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                                             Jette / Robillard Surnames

(M & S =Marriages & Deaths) taken from the following book:
Notre-Dame de L'Assomption Parish Maniwaki, Marriages and Deaths, 1843 -1875
Published by the Archives in Montcerf, No. 2

(B = baptisms)
Maniwaki, Notre-Dame de L'Assomption Parish, Baptisms & Margin Notes et Annotations, 1843 - 1875                  
Published by the Archives in Montcerf, No. 3

Page 48 (M & S) & page 115 for Robillard, Joseph

Jete, Marcelline maj. (Louis & Josette Auger, St-Antoine)
Robillard, Joseph maj. (Jean Baptiste & Louise Fortin)
m. 31 December 1858			F. Andrieux  p. omi.
Witnesses: Joseph Fortin, Francois Beauparlant & Xavier Robillard
margin note: Marcelline Jette's 2nd marriage to Gedeon Morin on May 10,1904

maj.= of legal age at the time of the wedding
min= of minor age at the time of the wedding

their children:

1. Page 200    (B)
Robillard, Joseph
b. 27 Jan. 1860, born last November
godfather.: Louis Jete, godmother.: Euphemie Fortin                                  F. Andrieux   p. omi

2. Page 199
Robillard, Delhima     (B)
b. 12 July 1863, born June 6
godfather ; Xavier Robillard, godmother: Milie Richart                             Mourier p. omi.

3.  Page 200   (B)
Robillard, Marceline
b. 19 March 1865, born the 3rd of this month
godfather: Baptiste St. Amour, godmother: Isabelle Jetee                            R. Delege p. omi

4. Page 200    (B)
Robillard, Joseph Henri Wilfrid
b. 23 Feb. 1868, born the 22 of this month
godfather.: Joseph Rouleau, godmother.: Hedwige Meunier                         J.B. Baudin p. omi

5. Page 199     (B)
Robillard, Hermina
b. 17 July1872, born the 7th of May
godfather. Antoine D'Amour, godmother: Marie Hebert                            J.E.M. Dugas   p. omi

6. Page 200    (B) 
Robillard, Melina
b. 10 June 1874, born the 11th of March
godfather.: Moise Robillard, godmother: Agnes Clouthier                               R. Delege p. omi

2nd marriage of Marcelline Jete

page 87 (M & S )

Morin, Gedeon maj. (Anasite Napoleon & Elizabeth Marsolais, St-Luc)
Foucher, Rosalie min. (Isaac & Louise Barbe, La Visitation)
m. 2 Aug.1858                                                                           A. Pelletier   p. omi
witnesses: Baptiste Jette & Louis Fortin
Rosalie Foucher died 23 janvier 1880
margin notes: Gedeon Morin: 2nd marriage to Sara Durocher, 15 May 1881,   buried. 20 May 1882, 
3rd marriage to  Marguerite Lanoix, 4 July 1882
4th marriage to Marcelline Jette, 10 May 1904

