Riceville, Ontario, Canada
South Plantagenet Township
History and Genealogy

Painting by Ruth McMillan in 1976
Shows the Head of the Rideau Canal Locks in Ottawa, Canada in 1893

May 26, 2007:
Thanks to Pat and Murray for this great picture of the Baptist Church in Riceville, Ontario, Canada.

Riceville is located in South Plantagenet Township, just east of the city of Ottawa. This area was 
settled very early on by Scots, English, French and Irish families, probably beginning in the 1820's. 
Some of the pioneer families have the surname Reid, Coote / Cutt, Proudfoot, Wilson, Scott, Ryan, Muir,
Rowe, Lalonde, Bourgon and Franklin. I am related to many of them through my wife, Grace (nee Williamson).

Both Grace and Pat have done a lot of work on these early families.

The Baptist Church is in the centre-right of the photograph. It is still being used today. The Methodist 
Church (now the United Church of Canada) is on the left hand side of the road, about where you are sitting.

May 27, 2007: Thanks to Pat for this picture of an early school in Riceville.

I am looking for information on: Robert Burton born abt. 1842 in North Plantagenet Township married Ellen Wilson born abt. 1848, Ireland, married Feb. 5, 1868 Prescott County. Houston (Hustin) Reid born 1849 in Ontario married Mary Wilson born 1851, Ireland married Jan. 27, 1870. I am thinking that Mary and Ellen are daughters of James and Mary Wilson??? Is there a searchable 1860 census on the net? Bye for now, Pat _________________________ Pat: As far as I know there is no complete copy of the 1861 census for Canada on the Internet. However, many local Historical Societies have transcribed the portions relating to their own townships. Grace is looking into the Robert Burton and Hustin Reid families. Maybe someone can help us with these folks? ... Al
April 5, 2008:
Riceville and Fournier in 1863 Map Source: Wallings 1863 Map of South Plantagenet Township Riceville, South Plantagenet in 1879
The Scotch River flows through Riceville to the Nation River which joins the Ottawa River at the town of Plantagenet. There appears to be a Brick Kiln north of the village of Riceville. In 1879, the village of Fournier was called Fournierville. Some of the early settlers were George Reid, George Cutt / Coote, Duncan McGregor, John Caldwell and H. Franklin (Franklin's Corners) and John Hunter. There is a very good history and genealogy book for this area called Fournier, 125, (1867 to 1992). ... Al
October 23, 2008: Thanks to Kelly for the following contribution: Mary and Ellen are daughters of James and Mary Wilson. Ontario, Canada Marriages, 1857-1924 about Robert Burton Name: Robert Burton Birth Place: North Plantagenet Township RESIDENCE: North Plantagenet Township Age: 26 Estimated Birth Year: abt 1842 Father Name: John Burton Mother Name: Louisa Burton Spouse Name: Ellen Wilson Spouse's Age: 20 Spouse Estimated Birth Year: abt 1848 Spouse Birth Place: Ireland Spouse Residence: North Plantagenet Township Spouse Father Name: James Wilson Spouse Mother Name: Mary Wilson Marriage Date: 5 Feb 1868 Marriage County: Prescott Family History Library Microfilm: 1030064 Source: Indexed by: Genealogical Research Library ... Kelly
September 13, 2009: New e-mail address for Pat and Murray is mpwilson@xplornet.com (incorporated in the list below).
August 10, 2010: "The year 2010 is a milestone for the Ryan family. The Ryan family's ancestor started farming along the Nation River 150 years ago in Riceville, Ontario. What a journey it took to bring them there. The book entitled "The Descendants of John Ryan and Maurice Shane" starts by stating: "We do not know for certain, the reasons why, in 1814, John Ryan with his wife and seven sons decided to set sail from Wexford, Ireland to cross the stormy Atlantic to an unknown land." The above is an excerpt from the Vankleek Hill Review. Read the complete article at http://thereview.ca/story/ryandale-farm-celebrates-150-years-farming

November 6, 2010: The Franklin family were early settlers in the Riceville area (see H. Franklin and son on the 1881 map above). They arrived in 1827. The major cemetery in the area is the Franklin Corners Cemetery. Here is the listing for the Franklin family from the McGill University Digital County Atlas project: Last Name Franklin First Name Henry Business: Farmer, Lumberman, General Merchant Year Settled 1827 Post Office Riceville Township Plantagenet South County Prescott Atlas Date 1881 Concession and Lot Lot size XIII, 6 150 ____________________________ Last Name Franklin First Name: William Dates b. 1854 Nativity Canada Business Farmer, lumberman, General Merchant Post Office Riceville Township Plantagenet South County Prescott Atlas Date 1881

November 28, 2010:
Franklin Corner's Cemetery on a cold November day Franklin Corner's Cemetery, Riceville, Ontario, Canada

October 4, 2011:
Harvey John Clemens, Canadian Army, WW2 Details at: The Memory Project Harvey Clemens, Riceville, Ontario, Canada

