Mary Roy and Ignace Laroche
Maniwaki Area

March 17, 2008:

Hello Susan and Al
Hope you are having a nice day. You don't know me but I do hope you can shed some 
light on a situation for me or point me in the right direction. I am not too clued 
in as to how to go about tracing family history. 

I was just reading about the Gatineau Valley History 
and I have been searching for information on my great grandmother who was born and 
raised on the Maniwaki reserve. She was born Mary Roy ( Marie-Celina Roy) She married 
Ignace Laroche in Pontiac County in 1893.

She then moved to Ontario, where they lived as man and wife until they both passed on.
I am trying to find as much information as possible on Mary Roy.

Would you have any idea how to find this information? I have sent along a photo and 
some information I have on my great grandparents.

Thank you for any help you can give me.

Darlene Demell
Mary Roy and Ignace Laroche
Note: Darlene has a clearer copy of this image.

New March 18, 2008: This response was received from Will Dunlop... As a retired employee of the Dept. of Indian and Northern Affairs I can mention the existence of the Indian (membership) Registry at the Dept. HQ in Hull the Les Terrases de la Chaudiere complex, north tower). There you should be able to look up, or have a staff member look up, the band membership lists for the Indian Reserve at Maniwaki. If registered, her parents name should be there. Scan the DIAND website for a phone contact and make an appointment to visit. Good luck and good hunting. ... Will
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