Rideau Township, Ontario, Canada
(Including North Gower)

Some Pioneer Families

June 2, 2005:


Hello to all, some of you who may be cousins!  Should any of you not be aware, 
a great deal of work has been done on these families.  James Beverley Craig produced 
a book "The Craigs of Goulbourne and North Gower" in 1929 documenting the arrival 
of the Craigs and related Moffatts and Carsons to North Gower.  Subsequently, a 
descendent "monster" Moffatt book was compiled by Margaret Glansfield and Mary Sones, 
"County Cavan to the New World" with very strong contribution from a Pettepiece 
descendent, so there are many families listed.  This publication is currently 
out-of-print, but I have undertaken to do something about that, on behalf of Mary Sones, 
in the next few years, whose work I would like to continue as possible.  In the meantime, 
there are copies of both at the Ottawa branch of the Ontario Genealogical Society and 
Rideau Archives in North Gower.  I am more than happy to do look-ups on behalf of 
Mary and Margaret, should you not have access.  I also have the "Whose Where" Kars and 
other local cemeteries book (Ontario Genealogical Society, well worth the price), 
which also fills in some of the links not in County Cavan, in conjunction with the 
census data etc.

As well, a McEwen North Gower descendent has a large volume of the inter-related 
families.  I do not have the reference or the book, but can try to post it when I 
locate the reference.

... Leslie
June 6, 2005:
Thanks to Ruth who has submitted this link to the Wallace and Pettapiece pioneers in the North Gower area. The web site has many interesting old photographs including a "Photograph of William Muir and John (Jock) Wallace. John Wallace, son of Andrew Wallace and Ellen Fulton, (Lanark Society Settlers in 1820) b: 1810; d: 1873; m: 1. Jane Muir; 2. Margaret Tierney; 3. Mary Montgomery" Hooked in with my Smyth research is the UEL Wood line-Col Smyth's wife was a Wood. She was also 1st cousin of Leonard Wood who was the only compassionate enough citizen to provide the Jews of Ottawa with land to bury their dead, away out Bank Street-next to the Wood Cemetery (where, by the way, the Smyths are buried.) More Woods than that too. Then Col. Smyth's eldest son, Charles Mathias Smyth married a Sheffield (granddaughter to Philemon's brother, Thomas Wright, PW). The Smyth - Eastman connection is amazing and then there is a Hurdman one too! I feel like I relive the history of Bytown and Ottawa when I work on 'my families'!!
Another major area family research project has been a Crozier family who were centered originally on the boundaries of Elizabethtown, Wolford and Augusta. I completed a 324-page book about them in 2003 entitled "... On To Prescott" The Family History of John Crozier of Ballinamore, Leitrim 1832-2003. which is in the Ottawa Room at the Ottawa Library. That family includes an early Ottawa Labour leader whose grave at Beechwood, it would be fun to see included in the Ottawa tourist tours of Beechwood along with the great and lofty!! Maybe a bit about him from the book would fit somewhere on your site?! ... Ruth

