Research on Irish and French Relations in Ottawa's Lower Town, c. 1920-1980
by Professor Simon Jolivet

New February 20, 2012:

Dear all,

My name is Simon Jolivet and I am a part-time professor and postdoctoral researcher at University of Ottawa. 

I have worked for many years on the French and Irish Canadians relationships in Québec. I have published last year a book 
called Le vert et le bleu, which is shortlisted for this 2012 prestigious Prix du Canada. See :

This year, I am starting a new research on the Irish & French relations in Ottawa's Lower Town (circa 1920-1980). 
I have been able to have a look at some very interesting archives on the St. Brigid's parish last week and have found some copies of the 
St. Brigid's Messenger (two issues published in 1944). I wonder if I can find other issues of it somewhere. As far as I know, none 
is available at Morisset Library of University of Ottawa nor at Library and Archives Canada.

I would like to know if someone at the St. Brigid's Centre knows something about this bulletin or would be able to share his/her knowledge 
with me on the parish itself or on anything related to the Irish in Ottawa.

Thanks a million for your support and please do not hesitate to contact me at this address/phone number or to forward my message 
to anyone interested.

Ádh mor,


Simon Jolivet
Chercheur postdoctoral et chargé de cours
Université d'Ottawa

By the way, here is a testimonial to M. Jolivet's book by the Canadian Association of Irish Studies:

Congratulations to Simon Jolivet (CAIS executive member, winner of the McGann Award) for his book 

Le vert et le bleu: identité québécoise et identité irlandaise au tournant du XXe siècle. 

The first book ever published in Canada and in French that deals with the impact of the Irish political revolution in Québec has been 
called “pioneering” and “creatively and courageously challenging” (Mark McGowan). Copies the book are available at Librairie Renaud-Bray or at the 
Presses de l’Université de Montréal. Bravo Simon!

(Also available from  ... Al)

E-mail Simon Jolivet and Allan Lewis

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