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New March 3, 2003:

I just received the following information concerning the Saunders genealogy 
in the Ottawa area, and I thought you might be interested in posting it 
somewhere on your History and Genealogy in Ottawa website. Saunders was my 
paternal grandmother's maiden name: her full name was Minnie Saunders, and 
she can be found second-last on the list here. Her third child, George A. 
Gilbert, was my father. Her father, Albert Saunders (fourth on the list), 
was a very successful carpenter in Carleton Place, Ontario; his wife, 
Minnie, was German, from what I understand. Additionally, Albert and Minnie 
Saunders, according to  the 1891 Census for Carleton Place, Ontario, were 
listed as being Presbyterian.

This genealogy was paid for and sent to me by a cousin in Kemptville, 
Ontario, so there is no way I can be considered an expert on the Saunders 
family line. Hence, if you do post it, don't bother attaching my name or 
e-mail to it, because I wouldn't be able to answer any questions which might 


George W. Gilbert
Born: 1768 -- Hildemonde Country, Carlow, Ireland
Married: Date unknown, to Sarah EDWARDS, born 1772 -- Kilkenny, Ireland

Their son was:

Born: 1794,  Died: 1864, Franktown, Ontario  -- Buried in Beckwith Township, 
plot 185
Married: Sarah EDWARDS, Born 1798, Died 1877
Children: Francis, Uriah, Thomas, William, Henry, Robert, Mary, Catherine, 
Elizabeth, James, John.

JAMES SAUNDERS (son of Henry Saunders and Sarah Edwards)
Born: 1831, Died: 1909
Married: Sarah PAISLY (no information)

ALBERT SAUNDERS (son of James Saunders and Sarah Paisly)
Born: 1860, Died: 1943
Married: Minnie Haerly (or Harly). Born: 1863, Died: 1952

The Children of Albert and Minnie Saunders were:

Born: June 15, 1883 -- Wroxeter, Ontario, Died: January 7, 1968 -- Ottawa, 
Married: Eva May LEACH, Born: August 9, 1887, Died: October 24, 1975

Born: January 17, 1885 -- Clifford, Ontario, Died: February 12, 1960 -- 
Ottawa, Ontario
Not married.

Born: July 14, 1888, Died: May 8, 1967 -- Hamilton, Ontario
Married: 1. (?) Divorced, 2. Charles Woods (died), 3. Tom Stevens

Born: December 22, 1890 -- Carleton Place, Ontario, Died: July 28, 1973 -- 
Regina, Saskatchewan
Married: 1912 to Dan Black

Born: December 11, 1893 -- Carleton Place, Ontario, Died: May 24, 1979 -- 
Ottawa, Ontario
Married: 1914 to Doretta Dupont (died in 1923)
Remarried: 1930 to Dora Benoit in Ottawa

Born: June 7, 1896 -- Fordwich, Ontario, Died: June 6, 1977 -- Ottawa, 
Married: August 30, 1916 to George Lloyd Gilbert

Born: July 3, 1900 -- Harristown, Ontario, Died: December 17, 1935 -- 
Toronto, Ontario
Married: January 7, 1920, wife's name unknown

Born: September 12, 1903 -- Carleton Place, Ontario, Died: January 22, 1987 
-- Almonte, Ontario
Married: June 18, 1924 to Howard Sadler

The children of James H. Saunders were:

Lloyd A. Saunders (1906-1985), Married: Stella Affleck
Lila M. Saunders (1909-1964), Married: Chester Pack
Marjorie E. Saunders (1911-1988), Married: Wilfred McNeil
James R. Saunders (1917-1989), Married: Joanne Kozak
Winona M. Saunders (1918-1984), Married: Harry Broome (divorced)
Elwood L. Saunders (1922-1990), single
Eva M. Saunders (1908-1989), Married: Norman Airth

The children of William J. Saunders: none.

The children of Mabel Saunders:
Charles Woods 

The children of Eva E. Saunders:
Keith Black, Donald Black, Elizabeth Black, Allan Black (died at 5 years of 

The children of Lloyd Saunders:
James R. Saunders  Married: Dawn Sheridan

The children of Lila M. Saunders:
Venita June Pack  Married: Sydney Ford
Audrey Lila Pack , Married Leonard Cuthbert
Lorraine April Pack  Married: John Chapman

The children of Marjorie E. Saunders:
Donna Fern McNeil  Married: Allan Waldorf
Allan Wilfred McNeil (1946-1992), single.

The children of James Saunders:
Merri Saunders, Married: Pierre Legris
Angela Saunders, Married Marcel Sabourin
Perry Saunders, single.

The children of Winona Saunders:
Larry Broome, 
Cheryl Melody Broome, single

The children of Richard A. Saunders and Doretta Dupont:
Richard K. Saunders (1917-1990)
Edward D. Saunders (1915-1934)
Lucille Saunders (1918-1941)
Joy Saunders (1921-1951)
Russell G. Saunders 

Richard A. Saunders' second family with Dora Benoit:
Calvin G. Saunders 
Merwin A. Saunders 
Shirley L. Saunders 
Arnold Saunders (?)

The children of Minnie Saunders:
Gladys Gilbert  Married: 1. R. Rivington, 2. S. O'Hoski
Kenneth Gilbert 
George A. Gilbert  Married: Doris Farmer
Dorothy E. Gilbert  Married: William Miller
Marjorie Gilbert  Married: 1. Gerald Rousson, 2. Lorrain Lair

The children of Albert E. Saunders: one child, unknown.

The children of Lena Beatrice Saunders:
Bruce H. Sadler  Married: Evelyn Turner
Carl F. Sadler  Married: Shirley Crawford
Raymond Sadler  

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