Genealogical Research: CROZIER / CROSIER from County Leitrim, Ireland to Elizabethtown Twp, Leeds County ON and Wolford County, Grenville County ON http://home.cc.umanitoba.ca/~wyatt/crozier.html WILCOX / WILCOCK (and IRETON) from Drummany Townland, County Cavan to Elizabethtown Twp, Leeds County ON; and to Victoria, Australia SMITH from Co. Londonderry to New Boston, NH to Chatham Twp, Argenteuil County QC, to Pontiac County QC http://www.smithfamilypages.org/ and connecting line of the lumbering McConnell family McANAUL / McNAUL / McNAUEAL from Muff, N. Ireland to Eardley Quebec JOHNSTON Robert (son of John Johnston & Mary Wilson) from Co. Wexford, Ireland to Kitley Twp, Leeds County ON GILHULY / GILHOOLEY GILHOOLY etc... from County Sligo, Ireland, to Montague Twp, Lanark County ON BROWN / WALLACE from Rutherglen, Scotland to Dalhousie Twp, Lanark County ON and North Gower, ON McEWEN from Wexford, Ireland to New York state to Cornwall, ON (UEL line) to North Gower, Ontario SMYTH Manchester England to Patterson, NJ, to New Haven CT to Ottawa (Smyth Road!) MATHEWS from Sligo Town to Patterson, NJ, to New Haven CT to Ottawa SHEFFIELD / WRIGHT from England to New England (Woburn, MA) to Hull and Chelsea QC WOOD from England to New England 1630s to Cornwall. ON (UEL line) to Ottawa, Ontario YOUNG / GOODWIN from County Tipperary, Ireland to the District of Clarendon, Quebec HARBRIDGE from Cheshire England to Gravenhurst, ON TRUAX (DU TRIEUX) from Roubaix, France via Leiden, Holland, New Amsterdam, to Schenectady, NY, USA and to Ontario
June 30, 2006: Hi I saw a message from Leslie on the "Bytown or Bust" website --Leslie, I thought I'd see if you knew anything about the Craig and Jamieson connection in North Gower. I don't have access to the book you mention ("The Craigs of Goulbourn and North Gower"). There is a James Jamieson 1834-1884 on my family tree who married Mary Ann Craig 1840-1925 -- both of North Gower. I have tracked their descendants for 1 or 2 generations after that but have nothing further and would be interested in getting in touch with living descendants if that's possible -- or at least, to find out where some of the families moved so I can continue tracking them down myself. I have a lot of information about the Jamieson family that descendants today might be interested in, plus I'm hoping to find others who might have information to fill in the gaps. My Jamieson family moved to Ontario in 1818 and to North Gower in 1840 -- I've always understood that the Craigs were cousins back in Ireland -- possibly they all moved together? Possibly the Mary Ann Craig who married James Jamieson was a cousin of his? If anyone can give me a lead on these people, I'd really appreciate it. Thanks, Jean (Jamieson) Nielsen ______________________ also posted on June 30, 2006: Hi Cousin Jean, Yes, they are definitely in the "County Cavan to the New World" book, which has a Moffatt focus, but covers many Craigs too and Mary Ann was a "Moffatt", so they have a chapter on the couple, but it is a short one, unfortunately for your interests (1 page and a bit). The authors tried to do as you are doing for all the lines and obviously found a descendent in Edmonton, so there is some detail on the William and Fred child lines. It will take a bit for me to check James Beverley's Craig 1929 book, as it has no index, so will see if it has more (it may not, as the Cavan authors had the Craig book). In my own database, from a secondary source, I have John Jamieson and Matilda Hill as the original immigrants to Lanark County - is that right? Were they from County Cavan? If so, your cousin story would be entirely plausible. The Craigs did not start arriving until 1830. The second party came in 1839/40. Since I have Mary Ann's and James' children in my database, it would be easy to add the rest of the descendents in the book and sent it to you, if this would be of help. I would of course be very interested in your research as well. Leslie ____________________ Hi Leslie Thanks so much for getting back to me so quickly! The Jamiesons are from Londonderry area. I'm a little sketchy on my Irish ancestors as of yet -- here is what I do know, based on what a Jamieson ancestor wrote about the Irish Jamiesons: "The family is of Scotch extraction and came to Ireland in Cromwell's time. The original home of the family in Ireland was at Culleyramor (also known as Gettystown) about two and one half miles from the Town of Garvah, County of Londonderry. My great grandfather, grandfather and father all resided there. In 1883 I visited the place and was in the house in which my grandfather resided and in which my father was born. The property was then owned by Hugh Rankin Morrison of Moneydig. Moneydig is about half a mile distant. In the graveyard at Moneydig I saw the graves of Archibald Jamieson and Robert Jamieson. They were first cousins of my grandfather and their old residences "Brookfield" and "Farmhill" are in the neighbourhood...."

