Burials from St. Patrick's Basilica
Kent and Nepean Streets, Ottawa, Canada, 1867-1881

March 30, 2008:

Well, it's now snowing here, quietly burying my blooming daffodils (the dwarf ones), 
so I type on.
These attached records are from the St. Patrick's Church on Nepean Street in Ottawa.  
I was quite surprised to find that many, many of the deaths that occured after 1870 
are not listed with the online Ontario BMD's, so I've also included those up to and 
including 1881.  Primarily just the adults, as they give the most useful information.  
Most of the children's or infants' deaths I have not included :(
... Sue
Thanks, as usual, for these records.
So far we have no blooming daffodils here in Ottawa. But lots of bloomin' snow!

Some records from St. Patrick's (the 'newer' St. Patrick's on Nepean St., Ottawa)
19 Feb 1867: Buried, James McCURLY, late husband of Sarah McWILLIAMS. Died 17 Feb, age 53 yrs 19 Feb 1867: Buried, Terrence DUIGNON. Died 17 Feb, age 52 yrs 20 Feb 1867: Buried, Michael KING. Died 18 Feb, age 19 years. 21 Feb 1867: Baptized, Thomas Dudley, born 15 Jan 1864, Charles Stanton, born 29 Dec 1865, and Frederick Dillon, born 13 July 1867, children of T.D. TIMS and Louisa Flora STANSFIELD. 22 Feb 1867: Buried, Charles Stanton TIMS, son of T.D. TIMS and Louisa Flora STANSFIELD. Died 21 Feb, age 5 months and 7 days. (note: the ages given at his baptism and at his burial don't match. At death, he was either 5 months & 7 days, or 13 months and 23 days according to which one is correct). 29 Feb 1867: Buried, Peter KAVANAGH, son of Michael Kavanagh and Mary SYNNOTT. Died 28 Feb, age 1 year and 8 months 14 Jul 1867: Buried, Mary KENNEDY, late wife of Daniel MARA. Died 12 July, age 46 years. 21 Aug 1867: Buried, Annie O'MEARA, late wife of Daniel O'CONNOR. Died 19 Aug 03 Sep 1867: Buried, Agnes KENNEDY, daughter of Patrick Kennedy and Margaret O'NEIL. Died 2 Sep, age 9 days old. 22 Sep 1867: Buried, Thomas McCANN, died 21 Sep 24 Nov 1867: Married, Edward Thomas SMITH, clerk, son of Edward Smith, to Miss DELANEY 24 Nov 1867: Buried, Daniel TRAINER, labourer, husband of Margaret MANN. Died 23 Nov, age 60 26 Nov 1867: Married, Edward O'CONNOR, clerk, son of John O'Connor and Mary FANNING, to Margaret O'CONNOR, daughter of John O'Connor and Mary ROBERTSON 08 Dec 1867: Baptized, John BARRET, son of John Barret and Ann O'CONNELL. 15 Dec 1867: Buried, Patrick DUNN, son of Thomas Dunn & Sarah BURKE. Died 14 Dec, age 2 yrs, 4 months 17 Dec 1867: Baptized, James (age 10 yrs), Alexander (age 8 yrs), Maggie (age 6 yrs), children of James GREGG and the late Sarah WILSON. Sponsors were Rev. J.J. Collins and Mary McMullin, stepmother. 27 Dec 1867: Buried, Catharine McMAHON, daughter of Michael McMahon and Ellen MYNAHAN. Died 26 Dec, age 14 years 31 Dec 1867: Buried, Richard John MALLONY, son of Daniel Mallony and Bridget MADIGAN. Died 29 Dec, age 13 months. 31 Dec 1867: Buried, William MURRAY. Died 29 Dec, age 64 yrs 03 Jan 1868: Buried, Thomas McMARTIN, late husband of Catharine HENDRICK. Died 28 Dec 1867 at Chamblee, age 38 years 12 Jan 1868: Baptized, Ellen KEHOE, born 10 Jan, daughter of Matthew Kehoe and Rosanne TRACY. 