2nd marriage of  Baptiste Robillard

page 115 (M & S )
Robillard Baptiste (widower of 'Euphemie Fortin, i.e. 1st marriage)
Lefebre Louise (widow of Francois Malbouf, i.e. 1st marriage)
m. 22 October 1865                                                                     Regis Deleage    P. omi
Note: Father Regis Deleage had been the parish priest at Our Lady of the Visitation church at South Gloucester (Ottawa now).
Beginning in the early 1850's, he led many families to a new settlement at Maniwaki. The village of Deleage, 
near Maniwaki, is named after him.
witnesses: Xavier Gignac & Kale Labelle
****************************************************************************** page 146 (M & S ) Fortin Flemie buried: 17 Feb. 1861, died ..., age ... Present: Pierre Paul & Joseph Talbot J. N. Laverlochere P. omi ****************************************************************************** Brothers & sisters of Marcelline Jete 1. Page 48 (M & S) Jetee, Flavie (Louis & Josette Auger, widow of Narcisse Herou) * Paillette / St-Amour Cyrille min. (Cyrille & Felicite Corsin)** m. 8 Aug.1854 R. Delege p. omi witnesses: Augustin Richard & Marguerite Corneiller his wife *N.B: also spelt Heron, Paillette is also spelt Payette / Payet dit St-Amour **N.B. on page 120 (M & S) for St-Amour Cyrille, his wife name is listed as: Felicite Corsin / Prêt-à-Boire /Prêtaboire, from St.-Gabriel parish(Bouchette,Quebec). 2. Page 49 (M & S) Jette, Isabelle maj. (Louis & Josette Auger) St-Amour, Cyrille maj. (Widower of Felicite Corsin) m. 27 June 1852 at the "La Visitation" parish , Bouchette,Quebec. H. Th. Clement p. omi witnesses: Augustin Etier, the father & Augustin Etier, the son ****************************************************************************** Brothers & sisters of Joseph Robillard page 200 (B) Robillard Jules (Baptiste & Flamie Fortin) b.: 1 July1855, born on the 17th of last month godfather.: Joseph Fortin, godmother.: Desanges Mathieu D. Reboul p. omi. Margin note: married Bridget Conelly Page 201 (B) Robillard / Robiard Jules (Jean Baptiste & Euphemie Fortin) b. 4 March 1854, born Jan. 27th godfather: Baptiste Robiard, godmother: Mathilda Robiard R. Deleage p. omi margin note: died & death entered in register 13 April 1854 page 168 (M & S) Robiard Jule (Jean Baptiste & Euphremie Fortin) buried Apr. 13, 1854, died and age .............. Present: Joseph Richard & Jean Baptiste Robiard R. Deleage, p. omi page 199 (B) Robillard Gilbert (Jean & Fremie Fortin) b. 13 June 1857, born Apr. 13th godfather : Joseph Robillard, godmother: Angele Mathieu R. Deleage p. omi page 201 (B) Robillard Moyse (Jean & Euphemie Fortin b. 20 Feb. 1851 at Riviere du Lievre, (i.e. now the Mont-Laurier area, I presume) born Dec. 1st. Godfather: Francois Villeneuve, godmother: Julie Dagenais H. Th. Clement p. omi page 201 (B) Robillard /Robiard Marie Marguerite (Jean Baptiste & Euphemie Fortin) b. 4 March1854, born 18 Aug. 1852 (n.b. this is what is written in the book) godfather.: Xavier Robiard, godmother: Mathilda Robiard R. Deleage p. omi page 115 (M & S) Robillard B. Jean min. (Baptiste & X Justine Fortin, St-Gabriel, Bouchette) Vanasse Olive min. (Francois & Louise Forcier, Riv. Desert, Maniwaki) m. 13 novembre 1865 Ls. Babel p. omi witnesses: Francois Vanasse, the father , & Francois Brouillard page 115 (M&S) Robillard Christine maj. (Jean Baptiste & X Euphemie Fortin) St-Amour Cyrille (widower from his 2nd marriage to Jane Lariviere) m. 18 March 1865 R. Deleage P. omi witnesses: Xavier Robillard & Jean Baptiste Robillard, the two brothers Page 115 (M & S ) Robillard Francois Xavier maj. (Jean Baptiste & Euphemie Fortin) Wilson Mary maj. ( X Edward & Eliza O'Brien) m. 25 Nov.1863 R. Deleage p. omi Witnesses: Daniel Obstead & Marguerite Dormer. Page 115 (M & S ) Robillard Mathilde min. (Jean Baptiste & Fremie Fortin) Talbot Joseph maj. (Francois & Marguerite Desrosier) m. 28 Feb. 1859 J. N. Laverlochere p.omi witnesses: Francois Nault et Amable Foubert page 115 (M & S ) Robillard Michel maj. (Jean Baptiste & X Epheumie Fortin) Donaghoe Mary Ann Maj. (John & Mary Cogan) m. 16 Oct. 1869 R. Deleage p. omi witnesses: Patrick Donaghoe & Marguerit Britt Margin notes: Michel Robillard , second marriage to Mary Connolly, on 21 July1887, at Ste-Famille (i.e. Ste-Famille D'Aumond, Quebec) page 115 (M & S ) Robillard Moise maj. (Jean Baptiste & X Euphemie Fortin) Connelly Catherine min. (Bernard & Anne Kennedy) m. 5 June 1875 F. Therien P. omi witnesses: Francois Xavier Robillard & Dominique Auger CONNELY / CONNELLY page 47 (B) Conly Catherine (Bernard & Ann Kennedy) b. 18 Apr.l 1858, born March 31st godfather.: Pier __?