Thomas SHILLINGTON and Barbara ROBINSON, Shillington Avenue in Ottawa, Canada
County Tyrone, Ireland to Goulbourn Township, Ontario, Canada
(Shillington Avenue in Ottawa)

April 2, 2010:

Descendants of Thomas Shillington

Generation No. 1

1.  THOMAS SHILLINGTON  was born 1777 in Castlecaulfuld, Donoghmore Parish, County Tyrone, Ireland, and died 
January 24, 1840 in Goulbourn Township, Ontario.  He married BARBARA ROBINSON 1798 in Kilkenny County, Ireland.  
She was born 1780 in Portadown, (County Armagh, I think) Ireland, and died September 22, 1870 in
Goulbourn Twp, Ontario  90 yrs..

Clifford Howard Shillington in his book Shillington Immigrant Pioneers to Canada, has the following comments about 
Thomas Shillington:
1842 Canadian Census
Listed Thomas Shillington as a farmer, a native of Ireland, having lived in Canada for 23 years. There were three persons 
in the household, one of whom was John, born in Canada. He farmed 100 acres. He had 20 acres of wheat, 20 of barley and 6 of oats. There was 
100 bushels of wheat on hand.
They constructed a log house on E1/2 of Lot 19, 5th Concession, Goulbourn Township. The logs were 12 to 18 inches in diameter. The house 
was occupied by his descendants until 1908 when his great grandson, Thomas Hobard Shillington, emigrated to Saskatchewan. 
As late as 1953, the house was still standing and occupied by William Tubman (Tubman Funeral Homes). 
Sometime after that it was torn down to construct a sewage lagoon. See a picture of the log cabin as it appearred 
about 1950.(picture is in the book).

Burial: Shillington Cemetery, Goulbourn, Ontario (Munster Hamlet)

Burial: Shillington Cemetery, Goulbourn, Ontario
2.	ii.	ANN 'NANCY' SHILLINGTON, b. August 1801, County Down, Ireland. or Tyrone County.; d. June 20, 1885, 83 yrs & 10 mos.
3.	iii.	JAMES SHILLINGTON, b. October 9, 1803, County Kilkenny, Ireland; d. January 6, 1867, Goulbourn Township, Ontario.
	vi.	JANE SHILLINGTON, b. May 1815, Christened Oct 20, 1909.
	vii.	BARBARA SHILLINGTON, b. December 23, 1819, Quebec, in route to Upper Canada; d. March 5, 1883, Ontario; m. A PRATT.
	viii.	THOMAS SHILLINGTON, b. Abt. 1821; d. March 15, 1903, Mason City, Iowa, USA; m. (1) CAROLINE LAWRENCE, July 30, 
	        1840, Edwardsburgh County, Ont.  Parent's residence.; b. Abt. 1825; m. (2) ALVINA GUEST, 1865, St. Mary's Ont.
	ix.	JOHN SHILLINGTON, b. February 13, 1823, Goulbourn Twp, Ontario; d. June 1, 1888, City View, Ottawa, Ontario.


"The subject of this notice was twice married.  Her first husband was Thomas Brownlee, with whom she lived forty years, 
and spent them in comfort and happiness, walking together with him in the ways of the Lord.  Her second husband was 
Henry Moorehouse, of Fitzroy Township.  The issue of the first marriage was four sons and six daughters, most of 
whom closely identified themselves with the Methodist Church.  At the time of her death she had two sons and five 
daughters living, sixty grandchildren and sixty-nine great grandchildren.

In the early days of Methodism, and for forty years, the house of Reverend Brownlee and his beloved wife (who is the subject 
of this sketch), on 5th line of Goulbourn, county of Carleton, was the home of Methodist ministers 
and Methodist workers generally. There was a large Methodist Meeting Ground in Stittsville, Goulbourn Township.

She was born in the county Tyrone, Ireland, in the year 1801, and came to Canada in the year 1820 [note another place says 1818] 
and settled in the township of Goulbourn until 1863, when she removed to Fitzoy; and in 1881 after her second husband's death, 
resided in Ottawa with her fourth daughter, Mrs. A [Abraham] Pratt where she died June 20th 1885, and was buried by the 
side of her first husband in 5th line, Goulbourn graveyard [Shillington Cemetery].  She lived to the ripe age of 83 years 
and 10 months, retaining her mental faculties in a marked degree up to the last moment, conversing with those about her until 
within a few hours of her death.  She died without a struggle, falling asleep in Jesus.  She knew that her end was approaching, 
but death seemed to have no terrors for her, leaning as she was upon the strong arm of Christ.  In her lifetime she was 
always cheerful, happy and contented.  She was a kind and affectionate mother, generous and charitable in every good work, 
and was beloved by all who knew her.  Ann Shillington lived a Christian life and died in hope of a glorious resurrection.  
Of her, it can truly be said, "She walked before the Lord in the land of the living."

