SMYTH / SMITH family - 1841 Bytown Quilt
also Ralph SMITH from King's County, Ireland
ML# 594 on the McCabe List

February 10, 2003:

I am trying to find information on a family that was in Bytown, Canada in 1841, 
I know.  I found a cross stitch sampler that has the names of:  
Ralph Smyth, Jane Smyth, Edward Smyth, William Smyth, Eliza Smyth, Jane Smyth, 
Mary Smyth and has Bytown Canada 1841 on it.  Do you have any idea how I might find 
out more about this family or what sources would be a good starting place?

The sampler is a cross stitch with the alphabet, numbers, house, trees, and the 
family member's names.  It was framed in Detroit, Michigan, USA. I am guessing in the 
early 1900's.  This is a sampler that a lot of young girls did as school projects.  
I find it fascinating that something this old is still around today.  
If only it could talk.

Thanks again.
New May 27, 2005: My great-great grandfather was a William Smyth who was born in 1844 and I am thinking that could possibly be his parents. I know at sometime that he was around the Jarvis area as that was were he got married. I would love to see the quilt. I have just started my search of relatives but the names that are mentioned are the same as some of the latter children. I would like to keep in touch with you and let you know if I find out anything else. ... Marilyn Brown ____________________ Marilyn: I've just discovered that Jo's e-mail does not work anymore. Perhaps, if she has a new one, she will contact us. There was a Ralph Smith / Smyth from Hull who died in 1874, aged 66. And here's a marriage recorded in the Bytown Gazette: Marriage: 1838, at Goulbourn, by the Reverend Mr. Padfield - Jonathan Wyman of Hull to Mary Catherine Francis Smith, daughter of Ralph Smith (ML# 594). ... Al

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