James ROURKE and Honora TIERNEY
Ireland to Nepean Township

September 9, 2004:

Marriage record from St. Phillip's RC Church, Richmond:
16 October, 1837
Marriage of James Rourke to Honora Tierney. 
Witnesses: Mortimer (Martin?) Quinn and Mary Maher
Source: Ellen Paul's Database of St. Phillip's, 1836-1910.

Hi Al;
Thank you for forwarding the email re the Tierneys and O'Rourkes.
In the 1851 Carleton county (Nepean) census, I need to know the details of the 
James O'Rourke (could be listed as Bourke) household.  He was born in Ireland 
as was his wife Hanora/Anna and they should have included amongst their children 
Henry, Jane and perhaps Mary Ann.  Also is there a Samuel O'Rourke or Bourke 
listed as head of household in Nepean?
In the 1861, I am looking for any O'Rourke or Bourke in the Nepean district, 
but especially James.
I don't know whether or not you have access to these censuses, but it would 
sure be fantastic if you did!!

Sue (Tierney link) Barr

New September 10, 2004:

James Rourke and family does not appear in the 1861 Nepean Census. 

Here is the 1852 data:
James, husband, aged 41, born in Ireland.
Hanora, wife, aged 31, born in Ireland.
They have the following children, all born in Ontario:
John 13, Dennis 11, Sarah 9, Richard 8, Henry 6, James 4, Mary A. 2 and Judy 1.
Also living in the house is 16 year old Nancy Tierney.

There is no sign of a Samuel Rourke or Bourke in 1861 or 1852.

... Al
Michael and Bridget O'ROURKE, 1852 Nepean Census
Here's another Rourke / O'Rourke family in Nepean: Michael and Biddy, aged 69 and 57 respectively, both born in Ireland as was their son, John aged 25 Mary 21, William 17, Ellen 15 and Ann aged 13, all born in Ontario.

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