Some Descendants of Peter SKEFFINGTON
County Meath, Ireland to Gloucester and Osgoode Townships, Ontario, Canada in the 1820's

ML# 551 on the McCabe List
ML# 577 on the McCabe List

Painting by Ruth McMillan in 1976
Shows the Head of the Rideau Canal Locks in Ottawa, Canada in 1893

February 25, 2010:
Thanks to Duane Large for these photos - see his e-mail, and more photos, dated February 25, 2010, below Michael Skeffington, 1839-1899 Harriet Holcomb Skeffington Michael Skeffington, 1839-1899 Harriet Holcomb Skeffington
1 Peter Skeffington c. 1785 - 1850 from County Meath, Ireland ....... 2 Michael Skeffington 1803 - ........... + Mary Hughes (from County Armagh, Ireland) ....... 2 Patrick Skeffington 1814 - 1876 Osgoode Township to Illinois, USA ........... + Nora Stackpole ? - 1882 born County Cork, Ireland ................ 3 Michael Skeffington 1837 - ................ 3 Patrick Skeffington 1846 - 1935 ................ 3 Maria Skeffington 1840 - .................... + Patrick Nolan ................ 3 Peter Skeffington 1840 - 1926 ................ 3 Ann Skeffington 1843 - ................ 3 William Skeffington 1848 - ................ 3 John Skeffington 1850 - ................ 3 Francis M. Skeffington 1855 - ................ 3 Joseph Skeffington 1858 - ................ 3 Martha J. Skeffington 1859 - ....... 2 Peter Skeffington 1815 - ........... +Bridget Slaven (was a widow) - also sp. SLAVIN (See Lett's Bytown) ....... 2 Mary Skeffington 1818 - ........... +James Darcy ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- From Sandra Rattray on April 10, 2001: Hi Al: You might want to add this to your Bytown or Bust on Skeffingtons: Source: Norman K. Crowder's book "British Army Pensioners Abroad, 1772-1899", "Peter Skivington; pension awarded 24 Oct. 1848; residence - Bytown, Ontario, Canada; died 19 March 1850. SOURCE: WO120 Volume 70, page 295. He was a soldier in the Royal Canadian Rifle Regiment and Bytown was where he was paid from. A copy of WO120 Volume 70 should be available on microfilm at the National Archives in Ottawa or through the Latter Day Saints. Also Public Records Office in Kew, England." Although I have not looked at these myself, Mr. Crowder has identified these as " Registers referring to pensioners receiving their pensions in the colonies." For anyone interested, I would suggest that they refer to Mr. Crowder's extremely well documented book. Sandra.
The following was contributed by Howard Skeffington, My primary source on Patrick Skeffington is from an article in the book "Biographical Record of Bureau County, Illinois". The article concerns Michael Skeffington (b. 15 Dec 1837, Ottawa), Patrick's eldest son, which I excerpt here: "[Michael Skeffington's] father, Patrick Sheffington [sic], was a native of Ireland, born in county Meath, about 1814, but when a young man he emigrated to Canada with two brothers. He sawed the first lumber in Ottawa with whip saws, which was used in building the city and the canal. There he married Nora Stockpole (Stackpole, on the McCabe List)[sic], a native of County Cork, Ireland, and they began their domestic life upon a farm of one hundred acres which the father cleared and developed. In 1850 he brought his family to Bureau county, Illinois, USA purchasing one hundred and sixty acres of raw land in Westfield township on which he located. He prospered in his undertakings here and at his death owned over a section of land. He was numbered among the most active, enterprising and successful farmers of Bureau county, and was called upon to serve in a number of local positions of honor and trust. His death occurred in 1876, at the age of sity-two years, and his wife passed away in 1882. Both lie buried in La Salle cemetery, where a neat and substantial monument marks their last resting place." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Here's my two cents worth: (Al) Some Miscellaneous assessment/census data on Peter and Patrick SKEFFINGTON: Skiffington / Skeffington - Osgoode Township 1834 voters for the Provincial Parliament (Upper Canada) Only those who held deeds for their property could vote. Patrick Skiffington, Lot 2, Concession 5, voted for Daniel O'Connor as did Peter Skiffington, Lot 3, Con. 5 (O'Connor Street in Ottawa named after Daniel O'Connor). Source: O'Connor Papers, National Archives 1836 Osgoode Assessment and Census: Peter and Patrick both had 6 acres cleared of their 100 acre farms. Patrick living on his farm alone. Peter had 2 cattle. There were 3 males age 16+, 1 male 16-, 2 fem. 16-, and 1 fem 16+ In 1837, Patrick has 8 acres cleared, Peter has 10 acres cleared. Patrick has 1 horse, 2 oxen and 2 cows. In 1838, Patrick has 12 acres cleared and has another cow. In 1839, Patrick has 15 acres cleared, Peter has 9 cleared. in 1840, Patrick has cleared 20 acres, Peter 12. Both Peter and Patrick are listed as being taxpayers in 1842. In the 1842 Census, both Peter and Patrick are deed owners, occupation Yeomen. Peter and Patrick and their wives were born in Ireland. They had both come to Canada in 1828/29. Patrick's 4 children and Peter's 6 children were all born in Canada. Both families were Roman Catholic.

