M. Malone, domestic, age 22, 18 June 1921, Sault Ste. Marie, Chippewa, Michigan, USA. The Presbyterian Minister was T. R. Easterday and official witnesses W.V. Arrision and Lillian Newman. Edith was the daughter of Charles Malone and Edith H. McGrattan, born 1899, Chicago, Illinois, USA. " Frederick James SULLIVAN "Fred" was born 02 May 1892, Ottawa, Ontario. 1911 Ontario Census, records Frederick resided as a boarder at the home of Matilda Watts in the City of Hamilton East. He was recorded as age 19, ethnic Irish and Methodist. Fred was a painter of buildings and his income was $400 past 12 months. Fred was a bachelor and died 18 December 1932, Kitchener, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. " Harriet F. SULLIVAN "Hattie" was born 24 Sep 1894, Ottawa. 1911 Ontario Census, records "Hattie", age 6, resided at 282 Bank, Ottawa, with her parents who operated a boarding house. "Border Crossings from Canada to United States, 1895-1956" records Harriet Sullivan, Age 23, birthplace Ottawa, Canada, arrived USA through, the Port of Buffalo, New York, December, 1915. " Evelyn M. SULLIVAN was born 4 September 1896, Ottawa. "Border Crossings From Canada to United States, 1895-1956" indicate Evelyn made several crossings into the USA at Niagara Falls, New York, on 20 Apr., 24 Sep., 22 Sep., and 02 Nov. of 1916. Documents record her as ethnic Irish, born 1896, Ottawa, Canada. Departure contact given was her Father Gregory and arrival contact given as her Friend Mrs. Kisey Bartlett, of Wayne, Michigan, USA. 1930 USA Census, Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, records Evelyn Sullivan, age 35, birthplace Canada, immigration year 1918, working as a maid at the residence of John and Elizabeth Smith, City of Detroit. 2. George William SULLIVAN was born 2 January 1859 on the farm, S½ of W½ Lot 20, Concession VI, near Bearbrook Village, Cumberland Township, Russell County, Ontario. George, age 32, Methodist, farm labourer, married Melissa Silmser, age 21, 29 December 1890, South Indian, a small village on South Indian Creek on the line of the Canada Atlantic railway approximately 40 miles from the town of L'Original, Cambridge Township. Melissa was born 14 June 1872, Clarence Township, Russell County, and was ethnic German and Protestant, the daughter of Philip Silmser (b.1823) and Nancy Bellinger (b.1832). During the American Revolution most of the Silmser family in the Mohawk Valley, not far from Albany, New York remained true to the British Crown and were subjected to persistant harassment. Many had their cattle maimed or poisoned and buildings burnt or even driven from their farms. According to family legend, Melissa's, Great Grandfather, John Nicholas Silmser, (b.1753) considered a "United Empire Loyalist" was imprisoned and starved, twice fined twenty pounds and finally had all his property confiscated. He eventually fled to Canada and was granted land near Cornwall, Ontario. Tragedy struck the Silmser family during 1871, when Melissa's brother, Christopher, age 7, died from "eating poison berries" and her cousin, Israel, age 14, died of "gunshot" while hunting. Melissa was short and stocky, and was very sociable and liked to sing and dance at community socials. George was a big man six feet, three inches tall with wide shoulders and good strength from the hard labour of farming life. George had his clothing tailor made as he matured because most off-the-shelf clothing would not fit him. Like his father, George was a man of strong religious convictions and upright character and devout husband and father. 1901 Ontario Census records George and family living in the "Maple Ridge" area of Winchester Township, Dundas County, Lot 9, Concession IV. George was living "on own means", age 42, occupation farm labourer and religion Methodist and his last 10 months earnings was $250.00. Of the four children Mary and George attended school. The family farm is listed at 67 acres; the dwelling is a single log building with 4 rooms and the property owned by Hugh Jackson. The Maple Ridge area was said to be a particularly attractive section of Winchester Township, on higher ground and farmers were usually able to have early seeding time and the farms were prosperous with well kept buildings. The family removed to Lot 4, Concession V, Winchester by the 1911 Ontario Census taking which recorded George, tenant and farm labourer worked 