May 21, 2012: Hi to All, An old write up from the Ottawa Citizen Sept 23, 1957. It may interest some a part of Riceville and Prescott history. http://news.google.com/newspapers?nid=2194&dat=19570923&id=bPkxAAAAIBAJ&sjid=9eMFAAAAIBAJ&pg=7561,5357534 Pat and here is a photo of Mary Wilson Clemens, from the above article: Mary Clemens, photo in 1957 Ottawa Citizen
July 12, 2012: I'm volunteering as Librarian for the Ottawa Branch of the Ontario Genealogical Society at Centrepointe in Ottawa. Here is a book about Riceville which is in the Library there: ID 3576 Call-ID H-114 Dewey 971.385 WIL Title The Story of Riceville, Ontario Author John Williamson Publisher s.n., 1968 also, The Franklin Corner's Cemetery at Riceville has been transcribed. You will find it at 929.571385 SPL FRA Two Riceville area cemeteries, South Plantagenet Township, Prescott County, Ontario(Pub 03-01), transcribed by John Sayers & Keith Johnson ... Al

February 1, 2013: Good Evening, I am currently doing research on my family history. I am a direct descendant of John Scott born 1780 who married Sara Westwood and settled in Riceville, Ontario. Do you have any background on John Scott? Regards, Rick Scott _________________________________ Hi Allan: As requested, I've attached a photo of an early original Scott house in Riceville. On page 759-760 it says that Jason Scott (b. 1895), son of Thomas Scott and Mary Baker, married Mary Reid (my family). Jason and Mary farmed the home place until 1948 when mom and dad bought it. Jason and Mary are buried at Franklin's Corners Cemetery. They didn't have any children according to mom. Once I have a couple days, I'll put together a family tree from the Fournier Book and you can put it up on the site. The summer kitchen is on the left end of the house and there was a full-length porch across the front. John Scott and Sara Westwood came from the city of Hull, Yorkshire, England in 1819. ... Grace
This house was built by the Scott family Jason Scott and Mary Baker house in Riceville, Ontario, Canada

February 9, 2013:
In Memory of my late Mother-In-Law, Isabel Anne Williamson One of the finest people I've ever met ... Allan Obituary for Isabel Williamson, Riceville, Ontario, Canada Memorial Card for Isabel Williamson, Riceville, Ontario, Canada

October 4, 2015:
Some new photographs
Riceville Baptist Church (now the Church of God) Riceville Baptist Church, Riceville, Ontario, Canada Riceville Baptist Cemetery, Riceville, Ontario, Canada Church Union occurred in 1925 The Methodist Church becomes the United Church of Canada in Riceville The Riceville Fair occurs in September Church Union in 1925 in Riceville, Ontario, Canada Riceville Fair occurs in September Some Pioneer families in Riceville, Ontario: Metcalfe, Moffatt and Vogan (from County Cavan)
October 14, 2015:
Photographs updated by Olivia Martin Church Union in 1925 in Riceville, Ontario, Canada
Church Union in 1925 in Riceville, Ontario, Canada Church Union in 1925 in Riceville, Ontario, Canada Church Union in 1925 in Riceville, Ontario, Canada Church Union in 1925 in Riceville, Ontario, Canada
Church Union in 1925 in Riceville, Ontario, Canada Church Union in 1925 in Riceville, Ontario, Canada Church Union in 1925 in Riceville, Ontario, Canada

May 4, 2016:
Hop Picking Bee in Riceville, Ontario, Canada in 1894 Photo Source: http://www.rootsweb.ancestry.com/onpresco/id60.htm Riceville, Ontario, Canada, Hop Picking Bee in 1894

February 5, 2020: One of the most popular entertainers in Ottawa and the Valley for many years was Hughie Scott (Hugh Scott). He was born in Riceville, Ontario in South Plantagenet Township, east of Ottawa, but built a large fan following in Aylmer, Quebec (at the British Hotel). Photo Source: From Conroy's Inn to the British Hotel. More than 150 years of History in Aylmer, by Richard M. Begin, ISBN 0-929114-21-3, page 83.
Hughie Scott, popular singer in the Ottawa area

February 5, 2020: Painting of cutting a large log with a crosscut saw. Painted by Homer Watson. See our Art History web page.
Painting by Homer Watson - Log Cutting with Crosscut saw

July 11, 2020:
Riceville Cheese Factory with Bert Fawcett
Source: Fournier 125, page 426, keyword Bert Fawcett
August 10, 2020 The book "FOURNIER 125 - 1867-1992" is an extremely valuable book to have if you have ancestors from the Riceville area. Published by St. Bernard's Parish, it contains detailed family histories of pioneers in the area. One of the founding families were the Metcalfes. According to this book, they came from England to Canada in 1823 (see page 620) Descendents from these first Metcalfes include Alexander Metcalfe and his wife Jane Ann Scott. Here is a 50th anniversary photo.
50th Anniversary Photo of Alex and Jen Metcalfe
Their family ran the Metcalfe General Store at Franklin's Corners and later in Riceville. You will notice the gas pumps at the front of the property. As well, you can see a tombstone to the left as the cemetery abutted their property.
Metcalfe General Store at Franklin's Corners
Source: Fournier 125, page 627, keyword Metcalfe
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