_, godmother: Marie Leblanc R. Paillier p. omi page 47 (B) Conly Ellen ( Barny & Anna Canady) b. 13 Sept. 1863, born Aug. 5th godfather.: Antoine Carrell, godmother. : Bridgett Murphy R. Deleage P. omi margin notes: married John Kembisse, 20 Oct. 20th,1880 page 47 (B) Conly Mary (Bernard & Ann Kanady) b. 8 Feb.1862 at Gracefield, born Jan. 25 godfather: John Carre, godmother: Eulalie Lafond R. Deleage p. omi margin notes: married Michel Robillard (widower of Mary Ann Donoghue) at Ste-Famille d'Aumont, 21 July 1887. Page 47 (B) Conly Philippe (Bernard & Ann Kannady) b. 14 May 1865, born Jan. 31 godfather: John Scollion, godmother: Catherine Groulx R. Deleage p.omi margin notes: married at Maniwaki, May 8, 1940, Madame Delia Bellerive, baptized at Bouchette, widow of Francis Fournier page 47 (B) Connely / Conely Brigite (Bernard & Anna Kanade) b. 20 June 1860, born May 21 godfather: John Mauriss, godmother : Mary Mauriss* J.N. Laverlochere P. omi * I presume that now of days the name would read Maurice page 47 (B) Connely Edouard (Bernard & Ann Kennedy) b. 25 Aug.1867, born May 22 godfather.: William Lynch, godmother:. Anne Karr F. Therien P. omi page 26 ( M & S ) Conly Bernard, maj. (Edouard & Bridget Mculbritz, Co. Limerick, Ireland) Kennedy / Cannady Ann maj. (Michel & Mary Dany, Kings Co, Ireland) m. 17 Oct. 1856 D. Reboul P.omi witnesses: Maurice Linch & Orvin Roche page 26 ( M & S ) Connelly Catherine min. (Bernard & Anne Kennedy) Robillard Moise marj. (Jean Baptiste & X Euphemie Fortin) m. 5 June 1875 F. Therien P. omi witnesses : Francois Xavier Robillard et Dominique Auger Children of Jean Robillard & Olive Vanasse page 199 (B) Robillard Emelie b. Feb. 1, 1867, born the 30th of last month godfather:Isaie Meranger, godmother Melie Chausse R. Deleage,p omi page 200 (B) Robillard Jean Baptiste b. Feb. 3, 1869, born the "eve" godfather: Toussaint Vanasse Godmother: Leizette Vanasse L.Lauzon p. Omi page 200 (B) Robillard, Mathilde b. Nov. 24, 1870 , born the 20th. Godfather: Pierre Chausse Godmother: Desange Mercier F.Therien p. omi page 201 (B) Robillard Moise David (Jean Baptiste & Olive Vanasse) b. Apr. 18, 1875 born on the 14 H. Mauroit p. omi godfather: Francois Xavier Robillard Godmother: Marguerite Vanasse margin notes: married at Maniwaki on the 27th of Aug. 1910, Rose Anna Riel, baptized at Lac Ste-Marie around 1893. Page 201 (B) Robillard Pierre Noël b. Dec. 25, 1872 , born Nov. 27th, R. Deleage p. omi godfather:Pian(de)Chausse godmother: Mani Simon Couverte Children of Francois Robillard & Mary Finn page 200 (B) Robillard, Joseph Wilbrod Edouard b. June 29, 1874, born the "eve" godfather:Wilbrod Beaudoin Godmother: Anny Moreau H.Mauroit p.omi page 200 (B) Robillard Marie Jeanne (Xavier & Marie Finn) b. Aug. 14, 1870, born June 27 godfather: Francois Xavier Perreault Godmother:Emilie Lafreniere Ls Gladu ptre page 200 (B) Robillard Michel (Francois Xavier & Marie Feine / Finn, St-Gabriel)* b. May 19, 1872, born April 3 godfather: Joseph St-Amour, godmother: Marguerite Lacourse F. Therien p. omi * St.-Gabriel parish, Bouchette,Quebec, I presume page 200 (B) Robillard Michel (Xavier & Mary Finn Wilson) b. Oct. 11, 1868, born May 20 godfather: Michel Robillard godmother: Marcelline Jette J.B. Baudin p.omi Children of Michel Robillard & Marie Anne Donahoe page 200 (B) Robillard Marie Anne b. Dec. 26, 1871, born the 24th godfather: Patrick Hebert Godmother: Elizabeth Donahoe JBE Richer p.omi page 200 (B) Robillard Michael John (Michael & Mary Ann O'Donoghue) b. Aug. 14, 1873, born on the 13th godfather: Patrick Donough godmother: Margaret Britt H. Mauroit p.omi page 201 (B) Robillard Patrick (Michel & Mary Ann Donaghoe) b. July 4, 1875, born yesterday godfather: Michael White, godmother : Catherine Donaghoe R. Deleage p.omi MISC Robillard page 201 (B) Robillard Sophie (Joseph & Marcelline Peltier) b. June 6, 1870, born May 29 godfather:... Godmother:... R. Deleage p.omi page 168 (M & S) Robillard Josephine (wife of Joseph Morissette) buried Jan. 24, 1867, died Jan. 22, 1867 at the age of 45 present: Magloire Morissette & Andre Beauregard R. Deleage p.omi Note: See another Robillard page.
