Felix RENAUD and Angelique ALBERT

New May 4, 2007:

I've just recently started researching my Albert and Renaud ancestors, (I've been 
working on Larocque, Lapointe for the past 10 years and will probably still be 
at it ten years from now)........my how time flies.........
My ancestors are Felix Renaud and Angelique Albert, who apparently married in 
Ottawa, July 8, 1862.  Angelique's parents were supposed to be Andrew Albert 
and Mary (?).  I have not been able to find anything on Andre Albert and 
his wife Mary.
Felix and Angelique had 6 children that I am aware of......Alphonsine, Alexandre, 
Marie, Elise, Joseph and Alfred. Alfred was my great-grandfather.
Alfred's father,my g-g-grandfather, Felix, was a brother of Marguerite Renaud 
who married Pierre Potvin.  
Would appreciate any assistance you can provide........in return, I'll gladly 
share any info I have.  I own the repertoires from St-Jean-Baptiste and will 
gladly look up anything you need.
Thanks for any assistance and Best Regards
Suzanne O'Neill

Good morning, Suzanne:
Thanks for your e-mail regarding your Renaud, Albert and Potvin ancestors. 
Hopefully, you will be hearing from other researchers. Frank Watters, 
(originally from Nepean, I think), especially has a lot of info regarding 
these early families. In the old church records from Notre Dame, downtown, 
there are many Albert, Renaud and Potvin families who were in Bytown from 
around 1830. 
Do you mind if I start a new web page for Felix Renaud and Angelique Albert 
on our site (www.bytown.net), based on your e-mail? Please let me know. 
Then we can maybe get other researchers to contribute info regarding their 
My Burns ancestors pioneered on the Manotick Station Road in 1843. There 
were Albert and Potvin families there at the same time, c. 1880 -- one of 
my William Burns married a Dora Potvin. There are still Alberts in that 
area. Before that they had been at Dow's Lake (1830's, I think), and at Hogsback.
Thanks again for this.
... Al Lewis

Hi Suzanne;
I have quite a lot of data on the Albert, Renaud, Potvin (Damour-dit-Potvin), 
Larocque (Rocbrune) families in Ottawa and surrounding area, on both sides of 
the Ottawa River, plus many of the related families.  My grandmother was an 
Albert, daughter of Samuel (baptised Francois Xavier) Albert and Honorah Ryan.   
Is there a family (or families) that you are having a problem with?  If so 
could you let me know which one(s)?  
As for the St-Jean-Baptiste répertoires, I do have access to them at the 
Archives in Montreal, plus they are now accessible through Ancestry.com that 
I susbscribe to.  But thanks for the offer anyway.  

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