Rideau Canal and Bytown Property Records, 1835 and other years

New January 19, 2016:
Here is another good resource for researching the Rideau Canal. The book 
Labourers on the Rideau Canal, 1826-1832: From Work Site to World Heritage Site, edited by Katherine M.J. McKenna, 
Borealis Press, Ottawa, 2008, ISBN 978-0-88887-355-2. It contains an article by Professor Bruce Elliott called 
Tracing Your Rideau Canal Ancestors: Records of Labourers, Squatters and Tenants on the Rideau Canal.

The following names have been transcribed from the records of the management of property and tolls in the Bytown area.

These records are from Library and Archives Canada. Alternately they are on ancestry.ca . To search them digitally,
first start ancestry.ca on your computer (requires a subscription) or start ancestry.com/institution from a public
library or local historical society who will probably have a free subscription.

Then do a search for "Rideau Canal" without the quotes or click on the link below:


Note: There are 260 digitized pages for these records at ancestry.ca. The few records recorded here begin at page 165.

Here is the Rideau Canal records screen which pops up when we click on the following link:


Rideau Canal Records, Ottawa to Kingston, Ontario, Canada
We can then browse the records. Note: There are a great many! Thanks to Pauline Johns for bringing this link to our attention. ... Al Wellington Street Penhey Esq. (Hamnett Pinhey) Captain Andrew Wilson Benjamin Rathwell Richard Ayres William Naughty W. Bleasdale (Blaisdell ?) A. Ryan
Sample of the original records: Wellington Street, Bytown /Ottawa in 1835
Vittoria Street Charles Hardy George Rankin John Murphy Robert Drummond John Rochester Ralph Smith Rideau Street William Hall Thomas Sullivan G. Clements Joseph Quinlan L. Grisson James Kealy James Finch John Frost F.H. Fortin G. Clements James Black Pierre Longere John Miller Paul Phillion (Filion ?) Luke Depenser Wesleyan Methodist Chapel James Black Robert Duke Daniel McKinnon Alexander Shireff / Sherriff (House at Fitzroy Harbour) William Davis William Hamilton John Carruthers Louis Laporte Richard Thomas Martin McPherson Charles Falter ? Andrew Hale Amable Thibeau Grant Forrest

Sussex Street John McInnis Simon Fraser Peter McKellar John Litle George Preston James Murphy John Hickey Paul LaMothe Louis Rainville Charles Sparrow C. Clouthier George Wilmott Francois Beauparlant Jean Baptiste Omier (Aumier) William Barnett Daniel Fisher William Greer William Stewart George Street Watson Litle Donald McArthur John Little / Litle William Northgraves Charles Friel James Black Joseph Thibeau Thomas Hickey Robert Moore Louis LaPointe Charles Rainville Andrew Tandereau Michael O'Neil Sissier Oalket ??? (No idea) Luke Baurrie J.B. Aumier Francois Deloshe Vital Oilandre ? John Prentiss / Prentice J.B. Coutourier John Frost Thomas Donnelly Louis Rainville _______ Walkley / Walkely James Healy J.B. Crapeau / Creeau York Street Charles Friel Angus McGillivray Hugh Falls Isaac Sharpley Louis Longpris Alexi Pellant Justin DuBroy J.B. Lavoix Anthony Swallwell Harriet Parrenteau James Hooper James Duff John Frost Joseph Gallipeau / Galipeau Hugh McClelland Clarence Street J.B. Berthelet Patrick Duggan William Graham Stephen Ryan John Ryan Thomas Walsh John McInnis Patrich Mahar / Maher / Meagher James Wiggans / Wiggins J.B. Lavoix Charles Friel Hugh McClelland Murray Street Michael Labadier John Tehen / Teehan / Teehan Patrick Duggan William Graham William Link (Ling?) Robert Wallace John Wallace Andrew Haskett / Haskett William Graham Francois Beauparlant Joseph Nicholas St. Patrick Street Samuel Kipp Jeremiah McCarthy Michael Bordin (sp ?) Louis Grisson / Grison Pierre La Clair / Leclerc J.J. Lariviere Joseph Nicholas Reverend A. McDonnell J.J. Lariviere Labasse Payafare (sp ?) Henry Doner

Church Street Robert Fairbairn James Fitzgerald Michael Coyle Michael Cunningham Patrick Ryan James Grant Patrick Diarmid / McDermott? Patrick McEwan / McEwen Robert Cuvas (sp ?) Patrick Young Daniel Knott Michael Sullivan Robert Cummings Timothy Ryan William Gillespie St. Andrews Street James Grant Patrick McDiarmid / McDermott? Patrick McEwan Robert Curns (sp ?) Donald Knott Michael Sullivan Robert Cummings Timothy Ryan William Gillespie Michael Cunningham John Gordon King Street Thomas Aylen Charles Sparrow John Sparrow Joseph Coombs Cumberland Street J. Baptiste St. Louis Augusta Street Daniel McKinnon Lands Adjoining Bytown William Graham Michael Collins John Minnis Daniel Smith S. Waterman Little Island Charles Dubois Market House Charles Sparrow and others not named

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