St. Martin's RC Church at Martindale, Quebec
Births, Marriages and Deaths, 1884-1900

February 1, 2007:

Thanks to Garry McFadden for the following transcription of Births, Marriages
and Deaths from St. Martin's RC Church at Martindale, Quebec. Garry sent us
a nicely formatted Word document. As usual, I have had some difficulty retaining
the Word format when uploading to the web (some columns don't line up with the
column headings). ... Al

Hi Al... Nice to hear from you again.  
I would be pleased if you would add this info and make it available to 
fellow researchers from the Gatineau. I will do look ups for interested people 
with the request that I be allowed a reasonable period of time to do so. 
I will be starting on St. Camillus RC records and offer them to you when completed. 
I am still looking for records of David Miles / Myles and his wife Catherine Ryan. 
I am unable to find any record of her death or where she is buried. She died 
between 1861 and before 1865 in Venosta. As well for any researchers doing Irish 
research, I believe from family folklore they came from the south of Ireland, 
possibly county Cork or Limerick. 
... Garry McFadden

Index from 1884 Baptisms

Surname	Given name		Folio

Bouchard	Melanie		6		See Irish Naming Patterns at the end 
Coyle		Mary A		7		of this document.
Covy		John F			5
Cuddihy	Francis J		3		
Daly		William		2		
Flannery	Patrick			4		
Gannon	Martin J		2
Gannon 	John T or F		4
Gleason	Martin J		7
Hays		Ellen			6
Hays		Bridget T		1
Hogan		Bridget A		1
Hogan		Teresa			2
Hogan		Michael T		4
Hogan		Catherine T		5
Hogan		John			7
Kealy		Dorsey			1
Kilcoyne	John			7
Lawless	Mary E		3
Lowell		Bridget A		6
Martin		Elizabeth		6
Murray		Francis J		4
McLaughlin	Elizabeth		1
McCambly	John			2
McGoey	Nicholas P		3
O'Brien	Catherine A		5
O'Rourke	Anthony		3
O'Sullivan	Sarah C		6
O'Sullivan	Honora T		7
Rourke		Isabella		7
Sheehan 	Catherine		7

End of 1884 Baptism Index

Index from 1885 Baptisms

Surname	Given name		Folio

Brown		Mary			9
Coyle		Margaret		9
Cuddihy	Mary S			11
Daly		Mary E		10
Daly		Elizabeth A		10
Egan		Thomas J		9
Foley		Mary F			11
Illegitimate	Mary J			10
Lowell		Agnes E		11
Mahony	John A			8
Mathews 	Mary A		8
Miles		Alice A		9
Miles		David A		8
Mulroney	Mary			8
McCaffrey	Ellen			8
McCaffrey	James			9
McCambley	Margaret B		9
McLaughlin	Ellen			11
McTague	Mary J			8
O'Sullivan	Martin B		10
Ryan		Anastasia		10
Sloan		Josephine		10
Sloan		James			12
Wilkie		Julia A			9

End of 1885 Baptism Index

Index from 1886 Baptisms

Surname	Given name		Folio

Barry		Edward		13
Bouchard	Joseph A		15
Covy		Rose			13
Coyle		Joseph P		13
Daly		Martin J		12
Daly		Elizabeth		16
Ferari		Patrick			17
Flannery	Margaret B		13
Gannon 	Bridget M		12
Gannon	Rose E			16
Gleason	Ellen M		13
Hefferan	Ann E			15
Hogan		James			16
Kealy		Mary Ann		14
Lawless	Margaret		13
Lowell		Elizabeth M		14
Mathews	Jeremiah		12
Miles		Francis			16
Mulroney	Elizabeth		17
McCambley	William		12
McTague	Mary			15
O' Neill	Herbert O		14
O'Rourke	Bernard J		12
O'Sullivan	Denis A		18
Rofers (Rafers?)  Elizabeth		14
Rourke		Jesse			17
Sheehan	Elizabeth		18
Sloan		Josephine		14
Sullivan	Mary A.B.		12

