Albert Joseph RICHER / RITCHIE
Limoges / Ottawa

 August 29, 2002:
I am doing research on my father's parents.  My father was Albert Joseph Richer, born 
June 3 1914, Limoges Ontario and died June 7 1994 Ottawa, Ontario.
His parents are a bit of a mystery.  His mothers name could have been Alice and her last 
name was McKay.  I do now that Alice McKay did have an Irish background.  I don't know 
if she was born here in Canada or Ireland.  Alice McKay had a sister Mary, who married in Ottawa to Damas Bonefant of Pinhey Street, who operated a street car for the city, and a brother, Arthur McKay who married and moved to Niagara Falls.  Apparently, Alice McKay died when she was in her early 20's of TB, leaving my father to be raised by his Aunt Mary McKay.  If this was the case what happened to Albert's  father, (first name unknown) Richer.  When my father was growing up he was told that his parents were killed in a train crash when he was only 6 months old.
My father married my mother in the late 1950's.  She was only 15 and my father was in 
his 40's.  Albert later changed his name to Ritchie, then changing his name to Richer 
again when they divorced in the 70's.
I hope someone out there can help me solve this mystery.
Thank you for your time,
Diane Ritchie
Diane: You should be able to get the name of Albert Joseph Richer's parents from the registers of the Catholic church in Limoges. This would be recorded on his birth record in 1914. The Mormon Church on Prince of Wales Drive in Ottawa probably has a microfilm reel of the records for that church. Sometimes the spelling by the priests was creative ... McKay could be McKee, Mackie, etc. Once you have the parents names, you could check for them in the 1901 Census. There are some Richer families in Limoges in the 1881 census. Some of the parents were born in Quebec. ... Al

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