I am looking for any references to the family of Patrick SKEFFINGTON, b. 1814, 
Co. Meath, Ireland and Nora STACKPOLE, b. Co. Cork, Ireland. One of their 10 
children, Michael SKEFFINGTON, was born 15 Oct 1837, in Ottawa, Carleton Co. 
Michael married Elizabeth COAKLEY on 5 March 1867, probably in Illinois, USA. 
Another of the children, Patrick (?T) SKEFFINGTON, may also have been born in 
Ottawa around 1843. The family is thought to have emigrated to Illinois, USA, 
around 1850. If you have any reference to this family, please contact me. 
Thank you.
Howard Skeffington 
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sandra Rattray is researching the Skiffington/Skeffington family who settled in Lanark County. We believe the Osgoode and Lanark families are related but so far haven't found a link. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- E-Mail from Jerry Skeffington: Hello,my father was born in Sarnia Aug.1896.His father had died about 4-6 months before my dad was age approx. 48. His mother was a lot younger about 28. He had an older brother Leo and a sister May. My father died in 1964 age 63. I don't remember when sister died maybe late 40's. His brother Leo was a farm editor for the Rochester Democrat & Chronical in Rochester NY . I never met him until late 60's ( family tiff} he died in approx 1985. As far as I know there was no other Skeffington's in Rochester area. HI,we just got back from cottage on Opinicon Lake. No my father's name was James Joseph, his brother was older and name was Leo Bernard. I am not sure of their father's name I think it was Bernard. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Reply to above: - Sept. 5, 2000 Dear Jerry, I don't have a connection for you, but I did find something that might help you get more information on your grandparents via your uncle, Leo Skeffington, although this could just be a coincidence. I searched on Leo Skeffington at 3=SKEFFINGTON&f4=LEO&f15=&sx=n (this is at and found a social security death index entry that seems to match your dates and location. The results are as follows: LEO SKEFFINGTON SSN 073-03-2699 Residence: 14589 Williamson, Wayne, New York, USA Born 23 Nov 1892 Died Aug 1986 Issued: NY (Before 1951) The residence listed is east of Rochester, New York and the dates would fit in with what you described. With this information, particularly the social security number, you can request a copy of the original social security application, which will list, among other things, the applicant's parents' full names. With the parents' full names and your uncle's place and date of birth, you might be able to get closer to finding a record of your grandparents. Of course, like I said, this could be a coincidence, but it's probably worth the $7.00 to find out! BTW that web site has a button which will generate the FOIA request for you. Howard Skeffington (Thanks Howard ... Al)

Some early Baptisms at St. Mary's (South Gloucester) featuring the
Skeffington and Stackpole families

Dec. 4, 1848, Patrick Skiffington was sponsor at the baptism of Bridget CANGLEY, d/o Thomas Cangley and Bridget Shaw or Shea
May 25, 1849 Catherine Skiffington, d/o of Patrick Skiffington and Bridget Slaven was born. Sponsors at baptism were Patrick MURRAY and Catherine McKENNA
July 18, 1849 William Stackpole and Ellen BRITT baptised Patrick Stackpole, witnesses were Michael Skiffington and Hanora Stackpole
Mar 10, 1849, Mary, d/o Dennis Stackpole and Helen O'Connor was baptised in the presence of Patrick Skiffington and Bridget MacNamara
May 7, 1850, Margaret Stackpole baptised. Parents were John Stackpole and Julia O'CONNOR. Sponsors were Patrick Skiffington and Jane Skiffington.
June 20, 1850 - birth of Dennis Skiffington, parents are Patrick Skiffington and Hanora Stackpole. Sponsors were Jane Skiffington and John Skiffington
Jan 4, 1850 - John Stackpole born - son of William - rest of info not legible
Joseph Skiffington born on June 26, 1850, s/o Michael Skiffington and Mary Brennan. Sponsors were John Skiffington and Charlotte Sparrow.
Mar. 18, 1850 Michael Skiffington was sponsor at baptism of James Hay / Hayes, s/o John Hay and Catherine Doyle
Mar 17, 1851, a St. Patrick's Day daughter, Mary Toughal (I think) was born, d/o Thomas Toughal and Catherine ?. Sponsors were Michael Skiffington and Mary Brennan.

