St. Patrick's Basilica, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

New January 26, 2010:

I took two years off of genealogy and am now back to it. Here is some information that may be useful
In many churches there are plaques commemorating those who volunteered to serve in WW11 like the one you have on 
your site for St. Patrick's church. What some people may not know is that the person who did the caligraphy on these 
plaques was A. J. Casson from the Group of Seven. His name appears at the very bottom of the plaque in very 
small letters but still visible. I went to the Archives to verify it was one and the same, and their best opinion 
is that it is the same A. J Casson. 

... Terry Byrne
Gary Burns here,
I thought this photo might be of interest to you. It's from St Pat's church in downtown Ottawa. 
Men from the parish in WW2. My dad and uncle are on the list. My niece who's in high school 
sent it to me. It's just so wonderful to think that there are young ones ready to take over 
the hunt.

Volunteers for World War 2 from St. Patrick's Basilica, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Many of the names above are members of old families in Ottawa, going back to the building 
of the Rideau Canal which was completed in 1832.
... Al

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