Patrick SHIELDS and Margaret Bridget MURPHY
County Wexford to Osgoode Township

New March 23, 2006:

Mr. Lewis,

I am interested in finding out more about my ancestors on my father's side.
As you will see my name is Shields and not Shiel.  
He was a nephew of the McEvoys and ran the funeral home (McEvoy Shields)
after their deaths.

I know where my paternal grandparents are buried but have no further
information about the family's past.

Anything would be of help.

Thank you.
... David Shields
As usual, Michael Daley has a wealth of historical information and has contributed
the following:

HI, Al, David ,  you are the grandson of James Shields&Anne McEvoy,  you 
are the Great Grandson of James   McEvoy& Margaret Dwyre / Dwyer, you are the  G,G,Grandson 
of  Patrick Shields & Margaret Bridget Murphy of the parishes St Mary's and 
Killmashel in Co ,Wexford ,Ireland, that makes you the G,G,G, Grandson  of 
James Sheil of the same place. 1798 the year that Patrick was born is one 
of the most significant dates in Irish History, particularly in County 
Wexford,.In that year the Irish led by Father John Murphy, staged the first 
in a series of rebellions against the British.  Armed only with pikes , they 
defeated the heavily armed English and established  a short lived Wexford 
Republic.  The infant Patrick survived a massacre, as an adult he married 
Bridget Murphy who was born in 1808 in  the parish of kilmashal. county Wexford. 
the couple left Ireland in 1840 for Upper Canada, with 3 children, they settled on 
lots 17-18, con. 2 Osgoode Township, 5 more children were born in Osgoode Township.  
Patrick Shields & his  wife  Bridget, have left countless number of descendants 
across this continent.  
for more info contact:
Michael Daley at

Wow!  Thank you very very much. I am not sure but I may have met you at my 
uncle John's funeral several years ago. He was my father's brother as was Ignatius.  
Their sister was Kathleen who moved to Detroit, Michigan, USA and married Edward 
Trainor from PEI.

Could you point me to some information about my mother's family, the
McBrides?  Her father was Thomas and they lived out at the end of runway
number one at Ottawa international until the airport site was expropriated.

I was also wondering what sources you use to search for information.

more from Michael:

David    if you are in the Ottawa area,  visit the Osgoode Township museum in 
Vernon,   you can do research there  , fill in tremendous amount of Blanks  , 
in that list  i gave you from a number publication  , [or you can purchase ] 
"Pioneer families of Osgoode"    THE SHIELDS , married into the  Carroll,  
Daley , Dewans, Kelly, Herbert, McEvoy, etc, etc .  There are a number of 
your McBride buried in Our Lady of  the Visitation  cemetery,  Your Uncle 
John Shields compiled a  story on  the   Shields ,  as he knew it ,for 
me  some years ago,   you'l find it at the Museum , or i may have it here. 
when you get caught up  i can send you in another direction,
... Michael

and from Mary Quinn:

Hello all ~ David ~ I am interested in your McBride connection.  My Great
Grandmother was Ellen McBride who married James Quinn.  Ellen was raised in
Bowesville at the end of runway number one as well.  My father told me that
his Dad ~ Michael Quinn (son of James Quinn and Ellen McBride) was a cousin
to the Shields connected with McEvoy Shields funeral home.  This must mean
that (your mother) Margaret McBride and (my grandfather) Michael Quinn were
first cousins (I believe).  Do you know what your Grandfather's name was on
the McBride side ~ check out the McBride page on Al's website ~ the
connection is there.  Do you have approximate dates for your Margaret
McBride?  I believe your Great Grandparents would have been James McBride
and Annie Stratford and that your Great Great Grandparents would have been
Myles McBride and Mary Anne Burns.  Look forward to hearing more back.
Regards Mary                                                       

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