The first School at Jockvale
Nepean Township, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

From Taylor Kennedy:
You'll notice on the map that I included 2 pictures and their present 
locations. St. Patricks Church on Steeple Hill Road. This cemetery was 
checked and double checked, books written and photographed for microfilm use. 
The sad part of this some stones were not recorded as I have a picture of my 
gggrandfathers grave William Kennedy at St. Patricks so these books are close 
but things can be missed.

Note: This is the case with almost all of the cemeteries for which cemetery lists 
can be obtained. The tombstones were recorded - not the people buried there. Often,
with the passage of time, the older stones have been removed for "safety" reasons.
However, the Parish Records in the form of LDS microfilm reels are often available 
and will show all burials, as recorded by the parish priest. ... Al

	The other picture is the first school in Jockvale. The story here was that 
The MADDEN family wanted it built on their farm. The KENNEDY , QUINN  and 
other families opposed this so a vote was held, and the Madden family 
lost,............or did they? The school was put on to Andrew Fogarty's land 
according to the 1879 Nepean Map, and is situated on Jockvale Road and 
Fallowfield Road. Even though the Maddens lost, he had last say to approve 
the blueprints, and they were revised so the entrance and windows of the 
school faced his property and not the road it was built on. In the picture I 
stood at the back of the school and there is no entrance off Jockvale road. 
Interesting eh.
Taylor Kennedy

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