Roderick ROSS and Christina COMYN
Sheriff in Bytown

October 18, 2005:
I just found your web site and decided to email you.  I just returned from Hawaii 
and met a cousin, Peter Ross. My grandmother was the daughter of George Ross 
(born in Picton, Canada) son of Roderick Ross (first sheriff of By town in the 1850's.  
He died in 1870.  I have a large newspaper article about him and his wife's family 
(Christina Comyn) They lived in Kingston and then in Picton.  I would like to know 
more about these people.  Roderick Ross was born in Dingwall, Scotland and his family 
were the chiefs of the Ross Clan.  Christina Comyn's mother was a Trumpour from 
the Adlophustown area.  If you know how I can get contact and found information please 
let me know.  My email is

Pat Stuart
Oregon, USA 
Thank you for answering my email.  Yes, that would be fine.  I would like to send 
you a copy of the article.  It is very large and very old.  (around 1870?)  
It has a lot of genealogy in it .  It concerns a lot of well known family members 
that were well known in Canada.......Roderick Ross's son George went to Honolulu, 
Hawaii, and worked for the King and later was the auditor general when the Americans 
took over....He was my grandmother's father.....I found naturalization papers that 
stated he came from Picton, Canada....I will be glad to send pedigree charts and 
family group sheets that I have put together from the Canadian news article.

Pat Stuart
October 25, 2005: Hi everyone; It is interesting concerning the first Chief Constable of Bytown, Roderick Ross. I play the bagpipes with the Ottawa Police Services Pipes and Drums, and the band wears the Red Ross Tartan in honour of Roderick Ross. Ken Armstrong
November 5, 2005: Pat Stuart has kindly sent in the c. 1870 newspaper article regarding Roderick Ross and the early days of policing in Bytown and Ottawa. Very interesting. The term "Blazers" is used synonymously with the term "Shiners". Note to me: This article is filed with my copy of the History of the Ottawa Police. Both the book and the newspaper article show the same photograph of Chief Ross. ... Al
New January 24, 2006: We've had an enquiry regarding the burial location of Roderick Ross but have been unable to contact the sender. Pat Stuart also would like to know where Roderick Ross is buried: A cousin, Peter Ross - oldest son of George, gave me a copy of a news article about Roderick. I sent a copy to Mr. Lewis in Canada. He met his wife in Picton (Christina Comyn) and lived also in Kingston. He did have his funeral in Ottawa...but lived outside the town after his retirement. I don't know where he is buried and I would like to know too. I would also like contact with other family I don't have much information about the family. Roderick had 7 children of which 4 were living when he retired and mentioned in the article. Please let me know and contact me. Pat Stuart

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