44 hours per week with monthly wages of $32. George passed 1 April 1920, age 62, at home, Winchester. Cause of death was prostate cancer and length of illness was one year. He was buried Maple Ridge Cemetery, Winchester, Dundas County. Melissa, 40, Widow, occupation, House Duties, Winchester, married 3 Oct 1923, Winchester, to Luther Edward Crowder, 30, Widow, born 1893, Kemptville, occupation farmer, Winchester, s/o Allan Crowder & Emma Wood and witnessed by Maria M. Clarke & Malvina Bates, both of Hallville. George and Melissa had children Mary, George, Nancy, Lawrence and Janice. " Mary Jane SULLIVAN was born 12 Aug 1891, Cambridge Township, Russell County, Ontario. She married Alexander "Herbert" Bilow, 29 August 1889, Winchester Twp., Dundas, Ontario. Alexander was the son of William Solomon Bilow (b. 1861) Winchester Township and Rachel Melissa Billings (b. 1865) Sombra Township, Lambton County, Ontario. The Bilow family was ethnic French, Methodist and farmers. Mary Jane was a Pentecostal "holly roller" and lived in Hallville Village, Lot 11, Concession IX at time of the 1911 Ontario Census. She was a stay at home mom and her husband was a farm labourer. Mary died, 25 Feb 1975, Kemptville, Ontario and was buried in the Maple Ridge Cemetery, Winchester, Dundas County, Ontario. Her husband passed, 18 March 1920, Osgoode, Carleton County, Ontario and was buried 20 March 1920, Maple Ridge Cemetery, Winchester. They had children William and Tina. " George Daniel SULLIVAN was born 27 Jul 1893, Cambridge Township, (South Indian), Russell County, Ontario and was christened, 15 Nov 1898, Wesleyan Methodist Church, Inkerman, Ontario. George married Mary Della Sears, 30 November 1916, South Mountain, Dundas County, Ontario. Mary Della was born, 25 September 1901, Hallville, Mountain Township and the daughter of James Elgin Sears (b.1867) and Malinda Louise Settles (b.1877), Hallville. George Daniel Sullivan was a tall, lanky man and used to the hard labour of farm life. He was quite gregarious and active in the Orange lodge as a young man and in his early 20's when he began courting Mary Della by horse and buggy. Mary was a short and stocky young girl when she met George. The marriage got off to a rocky start because as Mary Della was about 15 years old and carrying her first child when they married. According to oral family history, Della's parents didn't want her to marry George because Della was Roman Catholic and he was Protestant. Mary's parents were very protective and insisted George move in with the Sears family in Hallville. George and Mary's first child, Thelma, died at 11 months of age and their second child, Claude, died at birth. The family removed to Winchester Village, where George worked as a switchman for the Canadian Pacific Railroad. The family lived in a white house with a picket fence near the Railroad tracks in Winchester. Eldest son Harold, about age five, used to go down to the railway station to meet his father and walk him home after work. On one occasion, when George came home alone that evening, mother Della became quite upset with her husband and went out to look for Harold in a panic. Della found Harold fast asleep in the ditch near the railway tracks where he had been waiting for his father. By the late 1830s, George had moved his family to Mechanicsville, just North of the Village of Hintonburg. He rented a house at 128 Forward Avenue near the Rooney Hotel, a tavern which he began to frequent regularly. George was strong in everything else, as long as he kept away from drink, but the moment liquor touched his lips he became undone. Eventually, George lost his job at the Canadian Pacific Railway because of this passion for alcohol. He then worked on and off doing work as labourer. It was around this time that George left his wife and five children and was never heard from again. Mary Della sent a photo of George to the police and the Police put out a warrant on George for not paying support to the family, but nothing ever became of it. Della swore she would never take George back and entered what we would now call a state of depression. She didn't do much around the house and spent much of her day sitting in her rocking chair by the window. Eldest son Harold and daughter Evelyn took on the role of raising younger siblings Elgin, Melvin and Norma. Della died at age 51, 15 December 1952, Ottawa Civic