November 24, 2001:
My name is Eileen, and I am interested in the Skiffington family.  My GG Grandfather 
came from Philadelphia and settled in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA.  I think this is also the port that 
he came into, but have not yet been able to prove it.  The Skiffington family has been very 
elusive and I would be interested in what you have
Somewhere I came across the "Descendants of Peter Skiffington"  I saved the information but 
somehow have lost the web site that I located it on.  Can you help me with that also?  I have 
another lady that I correspond with regularly who is also researching the Skiffington family 
in Philadelphia, and would like to send the address to her.
Thank you for any assistance you can give
--- Eileen Bernier

See also the Stackpole family page - who were related (and are also on the McCabe List)

September 7, 2003:
Hi, Skeffingtons!

This might not (necessarily) help any of us in our particular family
research, but I discovered a very interesting monograph by one William
Skyvington (who lives in France) at this website:

It links to several Microsoft Word documents and I would highly
recommend downloading them and reading through.  William gives a fascinating
account of his own lineage, as well as interesting Skeffington tid-bits
dating to Norman times.  Plus, he includes a good number of images and
genealogical charts.  He suspects there's a link between "our" Canadian
Skeffingtons and the Skeffingtons of Antrim, but I suppose that remains for
one of us to discover!

If you'd like, I'll forward the email he sent to me--just let me know.

William's email address is sky.william AT (replace " AT " with "@")

Howard Skeffington
July 7, 2005: Added Michael Daley's e-mail address to this page ... Al
September 17, 2005:
Timothy Keough and Jane Skiffington
Jane Skiffington, daughter of Michael Skiffington and Mary Hughs / Hughes , married Feb,10 .1857 at Our Lady of the Visitation church South Gloucester, to Timothy Keough born 1832 ,Tipperary Ireland, son of James McKeough and Catherine Ryan. Timothy and his wife ,and children lived on with his ageing parents . they farmed on South half of lot , 9 .con ,4. in Osgoode Township. on what was known as the Bytown Prescott Stagecoach route. an unfortunate incident brought tragedy in to this family, and took the life of Timothy. The Russell County, Agriculture Fair was held at Metcalfe on Sept, 21. 1864. Timothy, and his brother-inlaw. Thomas O'Rourke, attended the fair on horse back, on their way home, Timothy a non-drinker stopped to get some sweeties for his 4 small children. A brawl was in process at the 4 corners - Baker's Corners' he stopped to break it up. but was hit over the head with a stick of cordwood, he was taken into the store, a Doctor was called, and later he was taken to his home on the Prescott road. My grandmother, a young girl at the time, recalled , in the dark of the night, while awaiting the arrival of the team and wagon. bringing her Uncle home . put her ear too the ground. listening for the sound of the wagon wheels turning on the hard ground, as they drew ever nearer , Timothy died that night at 11, o'clock. The next day an inquest was conducted by Coroner Patterson , The Jurymen were: James Cangley James Duncan, John McEvoy, Andrew Doyle, Paul Shanahan, John Turner, James Heney, John O'Doherty, John Dealy (Daley?), James Marcial / Marshall, Patrick Down [Dewan] Francis McGee. After many witnesses were heard the verdict was that Timothy Keough had come to his death by blows from a stick and whipstocks. On a tombstone in the Glouc, cemetery, faded and worn with the mist of time , the inscription reads, Timothy Keough, September 21 ,1864 . killed by an Unknown Assailant. Later, his widow Jane & the 4 children . James. Mary . Catherine. and Ann, ages from 1-7 at the time of their father's death moved to Boise, Idaho, USA. The property was left with the Father-in-law. Little is known of this family , an obituary in the "Idaho Statesman". reads Keogh James ,J,died at St, Alphonsus'Hospital June 13, 1905, deceased leaves besides his mother three sisters-Miss Mary and Miss Anna Keogh Mrs Flynn . he was buried in St, John's cemetery, Mrs Jane [skiffington] Keogh died 5 / 6 , 1909 the deceased is survived by three daughters, Mary . and Anna of Boise . and Mrs P, H . Flynn of Humboldt Kansas, USA . Miss Anna Keogh, died at her home thursday August 9 , 1934 , survived by one sister Miss Mary of this city , Boise Idaho . Mary kept in touch with my grandmother , " Catherine [Keough"]Daley , for many years, I am a G,G.G Grandson of James McKeough , and Catherine Ryan . ... Michael Daley
October 21, 2005: Hello Skeffingtons. My great, great grandmother was Alice Hughes from Armagh, Ireland. I see on your webpage that Michael Skeffington married Mary Hughes (who is listed from Armagh) I know nothing about Alice Hughes except that she was from Armagh. Does anybody know anything about Mary..... who her family was and where in Armagh she was from. Cheers ... Laurie ______________________ Laurie: I believe that Alice Hughes was the daughter of Patrick Hughes who is buried at Our Lady of the Visitation Cemetery at South Gloucester. Patrick Hughes died in 1854 at age 70 years. The Hughes and McGees at South Gloucester are all connected in the 1800's and the name Alice is common in both families. I think that Patrick Hughes came from the parish of Ballycarana in the townland of Carrana in County Armagh. (McCabe List). He was here before 1829. The spelling of Carrana may be incorrect. I believe they may have come from Corran Crossroads which is not far from Keady, County Armagh, where my McGees came from in Ireland. ... Al ____________________________ Hi all, Laurie, for what its worth , my G ,G , Grandmother , Mary Hughes wife of Patrick McGee, born , Co, Armagh , died May 1870 , age ,72 years , buried in our Lady of the Visitation , Alice Hughs died March ,3 , 1893 , wife of Michael Fagan , Age , 70 years Ellen Hughs ,wife of Terence McGee , died June 8 ,1890 , age 75 years . In ST. John's Cemetery in Enniskerry, Margaret Hughs wife of John McCartin died Sept , 1st, 1888 , age 64 years , Native of Co Armagh.John McCartin died Dec 3 , 1902 , age 82 years , native of Co, Armagh , another Tombstone reads [no dates ] in memory of Mrs Margaret Hughs , On the 1863 map of Osgoode Township there is Patrick Hughs , situated on the west half of lot 18 , con 3 , [manotick station road ] . if you have time check , the 1851, Agricultural census , and the 1861 census , for Hughs , in Osgoode , could it be that the Patrick Hughs that is buried in Our Lady of the Visitation Cemetery ,be the same as on lot 18 , con .3 in 0sgoode, as St John's church was not built yet . ?? Laurie , I have a newspaper clipping with a picture of Sargeant and Mrs Morgan , P , Fagan, married Oct, 21 1942 . St. Agustine Church , Vancouver,the Rev Father Sullivan, formerly of St Joseph Church , Ottawa , Officiating Sargent Fagan is the son of Mr ,Mrs Patrick Fagan of Ottawa . ?? QUESTION, could these women be sisters ?? . sincerely ... Michael Daley . ____________________________

