Pioneer RICHARDSON Family of March Township, Ontario, Canada
from County Tipperary, Ireland to Ottawa, Ontario, Canada in 1819 aboard the ship Camperdown
Richardson Side Road in Kanata, Ontario

May 10, 2009:

An enquiry came in yesterday regarding the original stone house built by the Richardson family 
on the Richardson Side Road in Kanata.

Here is a bit of information:

Pioneer Richardson Family of March Township, Ontario, Canada
Photo and Text Source: Irish Migrants in the Canadas: A New Approach, by Dr. Bruce Elliott (Carleton University), McGill / Queen's Press, 1988, ISBN 0-7735-0607-I Searchable Digital Version
New August 30, 2014: The 'Background' to an October 2009 heritage report on the Richardson Farmhouse at 1665 Richardson Side Road states that the farmhouse was built in ca. 1871 by Thomas A. Richardson and was owned and inhabited by descendants of Thomas Richardson until its sale to Uniform Developments in 2007. The land had been owned and farmed by the Richardson family since the 1820s. A proposed plan of Subdivision for the site includes a caveat to ensure the retention of the Richardson Farmhouse. The report to the City of Ottawa requests Designation of the farmhouse under Part IV of the Ontario Heritage Act. The ca. 1871 date given for its construction is of interest because the major fire of 1870 destroyed all the wooden structures in the area. The Richardsons probably had their house incinerated so they immediately set about building a new home constructed of stone. The Richardson Farmhouse is a one and a half story central gable stone farmhouse with a one storey stone addition and is located in the former March Township, now part of the urban area of Ottawa, west of the Greenbelt. It is built with locally quarried limestone, and is positioned on a hillside so that the house has a beautiful view over the farm's fields and operations. Since that report was written considerable building of new houses has occurred around the farmhouse which is not currently inhabited. Re-alignment of roads means that it is now located slightly back from Terry Fox Drive almost opposite the T-junction of that road with Richardson Side Road. Traffic lights are installed and operational at the junction. Nothing has been found as to the future of the farmhouse, but the longer it stays in its present state the more its condition will deteriorate. Does the City of Ottawa council really care much about historic buildings outside the Greenbelt ? ... Ian White Pioneer Richardson Farmhouse of March Township, Ontario, Canada
Map showing the Pioneer Richardson Farms of March Township, Ontario, Canada Above graphic created by Ian White
Ian is also following the heritage process of the Hugh Davidson family home on the Richmond Road.

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