12 Jan 1868: Buried, Richard MOONY, son of Thomas Moony and Ellen BEGLEY. Died 10 Jan, age 14 years and 6 months 16 Jan 1868: Married, Edward A. MARA, son of Daniel Mara and Mary KENNEDY, to Lizzie O'MEARA, daughter of Patrick O'Meara and Teresa MURPHY of Pembroke. Witnesses were William O'Meara and Michael O'Meara, brothers to bride. 18 Jan 1868: Buried, Julia NOLAN. Died 16 Jan, age 17 years. 19 Jan 1868: Baptized, Ellen Catharine, aged 2 weeks, daughter of Andrew HOWLET and Sarah TOY (I believe that this is Sarah TIGHE). 19 Jan 1868: Baptized, James Bernard, aged 1 week, son of James McCARTHY and Jessie Anastasia FRASER. 01 Feb 1868: Buried, Mary EGAN, late wife of John FRANKLIN. Died 30 Jan, age 28 years. 03 Feb 1868: Married, James FITZGERALD (born in Limerick, Ireland), son of age (22 years) of John Fitzgerald and Margaret LYNCH, to Caroline MAGORE, daughter of age (20 years), born in Plantagenet, of Tannis Magore and Caroline GOURE. Witnesses: Patrick Murphy and Delimas Magore, sister to the bride. 06 Feb 1868: Baptized, Ellen Mary, aged 14 days, daughter of Louis MYRES and Ellen SULLIVAN. 09 Feb 1868: Baptized, William, born 1 Feb, son of William WATSON and Bridget RYAN. 09 Feb 1868: Baptized, Margaret Ellen, born 28 Oct 1867, daughter of A.S. WHITTIER and Sarah McDONELL. 16 Feb 1868: Baptized, Catharine, born 11 Feb, daughter of Michael KAVANAGH & Mary SYNNOTT. 20 Feb 1868: Buried, Henry MORGAN, son of James Morgan & Mary KAIN. Died 18 Feb, age 3 yrs, 2 mnths 21 Feb 1868: Buried, Mary HEAVEY, relic of the late James Heavey. Died 19 Feb, age 70 years. 21 Feb 1868: Baptized, Michael, aged 10 days, illegitimate child of Jane McMAHON and James McRETSILAE? 23 Feb 1868: Baptized, Mary Ellen, born 20 Feb, daughter of Patrick LINNARD and Bridget EGAN. 25 Feb 1868: Married, Patrick BURNS, aged 36 years and born in Ireland, husband of the late Mary HEADEN of Ireland, to Mary LINNON, aged 33 years and born in Ireland, daughter of John Linnon and Ann COGHLAN. Witnesses: Denis Burns, groom's 3rd cousin, and Catharine Linnon, bride's sister 25 Feb 1868: Buried, Mary McDONNELL, relic of James PURCELL. Died 23 Feb, age 27 years. 01 Mar 1868: Baptized, Ann Elizabeth, born 14 Feb, daughter of James McKINNON & Catharine DUFF. 01 Mar 1868: Baptized, Bartholomew, born 26 Feb, son of Michael DONNELLY and Mary ATCHINGHAM? 19 Mar 1868: Baptized, Alexander Patrick, born 17 Mar, son of Alexander DUFF and Ellen McCARTHY. 22 Mar 1868: Baptized, Patrick Henry, aged 4 days, son of James MORGAN and Mary KAIN 02 Jan 1877: Baptized, Mary Ellen, born 31 Dec, daughter of George EDGE and Mary WELSH. 06 Jan 1877: Buried, Elizabeth FLANNERY, daughter of John Flannery and Elizabeth SWAIN. Died 3 Jan, age 14 years and 4 months. 08 Jan 1877: Married, James William O'BRIAN, born in Bristol, P.Q., son of age (28 years) of Patrick O'Brian and Mary MOORE, to Elizabeth Mary DARLY, daughter of age (23 years), born in New Edinburgh, of Patrick Darly and Elizabeth SHERIDAN. 