Castlecomer, County Kilkenny, Ireland to Hazeldean, c. 1820
Probably ML# 494 on the McCabe List

January 2, 2005:

The Scharf family were among the early settlers in Goulbourn Township.
They are in the 1820 census for Goulbourn.

I  noticed your interest in the Scarf / Scharf family who were early 
settlers in the Bytown/Ottawa area of the Ottawa valley, at Hazeldean, 
March, Nepean and across the river at Templeton.

I have been researching the early Irish origins of my Scarf/Scharf family 
at Old Leighlin and Castlecomer, County Kilkenny.  I am descended from 
John Scarf and Jane James of Nepean Township (now part of the City of Ottawa, Canada). He was the nephew of James Scharf 
who settled at Hazeldean circa 1820-21.
Do you have any information on the family before 1820? 

Darryl Scarff
Hello Al,
Many thanks for your reply. Yes, please add my enquiry to the site.

Darryl Scarff
July 16, 2008: Mr. Scharff says in his e-mail, above, that his Scharff ancestors came from Old Leighlin. The John Scharf on the McCabe List in 1829 has an 18 year old son named Beecham, living with his grandfather, Thomas, at Old Laughlin (sp?). Also, Brian Scharf is researching his ancestors, James & Ann Scharf who settled in the Ottawa area c. 1820. ... Al
December 19, 2008: Hi Allan,I just thought I would drop a note to you about our visit to Ireland in March 09 Cousin Darryl Scarff from Sydney,AU contracted a company in Ireland to engrave our family line on a stone plaque to be mounted on a monument. Our family line which includes the Scarf,Scarff,Scariff,Scharf names as well as other variant spellings have been traced and confirmed back to 1515 in the Leighlenbridge,Ireland area. The dedication of the monument will take place on or about March 16/08 at the St.Lazerian Cathedral Cemetery,in Leighlenbridge. We hope to see many Family members there.This plaque was the brainchild of fellow researcher Charles "Darryl" Scarff who has been responsible for much of the research in Ireland over the past few years. Having come this far in our family research is attributable in the most part to Darryl. Enquiries may be sent to Thank you Allan. Our families wish all the best for you and Grace and the rest of your family during the holiday season. Looking forward to hearing from you. Merry Christmas ... DellRay Scarf
February 18, 2009: Greetings fellow Scarf/Scharf/Scharfe/Scariff/Scarff family researchers, The gravestone has been cut and shaped from a beautiful slab of “Kilkenny Blue” sandstone. I have received a cell-phone image from the stone mason, of the raw slab (1.2 metres wide-1.5 metres high). Engraving has commenced and installation has been assured for completion by the end of February. I will arrive in Ireland 10th March and return to Australia 4th April. Our Irish cousins have contacted the Anglican Dean of St. Lazerian’s Old Leighlin Cathedral and the R.C. Parish Priest of Leighlinbridge to arrange for a short graveyard dedication. They have chosen Saturday 21st March as the most convenient date to suit the needs of most interested individuals. I attach an image of the final draft which is being inscribed. You will note the absence of some death years. Those details can be added when confirmed by future research. I have written to each respondent to acknowledge and express my appreciation for their financial contribution, support and participation in this project which has truly been an exciting voyage of discovery. It is not too late to participate with a contribution if you feel so inclined. We are one family and this memorial gravestone stamps our family name and origins on this community for all to see. It is not one person’s endeavour. It is a collaborative family enterprise by all of you. Thank you. I will ensure that appropriate photos are taken to record the gravestone and event. I continue to concentrate my main research on the “Irish origins” of our family. On my upcoming visit to Ireland, I will spend some time in Dublin at various locations in pursuit of new information. The amount of material I now possess is substantial to the extent that the only efficient method of distribution would be via CD. It would be too expensive to print and offer for purchase. My master document now exceeds 6500 pages plus several thousand images, maps and BMD certificates. Too large to print. Too large to mail. Too expensive for a small production run. Eventually I will solve this problem and distribute my material to interested relatives before time, health and gravity bring me to a halt. Very Best wishes Darryl Scarff Australia Scarf Memorial in County Kilkenny, Ireland
