SHEEDY Pioneer Family
County Clare, Ireland to Renfrew County, Ontario, Canada
also British Home Children, Rose and Mary Agnes

October 3, 2003:

Note: There are Sheedys buried in the cemeteries at Calabogie and Mount St. Patrick as well
as the many who are buried in Renfrew County.

From the records of Notre Dame Cathedral in Bytown, now Ottawa:

5 Oct 1840
After one publication of banns, marriage of Charles Ladouceur, yeoman, 
to Jane Sheedy late from Ireland
Witnesses: Baptiste Leclerc, Mathew Sheedy & others

10 Oct 1851
Baptism of Ann, born 1 August, daughter of Joseph Madden and Ann Sheedy of 
Ogonolo, County Clare, Ireland
Witness: Elizabeth Withers
Source: Ellen Paul
October 27, 2003: Here's another family connected to Taylor Kennedy! Hello Al and Ellen Please find attached my contribution to the Sheedy family. Please note that Margaret Egan is a descendent from Daniel Sheedy. She married William Kennedy son of William Kennedy and Isabella Watt. Here’s what I have just to 3 generations. I have more. ... Taylor Kennedy Descendants of Daniel Sheedy Generation No. 1 1. DANIEL SHEEDY was born Unknown in ?, and died Unknown in ?. He married WINNIFRED GIBBONS Unknown in ?. Child of DANIEL SHEEDY and WINNIFRED GIBBONS is: 2. i. WINNIFRED SHEEDY, b. 1817, Emigrated from Ireland in 1840; d. 1891, ?. Generation No. 2 2. WINNIFRED2 SHEEDY (DANIEL1) was born 1817 in Emigrated from Ireland in 1840, and died 1891 in ?. She married TIMOTHY EGAN September 16, 1835 in Bodyke Parish, County Clare, Ireland. Children of WINNIFRED SHEEDY and TIMOTHY EGAN are: i. PATRICK EGAN, b. 1837, Ireland; d. Unknown, ?. 3. ii. WILLIAM EGAN, b. December 24, 1839, Tuamgraney, County Clare, Ireland; d. September 23, 1908, Osceola, Ontario. 4. iii. BRIDGET EGAN, b. March 17, 1842, Osceola, Ontario; d. July 26, 1917, Vinton, Pontiac County, Quebec. iv. MARY EGAN, b. 1844, Osceola, Ontario; d. November 03, 1926, Pembroke, Ontario. 5. v. MARGARET EGAN, b. September 10, 1846, Osceola, Ontario; d. August 10, 1929, Fort Coulonge Quebec. 6. vi. JANE EGAN, b. 1849, Osceola, Ontario; d. May 11, 1928, Mattawa, Ontario. vii. WINNIFRED EGAN, b. 1851, Osceola, Ontario; d. 1936, ?; m. WILLIAM J. GRIER. viii. CATHERINE EGAN, b. 1852, Osceola, Ontario; d. October 09, 1934, ?; m. JOHN FITZHENRY, Unknown, ?. 7. ix. DANIEL EGAN, b. 1856, Osceola, Ontario; d. July 09, 1932, Ottawa, Ontario. 8. x. ANNE EGAN, b. 1860, Osceola, Ontario; d. May 04, 1926, Pembroke, Ontario. Generation No. 3 3. WILLIAM3 EGAN (WINNIFRED2 SHEEDY, DANIEL1) was born December 24, 1839 in Tuamgraney, County Clare, Ireland, and died September 23, 1908 in Osceola, Ontario. He married CATHERINE O'REILLY 1870 in ?. Children of WILLIAM EGAN and CATHERINE O'REILLY are: i. DANIEL EGAN, b. 1872, ?; d. Unknown, ?. ii. WILLIAM EGAN, b. 1875, ?; d. Unknown, ?. iii. THOMAS EGAN, b. 1879, ?; d. Unknown, ?. iv. WINNIFRED EGAN, b. 1881, ?; d. Unknown, ?. 4. BRIDGET EGAN (WINNIFRED2 SHEEDY, DANIEL1) was born March 17, 1842 in Osceola, Ontario, and died July 26, 1917 in Vinton Pontiac, Q.B.. She married DENNIS SHEA June 12, 1871 in Ottawa, Ontario. Children of BRIDGET EGAN and DENNIS SHEA are: i. ANDREW TIMOTHY4 SHEA, b. July 06, 1882, Bryson Hotel, Bryson, Quebec, d. November 02, 1918, Cobalt, Ontario; m. MARY ELLEN CUNNINGHAM, June 02, 1910, Ste. Elizabeth Parish, Vinton, Pontiac County, Quebec. ii. WILLIAM SHEA, b. Unknown. iii. JOHN JEREMIAH SHEA, b. Unknown. iv. DENNIS SHEA, b. Unknown. v. DANIEL SHEA, b. Unknown. vi. WINNIFRED SHEA, b. Unknown. 