11 Jan 1877: Baptized, George, born 23 Nov 1876, son of Patrick O'KEEFE and Catharine MORAN. 12 Jan 1877: Buried, Lucy KENNY, daughter of the late Bernard Kenny and the late Ann SPENCER. Died 10 Jan, age 24 years. 17 Jan 1877: Baptized, William Patrick, born 15 Jan, son of James GARVEY and Ellen WALSH. 28 Jan 1877: Buried, Mary O'BRIAN, relic of the late Denis EGAN. Died 26 Jan, age 75 years. 28 Jan 1877: Baptized, Bridget Ellen, born 21 Jan, daughter of James MURPHY and Catharine LARKIN. 28 Jan 1877: Baptized, Mary Ida, born 27 Jan, daughter of Nicholas EDGE and Margaret Emelia KAIN. 28 Jan 1877: Baptized, Bridget Ann, born 19 Jan, daughter of Bernard McCORMICK and Lavinia O'BRIAN. 28 Jan 1877: Baptized, Michael Patrick, born 21 Jan, son of John McKENNA and Margaret McDONOUGH. 29 Jan 1877: Buried, Margaret McDONOUGH, late wife of John McKENNA. Died 27 Jan, age 24 years. 31 Jan 1877: Baptized, Ellen Mary, born this day, daughter of Henry O'GRADY and Mary Ann CRAIG. 03 Feb 1877: Baptized, Mary, born 2 Feb, daughter of John KENNEDY and Jane GORMAN. 05 Feb 1877: Married, John CASSIDY, son of age (23 years) of the late Philip Cassidy and Ann McGUIRE, to Bridget GLEESON, daughter of age (20 years), born at the Black Rapids, of Michael Gleeson and Mary Gleeson. 08 Feb 1877: Baptized, Mary Louise, born 6 Feb, daughter of Patrick J. EGLESON and Margaret Louisa KELLY. 11 Feb 1877: Baptized, Ida Jane, born 5 Jan, daughter of James WALKER and Sarah Jane GALAHER. 11 Feb 1877: Baptized, Ellen, born 5 Feb, daughter of John BRENNAN and Elizabeth WHALAN. 12 Feb 1877: Buried, Denis LINNARD, son of Patrick Linnard and Bridget EGAN. Died 10 Feb, age 22 years. 12 Feb 1877: Married Thomas McGAY?, relict of the late Julia DUFFY, to Sarah ELLIOTT, daughter of age (39 years) of Francis Elliott and Elizabeth DEMPSEY. 13 Feb 1877: Buried, Samuel ALBERT, husband (late) of Honora RYAN. Died 12 Feb, age 68 years. 18 Feb 1877: Baptized, Martin, born 11 Feb, son of Terence McGUIRE and Bedelia GARVEY. 21 Feb 1877: Baptized, Bridget Ellen, born 19 Feb, daughter of Joseph TAYLOR and Sarah CORRIGAN. 21 Feb 1877: Buried, Terence TUNNY?, late husband of Alice McGREEVEY. Died 19 Feb, age 52 yrs 25 Feb 1877: Buried, Elizabeth BRENNAN, late wife of the late John CURRIE. Died 24 Feb, age 54 yrs 02 Mar 1877: Buried, Bernard John WILSON, son of James Wilson and Catharine KENNY. Died 1 March, age 6 months and 20 days. 04 Mar 1877: Baptized, Caroline Bridget, born 7 Feb, daughter of Michael STACKPOLE and Mary Ann NELLIGAN. 04 Mar 1877: Baptized, John Lynch, born 5 Jan, son of Arthur Benjamin WIGLEY and Maria LYNCH. 06 Mar 1877: Baptized, Henry Gratton, born 5 Mar, son of Jeremiah NOLAN and Mary Ann McCARTHY. 10 Mar 1877: Buried, Mary HENNESSY, daughter of Patrick Hennessy and Margaret MURPHY. Died 9 Mar, age 19 years, 8 months. 11 Mar 1877: Baptized, John, born 9 March 1853, Isaac COURTMAN and Mary Ann GOODWIN 16 Mar 1877: Baptized, Elizabeth, born 10 Mar, daughter of Michael REILLY and Mary Ann FARREL. 17 Mar 1877: Baptized, Mary Angelic, born 12 Dec 1876, daughter of John GARVEY and Marie BLAIS. 