End of 1886 Baptism Index

Index from 1887 Baptisms

Surname	Given name		Folio

Barry		Thomas J		21
Coyle		Ellen			23
Covy		Michael J		24
Daly		Owen			20
Daly		Peter			20
Egan		Mary			19
Gannon	Elizabeth G		22
Gleason	Elizabeth M		24
Hayes		Joseph P		18
Hogan		Michael J		19
Hogan		Mary			24
Kealy		Martin (Mary?)	19
Kilcoyne	Martin			18
Killian		John T			21
Miles		Martha			23
Murray		Bridget A		23
Mulvihill	Ellen M		22
McCaffrey	Eva			23
McTague	Owen			20
O'Malley	Mary A		23
O'Rourke	Margaret J		19
O'Rourke 	James T		19
Ryan		Denis A		22
Sloan		Margaret J		21
Sloan		Peter J			22
Tucker		Francis A		20

End of 1887 Baptism Index

Index from 1888 Baptisms

Surname	Given name		Folio

Coyle		John			26
Charbonneau	Friel ?			27
Cummings	Bernard		30
Dea		Bridget Gertrude	28
Daly		Sarah L?		30
Gannon	Mary Ann		27
Gannon	Clara			30
Hogan		Ayner?			27
Kealy		Mary Ellen		26
Kealy		Catherine Alice	29* This record originally a burial Check
Kealy		Elizabeth Francis	28
Lawless	Francis Richard	27
McCambley	Margaret Elizabeth	25
McLaughlin	Catherine Loretta	27
Mahoney	Mary Sarah		28
McLaughlin	Ellen			30
O'Sullivan	Mary Ann		25
O'Sullivan	Julia Esther		27
O'Niel		John			27
O'Rourke	William Thomas	28
O'Rourke	Elizabeth		28
Rogen		Sophia			28
Sloan		James Francis		26

End of 1888 Baptism Index

Index from 1889 Baptisms

Surname	Given name		Folio

Armitage	Jane			31
Bouchard	Edward Thomas	33
Covy		Margaret		31
Cuddihy	Joseph Elyius?		36
Daly		John			32
Daly		Margaret Ann		32
Egan		Elizabeth Ann		33
Egan		Thomas		33
Ferari		Thomas Joseph	31
Gleason	Gertrude		34
Hogan		Agatha			34
Hogan		Bridget	 Ann		36
Kilcoyne	Pat. Owen		33
Kelly		John			34
Killian		George Francis	34
Kennedy	Patrick Morgan	36
Lawless	Agnes Ann		35
Mahoney	John			32
McCambley	Thomas		33
Miles		Michael Joseph	38
Miles		Mary			36
McCaffery 	Henry			35
McCaffery	Margaret		36
O'Sullivan	Pat. Jos.		32
Sheehan	Tho. Jos.		32
Sloan		Mary			35
O'Malley	Ellen                  Ellen 33

End of 1889 Baptism Index

Index from 1890 Baptisms

Surname	Given name		Folio

Coyle		Catherine		38
Daly		James Albert		41
Egan		Ellen Catherine	38
Egan		Elizabeth		38
Hogan		Hugh Edward		41
Kuimmings?	Thomas		38	Cummings?
Kealy		Jeremiah Martin	41
Lowell		Denis Francis		40
Murray		Mary Agnes		36
McCaffery	Mary Gertrude		37
McLaughlin	John			39?
McLaughlin	Margaret		39
O'Sullivan	John Ed.		37
O'Sullivan	Mary Martina		38
O'Sullivan	Mary Angelin		38
O'Rourke	Samuel			40
Rogen		Alice			40
Sloan		John Thomas		38
Sloan		Mary Ann Gertrude	38
Tucker		John			40

End of 1890 Baptism Index

Index from 1891 Baptisms

Surname	Given name		Folio

Barry		William Joseph	44
Cuddihy	Jos Ignatius		43
Carroll		William Jos		44
Clement	Camille		44
Doorly		Pat. Jos		47
Driscoll	Margaret Mary Ann	44
Desmarais	John Thomas		44
Egan		Charlotte Emily	44
Ferari		Jno Laurence?		43
Gannon	Margaret Ellen	41
Hayes		Mary Ethel		41
Hayes		John Jos		46
Kennedy	Mary Ellen		42
Kealy		Mary Catherine	43
Kilcoyne	Michael James		45
Kealy		Denis And		47
Lawless	John Jos		42
Lanigan	Jno Pat			45
McCaffery	Isabella		41
McCambly	Jane			44
Mahoney	Mary J?		43
McCambly	Agatha			46
O'Niel		Jos Fred?		42
O'Sullivan	John			000?
Phelin		Wilfred		45
Sloan		Bernard Christopher	42
Sullivan	Denis ____  _____?	45
Sichi		Grngi	Isidin		42