5. MARGARET EGAN (WINNIFRED2 SHEEDY, DANIEL1) was born September 10, 1846 in Osceola, Ontario, and died August 10, 1929 in Fort Coulonge P.Q.. She married WILLIAM KENNEDY July 30, 1870 in Pembroke, Ontario, son of WILLIAM KENNEDY and ISABELLA WATT. Children of MARGARET EGAN and WILLIAM KENNEDY are: i. WINNIFRED EMMA4 KENNEDY, b. February 22, 1874, Pembroke, Ontario; d. September 07, 1954, Fort Coulonge P.Q.; m. THOMAS S. JEWELL, June 06, 1905, Pembroke, Ontario. ii. WILLIAM JAMES KENNEDY, b. May 23, 1876, Pembroke, Ontario; d. 1953, Pembroke, Ontario; m. KATHERINE SKEBO, January 12, 1904, Renfrew, Ontario. iii. DANIEL JOSEPH KENNEDY, b. March 22, 1878, Pembroke, Ontario; d. April 25, 1951, North Bay; m. AGNES MAE TANNEY, June 05, 1920, Pembroke, Ontario. iv. LAWRENCE TIMOTHY KENNEDY, b. March 09, 1880, Pembroke, Ontario; d. 1961, Port Hope; m. CLARA BELLA PAQUETTE, November 19, 1907, Pembroke, Ontario. v. ELLEN KENNEDY, b. Unknown, ?; d. Unknown, ?; m. THOMAS ERVIN, 1908, Westport, Ontario. 6. JANE3 EGAN (WINNIFRED2 SHEEDY, DANIEL1) was born 1849 in Osceola, Ontario, and died May 11, 1928 in Mattawa, Ontario. She married PATRICK KENNEDY July 22, 1872 in Chapeau P.Q., son of JOHN KENNEDY and JULIA DOOLEN / Doolin /Dolan? Children of JANE EGAN and PATRICK KENNEDY are: i. TIMOTHY4 KENNEDY. ii. JOHN EGAN KENNEDY, b. August 26, 1874, Mattawa, Ontario; d. September 26, 1945, Cranbrook B.C.; m. ETHEL PEARL FANNING, October 04, 1902, Cranbrook, B.C.. iii. PATRICK KENNEDY, b. 1877, Mattawa, Ontario; d. 1949, ?. iv. MARY JANE KENNEDY, b. 1879, Mattawa, Ontario; d. 1949, ?. v. LAWRENCE JOSEPH KENNEDY, b. April 29, 1882, Mattawa, Ontario; d. November 13, 1941, North Bay; m. ANN CHARLOTTE SLATER, Unknown, ?. vi. CECILIA KENNEDY, b. 1884, Mattawa, Ontario; d. 1954, ?. vii. DANIEL KENNEDY, b. 1886, Mattawa, Ontario; d. 1956, ?; m. AGNES D'ARCY / Darcy, Unknown, ?. viii. TERRANCE KENNEDY, b. May 19, 1887, Mattawa, Ontario; d. December 12, 1968, Fort Macleod, Alberta; m. STELLA MCDOUGALL, Unknown, ?. ix. MARTIN KENNEDY, b. 1890, Mattawa, Ontario; d. 1960, ?. 7. DANIEL3 EGAN (WINNIFRED2 SHEEDY, DANIEL1) was born 1856 in Osceola, Ontario, and died July 09, 1932 in Ottawa, Ontario. He married MARY ANNE DEVINE 1880 in Pembroke, Ontario, daughter of JAMES DEVINE and FRANCES DOONER. Child of DANIEL EGAN and MARY DEVINE is: i. WINNIFRED ANN4 EGAN, b. Unknown, ?; d. Unknown, ?; m. ? QUINN, Unknown, ?. 8. ANNE3 EGAN (WINNIFRED2 SHEEDY, DANIEL1) was born 1860 in Osceola, Ontario, and died May 04, 1926 in Pembroke, Ontario. She married JOHN PATRICK O'BRIEN 1882 in Osceola, Ontario. Children of ANNE EGAN and JOHN O'BRIEN are: i. MARGARET4 O'BRIEN, b. 1883, ?; d. 1918, ?. ii. JOHN O'BRIEN, b. 1886, ?; d. Unknown, ?. iii. GUY O'BRIEN, b. 1889, ?; d. Unknown, ?.
April 30, 2006: Your link to Sheedy Pioneers of Renfrew County displays my web page URL as This is to inform you that the info has been updated & the URL has been changed to I like your Midi rendition of Danny Boy. Would appreciate a copy via email, if you'd be so kind. Cheers, ... Ken
New August 23, 2014: Good Morning, I am looking for the Sheedy family of Osceola that adopted one of the English orphans (home children). The adoption would have taken place around 1883. The girls name was Rose and she was born in England in about 1879. She was sent to Canada with her sister, Mary Agnes, our grandmother. Any information anyone might have on Rose or the family that adopted her would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Ann _________________________ Hi Ann: Thanks for your e-mail. Do you know Rose's surname before she went to live with the Sheedy / Sheehy family? Does she appear in the 1881 census with a different surname than the rest of the Sheedy family? She seems to be young to have been sent out to Canada (age c. 4 years). How old was her sister Agnes when she came over? Presumably they came together on the same ship. You could search all of the passenger lists at the Library and Archives Canada Home Children site for 1883 and find the ship (probably only one) which carried both a Rose and an Agnes. The LAC homechildren database link is near the top of our page Were the girls Roman Catholic? I believe that most of the Sheedy families