Owen SMITH and Mary McANDREW
Ireland to Ottawa, Ontario and to Pontiac County, Quebec

December 4, 2002:

My great great grandfather Owen Smith married mary McAndrew and
ended up in Sheenboro Quebec. He was born in 1820 possibly 1819. I
originally assumed he came from Ireland. On the 1851 census I read she
was from Ireland but he was born in Ontario. I am going crazy trying to
find information out about him. I had a call from a lady in Vancouver
and she seems to think his father may be James Smith who was married to
Christianna McCallum. I believe Owen Smith is possibly a brother to Jane
Smith born 1822 who married Andrew Keon around Ottawa around the 1840
area of time. This is like searching for a needle in a haystack and of
all names to search the Smith name is not the easiest. Do you have any
idea where i might look? Thank you so much for putting the information
on here that is available for someone like me.

Thanks again, Merle.
Also posted on December 4, 2002: Al Thank you so much for putting those names on the site. Can you add one thing more. I have also been looking for information on a James Smith and Christianna McCallum. I had an email back some time ago that i could not verify nor could the sender that there is a possibility that these may be Owen Smith's parents. ... Merle
December 4, 2002: 1881 Census Place: Malakoff & Esher & Aberdeen & Sheen, Pontiac, Quebec, Canada Source: FHL Film 1375862 NAC C-13226 Dist 98 SubDist Q Page 29 Family 120 Sex Marr Age Origin Birthplace Owen SMITH M M 61 Irish Ontario Occ: Farmer Religion: Catholic Mary SMITH F M 57 Irish Ireland Religion: Catholic Josephine SMITH F 26 Irish Quebec Religion: Catholic Meriah SMITH F 23 Irish Quebec Religion: Catholic Ouney SMITH M 20 Irish Quebec Religion: Catholic Celeyann SMITH F 16 Irish Quebec Religion: Catholic
December 12, 2002: Some more information that may jog some minds and i can tell you I need help. I can not seem to get out of the Sheenboro graveyard. I have been stuck for almost 10 years now on trying to find any information pre 1820. I am trying to find out where Owen Smith came from. The census records indicate he was born in Ontario. Everything we were ever told about him was he was the one who came from Ireland. I remember my Uncle Lester telling us that he remembered his father Eugene saying if they ever went back far enough to not be surprised that the old old Smith may have been Scottish. I have been at this off and on for almost 10 years now and it is so frustrating not being able to get beyond the Sheenboro graveyard. Owen was born 1819-20 and Mary was born in 1822. Owen Smith senior had children who i have very little information on: Johanna born 1871 unknown after this date; Peter/Johanna Hayes (my greatgreat grandfather/mother; Mathias/Margaret Hayes, Maria born 1857 unknown after this date, Owen Smith Jr. born 1859 died 1897 married Theresa 0'Sullivan; John Christopher born 1861died 1877; Ceceilia Ann Smith born 1863, died 1946; Christiana Smith born 1854, died 1879. Eugene's sisters married names are Loretta (James) Poupore; Louisa (Henry) Picard; Mary Theresa (Molly) (John Samuel) Hansen; Joseph Leslie born 1889 died 1904; Bridgit (Joseph) St. Martin, Grace (John) Timlin, Eugene married Laura Brunette. Cindy wrote: > Hi Merle, This is what I found. > Owen Smith and Mary McAndrew / McAudren / McEndraon / McEndra > Children were: > Peter Smith married 23/11/1868 to Johanna hayes father michael hayes mother > Theresa Meehan. > > Agnes Smith married 21/05/1865 to John Mcdonald > > Owen F. Smith married 28/11/1883 to theresa Sullivan father was Timothy > Sullivan and mother was Rose Ann Hayes married 01/09/1857. > Theresa Sullivan married again to a Charles Morris 04/11/1884 son of George > morris and Anne Smith. > Her 3rd husband was Owen Mcdonald married 16/10/1899 his father was John > Mcdonald and mother Agnes Smith from above,Are you still with me? > Theresa Sullivan mother Rose Ann Hayes married again to patrick Sullivan > 11/01/1871 to her brother in law. > The hayes the Sullivan and Smith families married all togther. > > Peter Smith and Johanna hayes children were: Eugene married laura brunet > 04/03/1919 > Bridget married 16/11/1896 Joseph martin > louisa married Henri picard 28/06/1897 > Loretta married james poupore 25/08/1908 > Grace married Samuel Timlin 10/10/1910 > > eugene Smith and laura Brunet > Children were" Kenneth married 02/03/1946 to Noella Venasse > Lester married age 43 to a nora Conway age 18 on 01/06/1963 > > I have written down the rest of the Smith marriages and put them in a file > as i am sure you will have to have them looked up again. if you need > anything else on one of the lines I will do my best. > Good luck cindy-lou
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