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January 30, 2003:
Dear Al,
Just found your website, "Bytown or Bust" and I want to say you guys are 
doing a great job.  Three of my direct family lines are from the Gatineau area.
SPALLIN:  My great-grandfather  was John SPALLIN brother of Joseph SPALLIN.  
They came from Burnquarter, County Antrim, Ireland.  John married Hannah MOREHOUSE 
of Low, Quebec and moved several days later to Pope County, Minnesota, USA.  In 1900 
John and Hannah moved to Strathcona, Alberta (then called Northwest Territories).  
Joseph married Catherine STANLEY and they raised their family close to Wakefield, 
MOREHOUSE (Moorhouse, Moorehouse):  Hannah Morehouse's parents were Rudolphus 
MOREHOUSE and Julia CHAMBERLIN.  Rudolphus was a carpenter, farmer and general 
merchant in Low, Quebec.  He is listed on census records as being born in Ontario 
and of US nationality, however I have not been able to locate any information 
about his parents, etc.
CHAMBERLIN:  Julia's father was one of four brothers who came to Hull about 1819 
to work for Philemon Wright.  The brothers were John (my ancestor), Josiah, Thomas 
and Leonard.  Thomas and Leonard moved back to the United States, but John and 
Josiah settled in Old Chelsea, Quebec.  John was married to Mary BLOSS 
(of Plainfield, NH) and had five children prior to his drowning death in 1837.  
The children were: John Charles, Mary (EVANS), Julia (MOREHOUSE), Hannah (BROOKS) 
and Sophia (CHURCH).  Josiah married Sophia Frost and raised a large family in the 
My database can be found on RootsWeb WorldConnect site (debbyw) and my e mail 
address is
Yours truly,
Debby (Spallin) Was
March 12, 2007: Dear Debbie (Spallin) My name is Lynn (McCarthy). I was born and raised in Kelowna B.C. My maternal grandmother's maiden name was Martha Spallin. Her mother was a Morehouse. My maternal grandmother married Thomas Brinkman. My grandmother came from a family of 16 kids and lived in Edmonton Alberta until she married Thomas Brinkman and they moved to Winfield B.C. I am also told the Spallin's come to Alberta through Minnesota, USA. As I recall my grandmother (with whom I was very close) said she was born in Minnesota. She would rattle off all her bothers and sisters names from the eldest to the youngest and I used to love to listen to her talk about her childhood. I think a couple of the names were "Emmy, Lizzy and I think Perry. I must ask my oldest sister for some more information. My reason for E-mailing you is because I was looking up the names Brinkman and Spallin on the internet and found your name. Of course I am wondering if my lineage is linked to yours. Thanks, Lynn Darlene Bateman (McCarthy) Please feel free to E-mail me at
October 29, 2007: Hi Everyone; Here is the 1851 Census, County Antrim, for James Spallin and Nancy Gordon, I happen to come across while searching for other information: Census 1851: Parish: Ballymoney, Townland: Garryduff, County Antrim, Ireland Date of Census: 11 April 1851 Family No. 41: James SPALLIN, Age: 46, Head, Married 1824, Occ: Linning / Linen Weaver, Born: Co. Derry, Read Nancy SPALLIN, Age: 41, Wife, Married 1824, Occ: None, Born: County Derry, Read Joseph SPALLIN, Age: 20, Son, Unmarried, Occ: Linning Weaver, Born: Co. Antrim, Read/Write Mary SPALLIN, Age: 16, Daughter, Unmarried, Occ: Linning Weaver, Born: County Antrim, Read Jane SPALLIN, Age: 13, Daughter, Unmarried, Occ: None, Born: Coounty Antrim, Read James SPALLIN, Age: 9, Son, Unmarried, Occ: At School, Born: County Antrim, Read John SPALLIN, Age: 9, Son, Unmarried, Occ: At School, Born: County Antrim, Read Isabella SPALLIN, Age: 4, Daughter, Unmarried, Occ: At School, Born: County Antrim ... Ken Armstrong
