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Descendants of John Shaughnessy
Generation No. 1 1. JOHN1 SHAUGHNESSY was born Abt. 1824 in County Limerick, Ireland, and died May 1906. He married ELLEN O'CONNELL 1872. She was born in West Gwillinbury, and died 1916. More About JOHN SHAUGHNESSY: Occupation: Farmer Children of JOHN SHAUGHNESSY and ELLEN O'CONNELL are: 2. i. JOHN TOBIAS SHAUGHNESSY, b. 1880, Craighurst, Ontario; d. December 17, 1960, Ottawa, Ont. ii. JERIMIAH SHAUGHNESSY. iii. MINNIE SHAUGHNESSY. iv. WILLIAM SHAUGHNESSY. Generation No. 2 2. JOHN TOBIAS SHAUGHNESSY (JOHN1) was born 1880 in Craighurst, Ontario, and died December 17, 1960 in Ottawa, Ont. He married JANE ALBERTINE SUTHERLAND, daughter of DAVID SUTHERLAND and ELLEN MCCONNELL. She was born Abt. 1883, and died March 06, 1967 in Ottawa, Ont. More About JOHN TOBIAS SHAUGHNESSY: Burial: 1960, Notre Dame Cemetery, Ottawa, Ontario Occupation: Superintendant of I C S Notes for JANE ALBERTINE SUTHERLAND: Brougt up by relatives, after the death of her parents. More About JANE ALBERTINE SUTHERLAND: Burial: 1967, Notre Dame Cemetery, Ottawa, Ontario Children of JOHN SHAUGHNESSY and JANE SUTHERLAND are: i. VINCENT SHAUGHNESSY, b. January 02, 1912, Ottawa, Ont; d. June 16, 1961, Ottawa, Ont. Notes for VINCENT SHAUGHNESSY: Pastor of St Ignatius Church 1953-1961 More About VINCENT SHAUGHNESSY: Ordination: May 10, 1942, Order of the Jesuits 3. ii. JOHN GERALD SHAUGHNESSY, b. October 07, 1916, Ottawa, Ont; d. May 05, 2000, Ottawa, Ont. iii. ELEANOR SHAUGHNESSY. iv. GORDON SHAUGHNESSY. v. HAROLD SHAUGHNESSY. Generation No. 3 3. JOHN GERALD3 SHAUGHNESSY (JOHN TOBIAS2, JOHN1) was born October 07, 1916 in Ottawa, Ont, and died May 05, 2000 in Ottawa, Ont. He married CATHERINE ANN ROWAN October 02, 1947 in Ottawa, Ont, daughter of WALTER ROWAN and THERESA KING. She was born October 21, 1918. More About JOHN GERALD SHAUGHNESSY: Burial: May 2000, Notre Dame Cemetery, Ottawa, Ontario Children of JOHN SHAUGHNESSY and CATHERINE ROWAN are: (E-mail Patricia Rowan at

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