Hospital of cerebral hemorrhage and was interned Pinecrest Cemetery, Ottawa, Ontario. George and Della had children Thelma, Claude, Harold, Evelyn, Elgin, Melvin and Norma. " Nancy Adeline SULLIVAN was born 3 June 1895, Cambridge Township, Russell County, Ontario. Nancy married Samuel Hilliard Bilow, 23 November 1910, Winchester, Dundas County, Ontario. Samuel was born 19 June 1886, Winchester and was the son of James Bilow, (b. 1861) Ontario and Mary Biccum (b. 1856). They were enumerated in the 1911 Dundas County Census living with her parents in Winchester Springs Village. Samuel, Ethnic Irish and Methodist, was employed as a farm labourer and made $200 the past year. Samuel died 24 June 24, 1932 in Winchester, Ontario. Nancy and Samuel had six issue born. One un-named stillborn son died 15 July 1911, Winchester, Dundas, Ontario. Daughter Martha Pearl, born 1912, died 25 Aug 1913, at age 10 months, Winchester and stillborn daughter Pauline died 6 Dec 1923, Matilda Township, Dundas, Ontario. They also had sons Lawrence, Harold and Gerald. Lawrence married Margaret Larocque, Ottawa. " Lawrence William SULLIVAN "Lorne" was born 9 Mar 1897, Cambridge Township, Russell County. On 20 January 1916, age 18, Lawrence enlisted in the Canadian Over-Seas Expeditionary Force to serve in the "Great War" between Great Britain and Germany and was "taken on strength" to 59th Regt., 154th Infantry Battalion, Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry Highlanders. "War Service files, Library and Archives Canada, (regimental No. 633178) " describe Lawrence was a young man of dark complexioned, brown eyes and hair, five feet and two inches tall and measured thirty five inches around the chest when fully expanded. The only distinctive mark noted included an appendix scar. The picture of Lawrence, that assembles itself from military records, is that of a remarkable average boy, maybe a bit of a show-off judging by his handwriting, who was smitten by patriotic fervor or maybe so enamored of adventure, that he was willing to take leave of his family and the security of the farm and thrust himself into a war that, by the time of his enlistment, was known to be dirty and deadly. It must have been pretty lonely to leave the family at that time and leave for Europe. The 59th Regt. contributed soldiers to the 2nd, 21st, 38th, 73rd and 253rd Battalions of the Canadian Expeditionary Force. The 154th Battalion went overseas and was broken up to reinforce the "Iron Second," the 21st and 38th Battalions and the 4th Canadian Mounted Rifles and Private Lawrence Sullivan was deployed to reinforce 38th Infantry Battalion. Of the 154th Battalion soldiers that went overseas, 143 were killed and 397 wounded and their efforts in WW I are commemorated in six decorations and battle honours including Hill 70, Ypres 1917, Amiens, Arras 1918, the Hindenburg line and the Pursuite to Mons. After the WWI, Lawrence returned to Winchester and married Lillian Irene Dillabough, 1938, Winchester, Dundas County. Lillian was born 23 September 1919, Winchester Township and was the daughter of Mahlon Dillabough and Lydia Alguire, Osnabruck Centre, Stormont, Ontario. Lawrence died 3 Mar 1972, in his 75 year, of a long illness in Winchester District Memorial Hospital and was buried Maple Ridge Cemetery, Winchester, Dundas County, Ontario. Lillian passed, 5 September 1984, at home, R.R. 3, Winchester, in her 65th year and was interned, Maple Ridge Cemetery, Winchester. They had children, Russell, Margaret, Goldie, James, Susan, Lillian, Mary, Beverly, Billy, Lyle, George and Joseph. " Janice SULLIVAN was born November 1898 in Cambridge Township, Russell, Ontario and was christened, 15 November 1898, Wesleyan Methodist Church, Inkerman, Ontario. She died in infancy, November of 1898, Winchester Township, Dundas County. 3. Sarah Jane SULLIVAN was born 28 January 1861, Cumberland Township, Bearbrook, Ontario and baptized,15 September 1861, Cumberland, by the Rev. Richard Wilson. Sarah Jane married Charles Michael Kelly, 28 September 1881. The marriage was celebrated in Sainte-Anne's Catholic Church in Ottawa's Lower Town neighbourhood. Sarah Jane and family were enumerated in the 1901 and 1911 Ontario Census living at 378 Cooper Street in Ottawa, Centre Ward. Sarah was a stay at home mom and Charles, occupation lumberman reported income of $1966 that year. Charles Michael Kelly was born 16 July1857, Brockville, Ontario, to William Kelly (b.1839) and Mary Byrnes (b.1845). 