And here is what my gr-grandfather wrote about the Craigs: "William Jamieson, father of John Jamieson and grandfather of J.S. Jamieson was born in the parish of Aghadoey, County of Londonderry on the 15th March 1790. He learned the wheel-wright trade with his cousin, William Craig. He afterwards spent two years in Country Antrim." I don't know whether any of that would show a connection to County Cavan? You asked about John and Matilda, and whether they were the original settlers. Certainly they were the oldest of the Jamiesons who came, but I'm not sure if they were the FIRST to come. Their son William and family came in 1818/19 and I'm forced to assume that the parents came with them, but have no proof. They might have come a year or two later. Any records I've found so far have had William's name on them, in the earliest years. I sure wish I could find the ship records. It's one of the big mysteries we'd love to clear up (i.e. when John and Matilda actually came). Until some better proof comes along, however, we do assume that John and Matilda came at the same time as their son and family, so yes, they would probably be the original Jamieson settlers. Of course I'm happy to share whatever I can with you. If you already have Mary Ann and James' children in your database, I can't help you with much more other than to confirm dates or something -- if you have some going on down to the present, you could certainly help me! I'm not surprised you found them in Alberta because, of course, that's where Mary Ann died. Do you have a website I could go to, to look at them? Or is it something you have to tediously do yourself? (that's the stage I'm at, I'm afraid). And finally -- already since writing you, I found a website that had some information about Mary Ann and family, taken from the "The Craigs of Goulbourn and North Gower", which had the following extract: "... about April 1st, 1840, [Thomas] set out, with his wife and family of eight sons and two daughters, on the vessel "Industry" for the new land... Several of the Moffatts, who were related to Thomas' wife, came with the Second Party at this time. Other members of the Moffatt family (the mother of John Kerr, North Gower) came from Ireland in 1842, two years later... On arriving in Canada, The Party followed the St. Lawrence route as far as Montreal, where they took a shorter course up the Ottawa River to Bytown, and from thence continued their way to North Gower Township. They were met at Bytown by Hugh's son, James Craig, Senior (1-2-6) who carried the infant, Mary Ann, in his arms through the forest to their destination. They lived for three months with Thomas' cousin, Robert Graham, and first considered the purchase of the West half of Lot 20, Con. 3, upon which Robert Allen Craig, Senior (1-2-6-6) now resides. Upon the advice of his brothers, however, he settled on a bush farm, Lot 12, Con. 3, the present occupants of which are his great-grand-daughter, Sarah Anne and her husband, Matthew Arbuckle. They lived here for about one year, when they permanently removed to the West or Rear half of Lot 13, Con. 2, North Gower Township, the Moffatt family settling on the East or Front half of the same lot. " From Website: http://www.istop.com/~tremblay/history/craigfam.htm This may be all the book has, for my purposes. I don't want you to spend too much time duplicating what someone else already put on the Internet! Sorry this is so long. It's great to meet you, Jean
New May 1, 2007: Hello, I recently found your bytown.net site that mentioned the Brown and Wallace families. I am the g-g-g-g-g granddaughter of Andrew Wallace & Ellen Fulton. Here is my line: Andrew Wallace & Ellen Fulton Jean Wallace & James Brown Andrew Brown & Rachael McEwan Jennie Brown & David Brown (cousin's of some sort) >>> (3 more generations clipped ... Al) I would be happy to fill in any of my direct line for you, if you need/want it. I am trying to locate more info on the Wallace and Brown families and would appreciate any and all help you can provide. I look forward to hearing from you. =0) Michelle _____________________ Hello to All and especially to Michelle who started this correspondence. As usual, it's great for me to discover yet another of my Wallace - Brown cousins. Leslie and I have already crossed paths discussing our McEwen et al. connections, emanating from North Gower, where our Wallaces and Browns finally settled after giving up on Lanark's charming but rocky Dalhousie Twp!! Like Michelle, I too am a descendant of James & Jean (Wallace) Brown who in 1828 left behind in Rutherglen, Scotland a large and close (from all I can tell) Brown-Parks family of parents and siblings who I've been tracking--but that's another story--to join already-arrived family, the Wallaces (in particular Jean's parents), Parks, and Browns. James & Jean's 5-year old son, Andrew Brown, who came with them on the ship (with siblings 7-year old John and barely 3-year old Ellen), is my grandfather too (for me a gg!). Just three years ago, in the company of a descendant of one of our Wallace grandparents' neighbour families (the Easton family), I walked the length and breadth of the Wallace land in Dalhousie to which James & Jean and their children came in 1828. I am convinced James and Jean would have been with the Wallaces on "The Prompt" back in 1820, had 18-year old Jean's first pregnancy not wisely curtailed it (it would have been *very* late-stage pregnancy indeed, just in time for arrival in the Canadian bush when the cold of autumn was closing in). It must have been an emotionaI reunion for all concerned eight years later, when James and Jean finally *did* arrive, by now with a wee girl, and two little boys in tow, as well as new-born Agnes in Jean's arms (named for her Brown grandmother just left behind in Scotland); Jean had given birth in mid Atlantic! As I stood and looked out over exquisite little Lake Nairn and tried to visualize it all, I appreciated my heritage in a kind of moving 'on-site' way. Now, Michelle, I AM eager, to hear the family history from YOUR perspective, a descendant of a *daughter* of Andrew! And even more eager because Jennie married her cousin David Brown! I am the g granddaughter of James Brown, the eldest son of Andrew Brown and his first wife Rachel McEwen. James married Gertrude Smyth, who in turn brought into our Brown-Wallace branch of the family all her connections to other Ottawa-area families, Wright, Sparks, Wood, Eastman, Hurdman, Sheffield, and the Smyth family of Smyth Road. ... Ruth Brown

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