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January 15, 2009:

Hi,  I'm going to be in Dublin in May and I thought I might try to follow
up on some of the info you've published.  You've shown that my Thomas Griffin came 
from the Coolatin (Fitzwilliam) estate in Knocknaboley Wicklow.

I thought I might scan the estate records for any mention of rental leases and other items.  
Where are the papers located?  In the National Library?

Will I be able to get the folios and scan through them page by page? Do I have to make 
arrangements with them ahead of time?

Also, I thought I might scan through parish records (Church of Ireland) from Knocknaboley too.  
Aren't they located in Dublin also?

I thank you for all your research. It has  brought me great pleasure to read your postings.

... Tom Mccabe
January 27, 2008: Hello Tom: You will find both the records for the Fitzwilliam Estate at the National Library as Anne has said at Kildare Street. You will need time to be given a reader's card which allows you to peruse the books and or the microfilm. I don't have the numbers to hand. Give yourself several days as the first one especially is usually wasted as you get familiar with the records and gain the patience to wait while your order is placed and the material comes to you. You can book ahead of time which would be a good idea. There are hundreds of the memoranda and account books so you need to pick your years. The books and other materials are taken back an hour before they close. You will need to check the hours they are open as they are not the same everyday. They have lockers for all bags, all you are allowed is pencils and paper. I use school exercise books to record my material, however, the rule is 6 pieces of paper. They do have pencils and pencil sharpeners. You are allowed a lap top but no photography. There are two books in particular that are worth looking at for their beauty alone, I will get the numbers for you. Each page is a drawing of each leased parcel, the name of the tenant and sub-tenants, they are dated 1742. I did find in the account books lists of sub-tenants in the back which I discovered quite by accident, and never go to go back through the account books and get the material I missed. . There are also books of memoranda which are notes to and from Fitzwilliam from his estate managers which give details of leases. The Tithe records are at the National Archives which is about 10 blocks away, easily walkable. Photocopies are expensive if you want a lot. The Representative Library for the Church of Ireland records is easy to get to by bus from in front of the National Library, it is about a 20 minute ride depending on traffic. Parking there is limited but seems sufficient as I have been there several times and have never seen more than 5 other researchers. They will photocopy some records that were transcribed and typed, otherwise it is all handwritten. They do have seeing aids as the writing of different ministers leave a lot to be desired. They close for lunch, I usually go to the hospital down the street to the cafeteria but there is a pub in the opposite direction. The hospital is the bus stop in both directions then a short walk to the library.They are very helpful there, same process of ordering material. ... Annette Code ___________________________________ Here's a link to Irish Birth, Marriage and Death Records beginning in 1845:;p=2;t=searchable ... Al
New March 18, 2009: Annette has sent in some good links in Ireland: Church of Ireland, includes information for researching Church of Ireland (Anglican) records. The site contains a very useful genealogy section. The following link, Genealogy and Irish Links, contains a great deal of information for researchers in Ireland.

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