March 11, 2010: A Josiah Chamberlain / Chamberlin married Annie Mulvihill. And, thanks to Sue for the following information as to the origins of the four Chamberlin brothers in the USA: From the excellent site, which is full of great old Canadian books to peruse online, I found the following on the Chamberlain brothers. The book is "Pioneers of the Upper Ottawa and the humors of the valley" written in 1906 by Anson Albert Gard. The website can be joined for free and is easy to locate Canadian ancestors if they are mentioned in any of the old books. From pages 368 and 369 of the book: __________________ The Chamberlain family was one of the very early ones of the Hull settlement. As soon as Philemon started in to build up the Colony he found that one of the first requisites was to have mills to grind the grain and to saw the timber, so he brought over from the Lowell, Massachussetts country a number of millwrights, chief among whom were four brothers Chamberlain: John, Josiah, Thomas and Leonard. They must have come between 1801 and 1803. ___________________ As the entry is rather long on this family and their descendants, marriages, etc, it would probably be best for anyone interested to log into the Our Roots site given above and locate and read the book's pages 368 and 369. Hope this helps, Sue
April 28, 2010: Hello All, Just wanted to write an update on these four Chamberlin brothers. Their parentage continues to confuse us (myself & other Chamberlin researchers) but I want to clear up misinformation from Anson Gard's book Pioneers of the Upper Ottawa & Humors of the Valley "That they must have come between 1801-1803." This cannot be possible - if that was the case, John would have been between about 10, Josiah would have been about 7, Thomas about 3 and Leonard a babe in arms. I've established their ages using census records, etc. The first mention (that I've found) of them in Quebec records is Sep 12, 1820 in "Engagements of Men 1816-1837" among Philemon Wright & Sons Papers (National Archives of Canada microfilm M-235). Several years ago, I wrote a story about my Chamberlin research. It was published in "Relatively Speaking" - The Alberta Genealogical Society Journal, Vol. 31 #3 (pages 18-22) and summarizes the sources I've used to find out about these four brothers and what happened to them. Debby Was
June 25, 2010: In answer to Mary's post (Bytown or Bust) dated Nov 26, 2005. Today I came into possession of a photograph from A. de Champlain Photographer of 89 1/2 Duke Street, (LeBreton Flats), Ottawa. It is undated and might be of Rudolphus & Julia (Chamberlin) Morehouse / Moorehouse of Low, Quebec. Can anyone verify? Debby Was

November 3, 2012: Hello, My name is Jean Hale. I live in British Columbia. I seem to have hit a brick wall with my maternal great-grandmother, Arosina Chamberlin. The few records I have found on her say she was born in Chelsea, Quebec, in 1836 or 1838. The info I have on her is as follows: Arosina Chamberlin b. 1836 or 1838, Chelsea, PQ 1st Marriage to: William Bradley --Sarah Theresa Bradley b. 1862, Chelsea, PQ. d. 1928, Sudbury, Ont Married (in Ontario) to William Wright b. Scotland, came to Canada in 1878 --Laura A. Bradley b.? (found her via her marriage on Married to Joseph Hinde Hetherington, 1889, Methodist Church, Chelsea, PQ 2nd Marriage to Henry Allan Shaw b. 1829 New Brunswick --Allan Shaw b. 1877, Ont. --George Franklin Shaw, b. 1879, Ont. (my grandfather) --Reginald Oscar Shaw, b. 1881, Ont. Arosina and Henry lived in Wakefield, Quebec, Russell, Ontario, and Kazubazua, where Henry had a blacksmith shop. They both apparently died in Kazubazua. The Drouin Collection does not appear to have any records from the Ottawa/ Hull area. I can find no birth/marriage/death records on these people, except for the odd one from, but they can't supply the originals. Any suggestions where I might look for more info? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Jean __________________________________ Hi Jean, Happy Thanksgiving! I've done a lot of research on the Chamberlin's in the Gatineau region. There were two Chamberlin families that came to Hull. One was the four brothers (John, Josiah, Thomas & Leonard) mentioned in Anson Gard's book. My great grandmother was the daughter of Julia Chamberlin and Rudolphus Morehouse. Julia was the daughter of the John C. Chamberlin who drowned in the Cascades. First - Anson Gard was mistaken about the date the four Chamberlin brother's came to Hull. John would have been between 6-8 years old between 1801-1803. Far too young to be working ;-) for anybody. And he was the oldest of the four brothers. According to the 1841 census - John's widow recorded that she had been in the province for 22 years (1820) and Josiah Chamberlin recorded that he was there for 24yrs (1818). Arosina does not appear in any of the records that I have found for the four brother's. The other family was Nathanial Chamberlin and his wife, Mehitable Elliott and their children. I suspect that Arosina was one of their descendants. You will probably NOT find any birth/baptism records for her (early records destroyed by fire) but you might want to see if you can interlibrary loan microfilm M3689 and microfilm 3695 from The National Archives. These are the parish records for the area and might contain some of the rest of your family. This is the archive reference for microfilm M3689 and this is the one for microfilm M3695 Some other sites that might be helpful are: Gatineau Area Graves I found Reg Shaw's grave in the St. Stephen Anglican Cemetery at Kazabazua. Ottawa area Graves I'm also attaching 5 pages of an article I wrote about my Chamberlin family for Relatively Speaking. The last page contains a list of reference materials I used. I will also go through some of my paper files to see if I can find her. Good luck with your search. Debby Spallin Was (due to space limits for images, the 5 pages of the article are not included here. Contact Debby for more information. ... Al) ___________________________ Thank you Al! Plugging my book here but it is a must for the Hales. Shaw's garage, that would R.O. Shaw. Building is still there in Kazabazua. It was Shaw's garage and he sold White Rose gasoline but before that it was a blacksmith shop. There is a photo in the book of the blacksmith shop. Thank you Jean, you've solved a mystery for me. I found H. A. Shaw listed as the father of George Franklin Shaw born January 31, 1879 and baptized at the Presbyterian church in Aylwin. I knew the mother was a Bradly / Bradley but I could not positively connect her. When Arosina Chamberlain died she was listed as "relict of Henry Shaw" from what you have written H. A. is Henry and his son R.O. took over ownership of the garage. BTW My grandfather's sister married a Hetherington from the Chelsea area. ... Alexa Pritchard I shouldn't have responded so very late at night after an eleven hour drive! I do have even more information on Arosina under the Shaw family name! She changed her name to Annie, that may be why you are having trouble finding her. I've added Norah Dennis to the info list for the Shaw connection. Hi Norah! ... Alexa ________________________________ Hi Alexa! Hi Jean! Hi Al (I know you from the British Home Child Mail List--I am the administrator of the BHC Database): R. O. Shaw was my great-grandfather, Charles Henry Shaw's half-brother. As Alex knows, I've been searching for years to find the grave of my British Homechild great-grandmother, Catherine Carroll Shaw. Finally I discovered it was at Trinity Methodist in Kaz that I found a grave plot owned by Reginald Oscar Shaw in which it is almost certainly the graves of Catherine, her son, Milton, and Arosina's husband, Henry Shaw. Though no documentation names the people buried there, the church records tie up to the information I have as regards the persons buried there. As Henry, Catherine and Milton all died within a year of each other, I think it was an act of kindness that Reginald allowed Charles to make use of the gravesite, and since he is buried elsewhere, I think that helps justify my theory. I would very much like to know if that blacksmith shop was the same place that Charles Henry Shaw worked as he was shown as a blacksmith in Kaz in the 1901 census. I'd love to see the photographs of the place...what book are you referring to? Is it for sale? Thanks for the Chamberlain information! If anyone wants any information on the Shaw data I have, I'll be happy to share. ... Norah ___________________________ Hi Norah et al I can confirm that R. O. Shaw was buried at the Anglican church in Kazabazua. His wife, Lillian Marks, was an Anglican. I assume Henry bought the plots at the Methodist church when they first arrived in the village. The church is across the street from his shop, and yes it is one and the same. I have several photos of it over the years, the earliest with several buggies out front. The Anglican church is beside the Marks' homestead, the old keep that I now own and restored. The smallest building in the centre is the Marks