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Painting by Ruth McMillan in 1976
Shows the Head of the Rideau Canal Locks in Ottawa, Canada in 1893

December 4, 2002:

There was a prominent butcher in Lowertown named William Slattery and
also a farm in Ottawa South. There is a picture of the house called "Mount Pleasant" 
in Nepean: The City Beyond by Dr. Bruce Elliott.

40 Riverdale near Bank St., house bought in 1877, 
Slattery's Field
March 23, 2007:
Slattery and Grimes
Thanks to Anne Burgess for pointing out Maurice Grimes' web site regarding his Grimes and Slattery ancestors at http://ca.geocities.com/mauricegrimes/tables/table1.htm A William Slattery is mentioned in the obituaries of some of my ancestors, possibly my Grandfather who died in 1952 (John George Burns) or my Great Grandmother, Catherine (nee Sullivan) Christopher who died in 1927. ... Al
April 29, 2008: Hi Al, I did some checking in the city directories, from 1881 on; William Slattery, the butcher, resided on a property called 'Spring Park' in the Ottawa South / Billings Bridge area ie. the Bank / Sunnyside / Riverdale triangle. There was another William Slattery a fruit dealer who lived in Lowertown at 7 York St. next to his store at 5 York. On the 1881 census Wm, the butcher, was 60 born in Ireland; wife Margaret 46 also born Ireland plus children resident of Nepean. Wm, the fruitdealer, was 38 born in Ireland; wife Bridget 35 born in Ontario and one child (1 yr old son) resident of Ottawa / Byward. Living next to Wm, the butcher, was Bernard Slattery also a butcher and his wife Ann; from their marriage registration here http://www.bytown.net/ontariobmd.htm it would seem that William, the butcher, was married twice so could William the fruitdealer be a son from the first marriage? Maurice Grimes page supports this conclusion. I was looking into Bernard Slattery because he owned the farm Lot 25 Conc II OF Gloucester (next to my G Grandfather James Craig) from about 1885 until it was sold to Ephriam Larmour sometime between the World Wars. Another Slattery, Miles born Ireland in 1825 was a grocer in Lowertown. A brother of William Sr. ? Regards, ... Allen Craig _________________________ Allen: This may be a marriage of one of the William Slatterys mentioned above: Notre Dame Cathedral, Bytown, (Source: Drouin Records at ancestry.ca) April 4, 1850 After dispensing with banns, William Slattery of Bytown, adult son of Patrick Slattery and Bridget Callahan, married Honora McGrath of Bytown, adult daughter of Bernard McGrath and Alice Brennan Witnesses: William McInnis & Catherine Leamy (Leamy Lake) also: August 24, 1852 Baptism of Bernard, born yesterday of the marriage of William Slattery and Honorah McGrath of Bytown Godparents: Cornelius Kennedy & Catherine Slattery ... Al Lewis
April 30, 2008: Hi Al and Allen, The attached marriage record (ND Basilica) might be for the fruit dealer Wm. Slattery, and it gives his father's name as John.
Source: Drouin Records at ancestry.ca . most of these records are easier to read
William Slattery, the butcher, was married twice: first to Honora McGrath, and then to Margaret Hendrick / Handrick. There's a good picture of Margaret and Wm. and some of their children on the Grimes website. Here's the background on Wm's two families (see the Grimes site for details). ... Anne Burgess _______________________ By the way, Frank Nighbor from Pembroke, Ontario, a member of the original Ottawa Senators hockey team, married into this Slattery family. ... Al _______________________ And thanks to Sue for the following:
The Many William Slatterys
From the Drouin collection: Married Notre Dame, 1850, William Slattery, son of Patrick Slattery and Bridget Callahan, to Honora McGrath - both of Bytown. Married Notre Dame, 1858, William Slattery, widower of the late Honorah McGrath, to Margaret Henrick Married Notre Dame, 1866, William Slattery of Picton, son of John Slattery and Bridget Hickey, to Bridget Tremblay. (this may be a daughter of Nicholas Tremblay) Married St Patrick's on Nepean St., 1905, William Slattery, aged 21, son of John Slattery and Catharine Macdonell / Macdonald, to Mary Bissonette. This William Slattery died 27 Nov 1854 (Almonte Parish) at age 81 with the notation "late husband of Mary Denise Bissonette" ________________ Births: it looks like there were triplets born to William Slattery and Margaret Henrick, all born 12 Sep 1871 and baptized 17 Sep (Notre Dame). I see by the 1881 census that only 2 are still alive. The 3 were: E(Emily?) Agnes, Anne, and M.(Margaret?) Ellen. Also born in 1871 was William Joseph Slattery, born 8 May 1871 to William Slattery and Bridget Tremblay, baptized 10 May at Notre Dame. This William Joseph, son of William and Bridget Tremblay Slattery and grandson of John Slattery and Bridget Hickey, married Mary Ann Thompson, and died at age 83 in Ottawa in 1954. a William Slattery died 21 Apr 1885 at age 78 and was interred in the Cemetery in Almonte, Parish on Carleton Road. a William J. Slattery died in 1949 at age 69. His wife, Mary Theresa Bruder, died in 1962 at age 65. Service held at Ottawa, St. Martyrs. (Canadian Martyrs on Main Street, Ottawa East) Hope this helps, Sue _______________________ Sue: I think that the Slatterys in the Almonte area are descended from Patrick Slattery who came from Clogheen, County Tipperary in 1823 with the Peter Robinson Settlers. His daughter Catherine married Michael Teahan / Teehan at Notre Dame, Ottawa, in 1855. ... Al _______________________ Hi Anne and Al I was just composing a reply to Al when your email arrived; I was going to say that on the evidence of the elder William's 1850 marriage date to Honora Mcgrath the younger William could not have been his son. The marriage record you attached seems to confirm this. As I mentioned to Al I was looking at the Slattery's only because Bernard owned the farm next to my G grandfather. As I understand it the Slattery's never actually lived there; rather he had a resident foreman who occupied the house. It is at 1353 Cyrville Road and is still standing; it was built by the previous owner John McGuire. There is a decent pic of it in Gloucester Roots, page 36. It has been greatly modified since the Larmour family sold it in the 1960's when it was converted into a restaurant. (picture below) Regards Al Craig ____________________________ February 22, 2011:
The McGuire / Slattery / Larmour House, built c. 1850 -- Source: Gloucester Roots, page 36 John McGuire / Slattery / Larmour House, built 1850's, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

New November 26, 2011:
Slattery's Field, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

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