Hi again, Michael and Laurie: The McGees sure made their presence known in the Osgoode and South Gloucester area. My GGG Grandfather was Francis McGee (died in County Armagh, Ireland), brother of Patrick, Terrence and Dennis. I think that all of these brothers had daughters named Mary McGee to confuse us today. Here's a Notre Dame record: (mentions my GGGGrandfather, Francis McGee): From the records of Notre Dame: 16 Apr 1844 After the publications of two banns, marriage of Philip McGee of Gloucester, adult son of Francis McGee and Catherine Duffy, both deceased in Kelconim, County Armagh, to Mary Nowlan / Nolan, resident in Osgoode and minor daughter of James Nowlan / Nolan and Elisabeth Brennan of Garrygill, County Carlow Witnesses: Thomas Sheehan and Mary Hughes This Philip McGee family later farmed on the Manotick Station Road. They became tied in with the Dewan family (on Mccabe List). My Mary McGee, daughter of Francis McGee and Catherine Duffy, married Nicholas Sullivan (my GG Grandfather) from County Meath to the Manotick Station Road. Their daughter, Catherine Sullivan, married Thomas Christopher who was my G Grandfather. It's like a big circle. ... Al
November 26, 2005: Hello All, I came across Michael's posting regarding Timothy and Jane Keough/Keogh. I was glad to learn more details about Timothy and Jane, especially their time in Canada. I wanted to pass along some additional information regarding the family that I came across during recent research of my Skeffington ancestors. My ggg grandparents were Michael and Mary (Hughes) Skeffington. My gg grandparents were Michael and Harriet (Holcomb) Skeffington. My great grandparents were Thomas and Mary Luella (Skeffington) Prendergast. My gg grandfather, Michael, moved to Idaho in 1893 with his 3 oldest children: Nelson Joseph, Harriet (Hattie), and Robert Michael. His wife, Harriet, had died in 1888, just a couple months after the birth of her youngest child and my great grandmother, Luella Skeffington. Luella, age 5, remained in Illinois and was raised by Peter Skeffington, half-brother of Michael, and Peter's wife, Margaret. My great grandmother recalled seeing her father and siblings off at the railroad station when they loaded their cattle, equipment and belongings into boxcars for the long trip west. Luella never saw her father again but she was remembered in Michael?s will when he died in 1899 in Idaho. In 1958, late in her life, Luella, traveled to California to visit her sister Hattie (Skeffington) Dutton. Hattie and her husband George Dutton had moved from Idaho to California sometime before 1920. I was recently out in the Boise, Idaho area and was able to find the burial location for my gg grandfather, Michael. He is buried in the St. John?s section of the Morris Hill Cemetery in Boise. He actually lived in Washington County, Idaho about 75 miles west of Boise. He had been ill, died in Boise in 1899 and was buried there. I knew that Michael had a sister Jane (Skeffington) Keogh who lived in Boise. I suspected that the reason for Michael?s burial in Boise instead of Washington County might have been due to his sister Jane living in Boise. I checked with Morris Hill Cemetery and was able to learn that the whole Keogh family is buried there in the same St. John's section as Michael. Jane and 3 of her children: James, Mary, and Anna are buried in the same cemetery block. Jane died in July 1909, James in June 1905, Anna in August 1934 and Mary in November 1952. Also, the other sister, Catherine and her husband Patrick Flynn are buried in Morris Hill Cemetery as well. Catherine died in June 1926 and Patrick in March 1935. Jane and her 4 children apparently left Canada about 1871 and moved to the U.S. The family was living in Salem Township, Allen County, Kansas at the time of the 1880 census. I am not sure what took the family to Kansas. Perhaps there were some family members living in the same area. Also, in their 1880 household was a Joseph P. Skeffington, cousin, age 11. I believe, but am not certain, that Joseph was the son of John Skeffington, a brother of Jane. Joseph?s brother, James, age 14, was living with my gg grandparents, Michael and Harriet Skeffington, in the 1880 census for Troy Grove Township, La Salle County, Illinois. I found a marriage record in Allen County, Kansas for Catherine Keogh to Patrick Flynn on 1/10/1888. There is some confusion about Patrick's middle name. Some records have Joseph and other records Henry. Patrick, Catherine, and their 6 six children are living in Humboldt Township, Allen County, Kansas in the 1900 census. By the 1900 census, the other Keogh family members are all in Boise, Ada County, Idaho. Also in their 1900 household was a Jayne Skeffington, niece, age 14, born in Iowa. Jayne was apparently a daughter of one Jane?s brothers or half-brothers but it is unknown which one. By the 1910 census, Jane and son James Keogh are deceased. Mary and Anna are living together in Boise with their cousin, Jayne Skeffington. Then in 1917, Jayne married a Henry or Harry James Allen. Both first names appear in different records. Patrick and Catherine (Keogh) Flynn moved to Idaho from Kansas sometime between 1900 and 1910. They are listed in the 1910 census for East Caldwell Precinct, Canyon County, Idaho. I have not yet located Patrick and Catherine Flynn in the 1920 census. Catherine died in 1926 and Patrick appears in 1930 census for Lone Tree Precinct, Canyon County, Idaho. Patrick died in 1935 in Nampa, Canyon County. Meanwhile, Anna and Mary are still living in Boise at the time of the 1920 and 1930 census. Anna died in 1934 and Mary in 1952. Jayne (Skeffington) and husband Henry/Harry are also in the 1920 and 1930 census in Boise. Jayne died in 1944 and Henry in 1940. They are both buried in the St. John?s section of the Morris Hill Cemetery like the Keogh family. That is all for now. Thank you. Best regards, ... Duane J. Large _______________________ Hello friends, My email address is included in this small group because I've done research into families named Skeffington or variants such as Skevington, Skivington, etc. A first version of my research results can be found in the form of downloadable zipped Word files at It's a two-step process: First, you must download the files onto your computer, and then you must unzip them, giving rise to ordinary Word files. I have used this approach (as opposed to displaying my stuff in an ordinary website) because I want people to be able to obtain a paper copy of what I have written, along with high-quality genealogical charts. The version of my