18 Mar 1877: Baptized, Patrick, born 6 Mar, son of Patrick CUNNINGHAM and Catharine WHALAN. 18 Mar 1877: Baptized, Edward Patrick, born 26 Feb, son of Alexander MASON and Bridget BURK. 18 Mar 1877: Baptized, Isabella, born 6 Mar, daughter of Lawrence KENNEDY and Bridget COSTELLO. 25 Mar 1877: Baptized, Henry Patrick, born 14 Mar, son of William WATSON and Bridget RYAN. 25 Mar 1877: Baptized, Bridget Theresa, born 19 Mar, daughter of Joseph TAYLOR and Sarah CORRIGAN. 25 Mar 1877: Baptized, Hugh, born 11 Jan, son of Michael O'NEIL and Catharine WELCH. 28 Mar 1877: Buried, Margaret Louisa KELLY, late wife of Patrick James EGLESON. Died 26 Mar, age 24 years. 01 Apr 1877: Buried, Sarah BAMBRICK, daughter of James Bambrick and Sarah FARREL. Died 31 Mar, age 6 years. 01 Apr 1877: Baptized, Mary Margaret Ellen, born 24 Mar, daughter of Francis James KERNON and Elizabeth QUIGG. 01 Apr 1877: Baptized, Catharine, born 26 Mar, daughter of John MAHER and Mary Ann HICKSON. 04 Apr 1877: Baptized, Margaret Kathleen, born this day (being in danger), daughter of William D. O'BRIAN and Ellen Agnes QUINN. 08 Apr 1877: Baptized, John Edward, born 28 Mar, son of Francis SHANLEY and Eliza ROCK. 15 Apr 1877: Baptized, Mary Margaret, born this day, daughter of James KEALY and May Ann LAMB. 15 Apr 1877: Baptized, George Guilford, born 30 Mar, son of William BOOTH and Margaret GREEN. 15 Apr 1877: Baptized, Margaret Kathleen O'BRIAN, born 4 Apr (in danger of death), daughter of W.D. O'BRIAN and Ellen QUINN. 22 Apr 1877: Baptized, Joseph Antony, born 20 Apr, son of Patrick DEVERIX and Mary MOONEY. 23 Apr 1877: Married, James MADDEN, born in Nepean, son of age (30 years) of William Madden and Catharine BAXTER, to Catharine McGINLEY, born in Marlborough, daughter of age (23 years) of Daniel McGinley and Nora O'NEIL. 29 Apr 1877: Baptized, Margaret, born 10 Apr, daughter of Michael RYAN and Bridget MAHER 06 May 1877: Baptized, Philip bon 18 Apr, son of Michael McGUIRE and Ellen FARLEY 27 May 1877: Buried, Mary Agnes O'BRIAN, late wife of Richard NEAGLE. Died 24 May, aged 40 yrs. 05 Jun 1877: Married, Alexander REED, born Scotland, aged 30 years and husband of the late Eliza Jane JOHNSTON, to Mary Ocilia KILROY, born in Ottawa, daughter of Stephan Kilroy and Mary MOORE. 16 Jun 1877: Buried, John O'CONNOR, relict of the late Mary FANNING. Died 14 Jun, age 69 yrs. 02 Jul 1877: Married, Charles DAVIS, born in England, 27-yr-old son of John Davis and Harriet BIGGS, to Mary O'GRADY, born Nepean, 26-yr-old daughter of the late Patrick O'Grady and the late Julia HIGGINS. 16 Jul 1877: Buried, Mary McMANUS, late wife of John HICKEY. Died 15 July, age 42 years. 16 Jul 1877: Married, Thomas BURNS, 30, son of Patrick Burns and Ann Burns, to Ann EARLY, 30, daughter of the late Richard Early and Ellen O'Hara 17 Jul 1877: Buried, Mary QUINN, relict of the late Patrick QUIGLEY. Died 15 Jul, aged 88 years. 22 Jul 1877: Buried, Margaret HARNEY, died at widow Williamson's on the 21 July, aged 35 years. 