End of 1891 Baptism Index

Index from 1892 Baptisms

Surname	Given name		Folio

Bouchard	Margaret Bridget	48
Dea		Emma Mary		48
Daly		Saran Agnes		50
Daly		John Thomas		51
Gleason	Leno? Bridget		52
Hogan		Michael Jos		47
Hogan		James			49
Kemmens?	Ellen			51  Cummins Cummings?
McCaffery	Mary Ann		47
Matthews	Wm John Ambrose	47
Myles		Ellen			48
Myles		John			49
Myles		George			49
Myles		William		50
Myles		Margaret		50
Myles		Elizabeth		50
McLaughlin	Pat. Jos.		48
McLaughlin	Tho. Jos		48
McLaughlin	John Tho.		49
McDonald	Julia Mary		49
Mahoney	Ann			52
Mathews	Ambrose Bernard	52
Mullin		James Leo.		52
O'Sullivan	Ellen Bertha		50
Lawless	Maria Anna		51

End of 1892 Baptism Index

Index from 1893 Baptisms

Surname	Given name		Folio
Bertrand	Mary Ann		53
Dea		Martin Joseph		53
Egan		Tho.  Jos.		55
Flannery	Mary Jane		56
Gannon	Ann			60
Gannon	Francis Jos		62
Kealy		Julia Amy?		53
Kealy		Ellen Sophia		53
Kennedy	John			54
McKeenan	Catherine		54
McCambly	Isabella		54
Mahoney	Jos. Pat.		59
Mahoney	Jos.			61
Mahoney	Matilda Catherine	62
O'Malley	Edith Eline		57
O'Sullivan	Mary Ellen		59
Rice		Jas, Jos		61
Rorke		Mary Elizabeth Gertrude 	56

End of 1893 Baptism Index

Index from 1894 Baptisms

Surname	Given name		Folio

Brown		Mary Ellen		63
Brown		Agnes			72
Bouchard	Michael Andrew	67
Cuddihy	Mary Ann Lena Gert. 65
Collins		Catherine Elizabeth	68?
Daly		Mary Elizabeth	63
Daly		Mary	Catherine	66
Egan		Bridget Gertrude	62
Fields		Wm Jos		65
Flynn		Pat. Jos		72
Gauthier	David Joachim	67
Hogan		Tho. Jos		63
Hogan		Mary Jane		67
Hayes		Lillie Agnes		67
Hill		P. John Augustine	71
Kennedy	James			67
Kealy		Ellen Jane		71
Lalumiere	Maria Regina Catherine?  62
McLaughlin	Michael Tho		62
McAlinden	Maggie Jane		63
Matthews	Sam. Pat.		66
McCaffery	Catherine		67
Myles		Esther	Agnes		62
McKale	Sarah Ann		66
Mullin		Edward Hugh Albert	68
McLaughlin	Michael Jos		71
Myles 		Michael David		71
McCambley	Mich. Pat		72
Quigg		Jas. Ambrose		64
Sloan		Mary Ethel		65
Sloan		Peter Leo		66
Tenian?	Maria Saluada		65  	Zenian?

End of 1894 Baptism Index

Index from 1895 Baptisms

Surname	Given name		Folio
Daly		Francis Leo		85?
Egan		John Andrew		75
Flynn		Joseph Wallace	74
Grace		Tho. Benedic		74
Gannon	Wm Pat. Leo		77
Hogan		Wm Lawrence		78
Kealy		Felix Pat.		73
Kealy		Mich. Jos. Lawrence	78
Lalumiere	Maria Lawrie?		78
Mahoney	Michael Francis	79
Mahoney	Bridget Hellen		77
McLaughlin	Jos. Pat		74
McSheffery	Sarah			76
O'Malley	Elizabeth Heitel?	73
Rice		Tho. Leo.		77