were RC and also I think that RC receiving families were almost always matched up with children who were also RC. The Sheedy's were a large family in Renfrew County and they show up in many of the parish records in the area. I have the records for Brudenell parish and if there are any Sheedy records there, we would be lucky. The Sheedys are also discussed in, I believe, Carol Bennett McQuaigs' books. I have them here and they are also at the OBOGS Library at the City of Ottawa Archives. Please get back to me. If you like, I'd be glad to add your enquiry to either, or both of our Home Childrens page or to our Renfrew County page. Feel free to include a picture of either Rose or your grandmother if you like. It's amazing how often old photographs are recognized. ... Allan Lewis _______________________ Good Morning Allan, Thank you for your e-mail. Rose and her sister Mary Agnes were shown to be in the orphanage run by the Sisters of Charity in London, England in the 1881 census in England. At that time Mary Agnes was five years old and Rose was two. In 1882 Rose and Mary Agnes were sent to Canada on the ship Peruvian which arrived in Montreal on September 24th of 1882. By what we can ascertain from the ships manifest they were with the Cardinal Manning group. We know our grandmother, Mary Agnes, was adopted between the time they arrived in 1882 and her Confirmation in 1887. The couple that adopted her were an older couple with grown children, Evan Edwards and his wife Anne Dwyer who resided in Ottawa. Her last name was given as Edwards on her marriage certificate in 1903 and also the birth certificates of two of her four children. On the certificates of the other two children her last name was given as Archer. We have looked for many years now to find out what happened to her sister, Rose. A late cousin in Ottawa who lived just around the corner from our grandparents said that a lady named Rose came to visit our grandmother every summer and that she was sure she came from the Thunder Bay area. Not knowing if her last name had been changed or if she was using Archer as her last name I contacted a number of churches in that area but to no avail. In the last week on information given me by the British Home Children Advocacy group I was able to contact the granddaughter of Rose. She advised me that Rose had been adopted by a family named Sheedy in Osceola. Further, Rose had married Alexander McGregor of Almonte in 1901. She was also aware that Rose did visit my grandmother and knew that she had married my grandfather in 1903. Now comes the complicated part!! Ancestry shows the marriage of Rose to Alexander McGregor as June 4, 1907. It also shows that Rose Archer was born in Quebec about 1887 and that her parents were George Archer and Margaret Maloney. The British Home Children’s group did check all their resources and could find no George Archer of Margaret Maloney in the U.K. that had children fitting Mary and Rose. That’s when I started looking for the Sheedy family around Thunder Bay. I did find on an Ancestry family chart was Annie Sammon b. 1862 who married Patrick Sheedy in 1895. No marriages were shown prior to her marriage to Patrick Sheedy. They resided in Renfew. They had five children but no one named Rose is shown on this family chart. What was very interesting is that the mother of Annie Sammon is listed as Margaret Maloney which is the name shown as the mother on the marriage certificate for Rose. I have contacted the person who has this family chart and I’m waiting to hear from her. As yet I have not found any information on the Sammon or Sheedy family. We have spent many years trying to find the names of the birth parents of Mary Agnes and Rose and just when we think we are getting close we hit a brick wall. Thank you so much for your help Allan. Ann
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