Robert and Mary SHEA
from County Cork, Ireland to Lanark Township, Ontario Canada
Peter Robinson Settlers in 1823
Painting by Ruth McMillan in 1976
Shows the Head of the Rideau Canal Locks in Ottawa, Canada in 1893

New February 29, 2012:

I'm looking for information or advice on finding info relating to Robert and Mary Shea (my great 

Robert, Mary and their children Simon & Ellen (also a daughter Mary born in 1823) came on the ship 
Stakesby in 1823 and settled in Lanark County. I have Carol Bennett's book "Peter Robinson Settlers 1823 1825" 
but would appreciate any additional info.

I've attached pages regarding Robert and Mary as well as a record of their son Roberts marriage 
to Catherine McCabe. It took place at St. Mary's RC church in Kingsbridge, Ontario, perhaps that was the 
church they attended.

In the Peter Robinson Settlers book I mentioned, it does say that an 1834 report 
by a government agent lists Robert as Michael Shea, but that the parish priest made note of him in the 
same year as Robert.  It is possible that Simon and Ellen's ages were switched in some records as the 
Stakesby ship's list of passengers say Simon was 2 and Mary 10 when they boarded the ship. 

The following is taken from page 139 of the book:

Shea, Robert, 36, RC
Ship : Stakesby, 1823
Origin : Mallow, Cork
Location : W lot 15, con 11, Lanark Township
Family : Mary, 28 (wife)
Simon : 10  
Ellen: 3
Mary : born in Ramsay Township

By 1826 there were six in this family, one more birth having taken place.

In the 1834 report this man is listed as Michael Shea, which must have been an error, as the 
parish priest made a note of him in that same year as Robert.  

The government agent wrote : "had worked hard for the first year on a lot which proved to be 
another's, whereby he lost his labour. Has been particularly unfortunate, having been three
times burned out".

I wonder what he means by "burned out"?  I've read of the troubles the settlers had, not being 
welcomed by some in the area, as well as the Ballyghiblin Riots.  

My grandmother, Bertha Halladay who married Thomas Shea and Laura Sickles son Simon (Robert and 
Mary's grandson), did tell us a story about the family coming home from church to find everything 
burned to the ground.  

I really appreciate your help Al and a new Shea page would be great.

Look forward to hearing from you again!

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