Richard TOBIN and Bridget CORCORAN
Lot 25, Concession 5, Osgoode Township in 1879
now part of the City of Ottawa, Canada

Painting by Ruth McMillan in 1976
Shows the Head of the Rideau Canal Locks in Ottawa, Canada in 1893

	1  	Richard Tobin	 1810 -
..		+Bridget Corcoran	 1816 -
.......	2  	William Tobin	1839 -
.......	2  	John Tobin	1841 - 1921
...........		+ Bridget Coleman	1845 - 1916
.......	2  	Richard Tobin	1843 -
...........		+Mary Ann Fanning   	d/o John James Fanning and Margaret Mary Fallon
................	3  	Joseph Patrick Tobin	
....................		+Charlene Gertrude Warnock	
.......	2  	Martin Tobin	1845 -
.......	2  	Michael Tobin	1847 -
.......	2  	Ellen Tobin	1852 -
.......	2  	Patrick Tobin	1854 -
.......	2  	James Tobin	1856 -

Note: According to the 1861 Census for Osgoode Township, the first two 
children of Richard Tobin and Bridget Corcoran were born in the USA.

Richard Tobin Jr. (born 1843) went to San Francisco in 1904 and others went to
Saskatchewan in 1909 according to Dorothy Tobin Swann  who is also researching 
this family.

Here's an e-mail from Dorothy: I was very excited to see your web site of Bytown or Bust. You list my GGGF 4. Richard Tobin m Bridget Corcoran and have a notation see Tobin history. Where do I get that Tobin history?? My desc are 3. Richard Jr/Mary Ann Fanning> 2.Joseph Patrick/Charlene Gertrude Warnock>1. Walter William/Mary Minnetta Stoddard. Richard Jr and family moved to San Francisco, California in 1904 and some to Saskatchewan in 1909. I would like to have any references that you might have on my family. Mary Ann Fanning parents were John James Fanning and Margaret Mary Fallon. I have that those families immigrated c. 1818-1820. The Fanning/Fenning you list do not match my known family members. Thank you. Dorothy Tobin Swann San Diego
Here's an e-mail from Gary Valcour who is also researching the TOBINs to the south of Ottawa: > My gggrandfather was Thomas Tobin born about 1803 in Ireland. He married > Margaret ? and they had 5 children of whom I have some information. This > family lived on a farm outside Kemptville Ontario as late as the 1960s. I > wondered if the Richard Tobin who married Bridget Corcoran was possibly a > brother or cousin of Thomas. Thomas and a James Tobin are listed in the > 1861 Census as both living at the same place and I've always assumed they > were brothers or cousins. > > If you have any indication that Richard and Thomas may have been related, > could you advise me. > > Best of luck in your continuing research. > > Regards, > > Gary Valcour Gary: Here's a connection which I found last night: Timothy McGahey and Mary Tobin of Kemptville, had a daughter Nora Edith McGahey, born Apr 22, 1917. Nora married Patrick BERGIN or BERRIGAN s/o Jack BERGIN and Margaret DELANEY from Lot 9, Concession 2, Nepean (Fallowfield / Jockvale area). They were married at Holy Cross RC Church, Kemptville, on Aug 12, 1947. I'll continue to watch for Tobin's. Do you mind if I put your e-mail onto my web site, with your e-mail address as a contact for Tobins? ... Al ----- Original Message ----- From: "Gary Valcour" To: ; "Al Lewis" Sent: Thursday, November 09, 2000 4:49 PM Subject: Tobins south of Ottawa Ontario
Also, in Kemptville, June 30, 1853, Moses TOBIN married Maria McSWEENY. Source: one of the Ottawa Newspapers in 1853. At Ottawa Public Library, Ottawa Room.
Here's one from Fran - Feb 8, 2001 I was looking through the Bytown or Bust website and ran across the name Tobin. I am researching the Kalahar's (Kelleher , Kallaugher, etc.). My gr aunt Mary Kalahar married a Patrick Tobin. This Patrick according to our family history was born in 1855 and Mary was born in 1851; they had 4 children that I know of. James, John, Thomas & Mary. Is it possible this is the same Patrick? I have no information on Patrick's siblings or parents to confirm this but thought someone else might.. The Kalahar family originally came to Montreal from Co. Sligo, Ireland and then moved to the Westport, ONT area and then to Mid-Michigan. Love to hear from anyone with more information.
August 29, 2003: 1881 Census Place: Osgoode, Russell, Ontario, Canada Source: FHL Film 1375865 NAC C-13229 Dist 104 SubDist G Div 2 Page 29 Family 128 Sex Marr Age Origin Birthplace Occ Religion Richard TOBIN M M 74 Irish Ireland Farmer Catholic Bridget TOBIN F M 70 Irish Ireland Catholic James TOBIN M 23 Irish Ontario Farmer Catholic
December 21, 2003: Hello, have you any information on a builder named Richard Tobin of Bytown registered in the 1881 census? Sylvia Shawcross ______________________