Skeffington monograph that is currently available for downloading is now out of date, but I have not yet completed the new version. One of the major aspects of the new version will be the presentation of interesting facts that I totally ignored (like most other researchers in this domain) when I started writing the monograph: namely, my recent discovery that the mainstream Skeffington family descends (along some five lines) from Plantagenet royalty. I hope to start uploading data on this affair as soon as possible. Unfortunately, I know little about the arrival of Skeffington immigrants in the USA and Canada, and I do not know to what branch of the European Skeffingtons they belonged. So, I cannot say whether or not present-day Skeffingtons in the USA and Canada are among the people who have Plantagenet ancestors. On the other hand, I have precise and complete data on the lines of descent from royalty. I first unearthed this information in an old volume by Burke (author of the famous Peerage), but I had to check all the links (using the Mormon database) and correct errors. If anybody wished to take up this research, I would be happy to point them in the right direction. I have built a website with genealogical information about myself at Regards, William Skyvington William's email address is sky.william AT _____________________ Hi to, Duane J, I have read your article twice over , you have created for me another link with the past in this fascinating world of history. my grandmother, Catherine [ keough] Daley corresponded with her first cousin Mary Keough, up to the time her death May 3 ,1948 , my sister sent word of my grandmother's death, at that time, my grandmother s father married the second time, thus she went to live with her grandparents, and Timothy and Jane, growing up with her first cousins , Mary was like a sister, that she never had. I live just a few minutes away from where the Keoughs and the Skiffingtons settled in Osgoode Township, Peter Skiffington was on lot 3, con .5 in 1834., Patrick was on lot 2. con 5. in 1834, till we meet again , ... Michael Daley
May 29, 2008: Hi to You, I am fairly new at genealogy. I wonder if anyone has any information about John Regan born about 1797 in Ireland and the Skiffingtons that are related to the Regan's. John Regan married Janet Condon who was born about 1799 in Perth, Ontario, Canada. They had four children, Margaret born 1834, George born 1837, Michael born 1842, and my great-grandfather James Regan born 1832 in Glasgow, [I think] Scotland of Irish descent. James married Sarah Skiffington born 1835 and they had 8 children. Sarah Skiffington had 5 siblings, James, Mary, John, Elizabeth & Margaret. I think Sarah's parents names were Terrance Skiffington and Margaret Jones. Does anyone have any information about Sarah Skiffington's ancestors and John Regan's ancestors. I have a picture of James Regan and Sarah Skiffington and their children taken about 1904. I appreciate any help that can be given. Thank you !!!! ... Lillian
December 22, 2009: Hi, my name is Judy and I've been trying to find information on my gr grandmother, Anna or Ann Skeffington. Working backwards through census records, I'm fairly certain she was the daughter of Michael & Mary Skeffington, emigrated to USA from Canada (where she was born) sometime in the 1870s. I found the family in Westfield Township, Bureau County, Illinois. I thought perhaps her mother was Mary Hughes, but in reading other information on this site, it appears there was a daughter, Jane. I never could find Jane listed in the census record. I believe this was the Anna who married my gr grandfather, John Smith, sometime after the 1880 census was taken. John Smith & his family lived just a few properties away in Westfield Twnshp. Any clarification would be helpful. Thank you. I live fairly close to Bureau Co. so plan to see if I can find help in there records ... Judy _________________________________________________ Thanks to Michael Daley for the following reply: HI Judy, Welcome to this vast clan, skeffinkton,Stackpole , keough,[Kehoe] etc. yes Jane Skeffington was the daughter of Michael Skeffington and Mary Hughs born 1838 in Canada West [ ONTARIO [ MARRIED Feb,10 1857 in St.Mary's church,South Gloucester to Timothy Keough ,son of James Keough ,and Catherine Ryan of Osgoode Township. for more on this family go back to Al Lewis web site, Bytown or bust, any question get back to me. Your far distant cousin .G.G. grandnephew of Timothy Keough &Jane Skeffington, ... Michael Daley
February 25, 2010: Hello All, I have been researching my Skeffington relatives for several years. Michael and Mary (Hughes) Skeffington are my great-great-great-grandparents. Their son Michael, Jr., my great-great-grandfather (photo above), was married to Harriet "Hattie" Holcolmb. Their youngest daughter, Mary Luella (Skeffington) Prendergast, my great-grandmother, married Thomas F. Prendergast, Jr. in 1910. I came across Judy's posting dated 12/22/2009 regarding Ann Skeffington who married John F. Smith. Ann was the daughter of Michael, Sr. and his 2nd wife, Mary Brennan. Three Smith siblings, children of John and Catherine (Clark) Smith, married three Skeffington siblings. As Judy noted, John F. Smith married Ann Skeffington. In addition, John's sister Margaret married Peter Skeffington and John's sister Catherine married John Skeffington. Peter and Margaret (Smith) Skeffington raised my great-grandmother Luella after her father Michael, Jr. moved to Idaho, USA, in 1893. Michael's wife Hattie died when Luella was just 2 months old in 1888. A few years later in 1893, Michael then moved to Washington County, Idaho with his 3 older children: Nelson, Harriet and Robert. Since Luella was just 5 years old at that time, she remained in Illinois and lived with Peter, Michael's 1/2 brother, and Margaret. Luella never saw her father Michael again and he died in 1899 in Boise, Idaho and she was included in his will. Judy, I would be interested in learning more about your branch of the Skeffington family. If you would like to exchange some information, please contact me. Regarding old photos, unfortunately I have never seen any of the original immigrant generation from County Meath, Ireland (Peter, Patrick and Michael). I do have a couple photos of the next generation that were born in Canada. I also have a couple Skeffington tombstone photos that were taken during a 2005 trip to Idaho. I will send those photos to you later today. Thank you. Best regards, Duane J. Large
Peter Skeffington, 1845-1928 Peter Skeffington, 1845-1928

