Good Evening, 
I was very intrigued by your new website.  My ancestors were the Rathwell/Rothwell's.  
They initially came from Ireland to the Bytown area and stayed in and around Ottawa 
and Smith Falls.  My father, William Harmer Rothwell was born in Smiths Falls. 
I look forward to hearing from you soon.
William Harmer Rothwell:  B:  8-23-1924 Ottawa, Ontario, Canada D: 11-21-1974 
Rochester, NY USA
His parents:
Herbert Claude Rothwell B:  9-14-1894 Smith Falls, Ontario, Canada 
D:  1963 Rochester, NY   USA  married:  Oct. 1, 1919  Helene Lavallee 
B: 11-30-1898  D:  1977 Hartford, CT, USA
His parents:
William Henry Rathwell  B: 1871 Wolford Twp, Ontario, Canada D: 1950 
Buried in Ottawa  Married: 1891 Jane (Jennie) Rowsome B: 1868 North Augusta Twp., 
Grenville County, Ontario, Canada D: 1935  Smith Falls, Ontario Canada
His parents:
William E. Rathwell B: 5/25/1813 Ireland D: Bet. 1881 - 1891 ???  Married 1845 
Elizabeth Rowsome  B: 1822 Wolford Twp., Leeds & Grenville North, Ontario, Canada  
D:  11/11/1908
His Parents:  
Samuel Rathwell B: Abt. 1782 Ireland, D: March 1838 Wolford Twp., Ontario Canada  
Married ??? Catherine ???  B:  Abt. 1785 D:  ??
Thanks, I look forward to perusing your website further and possibly finding some 
more links to my families heritage.
Cynthia Rothwell

Note: I grew up in the 1950's on the same street as a Rothwell family (not sure if they were related to your family). The father's name was Maynard Rothwell, born probably around 1920, and his wife's name was Ruby ?. He was from Russell Township, just a stone's throw to the east of Ottawa. He always told us kids that "I'm from Navan, and if you can't spell it frontwards, then spell it backwards !" ... Al
July 10, 2004: Hi. My name is James Baker. My Mom was a Rathwell and came from the Samuel Rathwell line. Her Dad was Andrew Rathwell. I have seen the Rathwell family tree on Rootsweb.com. Much info of my family is in there and amazingly accurate. However, there are a few gaps and errors. First of all, I would like to contribute where I can to the accuracy and gaps that I can help with. Secondly, I would like to learn as much as I can about my ancestors and hopefully fill in some of my gaps. If you do not mind, could you please respond and let me know if you are still interested. Many Thanks Jim

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