Henry REGAN and Bridget CONNELLY
Ireland to Ottawa, Canada
(Regan's Hill)

New November 16, 2014:

Good morning,

I am doing genealogical research about my family, which lived in Ottawa for a few generations. I found an old 
newspaper article online that shows that an area was called Regan's Hill after the family, which settled there. 
I'm trying to pinpoint where that was. I think it may be what is now called Sandy Hill. Do you have any 
information about Regan's Hill?

Here's a link to the article I found:

That article I sent you the link to mentions both Henry and his son Patrick (Elizabeth's father and grandfather). 
I found another source online that suggests that Henry was a stone mason, but I haven't found corroborating evidence. 
I can't find anything relating to their immigration to Canada beyond what's mentioned in the census (their birth 
years and locations). I recently found a photo online of Patrick's headstone at Notre Dame cemetery, but I haven't found 
much at all about Henry. I'd love to know more about him, especially if he and his family were early settlers. 
I've also had very little luck with Elizabeth Darcy and her family. 

I can send you more specifics of what I have found if that will help. I've found a few marriage records in the Catholic records, 
which is how I found some parents' names.

Thank you very much,
Deana Kussman

Hi Deana: 

I had a quick look in the registers of Notre Dame Cathedral here in downtown Ottawa and found a marriage record 
for a daughter of Henry Regan:

19 Aug 1851 REGAN
After one publication of banns, marriage of Patrick Regan of Bytown, adult son of Henry Regan and Bridget Connelly, to 
Elizabeth Darcy of Bytown, daughter of Michael Darcy and Sarah Comerford. 
Witnesses: Thomas Kealy & Sarah Darcy 
I am familiar with the Comerford family and I believe that the Michael Darcy family were neighbours of my ancestors
in Osgoode Township (now part of the City of Ottawa). 
We know approximately where Regan's Hill was located but haven't yet pinpointed it exactly.

... Allan Lewis

Hi Allan,
That's my family! At least, as far as I've been able to tell through my detective work. Our branch lost touch with the 
relatives in Canada back a few generations thanks to some early deaths and family drama. How amazing that your ancestors 
lived by mine, and that you know of the Comerfords. I'd love to hear more. As I have bits of free time I'll be exploring 
your site -- it looks like a wonderful resource. I'll admit that I'm often lost in the weeds thanks to so many people 
having the same names, sometimes even marrying people who also have the same names at approximately the same times. 

I've found nothing about Michael Darcy and Sarah Cameford / Comerford except the reference to their names in their 
daughter's marriage record. I wish I could find their headstones, which may offer some clues. I did see something on 
your site about people with the names Darcy and Comeford coming from the same manor home in Ireland, and wondered if 
that was a clue about my family's origins. It's so exciting, connecting back to their original towns!
Thanks again,
Henry Regan and Bridget Connelly, family tree

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