Peter SHARP / SHARPE and the McROSTIE family
in Osgoode Township, Ontario, Canada
(Peter Sharp was from Perthshire, Scotland)

Painting by Ruth McMillan in 1976
Shows the Head of the Rideau Canal Locks in Ottawa, Canada in 1893

August 27, 2010:

Good Morning Al,

A couple of days ago I sent this email to "Sue" after she posted some marriages, deaths, etc for the Ottawa Citizen.... 
I thought the information about Peter Sharp living in Osgoode was interesting and you might like to add 
him to your "Osgoode" pages.  I believe that Peter Sharp was the sister of Janet McRostie (marr. to Adam McRostie 
of Osgoode) but I have no specific proof.  She was born in Perth, Scotland in about 1806. On her grave at Springhill 
Cemetery in Vernon, ON  her maiden name was "Sharp". 


... Cathy

Hello Sue,

I have read with great interest your additions to and keep hoping that my husband's great great 
grandfather's marriage will surface.  His name was Peter Sharp(e) b. abt. 1810 in Perthshire, Scotland. 
(On his death in the  Ottawa Journal paper it said: 

"SHARP. At the residence of his daughter, Hintonburg, on Wednesday, Jan. 23, 1901 Peter Sharp, aged 91 years. 
Funeral will be held from Hintonburg on Friday, Jan. 25th at 8 a.m. for Spring Hill cemetery, Osgoode. 
Perthshire (Scotland) papers please copy.")  

Of interest : Peter Sharp's gravestone, - partial gravestone found on the rear wall of St. George's Anglican Church 
in  Vernon, Ontario. It is the bottom part of Peter Sharp's gravestone with reference to his death being Jan. 23, 
1900 BUT his death cert. says he died Jan. 23, 1901. Just visible on the upper part of the stone are the words 
"drowned" and "Ja" believed to be referring to the drowning death of James Sharp in April 1870. In the Springhill 
Cemetery index there is reference to this partial stone being found in 1995 when the back lawn of this church 
was being levelled.

Peter's wife was Mary Simser b. abt. 1826 in  Dalmeney, Osgoode Township.  Their first child (my husband's great 
grandmother) was Christina Sharp(e)  b. April 26, 1848, Delmeny, Ontario, Osgoode Township (from her death cert.).  
This couple Mary and Peter Sharp lived in Osgoode Township: 

- in 1851 agricultural census, Osgoode Township, Ottawa District, Upper Canada 

  at Lot & Concession:  W 1/2  32/6. He lived next door to Christopher Simser (Silmser - a relative of Mary's, I am guessing).

- 1861 census there are Peter, Mary, Christina, Peter, James, John and Mary (on cards at Osgoode Historical Society)

- 1871 census only Peter, Christina and Peter on W 1/2, Lot 32, Conc. 6 

I have not been able to find a death cert. For Mary Sharp (nee Simser) but I assume she died between 1861 and 1871. 

As Christina was born in 1848 I think Mary and Peter would have married just before this but I cannot find a marriage 
certificate. Might you have any ideas where I could look for thisÉ

I have checked with the Presbyterian church in the Osgoode area but have had no luck. 

Any help would really be appreciated.

Thank you.


Cathy Cummings

Hi Cathy: Thanks very much for this. I'll add it to the web site today. I've heard of a very early migration of Scots to Osgoode Township but am still trying to learn more about these pioneer families. I think that they started arriving in the 1820's -- very early in our history. They may have come from Glengarry County, rather than directly from Scotland. Thanks again for this. Hopefully it will generate some more information for us. ... Al
New August 29, 2010: Hi Al. in regards to names Sharp,& Simser, there is story on the Simser in PIONEER FAMILIES Of Osgoode, the Simser ,- Selemser - Silmeser family, of German descent, lived in various places in Osgoode Township,and married into local families,I remember the finding of that Tombstone in 1995 their names appear in the records of Christ Church, and later in various Baptist churches of the area,and in the Presbyterian church in Clarence, and Cambridge Township. Hope this helps Michael Daley
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