End of 1895 Baptism Index

Index from 1896 Baptisms Surname Given name Folio Brown Mary Catherine 84 Brown Michael 85 Cuddihy Jos. Albert Benedict 81 Coyle Gertrude Mary 82 Dooley John 80 Doorley? Daly Edward Francis 83 Egan Maria Jane 81 Field Julia Illegible 79 Flannery Michael Jos Pat 80 Flynn Mary Ann 81 Findley Mary Ann 81 Flannary Mary Sophia 84 Gauthier Elie Pat. 78 Gannon Antony Jos ??? 83 Hayes Loretta Margaret 79 Hickey Daniel Antony 85 Kealy James Augustine 84 Mahoney Bridget Beatrice 87 Mullin Florence Kate 83 Mar?? Pat. Victor 83 McLaughlin Wm Leo 82 McKale Mary Isabella 81 McAlinden Felix Ed. 78 O'Sullivan Ann Geraldine 80 O'Malley Jos. Mert.? Fredenie? 87 Sloan Martin 87 Sloan Mary Wildefrid 88 Wilkie Pat. Raymond 86 End of 1896 Baptism Index Index from 1897 Baptisms Surname Given name Folio Barry Jeremiah Francis 90 Collins Wilfred John 89 Egan Michael Jos. Benedict 91 Flynn Anny Ethel 88 Fields Roland Harry 95 Hogan John 88 Hayes Allina Theresa 93 Hogan Rodrigue Edward 95 Haveron Tho. Leonard 97 Gannon John Tho. Oswald 94 Gauthier Albert John 92 Grace Gerald Jos. Antony 91 Gagnon Jos. Hector Alb. 89 Kealy Margaret Edith 91 Kealy Elizabeth Gertrude 97 Kennedy Catherine Irene 98 McCaffery Isabella Bridget 88 McSheffery Wm Jos 89 McAlinden Laura Ann 90 Myles Henry Jos. 91 Mahoney Mary Leo? 93 Maron John Normand 98 O'Sullivan A.B.G. 93 Given names Illegible Rice Michael Ewert 92 Wilkie Mary Mabel? 97 End of 1897 Baptism Index Index from 1898 Baptisms Surname Given name Folio Brown Thomas Clement 97 Collins William Martin 98 Daly Esther Ellen 100 Daly William 103 Egan William Patrick 100 Flynn Catherine Adele Ellen 100 Flynn Patrick Emmet 102 Kealy James Francis 105 Kealy Martin Victor 105 Kealy Michael Emit 106 Martin John Jos. Gerald 98 McLaughlin Fredenie Antony 98 McCambley Alma Mary 102 McLaughlin Henry Augustine 104 Mahoney Ayner? 104 Mahoney Bertha 105 Maron Henry Arthur 105 O'Malley Jas. Pat. Albert 101 O'Sullivan James Benedic 101 O'Sullivan Mary Elizabeth 99 End of 1898 Baptism Index Index from 1899 Baptisms Surname Given name Folio Brown Jos. Edward 109 Brown Pat. Wilfred 111 Collins Edith Elizabeth 113 Flynn Rhea Mary 106 Flannery John 108 Flannery Jos. Roy 110 Foley Mary Ellen 111 Gauthier Emmet Tho. 112 Haveron Margaret Ellen 106 Hayes Mary Honora 107 Kealy Mary Agatha 110 Kealy Jos. Em.? 110 Kennedy Bridget R.A. 116 Mullin Charles Jos. 107 McSheffery Mary Alice 108 McAlinden Eva Agnes? 108 Mahoney Jas. Frederick 113 McLaughlin Ed. M. 114 O'Sullivan Anna Marcella? 112 Rice Mary Ann 112 Ryan Mart. Jos. 113 Swain Jos. Abraham 115 Sloan Jane Ann 109 Sloan Mary Ann 110 Wilkie Jas. Herald Jos. 107 End of 1899 Baptism Index Index from 1900 Baptisms Surname Given name Folio Cruikshank Leo John 124 Flynn Julia Theresa 117 Field Pat. Francis 117 Flynn Amy 124 Gannon Michael Ambrose 119 Gleason Michael Herbert 127 Hogan Francis Charles 120 Hayes Mary F 122 Haveron John Jos 122 Kealy Alice Violet 122 Kealy Rose of Lima 124 Kealy Mary Elizabeth 128 Mullin Mary Margaret 120 McLaughlin Jos. Gilbert 121 McSheffery Maria 121 Maron Mary Ann 121 Martin Mary Olive 127 O'Sullivan Julia Catherine 126 O'Malley Aveline Veronica 126 Smith James Edward 119 End of 1900 Baptism Index Index of 1884 Marriages Grooms Brides Surname Given name Surname Given name Folio Bertrand Edward Flannery Margaret 4 Egan Thomas Day