July 9, 2010: Al, My great-grandmother was Ann Skeffington, She comes from the same lineage, Peter Skeffington (b.1785?) of Oldcastle, County Meath, Ireland as a couple of your contributors, Howard Skeffington and Duane Large. My wife, daughter, and I recently made a little trip to Ireland. We had told a friend in Limerick who we visited that I had this Skeffington connection up in Oldcastle. She is an accredited genealogist, and she mentioned that there was a Francis Skeffington who was fairly well known in Irish history. I recently e-mailed her with some info that I gathered after returning home. She did some quick research and found out that she is probably distantly related to Francis Sheehy Skeffington's wife, Hannah Sheehy. Small world!! We visited County Galway and stayed at the Skeffington Arms Hotel (see attached photo, that's me in the chair) located on Eyre Square. Interestingly, there was a marriage between a Clotworthy Skeffington, of the Antrim Massereenes, and an Elizabeth Eyre back in 1741. Skeffington Arms Hotel, Ireland I joined the Irish Family History site and found a marriage record for 11/1/1824 for a Peter Skeffington and Bridget Keegan, who was born in Nobber, County Meath in 1791. I'm pretty sure that Peter did not emigrate to Canada although his three sons, Michael, Patrick, and Peter did. Any of your contributors know anything about Bridget Keegan? Do Howard Skeffington and Duane large still keep in touch? Thanks for your interesting and informative treasure, Bytown or Bust. I love it! Fred Flatt Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA ______________________________________________

