The 99th and 100th Regiment of Foot
and the Richmond Military Settlement, 1818
Goulbourn Township, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
also the Perth Military Settlement (1816) and the Lanark Military Settlement (1820)

December 11, 2003:
Wes Cross has re-written and elaborated on his original material on the regiments which
were disbanded in Richmond in 1818. It now resides on his web site.

November 1, 2014: Mr. Jim Stanzell is an expert regarding the early settlers in Goulbourn, including the soldiers who were disbanded from the 100th Regiment of Foot. The following link will lead you to Jim Stanzell's web site.
April 27, 2003: See the George Playter page for more details regarding the military in the early 19th century.
July 6, 2003: Good evening Wes, Ron & Al, My name is Jenny Watson from Melbourne, Australia. Last night I was surfing the Net and came across your very interesting article "The Regiments of the Richmond Military Settlement - The 37th, 99th and 100th Regiments". My paternal ggg-grandfather Cornelius (REDEY) REEDY served with the 97th Regt of Foot and according to some research I got done years ago at the PRO London, he was discharged in Upper Canada on 24th February 1815. It was very interesting in reading your article where you mention the renumbering of units including the 97th to the 96th. I was also very interested in how you went on to describe the settlements and deals that the soldiers got when they decided to settle in Canada. I have had a lot of trouble tracing Cornelius after he left the Army. I know he married Eleanor KANE on 6 Jun 1812 in St. Mary's Cathedral, Limerick, Ireland and that their daughter Elizabeth was born circa 1827, where unknown, married my gg-grandfather James LE SUEUR in Jersey, Channel Islands on 12 Sept 1847 and they had 5 children prior to migrating here to Australia in 1856 and having 5 more children. What I am wondering is do you know of any avenues I can further explore in trying to find out whether Cornelius stayed in Canada or not. Once again thank you all for a most interesting article. Regards Jenny Watson ______________________________ Hello Jenny, I did not have any luck finding your man in the Ontario records that I accessed but will keep my eye out for him. The 97th was one of the regiments which was renumbered as the 96th in 1815 and disbanded in 1818 The 98th were renumbered as the 97th and disbanded at the same time. Once again there could be some confusion between the two. In any case, both regiments were in Canada in 1815 before returning to the British Isles and this would have been an ideal time for your man to have taken his leave from the regiment, as many soldiers did on learning that the regiments were to be reduced. Since both were in Quebec at the time, it is very possible that your Cornelius ended up there. The Lower Canada (Quebec) land records may prove productive. I will see what I can find. Ron Dale _____________________________ Jenny, I did a quick look on "google" for Cornelius Reedy and got numerous hits. Have you been through all of these? There are a considerable number of variants to the spelling of the name. I have checked the Upper Canada Land Indexes for all of the Reedy variants that come to mind but do not have access to the Lower Canada Land Indexes, which are available on microfilm but not in our local library. Ron _____________________________ From Wes Cross, also posted on July 6, 2003: Hi Jenny- Like Ron, I have had a similar lack of results. My resources are more limited, so that shouldn't be taken as a definitive dead end. The Quebec Land Records might be a good place to check, as well as the parish records for the regimental church in Quebec City for any birth records that might suggest his residence in that area. The LDS site should help with that search. I'm not sure which church was the 97th's official church, but the LDS records will overcome that. I haven't seen any Ready names from that era in Quebec (I'm in Montreal myself). To see an overview of available resources on Quebec family history see Since Quebec is primarily a French-Catholic enclave within Canada the bulk of the material available doesn't relate to Irish immigrants, however the method of arrival (as a soldier) and the possibility of a land grant does create a number of possibilities beyond church records. Ron has outlined those, and I'd be hard-pressed to suggest a different approach. Happy hunting! Wes Cross
September 19, 2003: Hi Wes - I recently discovered that St. Gabriel Presbyterian in Montreal was the church where my Thompson ancestors baptized two children, in the perioed 1812-1814. The progenitor John, was probably not military. He was a cordwainer from Newcastle, NBL, Eng. The five battalions of the line that were in Lower Canada prior to the onset of the war of 1812 appear to be based in Montreal, and then later were on the Settlement rolls at Perth 1818. I noticed on your site, which addressed the Richmond depot, that Quebec city was thought to be the base of operations for some of the regiments. The renumbering seemed to occur with regiments that were directed toward Richmond. The information that I used to compare origin at Perth was a listing of settlement duties on the web (I didn't spend a lot of time on it.) Is there any archival material that you know of, that would explain which of the two base camps were used by which regiments? Regards, Bill Thompson