Bridget 6 Mathews Jeremiah Davis Sarah? ? Mahony Charles Collins Catherine ? Ryan Michael McCormack Ellen ? Sage Bernard Murray Bridget 5 End of 1884 Marriages Index of 1885 Marriages Grooms Brides Surname Given name Surname Given name Folio Ferari Emmanuel Flyn Julia 11 End of 1885 Marriages Index of 1886 Marriages Grooms Brides Surname Given name Surname Given name Folio Grace Thomas Doyle Elizabeth 17 Kealy Michael Sullivan Margaret A 15 O'Malley Marine Kealy Elizabeth 17 Sullivan Andrew Mahony Margaret 16 End of 1886 Marriage Index Index of 1887 Marriages Grooms Brides Surname Given name Surname Given name Folio Flyn Thomas Egan Ellen 24 Gannon Thomas Higgins Margaret 21 Moore John McGoey Mary A 20 End of 1887 Marriage Index Index of 1888 Marriages Grooms Brides Surname Given name Surname Given name Folio Hogan William Flannery Bridget 24 McLaughlin Ross? Murray ?, A 25 McCormack None given Ferari Charlotte 30 Sager Michael Ferari Mary 25 Sullivan Michael Kealy S. Sophia 29 Sager Patrick Ferari Elizabeth 29 Index of 1889 Marriages Grooms Brides Surname Given name Surname Given name Folio Dooley Peter Cuddihy Mary Ann 35 Kealy Jeremiah McKale Catherine 31 Reilly Tho. Pat. O'Connor Catherine 34 End of 1889 Marriage Index Index of 1890 Marriages Grooms Brides Surname Given name Surname Given name Folio Clement Benjamin Murray Cat. 38 Hayes Wm Tho. McCambley Lucy? Cat. 37 Flannery Pat. McLague? Isabella 39 End of 1890 Marriage Index Index of 1891 Marriages Grooms Brides Surname Given name Surname Given name Folio McLaughlin Peter Hayes Catherine 43 Mullin Charles Hogan Mary 46 End of 1891 Marriage Index Index of 1892 Marriages Grooms Brides Surname Given name Surname Given name Folio Mahoney Patrick Kealy Mary Elizabeth End of 1892 Marriage Index Index of 1893 Marriages Grooms Brides Surname Given name Surname Given name Folio Brown Thomas D------- Laura 55 Daly Owen Higgins Lizzie 55 Campbell John McKale Margaret 56 Collins Peter Hogan Maggie Ann 60 Field Tho. Hayes Johanna 58 Flynn Denis Lowell Catherine 60 Holmes Tho Mullin Jane 52 Hayes Pat. Mason Amy 57 McSheffery None given Gleason Elizabeth 61 Quigg? Tho. Sloan Margaret Ellen 53 End of 1893 Marriage Index Index of 1894 Marriages Grooms Brides Surname Given name Surname Given name Folio Flannery John Gannon? Agnes 68 McSheffery Edward Gleason Sarah Ann 70 O'Leary Thomas Marion Mary 70 End of 1894 Marriage Index Index of 1895 Marriages Grooms Brides Surname Given name Surname Given name Folio Kealy Joh. Tho McGooey Catrag? 73 Cathy or Catherine? Kealy Wm O'Sullivan Bridget 78? Hurly John Kennedy Bridget 73 Marion? Joh. Smith Amanda 75 End of 1895 Marriage Index Index of 1896 Marriages Grooms Brides Surname Given name Surname Given name Folio Kealy Michael Francis O'Connor Catherine 82 Kealy Pat. Jos. O'Sullivan Mary Ellen 85 McCormick John Francis Mulvihill Mary Jane 87 Borke(Rourke?)Stephan McCaffery Mary Jane 86 End of 1896 Marriage Index Index of 1897 Marriages Grooms Brides Surname Given name Surname Given name Folio Connors Charles Moore Mary Jane 89 Kealy John Hogan Maria 92 Murray * John Murray * Ellen 96 O'Leary Michael Maron? Bridget Marg.? 95 O'Sullivan John Tho. Kealy K. ? 