David SCOTT, British Home Child to Canada in 1874
Australia to Scotland to Belleville, Ontario, Canada

New July 29, 2011:

Hello - My grandfather David Scott and two of his siblings namely Euphemia Scott and Ellen Scott came to Canada - 
departed Liverpool Apr 11 1874 on the SS Prussian and arrived in Quebec May 11 1874.  Believed to be Miss Macpherson's party.  

They eventually came to the Marchmont Home in Belleville, Ontario.
Apparently their father , also named David Scott supposedly gave permission for them to come to Canada as he was in and 
out of jail in Edinburgh.  I would like to find out more about his circumstances and what happened to him when he 
got out of jail (if this is possible).
He also had an older son Joseph Scott and I found his name on a home children list on the computer - if it is my Joseph Scott 
he would have actually been 20 but it says on the list he is 16.  He was on the Waldensian and arrived in 1875 and 
seemed to be travelling with some other children.  I did write to Barnardos After Care but they couldn't find any info on 
this boy.  I am wondering if this is the older brother to these other children who came over the year before. I found a Joseph 
Scott on a shipping list and it looked like it said he was going to Marchmont Home.

All these children were born in Geelong Victoria Australia and the family came back to Edinburgh in either 1868 or 1869 
and the mother Sarah had another boy at the end of Nov 1869 and subsequently died a few days later.  The baby died on 
Christmas day 1869 also.  The father remarried in 1870 to a woman named Anne Greene but by the end of 1870 the father was in 
jail for theft and repute.

The file numbers from Barnardos After Care are Emigrant No. 1707 for Euphemia, 1708 Ellen and I imagine David is either 1706 or 1709.
If you could shed any additional light on these children it would be most appreciated.

The picture is of my grandfather after he was married.  It is the only picture I have.

Thank you.
Heather Storms
grandaughter of David Scott BHC
David Scott, British Home Child

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