28 Jul 1877: Married, John Alexander REVINGTON, 29, born Ottawa, son of the late Patrick Revington and Margaret Kain, to Catharine KAIN, 26, born Ottawa, daughter of William Kain and Ellen O'NEIL. 07 Aug 1877: Buried, John McCAFFERTY, late husband of Margaret HARRISON. Died 6 Aug, age 78. John McCafferty was received into the Catholic church a few hours before he died. 08 Aug 1877: Buried, Catharine HOWLETT, late wife of John KAIN. Died 6 Aug, age 51 years. 22 Aug 1877: Baptized, Mary Ann, born 9 June, daughter of John DAWSON and Jane KILROY. 04 Sep 1877: Married, Moses THIBAUDAULT, born in Nepean, husband of the late Ellen DONLY (Donnelly?), to Catharine McDONALD, 22, born in St. Andrews, Ontario, daughter of Donald McDonald and Margaret McDonald. 11 Sep 1877: Married, Cornelius COGHLAN, 21, born Nepean, son of James Coghlan and Jane WALKER, to Bridget CUMMINGS, 17, born Nepean, daughter of John Cummings and Catharine SHARLEY (Shirley?). 11 Sep 1877: Married, Samuel FOSTER, 25, born Ottawa, son of David Foster and Ann BIRCH, to Sarah Ann MALONEY, 24, daughter of Michael Maloney and Mary Ann DUNN 25 Sep 1877: Buried, Thomas TIERNAN, son of Bernard Tiernan and Anna O'BYRNE. Died 23 Sep, age 63 years. 16 Oct 1877: Buried, Mary McNEARNY, late wife of James HOLLAND. Died 14 Oct, age 82 years 05 Nov 1877: Married, Thomas STACKPOLE, son of Michael Stackpole and Mary HAWE, to Bridget KENNEDY, daughter of Williams Kennedy and Margaret GLEASON. 09 Dec 1877: Buried, Catharine WALSH, relict of the late John YOUNG. Died 6 Dec, age 45 years. 14 Dec 1877: Buried, Margaret MURPHY, late wife of Joseph W. RYAN. Died 12 Dec, age 44 years. 16 Dec 1877: Buried, Edward MORRISSEY, late husband of Julia O'LEARY. Died 13 Dec, age 28 yrs. 04 Feb 1878: Buried, Bridget EGAN, relict of the late Patrick LEONARD. Died 3 Feb, age 46 years. 06 Mar 1878: Buried, Mathew WHELAN, son of Michael Whelan and Margaret (Brady?). Age 24 years and buried in the cemetery at Nepean. 17 Mar 1878: Buried, James DUNN, late husband of Julia WALLACE? Died 14 Mar, age 53 years. 25 Mar 1878: Buried, John DOWNEY, late husband of Ellen STAFFORD. Died 23 Mar, age 58 years. 28 Apr 1878: Buried, Ellen SPAIN, late spouse of John KELLY. Died 26 Apr, age 37 years. 28 Apr 1878: Buried, Catharine MORAN, late spouse of Michael RYAN. Died 26 Apr, age 27 years. 12 May 1878: Baptized, Mary Jane, born 1 May, daughter of Alexander REED and Mary Cecelia KILROE. 13 May 1878: Buried, Ann GOULDEN, late spouse of James DEAN. Died 11 May, age 70 years. 21 May 1878: Buried, Robert GILLIE, widower of the late Eleanor TRACY? Died 18 May, age 76 years. 22 May 1878: Buried, Patrick SULLIVAN, widower of the late Christie McPHERSON. Died in the St. Patrick's Orphan Asylum, 21 May, age about 100 years. 05 Jun 1878: Buried, William GLEESON, son of Michael Gleeson and Mary Gleeson. Died 3 Jun, age 23 08 Jun 1878: Buried, David James WALSH, late husband of Elizabeth McDONALD. Died 6 Jun, age 40 11 Jun 1878: Buried, Bridget CAREY, in religion 'Sister Winifred', daughter of John Carey and Winifred FAHEY. Died 8 Jun, age 37. 