93 End of 1897 Marriage Index Index of 1898 Marriages Grooms Brides Surname Given name Surname Given name Folio Brennan Mathew Gannon Mary Jane 102 Lowell James Brown Elizabeth 98 Ryan Tho. Gleason Mary Ann 104 Swain Abraham Davis Margaret Ann 101 End of 1898 Marriage Index Index of 1899 Marriages Grooms Brides Surname Given name Surname Given name Folio Desmarais M. Laporte Cat. 114 Hayes W O'Leary Theresa 109 Kealy Pat. Mahoney Bridget 113 McKale Wm Mahoney Marg. 114 Martin M. Noel Mary Ann 115 Wiggins Jas. Laporte Ann Mary 115 End of 1899 Marriage Index Index of 1900 Marriages Grooms Brides Surname Given name Surname Given name Folio Bloom? John McCaffery Cathe 126 Kealy Mart. McGoey May 124 Lapointe Nap. Sloan Mary Jane 121 Nap = Napoleon Murray Mich. Gauthier Bridget Elizabeth 120 McCarthy Pat. Murray Mary 127 Sullivan John McCrank Bridget 126 End of 1900 Marriage Index Index of 1884 Burials Surname Given Folio Hogan James 5 Killian James 2 Killian Michael 3 Sheehan Francis 5 End of 1884 Burials Index of 1885 Burials Surname Given Folio O'Connor Catherine 10 Sweeney James 8 End of 1885 Burials Index of 1886 Burials Surname Given Folio Egan Thomas 13 Flyn Ellen 17 Kealy Martin 18 End of 1886 Burial Index Index of 1887 Burials Surname Given Folio Daly Ellen 19 Collins John 22 Hayes Ellen 23 Kealy Elizabeth 21 End of 1887 Burial Index Index of 1888 Burials Surname Given Folio Hughes Margaret 26 Hayes Patrick 29 Kealy Catherine Alice 29 Ryan Ann 25 Spellawn? Bridget 26 Index of 1889 Burials Surname Given Folio Dea William 32 Fox James 37 Kelly Elizabeth 35 Leahy Ann 33 O'Boyle Mary 32 End of 1889 Burial Index Index of 1890 Burials Surname Given Folio Collins Wm Tho. 40 Downey Margaret 37 Luny Mary 41 Kelly Ellen 40 Lowell Pat. 40 McLague Michael 37 McCaffery Wm 41 End of 1890 Burial Index Index of 1891 Burials Surname Given Folio Kehoe Betsy 42 Matthews Bernard 45 Mahoney Catherine 46 Murray John 46 O'Sullivan John 48? O'Brien? John 46 End of 1891 Burial Index Index of 1892 Burials Surname Given Folio Collins Edith 48 Cuddy Thomas 50 Kealy Jos. 48 McCambley John 50 End of 1892 Burial Index Index of 1893 Burials Surname Given Folio Brown William 53 Desmarais?? Mary Julia 53? Hogan Ann Jane 53 Matthews Samuel 53 O'Sullivan Jeremiah 58 End of 1893 Burial Index Index of 1894 Burials Surname Given Folio Bugioh Cailor 65 Downy Bridget 70 Gleason Wm 69 Higgins Lizzie 63 Hogan Jos. 66 Kealy Mary 66 Kealy Juliane 69 Myles Wm 64? O'Sullivan Mary Ann 68 O'Sullivan Julia 68 Rice Agnes 68 Rice Ann 69 End of 1894 Burial Index Index of 1895 Burials Surname Given Folio Conway? Margaret 72 Foly? Wm 77 Myles David 72 McCaffery Isabella 78? McKale Sarah Ann 78 Gleason Tho. Pat. 76? Ryan James 72 End of 1895 Burial Index Index of 1896 Burials Surname Given Folio Brown Mary 86 Cahill John 83 Flannary Michael 81 Flynn Bridget Ann 84 Hogan Margaret 85 Kealy Mary 79 Murphy Nora? 79 Mahoney Jos. Pat 80 Rice Mary Eva 80 End of 1896 Burial Index Index of 1897 Burials Surname Given Folio Lawless John 90 Laporte Josephine 95 McAlinden Felix Ed 94 O'Sullivan Bridget L. 92 Sullivan Pat. 90 Stockdale Mathilda 96 Whalen Pat. 90 End of 1897 Burial Index Index of 1898 Burials Surname Given Folio Barry John 103 Daly Richard Joseph 99 Desmarais Delima 99 Flynn Patrick Emmet 102 Kealy William Francis 103 Mahoney Mary 97 Mathews Bridget 99 McCanly Jane 100 Probably McCambley Myles Michael Daniel 100 Mannel? Thomas 105 Mulvihill Martin 105 O'Sullivan Patrick Not given End of 1898 Burial Index Index of 1899 Burials Surname Given Folio Flynn Denis 111 Gleason David 110 Hogan Tho. Jas. 108 Hogan Jas. 116 Kealy Mary Agatha 113 Lowell Jas 111 McLaughlin Honora 107 McSheffery Mary Alice 108 Mullin Chas. Jr 108 O'Malley Pat. 116 Sweeney Mary 107 End of 1899 Burial Index End of 1899 Index Index of 1900 Burials Surname Given Folio Brown Wilfred 123 Cahill Francis 117 Colbey Amy 119 Dayan? Bridget 118 Daly William 123 Flynn Amy 125 Gleason Michael 117 Hogan John 118 End of 1900 Burial Index End of 1900 Index End of Index in my possession.