1881 Ontario Census, Brockville, Prescott County, records Charles Kelly was ethnic Irish and Roman Catholic. They had children, Edith, Emma, Sarah, Joseph, Charles, William, Rose, Irene, Hugh and Lino. " Edith KELLY was born 2 Jan 1882, Ottawa " Emma KELLY was born 2 Feb 1884. Ottawa " Sarah KELLY was born 7 Jan 1886, Ottawa " Joseph KELLY was born 6 Aug 1888, Ottawa " Charles KELLY was born 5 August 1890, Ottawa " William KELLY was born 3 Sep 1892, Ottawa " Rose KELLY was born August 1894, Ottawa " Irene Augusta KELLY "Queenie" was born 15 Dec 1895, Ottawa, and married Frank Charles Tyrell (b.1894) 28 October 1919, St. Patrick's Church, Ottawa, Ontario. Frank was employed as a "Queen's printer" and was a well-known photographer in Ottawa with many photographs now part of the "National Archives of Canada". Queenie was a Milliner by trade. They had three sons; Ross, Brian and George. According to oral family history, Queenie suffered from mental illness and was institutionalized later in life. She passed, 14 January 1950, and was buried Notre Dame Cemetery, Ottawa. Frank died, 19 Jan 1979, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, USA. " Hugh KELLY was born 22 September 1899, Ottawa " Lino KELLY was born August, 1902, Ottawa 4. Marie SULLIVAN was born 10 March 1863, Cumberland and baptized, 23 October 1865, by Rev. J. B. Keough, Cumberland Township, Russell County, Ontario and was the twin of Antony. 5. Antony SULLIVAN was born 12 March 1863, two days after his twin sister Maria, and baptized by Rev. J. B. Keough, 25 December 1865, Cumberland Township, Russell County. Although it is not unusual for twins to be baptized on separate dates, it is interesting to note that Maria was baptized two months before Antony. Could Antony have been too ill to attend? It is also interesting that Antony was baptized on Christmas Day which is somewhat unusual. Could Antony have been ill and his death eminent? Search of 1871 Ontario Census found no record of Antony nor was he found in any later Census and it is speculated that Antony may have passed before 1871 Census. 6. James Edward SULLIVAN was born 9 May 1867, Cumberland Township, Russell County, Ontario, and baptized by Rev. G.H. Kenny, 13 October 1867, Wesleyan Methodist Church, Bearbrook. James was not enumerated in the 1901 and 1911 Ontario Census. 7. Margaret Jane SULLIVAN was born 14 June 1872, Cumberland Township and baptized 25 Nov 1893, Saint Patrick's Church, Ottawa, Carleton, Ontario. She married Andrew Maloney, 27 November 1993, Ottawa, Ontario. Andrew was born 14 July 1865, South Hull, Quebec to Roman Catholic, Irish immigrant parents, James Maloney and Mary Moran. Andrew grew up on the family farm in Cantley Quebec across the river from Ottawa with 11 brothers and sisters and worked as a Baggage Man for the railroad at the old Union Station in Ottawa. His annual earnings were $720 according to 1901 Ontario Census. 1911 Ontario Census records the family had lived at 17 Hurdman Street, in St. Georges ward which was in the east end of Ottawa. Margaret Jane was a stay at home mom and as there were nine children living at home between the ages of nine months to seventeen years old at this time. Son Lawrence was the only child attending school. The family is recorded as Ethnic Irish and Roman Catholic. Margaret attended St. Anthony's Church and was a member the Ladies of Ste. Anne League of Sacred Heart and Third Order of the Servites of Mary and Andrew continued to be employed as a Baggage Man at the Union Station. It was a good job with steady employment and income was $860 for past 12 months. Andrew also purchased a $500 insurance policy for $18 for the past year. Andrew died 5 December 1946, Ottawa. Margaret Jane died, 13 May 1958, after a short illness, in her home at 174 Le Breton Street, Ottawa and was buried in Notre Dame Cemetery, Ottawa. Many other members of the family are also buried there. They had children, Lawrence, Mary, Kathleen, Andrew, James, William, Veronica, Patrick, Patricia and Irene. " Lawrence MALONEY "Larry" was born 30 June 1894, Ottawa. He was a bachelor and a Canadian National Railroad engineer. " Mary Eleanor MALONEY was born 27 Nov 1895, Ottawa and died 1988. She married Simon Files, born 1889 and died 1979, Ottawa. " Kathleen Winifred MALONEY was born 23 