12 Jun 1878: Buried, Mary Ann LAWLOR, relict of the late James LAWRENCE. Died 11 Jun, age 33 13 Jul 1878: Buried, Harriet O'DEA, late spouse of John James McDONALD. Died 11 Jul, age 29 27 Jul 1878: Buried, Winifred O'CONNOR, late spouse of Michael Carmedy SULLIVAN. Died 25 Jul, age 28 years 18 Aug 1878: Buried, John Robert BATTLE, son of Mathew Battle and Mary CONNELLY. Died 15 Aug, age 25 years and 7 months. 24 Aug 1878: Married, William HELFORDY, a Protestant, widower of the late Christie McRAE, to Mary BURKE, widow of the late Daniel JUDGE. 05 Oct 1878: Baptized, Louisa Jane, born 14 Sep, daughter of Richard COPELAND and Catharine REYNOLDS. 27 Oct 1878: Buried, Andrew THORNTON, late husband of Margaret PURCELL. Died 25 Oct, age 39 10 Nov 1878: Buried, Rose McMAHON, daughter of John McMahon and Ann McKELLAR. Died 9 Nov in St. Patrick's Orphan Asylum, age 50 years. 01 Dec 1878: Buried, Ellen KEALEY, late spouse of Edward HAWKINS. Died 29 Nov, age 51 years. 03 Jan 1879: Buried, James QUINN, late husband of Margaret LEWIS. Died 1 Jan, age 78 years. 08 Jan 1879: Buried, John McLAUGHLAN, late husband of Mary McNALLY. Died 6 Jan, age 56 yrs 11 Jan 1879: Buried, James FOGARTY, husband of the late Mary Ann HETHERINGTON. Died 10 Jan at St. Patrick's Orphan Asylum, age 60 years. 27 Jan 1879: Buried, Mary Ann CAIN, late spouse of Joseph MILLAR. Died 25 Jan, age 22 years. 09 Feb 1879: Buried, Mary AHEARN, late spouse of John QUINN. Died 6 Feb, aged 46 years. 13 Mar 1879: Buried, Hanna KANE, relict of the late James FORESTER. Died 11 Mar, age 67 years. 21 Apr 1879: Buried, John DEVAN, late husband of Mary CARNEY. Died 19 Apr, age 29 years. 07 May 1879: Buried, Catharine, daughter of William MADDEN and Catharine BAXTER. Died 5 May, age 25 years. 08 May 1879: Buried (in the Chelsea cemetery), Elizabeth, daughter of William STAPLEDON and Ann GRIFFIN. Died 7 May, age 25 years. 27 May 1879: Married, Jeremiah COWICK, of Nepean, son of David Cowick and Catharine COLLINS, to Sara FARRELL, relict of the late Charles O'CONNOR and daughter of John Farrell and Julie (Zube?) BALDWIN. 28 May 1879: Buried, Mary McKILLOP, widow of Innis McKillop. Died 27 May. 02 Jun 1879: Married, Robert Patrick GILMORE, son of Robert Gilmore and Rose Ann QUINN, to Eda Laura WHYMAN (Wyman?), daughter of Edward Lawrence Whyman, deceased, and Mary Ann HANNAGH. 17 Jun 1879: Buried, Patrick MULLEN, late husband of Ann McCORMACK. Died 16 Jan, age 32 years. 23 Jun 1879: Buried, Adam GAFNEY, died 21 June, aged 54 years. 27 Jun 1879: Buried, Patrick MADDEN, widower, died 26 June. 23 Jul 1879: Buried, Mary CURRY, relict of (left blank), died 22 July at St. Patrick's Orphan Asylum, age about 20 years. 26 Jul 1879: Buried, Margaret OLIVER, late spouse of Patrick DOWDALL. Died 24 Jul, age 55 years. 27 Jul 1879: Buried, Bridget BURKE, late spouse of Alexander MASON. Died 26 Jul, aged 27 years. 03 Aug 1879: Buried, Thomas HARRIS, late husband of Margaret QUIGLEY. Died 1 Aug, age 71 yrs. 19 Aug 1879: Buried, Patrick MORRISSEY, late husband of Margaret DUNFORD. Died 17 Aug, age 75 26 Aug 1879: Buried, Martin, son of Martin BYRNE and Margaret KELLY. Died 25 Aug, age 15 years. 