John STUART & Jane McNAB
to Osgoode Township, Ontario, Canada in the 1800's

New July 16, 2008:

My name is Brian Scharf of Mission BC. I descend from James & Ann Scharf who settled in 
the Ottawa Valley in around 1820. My Mothers Maiden name was Stuart, her grandfather 
was Colin Stuart Of Osgoode Son of: John Stuart & Jane Mcnab of Osgoode. Her mothers
name was J. Evelyn McLaren. Her parents were early settlers in Osgoode.

... Brian Scharf

Good afternoon, Mr. Scharf:
Thanks for your e-mail regarding your pioneer ancestors in Osgoode Township.
I have run across these names often in the 1800's in Osgoode Township. As a matter of fact, 
a lady named Elizabeth Stuart has contributed a wealth of material to the Osgoode Township 
Historical Society.
If you are related to her, she would have done a lot of work on the Stuart and related 
family names.
Their web site is located at .
I'd like to set up a new web page on our site ( Then we may hear from 
other researchers who can contribute information for us. Is this OK with you? Please let 
me know.
... Al
I am related to Elizabeth Stuart ,My Grandfather Howard Stuart ,grandson of John Stuart & 
Jane Mcnab, was her cousin. a new web page sounds terrific thanks.....
... Brian Scharf

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