Jan 1897, Ottawa and married A. Lavergne, Ottawa, died 1973, buried Notre Dame Cemetery, Ottawa " Andrew Phillip MALONEY was born 18 December 1899, Ottawa, " James A. MALONEY was born December 1901, Ottawa and was a bachelor " William J. MALONEY was born June 1903, Ottawa, bachelor " Veronica MALONEY was born May 1905, Ottawa. She was a spinster and died1986 and was buried in Notre Dame Cemetery, Ottawa " Patrick MALONEY was born July 1907, Ottawa and resided City of Hamilton. " Patricia Jean MALONEY was born June 1908, Ottawa and married Paul Villeneuve, Ottawa. " Irene A. MALONEY was born September 1910, Ottawa and was unmarried. She died 1973 and buried Notre Dame Cemetery. 8. Catharine SULLIVAN was born 1871, Cumberland, Russell County, Ontario. She married Walter James Sussman, 7 November 1912, Carleton County, Ontario. Walter, an English immigrant, was born in 1875, Ardwick, Lancashire, England and son of Paul Susmann, Shipping, Merchant, b.1830, Germany. They had no known children. 9. Daniel SULLIVAN "Dan" was born 24 April 1874, Cumberland Township, near the village of Bearbrook, where he is recorded in the 1881 and 1891 Ontario Census. He learned to read and write in the little wood framed school house on the forced road built about 1861 which replaced the old original log school house which burned by arson. Daniel age six, appears in the 1891 Ontario Census, Bearbrook, living with his brother John and two sisters Elisabeth and Mary and widowed father James. Daniel disappears for a period of time and is not enumerated in the 1901 Canadian Census. According to oral history, Daniel rambled around from job to job and place to place working as a labourer. Eventually Daniel ended up in Dundas County, Winchester Village, where he lived briefly with his older brother George William Sullivan. Here, he settled down somewhat and obtained full time work as labourer and developed skills as a carpenter. Daniel married Edith Billings of South Mountain, 11 November 1908, Dundas County. Official witnesses were Mrs. W.H. Raney and Mrs. James Ellis, of South Mountain. Edith was born 6 July 1884, Mountain Village, Dundas County, Ontario and was the eldest of three daughters born of James Billings (b.1856) and Nancy (b.1863). Daniel's father-in-law, James Billings, was a self employed farmer, ethnic Scotch and Methodist and the family lived on Lot 1, Concession 5, Mountain Village, Dundas in 1911. Daniel Sullivan appears in the 1911 Ontario Census living in Hallville Village, Lot 9, Concession 8, with wife Edith and their one year old son, John. 1911 Census records all members of the family were born in Ontario, ethnic Irish Canadians and religion English Church. Daniel was employed and working on own accord as a carpenter. He reported 52 weeks worked the previous year with earnings of $195. Daniel died 26 December 1925, Winchester Twp., Dundas County, Ontario at the age of 54 buried at Vancamps Cemetery, Dundas County, Ontario. They had children John and Daniel. " John A. SULLIVAN was born July 1909, Mountain Twp., Dundas, Ontario " Daniel E. SULLIVAN was born 7 April 1923, Mountain Twp., Dundas, Ontario, died age 4 months, 26 days, 12 September 1923 and buried at Vancamps Cemetery, Dundas County, Ontario. 10. Elisabeth Margaret SULLIVAN was born 9 April 1875, Cumberland Twp., Russell County and married John Murray, farmer, 1893, Sarsfield, Cumberland Township. John Murray was born 3 June 1866, Cumberland Twp., and was the son of William Murray (b.1834), Ireland. Elizabeth died in 1947 and John passed 1919. Both are buried in Sarsfield Cemetery, Cumberland Township, Ottawa. Their eight children were, William, Mary, John, Winnie, Wilfred, Elizabeth, Jennie and Catherine. " William E. MURRAY was born 18 December 1893, Cumberland Twp., Russell County, Ontario. " Mary E. MURRAY was born January 14 1897, Cumberland " John J. MURRAY was born July 15 1899, Cumberland " William E. MURRAY was born. December 1893, Cumberland " Winnie MURRAY was born February 1902, Cumberland " Wilfred MURRAY was born June 1905, Cumberland " Elizabeth MURRAY was born November 1906, Cumberland " Murray Jennie MURRAY was born May 1908, Cumberland " Murray Catherine MURRAY was January 1911, Cumberland 11. Mary Ann SULLIVAN was born 22 December 1878, in Cumberland Township, Russell County, Ontario. She married Henry Ephraim Larmour, 1896, Cumberland Township. Henry was ethnic