15 Oct 1879: Buried, Catherine, wife of John HICKEY. Died 14 Oct, age 80 years. 20 Oct 1879: Buried, Elizabeth, daughter of Garrett MURPHY and Catherine AHEARN. Died 18 Oct, age 36 years. 22 Oct 1879: Buried, James WALSH, husband of Julia CREGAN. Died 20 Oct, age 67 years. 30 Oct 1879: Buried, John LAURENCE, son of John and Mary Laurence. Died 26 Oct, age 60 years. 12 Nov 1879: Buried, Simon TRACY, late husband of Ann ALBERT. Died 10 Nov, age 35 years. 04 Dec 1879: Buried, Michael, son of Timothy MURPHY and Mary GLEESON. Died 3 Dec, age 50 years. 08 Dec 1879: Buried, Thomas, son of James DUNN and Julia WALLACE. Died 6 Dec, age 21 years 23 Dec 1879: Buried, Mary Ann, daughter of Thomas O'MARA and Mary REILLY. Died 21 Dec, aged 15 years and 4 months. 28 Dec 1879: Buried, Ellen WATTS, late spouse of James Francis WALL. Died 25 Dec, aged 27 years. 28 Jan 1880: Buried, Thomas MORRISSEY, late husband of Mary BAKER. Died 24 Jan, age 21 years. 14 Feb 1880: Buried, Mary Ellen HIGGINS, late spouse of Thomas STEERS? Died 13 Feb, age 58 yrs. 19 Feb 1880: Buried, Sara Catharine, daughter of the Hon. John O'CONNOR and Mary BARRETT. Died 17 Feb, age 28 years. 01 Mar 1880: Buried, Mary CHRISTOPHER, late spouse of Thomas MOYNIHAN. Died 28 Feb, age 47 02 Mar 1880: Buried, Mary TREMBLAY, late spouse of John FITZPATRICK. Died 29 Feb, age 43 25 Mar 1880: Buried, John JAMES, widower of the late Elizabeth STANTON. Died in St. Patrick's Asylum 24 Mar, age 81 years. 14 Apr 1880: Buried, John QUAIN, widower of the late Mary AHEARN. Died 13 Apr, age 61 years. 18 Apr 1880: Buried, Honora HALLIMAN, late spouse of Richard McCANN. Died 17 Apr, age 73 22 Apr 1880: Buried, Pierce GRACE, widower of the late (no name given). Died 19 Apr, age 67 yrs. 29 May 1880: Buried, James MOREL, died 28 May, aged 71 years. Wit: Mary Power & James Murphy. 01 Jul 1880: Buried, John LAMB, late husband of Rose Ann BRADY. Died 29 Jun, age 64 years. 04 Jul 1880: Buried, Jane, daughter of Michael MANNING and Sara McDONALD. Died 1 Jul, age 27. 08 Jul 1880: Buried, Mary Agnes, daughter of Henry ALBERT and Mary Ann BARNASH. Died 7 Jul, age 11 years 06 Aug 1880: Buried, Patrick BATTLE, widower of the late (no name given). Died 4 Aug, age 86 years. 24 Aug 1880: Married, James McSHANE, son of Edward McShane and Margaret JAMIESON (both deceased), to Elizabeth ELLIOTT, relict of the late John HACKETT of Bristol, and daughter of William Elliott and Susan KEON. 06 Sep 1880: Buried, John, son of William SHIRLEY and Frances MARTIN. Died 4 Sep, age 26 years. 09 Sep 1880: Buried, Margaret, daughter of Samuel BROWN and Eleanor BOYLE. Died 7 Sep, age 86 years. Witnesses were Michael Dunn and Sister Martha. 22 Sep 1880: Buried, Michael MURPHY, widower of the late Bridget KENNEDY. Died 20 Sep, age 75 26 Sep 1880: Buried, Elizabeth KELLY, late spouse of Edward MURPHY. Died 24 Sep, age 28 years. 03 Oct 1880: Buried, Mary KEALEY, late spouse of Andrew MALONEY. Died 30 Sep, age 30 years. 03 Oct 1880: Buried, Patrick Henry, son of William McKAY and Margaret MELLIGNY? Died 1 Oct, age 24 years. 