September 30, 2003: Captain Galbraith James JOYNT retired to half pay from the 103rd Regiment in 1818 after fighting in Copenhagen and throughout the War of 1812. According to family legend, he was one of the settlers who cut the trail to Richmond.
October 10, 2003: See the John GIBSON web page for an example of discharge papers from the 99th Regiment.
April 22, 2008: Thank you for a most interesting site. My Name is Lynne Sanders-Braithwaite and I am research assistant for Peter Knox who is writing a thesis on a woman poet by the name of Melinda Kendall. We had shamefully minimal knowledge of the connection between Australia and Canada in the 18th and 19th centuries until we began to research her parents. Her father was a Patrick McNally of the 100 regiment of foot. He was court-martialled at Chambly, Quebec on Oct 31 1812 - convicted we think , of treason and transported via England to Australia where he spent the rest of his life. Also In Canada was his wife Judith. We have been given the surnames Kilfroy (Guilfoyle / Kilfoyle?) and McDermott in connection with her. Two children , William and Mary, were born to them in Canada. App 1808 and 1810. We know that Judith sailed from England to Australia in 1814 in the same convoy as Patrick having has a 3rd child Eliza in the UK in 1813 but do not know which ship she left Canada in nor when. Being novices in the area of Canadian Research (although well fired with imagination and interest now ) we have been unable to locate court martial records for Chambly. We wonder also whether Judith was an Irish girl (Patrick was born app 1788 in Roscommon) or a Canadian girl. We note also that many of the Place names are commonplace here in Australia as well. Such as Nepean and Goulburn. If you are able to provide any details or simply background images we would really be very grateful. The site is helping to expand our limited understanding already. Our web site is located at Yours ... Lynne E-mail: __________________________ Note: The above web site has links to some good resources for researching records in Australia. Also, for an example of a pardon granted to prisoners after serving their time, usually as indentured workers in Australia, see http://www.tierneytimothypardon.htm ... Al
February 5, 2009:
Recruitment area for the 99th Regiment of Foot in Ireland, 1804-1805. Source: For King and Canada, by A. Barry Roberts, page 11. Map of Recruitment area for 99th Regiment of Foot in Ireland in 1804
Anne Burgess has sent in a link to the U.K. National Archives which has records of the members of the 99th Regiment. See"
March 8, 2011: See also the interesting story of William Fitzpatrick.

September 26, 2011
Map of Military Settlements in Eastern Upper Canada Source: Map appears in Perth: Tradition and Style in Eastern Ontario, by A. Larry Turner, page 12 Original Map is in the National Map Collection at Library and Archives Canada, #15,712 Map of Military Settlements in Upper Canada

January 8, 2013: Thanks to Jane Cronin for sending along the discharge papers for Peter Cavanagh who belonged to the 99th Regiment of Foot and settled in Goulbourn Township. This is a wonderful copy of the document.
Document Source: Discharge Papers of Private Peter Cavanagh, 99th Regiment of Foot
Here is an interesting talk which will be given on January 19, 2013 at 1:00 P.M. titled "Shipwrecks and Sorrows: Maiden Voyage of the 100th Regiment of Foot in 1805". This presentation will be given by Mr. Kurt Johnson who is a member of the Goulbourn Township Museum. New: September 12, 2014: See a book by Mr. Kurt Johnson published June 2013 below on this page posted today ... Al ... Al
February 3, 2013: Hello Mr. Lewis, My name is William and I am working on a project that is focused on the 100th (H.R.H Prince Regent’s County of Dublin) Regiment of Foot, its members, and their families. I am contacting you as I came across your email address during my research on the regiment and felt that my project may be of interest to you. I would be very interested to learn about a 100th Regiment ancestor, your interest in the period, or any information concerning the 100th that you may have come across. I have a website at and a Facebook page at!/100thregiment. Should you feel that others may be interested in contacting me, please feel free to distribute my email address. I look forward to hearing from you. Sincerely William
March 17, 2014: Al We have seen his signature in births and deaths in Nepean area vital stats. Here is what you didn't know: Taylor
Dr. Crawford of Richmond Keywords: Dr. Collis, Colonel George T. Burke, Queenston Heights, Margaret Burke Death of Dr. Crawford of Richmond, Ontario, Canada

September 12, 2014: Booklet (part of the Historical Society of Ottawa Bytown Pamphlet Series, # 87): Some 1812 Richmond Soldiers / Settlers, by Kurt Johnson, ISSN 978-920960-30-1
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