Robert LEWIS and Ellen PLUNKETT
Ireland to the Ottawa Valley

February 26, 2002:

Hello Al
I wonder if you or anyone has information regarding my family who settled in Beckwith Township around 1819.
The information I have was researched by my great uncle and I 'am trying to add to this 
data and expand it. My branch of the family left the area around 1825 to take up a land grant near Mount Forest.
The family that I trying to find more information on are :
Robert Lewis 
Born- Ireland 1772
Died-March 18 1845-age 73
Married- Ellen Punkett in Ireland
Both are buried at Franktown Cemetery
In 1819 took up farming on east half of lot 15,of the 6th concession of Montague Township
I have a list of all his children and there dates and were they are buried and who they 
married. But beyond that I have no data about the family that stayed in the area, are 
there any relatives still living in area and would they like to any data from my branch 
of the family. One area that I would like to find out about is what county did we come from 
in Ireland I have been told that it was from Cork but have data to verify this information.

My gggrandfather was Robert Lewis 5th child William Lewis

William Lewis 
Born 1807 in Ireland
Died January 1874
Married Edith Leach  on January 24th 1831 in Montague Township
They moved to Grey County in 1850
Edith Leach family was:
William Leach
born 1780 in Ireland [County Wicklow]
died Jan. 3rd 1878
married Elizabeth Lumas 
born 1791
died April 16th 1874
They took up a grant of land lot 12  9th concession of Beckwith Township 
Any further information about the Leach family would br greatly appreciated. 
I now live in Ottawa and would like to meet any relatives and exchange information,
please E-Mail 
Robert Lewis 
September 7, 2006: William Lewis and Edith Leach came to Canada from Ireland in 1814 , married in 1834, and first settled in Lanark County near Franktown, Ontario. They and their family moved to Egremont County, Ontario in the 1850's where one of their children, Henry (Harry) Lewis (great grandfather) farmed in the area. This is further reported in a book that was privately published entitled "A History of the Egremont (County) 1840-1983". Wayne Lewis

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