The Sailing Ship "Perseverance"
Dublin, Ireland to North America in 1846
also Tall Ships in Toronto, Ontario, Canada in 2010

March 5, 2003:

This page was put together to show some students what the sailing ships
looked like in the 1800s. The students were attending a session held by
Doug Hughes at the Osgoode Township Historical Society. We have heard from
one family whose ancestors came to America on the "Perseverance". 
(see posting dated May 3, 2004).

Source of pictures: The Famine Ships by Edward Laxton, 
Bloomsbury Publishing, 1996, ISBN 0 7475 2535 8

See more information about the famine emigration to Eastern Ontario and Western Quebec. The ship 
Perseverance landed at Grosse Isle / Quebec City in 1846.

Top picture shows examples of the type of ships used to bring emigrants
from the British Isles to North America in the 19th century. An average 
voyage lasted 8 weeks. In the picture, some of the ships have two masts
(Barques) and the three-masted ships are called "Brigs".

The Customs House in Dublin is in the background.

May 3, 2004: To Al Lewis. I saw the Web Site The Sailing Ship Perservence. My Great grandparents were on the ship, with their son. Their name is misspelled Jas. Kigarn, Bridget, and son Thomas. The name is actually Regan. Do you know if , when buying passage or a ticket, they would have supplied a location in Ireland where they had lived? I've been able to collect some info on them, but their location in Ireland is a mystery, so far. ____________________ Thanks for your e-mail regarding the Perseverance. I checked in the book and someone has transcribed the surname correctly (Regan), James 24, Bridget 22, and son Thomas aged 2. (listed on page 16). I think that your one of your best bets in finding your ancestors origin in Ireland would be to subscribe to the Internet newsgroup soc.genealogy.ireland and then post a message (same as the one which you sent to me) to the newsgroup. There are a lot of people who subscribe to soc.genealogy.ireland who know a lot about ships records from Ireland to America and someone should be able to help you out. Also, there are many folks researching Regan ancestors who follow the newsgroup. Do you mind if I post a copy of your e-mail to me on my page for the Perseverance? We may hear from others researching passengers who came on that ship. It's possible that all or most of them came from the same area in Ireland. Thanks again for this. ... Al Lewis Ottawa, Canada _____________________ Al, I appreciate your reply and I will follow your suggestion. Go ahead and list my E-mail . Out there someplace is the info I want... I ordered the book The Famine Ships and it should be here shortly. We visited Ottawa several years ago. Beautiful city , as is most of Canada. Jim McNally
New July 10, 2010: The Tall Ships were in Toronto this weekend, ships many immigrants arrived on, and several different schooners. Thought you might like them. ... Taylor Kennedy (Taylor has more photos)

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