Al Didn't expect to hear back from you so soon. Of course you can add my e-mail and the photo of the Skeffington Arms Hotel. I've sent an e-mail to the Public Relations guy from the Skeffington Arms to see if they have any info on why the hotel is named Skeffington. My genealogist friend in Limerick might be able to help me if I don't hear from the PR guy, but I'll give him a shot first. I also asked him if it would be O.K.for you to post their web address as it has a beautiful photo of one of the six (yes, six!!) bars located in the building. I've been in a few bars in my youth, but I've never seen one like this. There are the six bars (one is also a restaurant) all connected in a sort of spider fashion (an inadequate description) where you go from one level to another. They are all done in a beautiful 1800's fashion in rich woods and it is quite the scene. I tried 3 different e-mails for Howard Skeffington and they all bounced back, and I even tried a phone number that I came across for him (it was a New Hampshire area code) and that was disconnected. Hopefully he's still out there somewhere; I'd love to converse with him. I also tried sending an e-mail to Duane Large and it went through, but have had no reply. My cousin, Judy Iverson, back in Illinois provided me with the first knowledge that I had an ancestor named Skeffington when she sent me a package of research right after the New Year. I had talked to her last year and told her that we were planning a trip to Ireland, so the research was rather timely. Unfortunately, we only got to spend a day in Oldcastle, County Meath and that was a Bank Holiday to boot, so that was really unproductive. Even though I had always heard that my ancestors were Irish, I can't believe that I didn't learn the ancestral name until I was 66 years old. And now, not a day goes by that I don't think about it. Anyway, glad that I heard back from you and we'll stay in touch. Thanks. Fred Flatt
August 5, 2010: Al After looking over a rather comprehensive map of County Meath, Ireland, I'm convinced that the home town of William Downey, of Bytown, is Rathkenny. It was listed as "Rikinny Parish" in the McCabe list. Rathkenny is the only name in all of County Meath that comes close to sounding like "Rikinny". Rathkenny Parish about 18 miles due east of Oldcastle, County Meath where my ancestor, Peter Skeffington (the elder), is from. Peter"s son, Peter Skeffington (the younger), also from Oldcastle, later married William Downey's widow, Bridget Slaven, in Bytown in 1841. I know that the Irish were really close knit in a geographic sense and stuck together in Ireland, Canada,and in the U.S. As I had told you previously, Peter Skeffington, the elder, had married a woman from Nobber, County Meath. Nobber is about 16 miles east of Oldcastle and 6 miles north of Rathkenny. I know that you had some folks who wrote to you about the Downeys and Slavens. It all kind of makes sense that these neighbors in Ireland continued family to family relationships in the New World. Al, I wonder if you know anything about what ports in Ireland emigrants would use? T hat would be a great help to me. Thanks. Fred Flatt Santa Fe, New Mexico ________________________________ Good morning, Fred: You are absolutely correct about friendships and relationships spanning many generations starting in Ireland in the 1700's and continuing in Canada up to the 21st century. Many groups of settlers who were neighbours in Ireland became neighbours in Canada and many of these families remain friends today. Especially in the rural areas, there are many cases of eight or ten generations attending the same church now as did their GGGGrandparents. Talk about roots! Below is a map showing some of the major group migrations from Ireland to the Ottawa area between 1817 and 1825, roughly the time when your ancestors arrived here. The major ports are shown on the map. My GGGrandfather, Nicholas Sullivan came to Osgoode Township from County Meath in 1843 and settled within a half-mile or so of your Skeffington ancestors. I don't know exactly where in County Meath he originated, but his family may have known your ancestors in Ireland. I assume that he boarded ship in Dublin as it was the closest deep-water port from County Meath. The Peter Robinson settlers in 1823 and 1825, shown on the map, all sailed from the port at the City of Cork. Many of the emigrants from Wexford and Wicklow sailed from the east coast of County Wexford. The city of Derry (Londonderry) was the departure point for many persons leaving from what is today Northern Ireland. The two major ports on the west coast of Ireland were Limerick and Sligo. Here's the map, Source: Irish Emigration and Canadian Settlement Patterns, by Houston and Smyth, page 50. Map Showing Origins of Irish Emigrants to Canada, 1817-1825
September 27, 2010: Hello, Skeffington folks, Sorry about the email bounces. My new email address is Haven't been doing research for a while, but just got the bug again, so of course one of my first stops was Bytown or Bust! In any case, please update my email address (thanks, Al!), and I'll be in touch. Howard Skeffington Concord, NH _____________________________ New e-mail address for Howard incorporated in the list below ... Al
September 28, 2010: Howard (and everyone else) Howard, you sure brightened my day when I saw the e-mail in my In-Box. Glad to finally get a chance to correspond with you. I'm sending a few items that I've gotten my hands on since I got interested in the Skeffington family. I don't know if this info even pertains to the right Skeffingtons or not, but perhaps one of you might let me know if I'm on the right track. The Death Record for Robert Skeffington is, I believe, for the brother of my Great-Grandmother, Anne Skeffington. At least the name of the person who was notified of the death was George Dutton, who was married to Harriet M. Skeffington who is in the family tree of Duane Large, a contributor to Bytown or Bust. Thanks. Fred Flatt
Documents from County Meath, Ireland Skeffington, County Meath, Ireland, c. 1800