05 Oct 1880: Buried, Margaret PURCELL, widow of Andrew THORNTON. Died 3 Oct, age 37 years. 19 Oct 1880: Buried, Mary Ann, daughter of Gerald O'GORMAN and Johanna O'BRIEN. Died 16 Oct, age 8 years. 19 Oct 1880: Buried, Michael, son of John McCABE and Johanna STACKPOLE. Died 16 Oct. age 27 02 Nov 1880: Buried, John MURPHY, late husband of Margaret HENNESSY. Died 1 Nov, age 78 yrs. 03 Nov 1880: Buried, Margaret DEMPSY, wife of Laurence QUINN. Died 1 Nov, age 71 years. 07 Nov 1880: Buried, Bridget RYAN, late spouse of Edward O'KELLY, Parich of Thurles, county Tipperary. Died 6 Nov, age 70 years. 11 Nov 1880: Buried, Edward BRENNAN, husband of Catherine THORNTON. Died 10 Nov, age 50 23 Nov 1880: Buried, Cornelius CRONAN, husband of Ellen MORRISSEY. Died 23 Nov, age 70 years. 01 Dec 1880: Buried, Margaret EGAN, widow of James NAGLE. Died 29 Nov, age 75 years. 12 Jan 1881: Buried, Ellen, daughter of John GILLEN and Bridget BATTLES. Died 11 Jan, age 8 yrs. 14 Jan 1881: Buried, Julia, daughter of James O'MEALY and Margaret COYNE. Died 12 Jan, age 23 21 Jan 1881: Buried, the Very Reverend John Lalor O'CONNOR, Vicar General of the Diocese of Ottawa, and Parish Priest of this Parish. Died suddenly on 19 Jan. Born 17 June 1833, son of the late Daniel O'CONNOR and the late Margaret POWER, 2 of the pioneers of the Ottawa Valley. (note: this is from the huge write-up about Rev. O'Connor in the register.) 03 Feb 1881: Buried, Margaret McCAFFERTY (i.e. HARRERIN), deceased wife of John McCAFFERTY. Died 2 Feb, aged 104 years old. 10 Feb 1881: Buried, Mary Ann SILK, late wife of David GOYER. Died 8 Feb, age 40 years. 22 Apr 1881: Buried, William, son of James KEELEY and Ellen MYERS. Died 20 Apr, age 20 years. 19 Jun 1881: Buried, Patrick DOOLEY, husband of Mary GARRET. Died 18 Jun, age 50. 30 Jun 1881: Buried, James DUNN, husband of Margaret SPIERS. Died 28 June. 07 Jul 1881: Buried, Annie DOORLEY, late wife of William KEELY. Died 5 Jul, age 35 years. 14 Jul 1881: Buried, Michael DUNN, died 13 July, aged 78 years. 25 Jul 1881: Buried, Mary, wife of Mathew KILLANE. Died 22 July, age 80 years. 01 Aug 1881: Buried, Margaret Josephine, daughter of William O'KEEFE and Margaret MULLEN. Died 30 July, age 18 years 06 Aug 1881: Buried, Mary Janet Belinda, daughter of John B. BRANNIN and Louisa McSWEENY. Died 4 Aug, age 17 years. 10 Oct 1881: Buried, Patrick SHANNON, husband of Bridget CREGAN? Died 8 Oct, aged 80 years. 19 Oct 1881: Buried, John Frederick, son of John Frederick DORNEY and Adelaide Victoria KEHOE. Died 16 Oct in Quebec, age 17 years and 8 months. 14 Nov 1881: Buried, John McCARTHY, husband of the late Julia DONOHOE. Died 12 Nov, age 83 yrs. 22 Nov 1881: Buried, William SHIRLEY, husband of Fanny MARTIN. Died 20 Nov, age 62 years. 24 Nov 1881: Buried, Catharine BRENNAN, wife of Michael McGRATH. Died 22 Nov, age 45 years. 17 Dec 1881: Buried, Elizabeth MOLLOY, widow of the late John DUNN. Died 15 Dec, age 39 years. 25 Dec 1881: Buried, Bernard MULLEN, husband of Margaret ENRIGHT. Died 23 Dec, age 57 yrs.
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