The SHANNON Family who Settled near Innisville, Lanark County, Ontario, Canada
also William SHANNON in Augusta Township

I read on the internet that you have a database of Shannons from the 1851 
census.  My mother's family lived in Lanark County (Ramsay or Beckwith 
Township, I think) at that time.  I was always told that they came from Ireland 
in 1823 which makes them sound like Peter Robinson settlers but they don't 
appear on the ships' lists.  Do you have any information on them or any 
suggestions where I might look?
Thanks very much.
Lillian Links


There was a family called Shanahan (sometimes spelled Shannon) who came with
the 1823 Peter Robinson settlers. They settled around Pakenham and Huntley.

Do you mind if I put a copy of your e-mail (below) up on my web site. I can
add some stuff to it and maybe other researchers can also?

Thanks in advance.

... Al 
Dear Al,
Thanks for your info.  I don't believe the Shanahan's who settled in Pakenham 
/ Huntley to be the right family.  The story I was told was that there were two 
brothers who came over in 1823.  They would have settled in the Innisville 
area.  I said in Beckwith or Ramsay townships.  I think now it may have been 
Yes, by all means post my e-mail.  If you wouldn't mind adding Drummond to 
the possible locals, that would be great.  Thanks again for your help.
Lillian Links
August 13, 2003: Hello Lillian & Al, My name is Ronald Shannon (Ron) and I have researched an extensive database on my Great Grandfather William Shannon who arrived in Canada in the spring of 1829 settling south of Ottawa. He was married but had no children although a large family began in 1830, 12 in all. He and his two wives are buried in Maynard cemetery in Augusta township. I have traced half of these children to today's living descendants or to the end of the line. From Bruce Elliots' book (Irish Migrants in the Canadas), I was able to follow back to the County of origin in Ireland and to William's father and mother. My challenge still is - I cannot find the exact day of arrival nor the ship and port that they arrived at in Canada. If you have any suggestions for me, they would be greatly appreciated and if I have any info of interest to you, it is available. Sincerely, Ron Shannon

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