1881 Census Place: By Ward, Ottawa, Carleton, Ontario, Canada Source: FHL Film 1375866 NAC C-13230 Dist 105 SubDist D Div 2 Page 51 Family 264 Sex Marr Age Origin Birthplace Occ Religion Richard TOBIN M M 37 Irish Ontario Builder Catholic Mary Ann TOBIN F M 34 Irish Ontario Catholic (Fanning / Fenning ?) Florence TOBIN F 15 Irish Ontario Catholic Helen May TOBIN F 13 Irish Ontario Catholic Annie TOBIN F 11 Irish Ontario Catholic Marguerit TOBIN F 9 Irish Ontario Catholic Mary Ann TOBIN F 7 Irish Ontario Catholic Joseph TOBIN M 4 Irish Ontario Catholic John TOBIN M 1 Irish Ontario Catholic Note: Within the past year or so, the Newsletter of the Osgoode Township Historical Society published an old photograph of about a dozen elderly Fenning sisters. One of them MAY have been Mary Ann who married Richard Tobin. ... Al
March 20, 2004: Hello, Dorothy, I am researching the family of James Tobin, born 8/31/1851. He is my wife's great-great grandfather. I suspect that Richard Tobin, born 1/28/1847 may be his brother, as they both are listed in Essex County, Ontario in the 1901 census. I would love to have any information you may have, especially if it would help me locate James' (and Richard's?) parents. The Richard Tobin listed at (where I found your email address), has sons named James and Richard, but both birth years listed there, presumably also from census records, are each a few years off from my Tobins. Any ideas? Thanks, Bruce Kuennen Idaho, USA
March 29, 2004: Hi there Tobin researchers, As far as I know, we are not related to the Tobins, but they were on/shared/B&S our land for years near Kemptville. The earliest record that I have at hand is the 1851 census, where Thomas and James has 50 acres each on the same lots and concessions of my great great grandfathers (lots 29 and 30, Concession 4). James was a farmer from Ireland, RC, 49, married to Mary 30. Ch: John b. Can 12 Margaret 14 Ellen 10 Catherine they lived next to some Hurlbert relations and near both sets of my great great grandparents Thomas was a farmer from Ireland RC age 48 married to Margaret from Scotland age 50 Ch: John b. Can 17 Margaret 13 I think I indexed descendents when I did the page in "automated genealogy" for 1901. We must have done a few barn-raising and other bees together! I think there still may be some Tobins near Kemptville. ... Leslie
April 5, 2005: Hi, William John Tobin is my grandfather, he is the son of John Tobin (w. Bridget Coleman) and the gson of Richard Tobin (wife Bridget Corcoran). I noticed that information about John and Richard was posted on this website: . Have you been able to obtain any additional information on this line since the website was created, specifically have you been able to find out vital statistics about Charles Tobin, the father of Richard Tobin? Thanks so much for your help. ... Phyllis e-mail: __________________

Hi Phyllis: Thanks for your e-mail regarding the early Tobins in the Ottawa area. I have some old church records which mention early Tobin names, but no record of Charles who is the father of Richard Tobin. (Thanks for this, we didn't have any info before Richard). There is a Richard Tobin mentioned in an 1829 document (the McCabe List) from Bytown. This Richard Tobin had a nephew, David O'Meara, who was in Bytown in 1829, but his uncle, Richard Tobin had not come to Ottawa yet. This Richard Tobin was from County Kilkenny, Ireland. Do you know if your Richard Tobin came from Kilkenny and if he was related to some O'Mearas? David O'Meara is buried at Our Lady of the Visitation cemetery at South Gloucester as are many Tobins. Do you mind if I add your e-mail and e-mail address to our web site as a contact for other researchers? There are some new researchers who have joined in recently and they may be related to these Tobins. Please let me know. Thanks again for this. ... Al __________________ Hi Al, Thanks for your response. I do not have any more information on Richard Tobin except that he was born between 1805 and 1810 in Ireland. This is all new information for me so I will have to do some more research. Please share my email with the web site. Thank you so much, Phyllis
June 19, 2008: Hello, I found you all at I was looking for info on Charles Tobin, he is the father of Richard Tobin ( wife Bridget Corcoran). Richard Tobin is my GGG gr.father , from Ireland. I don't know what part of Ireland he is from or anything about Charles his father. Any help would be great. Thanks, ... Patrick Tobin Texas
June 26, 2008: Hello, I am trying to find where in Ireland Richard Tobin came from. I am Lisa Tobin-Carley. Richard 1808 is my GGG Grf. MyGF is Charles Ormand 1902.
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