March 29, 2004: Hello, I am doing research on the families of Pierre Noel Robillard born about 1872 or 1873 in Maniwaki and Elisabeth Boutin (born 14 Aug in 1875) in Maniwaki. they married 16 July 1895. I would like to find out something about their family and parents. Pierre's mother was Olive. Elisabeth's Boutin father was Elizear Boutin who married in 1866 with Sophie Lacroix. I would love to find out more about them. can you help me where to search for further information? I also would like to know more about William McDonald who married in 1923 with Anne, Olive Robillard (daughter of Pierre Robillard). thanks so much. Emanuela at
June 18, 2004: I have in my geneology line Elizabeth Robillard, born abt. 1870 and died on August 21, 1954. Her parent were Marcelline Jette and Joseph Robillard. When I look in your document on the Robillard Family she is not listed anywhere. Could you help me with this. thanks. Monique
April 18, 2005: I found your site on the net. I may have information on Joseph Robillard. The Joseph I have married my great grandmother (Marie Tanquay) sometime before 1915. I have records of her living in St Jean, Quebec in 1915 as Mrs. Joseph Robillard. Mr. Robillard was Marie's second husband. Her first husband was Adjutor Belanger. My grandmother, Blanche Belanger was born of that marriage in Troy, New York on September 20, 1887. Her brother Wilfred Belanger was born on September 20, 1895. My records show that Wilfred married Aline Ethier, and they had a son, Jacques. Other than the connection to my great grandmother, I have no other information on Joseph Robillard and was thrilled to find this connection. I do have information on Belanger on my grandmother's side back to when they came to Canada in 1642. Does any of this connect? Carla Lakatos Ohio, USA ______________________ Please feel free to use my email and contact information - I am more than happy to share what I have. I did hear from Monique Atkinson and this is the Joseph Robillard who married my great grandmother Marie Laure Tanguay - it is thrilling to fill in missing pieces, isn't it? Regards, Carla Lakatos
September 17, 2005: Hi If there is anyone out there that can help I would be so happy...My roots that I have traced back go to great grandparents were Azarie Pelletier and Lea Quesnel..the kids they had were Delia, Orane, Hector,, Ernest, Arthur, Bertha, Cecile, and Leonard....and my other great grandparents were Michel Robillard 1850 and Mary Connelly 1862 and their kids were Mazie. Frances Xavier, Pierre, Rose Ann, Camile, Nelson, Joseph ,Francois, James, William, Edward, Leon Jules,..and my direct grandparents on my dads side were Ernest Pelletier and Mary Ellen Robillard.if anyone knows any of these people please help me. Thanks in Advance seems as I get older this is more important to me Marilyn
February 8, 2006: Hello I was lucky to get your page ( on the Robillard, very interesting... My husband is a St. Amour dit Payette, from the Maniwaki area, on your site there is mention of one of them, Cyrilles and his 3rd marriage... with a Jette and also his son married a Jette and then a Robillard which the mother was Flemie Fortin, now the two witness at the funeral of Flemie Fortin Robillard one was Pierre Paul, which I believe is the father of Olympe that married also a Payette dit St- Amour, Joseph brother of Cyrilles'son Cyrilles junior... this a little puzzling, I understand what I am typing here...Now my question is Where can I find the book you mentionned... I assumed that I can find some info on Pierre Paul and his wife that I have here in my notes, M Louise Richer... I am blocked in my genealogy there... cant find who they are from and so on..... wonder if you can help me in a way. Thank you ... Odile Gamache St. Amour Payette
New November 12, 2016: The Sisters of Charity, (the Grey Nuns) recruited some of the ladies from the leading French Canadien and Irish families to work with them to care for the victims of the Irish Famine. Here are some of the families who stepped up in 1847. A Mrs. Robillard was one of the volunteers.

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