John SPEARMAN and Mariah / Maria CHAPMAN
Talbot Settlers from County Tipperary, Ireland to Goulbourn Township, Ontario, Canada

New April 21, 2011:

I happened to be talking to Gary Burns through a business call and when I mentioned having records for the 
Spearman family back to 1763. He recommended taking a look at Bytown or Bust. I have looked at the site before 
and really appreciate all the work that goes into it. I was looking for a connection that he mentioned between 
the Byrnes and Spearmans  and I came across the reference to Chester Spearman, the great grandson of John Spearman Sr. 
and his wife Elizabeth who came over with the Talbot immigrants. Chester was the son of John Spearman 
(I refer to him as the 3rd to keep the names straight) and Mariah / Maria Chapman (she was known by both names). 
Where it lists the children of Chester Spearman and Mary Ann Byrne it refers to Elmira (Mina) 'Twin' Spearman. 
Chester and Mary Ann did have a daughter named Elmira born in 1888 but it was actually Chester's sister Elmira 
born in 1874 who went by Mina and neither girl was a twin according to written family records and research I've done.  

The other 2 girls listed as Angeline and Caroline and known by the family as Addie and Carrie were Chester's twin 
sisters, not his daughters, I believe, according to the Ontario Civil Registration of Marriages and the Obituaries 
I have. Also, a news report from my hometown paper talked about my great-grandfather, John Spearman and his brother, 
George Washington Spearman, travelling to Ottawa for their sister, Angeline's funeral in 1935. According to the ON 
Civil Registry Angeline was 21 when she married on Sept 23,1903. To further confuse things a little John Spearman (3rd) 
and Maria had a daughter in Sept 1871 who only lived for 10 months and was named Caroline- when the twins, Angeline 
and Caroline, came along 3 years later they used the name Caroline again for one of the twins which according to 
family lore is why the twins names were shortened.

Anyway, just thought I'd add what I'd come up with. As I get more time when school's done in June I can upload 
more of the John Spearman tree if anyone would like.

... Elaine Spearman

Hi, Al 
That would be fine with me. I have excerpts from the documents that Elizabeth Spearman and her son, John Spearman Jr., 
filed for their land grant after John Spearman Sr. died while waiting to disembark at Lachine once they reached Canada 
and excerpts from a book on the Talbot immigrants that describe John Spearman Sr. as the oldest immigrant in the 
Talbot party. I, also, have a photo of my great grandfather and many of our relatives that I could post. He had also 
kept the document signed by Grover Cleveland for the land in North Dakota that he moved to after 
leaving Ottawa / Stittsville which passed to my grandfather, then my dad and now me with Dad's death 2 years ago.

I had one other question- I noticed Ken Armstrong's name in the email addresses and was wondering if by any chance 
he was the researcher who contacted my mom about 10 years ago researching the Armstrong / Johnston family tree, my 
mother was Margaret Helen Elizabeth (Johnston) Spearman. If there is a page with his work I haven't found it yet and I 
would be very interested in seeing it.

... Elaine

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