March 9, 2009: Hello cousins, I have received confirmation that the installation of the family memorial gravestone has been completed. On behalf of all family members I wish to acknowledge the efforts of all who contributed with any of the time, effort, information and financial support which has enabled the completion of the project. I leave for Ireland tomorrow, Monday at 5:00pm, in 22 hours time. I will ensure that photographs are taken to record the event. I will report back upon my return home on 4th April. ... Darryl Scarff
April 15, 2009: The project has been completed! The memorial stone looks great and has evoked much comment. The day was slightly overcast but it did not dampen the spirits of an assembly of 50 related descendants of those named on the memorial stone. Everyone was pleased with the attendance. I was not sure how many people to expect, so it was a pleasant outcome to find such a good rollup. The graveyard ceremony involved readings by both the Anglican Dean, Gordon Wynne and the Catholic Priest, Fr. Tom Lalor, followed by a short commentary by myself and Dell Scarf describing the interpretation of the groups of names on the stone. The occasion was captured on DVD recording which also includes candid still shots of individuals around the graveyard, inside the Cathedral and afterwards at a family gathering at “The Lord Bagenal” Inn at Leighlinbridge. It was a great success and makes for interesting viewing. Four DVD copies and four 10” x 8” copies of a photo of the group of 50 have been produced, to enable copy and distribution in 4 different countries. Copies can be ordered from the following people: Dell Ray Scarf will cover Canada and the USA Agnes Scariff-Lalor will cover Ireland and the UK. I will cover Australia. The cost will be about 50 euro / $100.00 AUS with payment up front. I suggest that anyone interested should contact me as a central co-ordination point and once we have the numbers, a more specific price can be confirmed and I can pass on the orders. Please be patient as this could take several months to coordinate and deliver. My congratulations and thanks to all involved. You have made it a great success. Very best wishes, Darryl Scarff
June 1, 2010: I am visiting the Castlecomer area next weekend for several weeks. I am seeking contact with any local person with any knowledge of the Scarf/Scharf/Scariff family of Baunreagh and Ridge, Old Leighlin parish, Co. Carlow who are known to have resided in Moneenroe, Donaguile, Castlecomer and Coolcullen before 1820 when they emigrated to the Ottawa Valley, Canada. I particularly wish to access any birth, death, marriage records which may still be viewed in Castlecomer. Any names, addresses or phone contacts would be appreciated. Thank you... Darryl Scarff Australia
New August 25, 2010: Dear fellow researchers of the Scarf / Scharf / Scarff / Scariff family, I am saddened to be the bearer of the news of the recent death of Dellray Scarf of Canada, as the result of a motor vehicle accident. The following text is part of an mail I have sent to his son Jesse and daughter Jamie, on behalf of our group, expressing our support. “Dear Jesse, Words are never enough to express the myriad thoughts and emotions evoked by the passing of close family relations. My first reaction was disbelief because it was so unexpected. My next reaction was a feeling of loss with the realisation that the opportunity for a better relationship has been cut short. My next reaction was to feel cheated because he was a man who lived life to the full and encouraged and drew people along by the sheer strength of character and enthusiasm which he generated. He was a contributor, not a user of people. He was one of the few people with an intense passion to discover and record the information and folklore which has been the driving force in the growth of the Scarf Family Tree. The “tree” has been an instrument of recognition and introduction which has generated personal pride and interest in who we are as an extended family. Dell has been a major contributor for many years as a valuable family resource. He will be missed by many. Though my direct personal contact has been constrained by distance, we did manage to maintain contact via the internet. I had an immense personal respect for him as a friend, relative and fellow researcher. I regret that his time was cut short so tragically. Our condolences and thoughts are with you and Jamie and relatives at this difficult time.” Dellray will be greatly missed by everyone who has experienced his friendship and support. He has gone to join Bill Tufts, another wonderful contributor who has also passed on. Darryl Scarff On behalf of the extended Scarf family.

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