St. Mary's School at South Gloucester - 1947
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

August 31, 2007:

Thanks to Shirley Morozuk for this great picture. See also the Morozuk family page.
Can anyone identify some of these enthusiastic students?

My Uncle Peter Morozuk is the young lad - far left without any shoes on. It would 
be nice to discover the exact year of this photo. Could you let me know if anyone 
recognizes it? Thank you!
I've been making a lot of progress on the Morozuk Family Tree. Managed to get my 
grandparents birth certificates and I had a translator in the Ukraine put it all 
into English for me. 
... Shirley
St. Mary's School at South Gloucester

September 3, 2007: Thanks to Mary Quinn for the following: I found the picture. It was in my Quinn book under the St. Mary's chapter (go figure). It ran in the Tri-Valley Crier January, 1990 and the wording reads: St. Mary's School (1947), South Gloucester 1st Row: Charley Heaphy, Louise Heaphy, Beverly Guilbault, Unknown, Unknown, Donna Guilbault, Helen Shields, Arlene McDermitt, Tommy Cahill 2nd Row: Peter Morozuk, Bobby Potvin, Gladys Sullivan, Roy Shields, Cecille Faubert, Francis Blais, Nellie Morozuk, Phill Potter, Mary Sullivan, Larry Sullivan, Terry Nolan, John Leahy. 3rd Row: John McEvoy, Sonny Guilbault, Annona Cahill, Gerald Lefebvre, Janet Nolan, Eddy Blais, Elwood Cahill 4th Row: Roy Nolan, Claire Finley, Frank Leahy, Nora Sullivan, Pat Cahill 5th Row: Paddy Sullivan, Mary Anne Sullivan, Joan Guilbault, Gary McKenna 6th Row: Miss Theresa Lynch Guess those Leahy's are your cousins, right Mike? Thanks Mary _____________________________ Hi Mary. Al. Shirley, Those two Leahy boys, are my first cousins their youngest sister Nora should have been there , but I don't recognize her.[may not have been there that day] at first glance I took Bob Potvin to be one of the Leahy boys , Shirley , in your search for your roots you,have given us another glimpse into the past. Although my wheel's turn slower, always interested ... Michael
September 4, 2007: Well one more girl identified and another 1/2 identified. to be continued... I received the following email from Annona Cahill Lawther. Hi Mary The 4th from the left is Irene Guilbeault and the one beside her is another Guilbeault girl but I can't remember her name at the moment (senior's moment that is!!). I'll ask Helen Landrigan when she gets back. ... Mary
New November 3, 2009: The photo below includes Helen Guilbeault / Guibeault (not sure if spelling is correct) - second from left. I thought maybe she is the missing Guilbeault girl in the class photo in the link above. I recently received a few photos that belonged to my grandparents, but nobody in the family can identify them. Perhaps I can email them to you?? One never knows who you might recognize.
Helen Guilbeault
... Mary
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