Search Engine for Bytown or Bust

New November 6, 2015:

This page contains a dedicated Search Engine from Google. The web site is located in Ottawa, the capital city of Canada. 
It allows us to search for ancestors who had a connection to the many (mainly Irish) settlers who came here 
between 1818 and 1855. Many of these families came to Bytown (the early name for Ottawa), and stayed here.
Many others left here to pioneer in the United States in the 1800's.

We are interested in connecting with family researchers who may have ancestors here from all of the counties in Ireland.

To use the search engine, enter an Irish county name (such as "Tipperary", without the quotes, into the search engine).
Then click on the "Search Bytown or Bust" button below. 

Alternatively, enter a surname into the search engine and then click on "Search Bytown or Bust" button, below.

This web site is large but it is free and is a co-operative effort -- family historians helping each other.

Take it for a run!

... Allan Lewis
Ottawa, Canada

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