home: The building on the left is the old Gilmour Depot from Jingletown. The book they are referring to is my latest effort Celebrating 150 Years of Kasabshua Kazabach Kazzubazzua Kazubusua Kashabashua Aylwin Township. I've crossed out the various spellings of Kaz. The book is available again at a cost of $60. plus S&H You've been too busy with your amazing work on the BHC to notice. Well done Norah!! ... Alexa ___________________________ Hi Jean, I just checked the book "Mariages Protestants de L'Outaouais Quebecois (Methodists) & (United Church)" publication Numero 81-82 compiled by Ernest Blondin, 1986. On page 8 it lists the marriage of William Bradley (parents un-named) of Hull to Arosina Chamberlin ((parents un-named) of Hull on 14-07-1861 at Aylmer (Methodist Church). I did not find a marriage to Henry Shaw in this book. I have this book on loan for the next month if anyone would like me to check it for other marriages. Cheers! ... Debby Spallin Was
March 31, 2013: Hi! I have been enjoying your sharing on the Bytown or Bust site. I have no sense of what the dates are of the exchange but will write as your posts describe interests related to mine. I had come across a notice for Alexa’s book on Aylwin last week and will send along for it shortly. Again, I hope that it is still in print. My name is Susan Courage. My research interests are the Bradley and Chamberlain families (and others associated of Old Chelsea, Hull etc). Catherine Fanny Bradley Lebeau, I believe of Aylwin, is my second great grand aunt- her brother David Bradley (married to Jane Chamberlain) my second great grandfather. There was another brother that I am aware of in this family, John married to Janet Clarke. There may, of course, be more siblings in this family. Bradley is such a common name and there seem to be several groups in the Ottawa Gatineau area as early settlers and it has been frustrating to research. Jane Chamberlain was the daughter of Nathaniel Chamberlain (born in the USA) and Lydia Ferin (born in Canada), Nathaniel the son of Nathaniel Chamberlain and Mehitable Elliot. David Bradley was the son of John Bradley and Unice Huchings. The parentage of David and Jane are confirmed on their Ontario death certificates. Clearly my Chamberlains are from the earlier arrivals estimated in 1800-1801. Nathaniel Chamberlain (Mehitable’s husband ) is purported to be the second person buried in the Old Chelsea Cemetery, having died on route or very shortly after his arrival. David and Jane left the Quebec side sometime in the 1850s as many from the area moved up the valley to the Westmeath / Beachburg area of Renfrew County. Nathaniel Jr and Lydia seem to disappear after the 1851 from the Quebec census, but I have not found record of their deaths or continued existence after that. I am not sure if this is helpful or not. I have recently been trying to map some of the area Bradleys to see if I can sort them out. The documentation is certainly spotty thanks to the 1900 fire. I am interested to see Alexa’s book-there may be a few more clues. I love the local history any way. Best regards, Susan
March 10, 2015: Hi Jean, I have mused over your post on Bytown or Bust regarding Arosina Chamberlain. You may have it all solved by this time as the years pass, and I could be completely wrong in my projection, but I thought it worth writing and at least testing my theory and letting you know what I have found. My interest about Arosina was further peeked when I happened upon Carol Martin's book on the old Chelsea cemeteries and subsequently Alexandra Pritchard's book on Aylwin. I had a mini breakthrough on a brick wall as a result of the book - found out my 3rd GGranmother Eunice Hutchins Bradley had remarried and had a whole other family.... also from the records and information Carol has collected in this MA History thesis on the area, a few other connections that had previously been lost on me. At the 3rdGG level on my Old Chelsea Line I have Nathaniel Chamberlain married to Lydia Ferin. Their daughter Jane (who was not noted in some of the Chamberlain research, although Patrick Evans in correspondence in the '80s was convinced that she belonged), marries David Bradley, son of John Bradley and Eunice Hutchins Chamberlain (later married to