Irish, Church of England, and born 30 August 1870, Cumberland Township and the son of Alexander Larmour (b.1828) and Jane Sullivan (b.1835). Jane Sullivan was first cousin to Mary Ann and they shared a grandparent, namely, William John Sullivan (b.1773) but not a parent. Mary and Henry had five children, Edgar, Annie, Gladys, Leonard and James " Edgar LARMOUR was born 26 Jun 1896 in Cumberland Twp, Russell County, Ontario. " Annie May LARMOUR was born May 1901 in Cumberland, Russell, Ontario. " Gladys LARMOUR was born Aug 1906 in Cumberland, Russell, Ontario. " Leonard LARMOUR was born Aug 1908 in Cumberland, Russell, Ontario. " James Herbert LARMOUR was born Apr 1911 in Cumberland, Russell, Ontario. 12. John Lawrence SULLIVAN was born 1 November 1880, Cumberland Township, Russell County, Ontario. John, age 11, appears in the 1891 Ontario Census living on the farm at Bearbrook with his father James and siblings Daniel, Elisabeth and Mary. John removed to Ottawa with his father and is listed in the "1994 Ottawa City Directory" living at 109 Britannia Avenue, occupation, Driver. John does not record in 1901 Ontario Census, however, but is enumerated in 1911 Ontario Census, in Cumberland Township, age 30, single, ethnic Irish, born Ontario and religion Methodist. He was employed as a labourer on the farm of Martin W.E. Shaw, Part lot 26 & 27, Concession 8, Cumberland Township where he worked 49 weeks at 60 hours per week for $ 300 the past year. Jane Jr. SULLIVAN was born about 1821, Montreal, Lower Canada. Her birth year is estimated based on the 1851 Canada West Census, Nepean Township, Carleton County. This is the first census Jane Jr. records in. She is age 30, born Lower Canada and religion was Methodist Episcopal Church. She resided in a one storey, log house with her mother Jane, age 77 and father John, age 78. Her older brother William Sullivan and his family lived in a separate one story, log house next door on the same property at Lot 33, Concession I, Nepean Township. This is the only census Jane Jr. appears in. She may have married and assumed her husband's surname or passed on prior the 1861 Census. Elizabeth Jane SULLIVAN was born 23 March 1822, Montreal, Lower Canada. According to an heir document posted on internet by researcher Doreen Dolleman, Seattle, Washington, "Elizabeth Jane, age 22, married John Nelson Olmsted, age 22, on 25 March 1844, Ross Township, Renfrew County, Ontario. Elizabeth was described as a farm girl and John a resident of Renfrew County and shingle maker who worked for his father. The ceremony was performed by the Rev. John Tulle, Wesleyan Methodist minister. John was born in July 1822, Wolford Township, Upper Canada, the son of Ephraim Olmstead, born 15 Sept. 1794, who was the only surviving son of Israel and Elizabeth Haskins Olmstead. In July of 1816, when he was of age, Ephraim claimed Lot 24 of the broken concession B on the south side of the Rideau River, 170 acres in Wolford Township which had belonged to his father who died in 1802. Ephraim married Hester Breakenridge, daughter of UEL Rev. David Breakenridge Jr. and Rebecca Lawrence. They were enumerated on 28 May 1817 in the Wolford census as Ephraim (age 23) and Hester (age 14) Olmsted. Ephraim was in the Grenville County militia during the War of 1812 and for his service received a grant of 100 acres of land in Ross Twp., Renfrew County, Ontario on 19 January 1820. Like his father, Ephraim had problems with harassment by the Indians, including the burning of his buildings in Wolford. By 1836 he moved his family to his land grant in Ross Township. Elizabeth Jane Sullivan and John Olmstead immigrated to Matteson Township, Waupaca County, Wisconsin, USA in the fall of 1862 and settled on wild land and opened up a farm on section 19, Matteson Township. Elizabeth died 29 June 1880, age 58 years, in Shawano County, Wisconsin and was buried in Riverside Cemetery, Embarrass. John died 18 July 1904 at the home of his daughter in Antigo, Langlade County, Wisconsin and was buried in Graceland Cemetery, Clintonville, Wisconsin. They had four children Adolphus, John Thomas, Elizabeth Jane and Ephraim." SULLIVAN Photographs
Family of William Henry Sullivan William Sullivan, Nepean Councillor Melissa Silmser
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Family of George William Sullivan

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