The Jasper ROWE Family near Riceville

New April 9, 2003:
Al/Grace, Having jogged a few memories of my dad and older sister, Grace 
said the other day that her family was Williams. (actually Williamson ... Al).
My father has a cousin Doug Williams who lives/ed in the west end of Toronto (Mississauga) 
who is the son of Mable and Charles Williams, I believe, of Riceville. My dad, 
whose memory is failing, believes Mable was the daughter of John Evans. He believes 
John first employed my Grandfather, Jasper Rowe, when he left Riceville and moved to Ottawa. 
John Evans is somehow my dad's uncle. 
My dad confirmed that he was familliar with/remembers 
Hazey (Bill)
but doesn't remember Percy Alexander
Maybe John Evans married one of the girls, Nettie or Maude
I'd be delighted to have a Rowe page on your website. Growing up I didn't know any 
other Rowes nor did I hear the name very often. Now I hear it in ads on the TV (T Rowe Price) 
and there's an announcer on a local radio station here, and lots of other references 
on a monthly sort of basis. It would be interesting to see if anyone else of the Rowe clan responds.
                                            Thx again, Rick


After you left on Sunday, I was looking through the history book we have on 
area families and I found this:
William Rowe Sr. (1798) and Elizabeth (1808) came to Riceville and settled west of the 
village, Lot 11, Concession 13, where they raised their family. According to the 1851 census, 
they had:
John, William, Robert, Mary A., Thomas, Elizabeth, Alexander, James, Sarah, Henry and Richard.
Richard (known as Dick) married Fanny Conn and their children were:
- Hazey
- Arthur
- Jasper
- Nettie
- Maude
- Percy Alexander
Dates of the death of William Sr. and Elizabeth and their places of burial are unknown.
Some of William's and Thomas' family remained in the area and some still live there today.
Since Jasper is not a common name in the area, I assume this is the correct family, 
however you may want to search further. The 1881 census does not reveal a Jasper Rowe 
(Roe) but you had mentioned that the family had moved to the U.S. at some point. The 
census is taken every 10 years, so you may be able to trace the family through one 
or more census.
I hope this information is useful to you.
Good luck in your search
Grace Lewis

Al, This info appears to be another couple of pieces of the puzzle.
Jasper had a brother Art(hur), whom he left home with, and started the 
blacksmith shop at Billings Bridge in Ottawa that I mentioned.
Art went to war in Europe and married Winnie (an employee of the Cdn gov't whse 
job it was to pay the soldiers recovering from wounds after the war). Art, Winnie 
and their two children Harvey, and Francis moved to Detroit in about 1920. They bought a 
farm in 1933 in Silverwood Mich. (Near Detroit) Art died there in 1967, Winnie died in 
Sheboygan Mich in 1993. Art died in Indian River Mich in 2000 and his wife Marian still 
lives there.
In regards to my grandmother Ruby Rowe (Richards) I'm led to believe her family is from 
the Rockland area and the family is buried in Beechwood Cemetary there. Maybe William Sr 
& Elizabeth  Rowe have some connection there. I'll see about that on my next visit.
In your experience, what should I do with this information? Is there a site where misc. 
info is gathered or should I just keep it for my own use?
                                    Thx a Million, Rick
Al, you had a book with you last Sunday that was titled Fournier.
There were a lot of Rowe's in it. Is it still available to purchase, and do 
you know where I would get a copy?
Rick: I don't believe this book is available, but I'll try and find out. ... Al

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