Thomas Childs).... all of the Chelsea/Old Chelsea area and all early settlers. I have gradually been accounting for John and Eunice Bradley's children. John dies very early, the first lot of children for the most part were scattered and Eunice remarries, takes on her new husbands family, John's land stays were her/them. Carol Martin assures me that was what was done in those days. One of the noted children of Nathaniel and Lydia in Patrick Evan's research is Rosanna Chamberlain b. 1837. There has never been any further record on her. After noting the name of Arosina's first born son, I began to wonder if Arosina was Rosanna. Given the vagaries of the census records of the time, I think it entirely possible, particularly the 1852 census which in my experience is loose on many of the details, particularly spelling of names. Arosina and William Bradley lose a son, John Nathaniel. at a young age to drowning. In the Presbyterian records cited in Carol Martin's book, there is a notation" Bradley, John Nathaniel (1873 July 28) (son of Wm& Arozina Chamberlin of Gatineau Mills) aged 8", with another reference ". In 1873 eight year-old John Nathaniel Bradley also drowned," on p 72 of the online pdf version. I have half a mind to think that William may have been a son of John and Eunice Bradley as well, but am less sure on tha t.... Laura and Grant Bradley (who I assumed was a sibling) end up with Eunice (Hutchins Bradley) Childs and Thomas Childs in the 1881 census- still in Old Chelsea. possibly at a point where Arosina has gone to marry Henry Shaw. Perhaps you have found Laura elsewhere in 1881? In that Alexa Pritchard's research Celebrating 150 Years of Aylwin Township", indicated that Henry Allan Shaw's first wife (Elizabeth Mary Thorn) died in 1879 in childbirth, I had assumed that both Charles Henry, b.1873 and George Franklin, b. 1879 were the youngest of Elizabeth's children and that Reginald Oscar Shaw b 1883 was the product of his union with Arosina. I may stand to be corrected on this. I have copied Al so that he knows that I am engaging in conversation on this. It may be a little early to post yet. Some of this is fairly solid and some is connecting the dotswhich one sometimes has to resort to in the Gatineau valley given the absence of records. Jean, if you have access to Ancestry this will all be under the Courage family tree. My thoughts on what I have found. I hope you find it interesting. Best regards, ... Susan Courage ------------------------------- Hi Susan, Thank you for the email. I've found it very interesting. I also found Laura and Grant Bradley with the Child's. Thank you for explaining the Bradley connection. Laura may very well be Arosina's Laura. I can find no other documentation on Grant anywhere, though, so I am reluctant to add him to my tree. He could also be a grandchild from a different child? I have been searching for more about Rosanna for a while. It may be she is Arosina. She's the only Chamberlin I can find that fits. Laura A. Bradley married Joseph Hinde Hetherington in 1889, in the Methodist Church in Chelsea, Quebec, per "Your Folks". It lists her parents as Arosina Chamberlin and William Bradley. I traced Laura and Joseph to the USA. Arosina and William Bradley's daughter, Sarah Theresa Bradley married William Wright (not of the Wrights from Hull, he was born in Scotland). They lived in Sudbury. She was my grandfather's half sister. To confuse me more, her son Jim married my grandmothers sister. So Jim was my Mum's paternal 1st cousin, and her maternal uncle by marriage. :) Henry Allen Shaw's first wife was Elizabeth Shaw. (her maiden name was Shaw, not Thorn). They were 1st cousins. She died shortly after her last child, Margaret Mary, was born. Arosina and Henry had 3 Children: Allen, born 1877 George Franklin, born 1879 (my grandfather) Reginald Oscar, born 1881 If Arosina is Rosanna, and a descendent of Nathaniel and Lydia Chamberlin, then I'm related to my husband by marriage. (Other than our own). His 1st cousin 3 x removed, Mary Whillans, was married to Moses Chamberlain Edey. Thank you so much for passing this all on to me. All the best, ... Jean Hale ---------------------------------- (more to come tomorrow, Al)
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