Irish Naming Patterns... In search for names of your Irish ancestors, it might be helpful to identify a family that is related to your by the names in each family. Below is a typical pattern the Irish families would us when naming their children. 1st son was named after the father's father 2nd son was named after the mother's father 3rd son was named after the father 4th son was named after the father's eldest brother 1st daughter was named after the mother's mother 2nd daughter was named after the father's mother 3rd daughter was named after the mother 4th daughter was named after the mother's eldest sister These patterns were not locked in, so to speak. ... Garry McFadden E-Mail:
New February 6, 2007: Hi Bruce.... Thanks for your compliments... Yes I have a copy on microfiche for both St. Martins (1884 - 1900) and of St. Camillus (1850 - 1902). My work on St. Camillus records will take a lot longer. I have found the following, and hope the records are useful to your research. "B26. On the twentieth day of June, one thousand eight hundred and eighty seven, we the undersigned priest of this mission have baptized Mary born the Seventeenth day of last May, legitimate daughter of John Hogan, farmer, and Bridget Laffan / Laffin of this mission. The godfather was William Hogan, labourer of this mission and the godmother was Margaret Hogan of this mission who have declared that they cannot sign. This act has been read to the parties. Signed, P. McCarthy, PP." "B16. The fifteenth day of December, one thousand eight hundred and ninty five, we the undersigned parish priest of this parish have baptized William Lawrence, born the fourth November last, legitimate son of William Hogan and Bridget Flanner (Flannery ?) of this parish. Sponsors Patrick Mahoney and Mary Hellen Jane Hogan who have signed with us. This act has been read to the parties. Signed, Patrick Mahony / Mahoney, Ellen Jane Hogan, LSD Blondin PP. (All have very nice handwriting. Writing of educated people.) I have a Mary Hogan who received the Act of Confirmation in 1851 at St. Camillus, 7 July 1851 Church of St. Joseph of Wakefield. I believe that St. Joseph of Wakefield was a missionary church to St. Camillus. I also believe Wakefield to have been mostly protestant. Simply a name listed with dozens more. If I encounter any of the names in the future, I will email them to you. But, you could email me in a couple of months as a reminder. I have completed to 1854 of the St. Camillus records, and still working on them as time permits. Tell me a bit about your relationship with the Gatineau and the Venosta area. My main family of research is the David Myles family and their descendants. I lived in Venosta in the early 50's and at Kazabazua Station in the early 60's. Garry McFadden
E-mail Garry McFadden and Al Lewis

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