October 30, 2010: Thanks to Dorrie who has sent along more pictures of the Skeffington family. Attached are portraits of Frank and Michael Skeffington who settled in Bureau Co. IL (both sons of Patrick, both married Coakley / Oakley women).
  • The two portraits of Michael and Frank are sketches from the Past & Present Biographical Sketches of Bureau County, Illinois, by George B. Harrington, published 1906 by The Pioneer Publishing Co., Chicago, Cook County, Illinois. There are also wonderful biographies of both Michael and Francis M. in this book, not sure you've seen them.
  • The photo of Uncle Frank Skeffington as a younger man was taken from a family photo album.
Please feel free to post these portraits if you wish. ... Dorrie
Michael Skeffington Francis Skeffington Francis Skeffington, as a younger man
November 1, 2010: Hello, Dorrie and All, Thank you for these wonderful photos of Michael and Francis! I remember seeing those photos and biographies in the book you cited about 30 years ago. At the time I wondered whether they were related to “my” Skeffingtons, and sure enough it turned out they were. I've attached a photo of one of their brothers (my great-grandfather), Patrick T. Skeffington (1846-1935). This photo was taken in the early 1920s. The birth date for Francis is more likely to be closer to the 1855 date. At least 7 children of Patrick and Nora (Stackpole) Skeffington were born in Ottawa, and are listed in the 1850 Federal Census in Bureau county (Illinois, USA): Michael, Maria, Peter, Ann, Patrick, William and John. In the 1860 federal census for this family, additional children were listed as being born in Illinois: Dennis, Francis, Joseph and Martha. Additionally, Francis is listed in the 1870 federal census as being age 17, and born in Illinois. Can't rely too much on the ages listed in the census, but at least the birth place of Francis is consistent. The children Peter and Patrick moved to the Ivesdale, Illinois area, where they were farmers. Regards, ... Howard Skeffington
Patrick T. Skeffington, early 1920's Picture of Patrick T. Skeffington, 1920's

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