Burial: Shillington Cemetery, Goulbourn Twp. ON

Burial: Shillington Cemetery, Goulbourn Twp. ON


born August 12, 1870, Prospect, Ontario; d. May 22, 1946, Veterans Pavilion, Ottawa Civic Hospital, 
Ottawa, Ontario; m. ETHEL FLORENCE JONES, July 30, 1899; b. July 4, 1874, Info this family from the 
Shillington web site.; d. January 28, 1946. (web site now defunct)

Notes from Shillington Site:--
He was educated in the public schools of Kemptville. He wrote entrance exams at McGill University in Montreal on September 15, 16 
and 17th of September 1890 He was admitted and commenced the study on Medicine on Oct 1, 1890. He left a diary in which he 
chronicled his studies. He finished his first year on March 19, 1891. He returned home for the summer.  He was graduated 
in medicine from McGill University in 1894. On October 29, 1894 he opened  his medical practice in Ottawa at 305 Bank Street.  
A deeply religious person, he noted in his diary that on November 15, 1984 he transfered his membership from the Kempville Methodist 
Church to the McLeod Street Methodist Church (became McLeod Stewarton United Church, now called Centretown United Church) in Ottawa.
(Located at the corner of Bank Street and Argyle Avenue).
On October 31, 1895 he was elected to the Official Board of the Church.  Then he completed a post graduate course in England. 
He returned to Canada and enlisted in the Canadian Militia. He became a medical officer of an Ottawa unit.  During this time he 
also established a medical practice on Bank Street in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.  During the First World War he crossed with the 
First Division and served in France and England until the signing of the Armistice on November 11, 1918. Colonel Shillington was the 
first Canadian to set foot in France during the First World War when in charge of No. 2 Stationary Hospital. He was ordered to 
move to LeTouquet in October 1914. Proceeding to France a day ahead of his unit he met it at the landing at Boulogne. Returning 
to Canada after the war he resumed his practice in Ottawa.  Enlisting in the active Army again in 1939 he served as President 
of the Standing Medical Board. He attained the rank of Colonel. He retired from the army in January 1944. He resumed his practice 
again . He retired the following year due to ill health. On that occasion he was honoured by a testimonial dinner put on by the 
medical community of whom he had been a prominent member.  Col Shillington was chairman of the legislation committee for the Ontario 
Medical Association when the legislation was passed which created the Canadian Medical Association. He was also Vice-President 
of the Ontario Medical Association in 1913. He was a Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine in London, England and was a member 
of the American Medical Association. He died in the Veterans Pavilion of the Ottawa Civic Hospital on May 29, 1946 after a lengthy 
illness. His wife predeceased him the previous March of that year.

Burial: Beechwood Cemetery, Ottawa, Ont.

Burial: Beechwood Cemetery, Ottawa, Ont.

Note: The above work was all collected and transcribed by the late Mr. Robert Sample of Goulbourn Township.
August 22, 2010:
Photo Source: Early Freemasonry in Richmond and Goodwood Lodge, page 15 Shillington Methodist Church, Ontario, Canada

New April 19, 2019: Al – I am contacting you as I have just read the article regarding Thomas Shillington and Barbara Robinson. Actually I am working on a small ancestor cemetery in Georgetown, Ontario where some of my ancestors are buried but there is also headstone for the following Joseph Shillington – Born 1819 – Died May 10, 1858 and his daughter Abagail Sarah Shillington – Born 1856 – Died June 1858 at the bottom of the headstone it only says – Abagail is the daughter of J & J Shillington I have been trying to find some family connection and to-date have been unsuccessful. Until I came across the Shillington Cemetery in Goulbourn Township and was hoping that I might have found a connection – but I don’t think so. I see that Thomas was born in 1777 and I am thinking that he might have had other Brother’s and that may be where Joseph may be related to. I’m sure this sounds really silly but I was hoping that I might be able to find someone that has done research on this family. I did find reference to a Fred Doey Jr. in one article and believe him to be a descendent but I am unable to find anything else for him. Looking forward to your reply Carol Ann Currie E-mail:

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