Daniel REGAN
County Cork to Ramsay Township in 1823
also Catherine Ann O'REGAN from County Cork

also possibly John RAGAN ML# 264 on the McCabe List

Painting by Ruth McMillan in 1976
Shows the Head of the Rideau Canal Locks in Ottawa, Canada in 1893

October 27, 2001
Hello Al.  
I read with interest your emails to Elaine today. As you can see by my subject 
line I am presently researching the Regan family.  My ggggrandfather (Daniel) came 
over on the Stakesby with 6 of his children and lived in the Pakenham area.  My own 
grandfather married a Teresa Coughlan from Maynooth and they ran the Lake St Peter 
post office from 1925-1927.  In your data base do you have an connection to either 
of these families.  I have been in contact with Regan family members who live in 
Renfrew. But, and there is always a but, of the children who arrived, I have 2 
daughters Mary and Katherine and 2 sons John and James that I have very little 
information on. I look forward to hearing from you.          
Mona Brooks 

Note: Carol Bennett's Book The Peter Robinson Settlers has some information on the early Regan family who came from Mallow, County Cork. See bibliography.
October 28, 2001 From St. Michael's, Corkery: Births: 1. Brown, Thomas s/o Brown, Fredrick and Regan, Anne was born on 6/6/1839 Sponsors: William Mckay & Anne Powell 2. Driscoll, Johannah d/o Driscoll, Dennis * and Percy, Catherine was born on 6/1/1848 Sponsors: O'Regan, Daniel & McCauliff, Alley (* of Ramsay Twp) 3. Lennon, Elizabeth, d/o Lennon, Michael and Regan, Margaret was born 2/9/1865 Sponsors: Regan, Michael & Connors, Margaret 4. Moran, John s/o Moran John and Devine, Mary was born 11/29/1838 Sponsors: McColligan / Colligan, James and Regan, Bridget 5. Regan, James s/o Regan, Bernard and Morris, Mary was born 6/5/1845 Sponsors: Curran, Morgan & Curran, Catharine 6. Regan, Michael, s/o Regan, James and Heffington, Sarah S was born 4/25/1864 Sponsors: Regan, Jno & Heffington, Margaret S (could this be Skeffington?) Marriages: 1. Regan, Michael son of Regan, John and Condon, Janet of Perth married on 2/8/1866 Paul, Agnes (18)d/0 Paul, John & Blais, Sarah Witnesses: Black, James & Paul, Martha both families from Dalhousie
June 29, 2002: I was recently on your web page, " Some Early Births in Huntley Township, 1837 - ? " and found many names of my ancestors. Some of these ancestors I already have lots of info on from some of my other cousins doing research. There are a few that I would really like some more info on if you could? Elizabeth Lennon 2/9/1865 James Regan 6/5/1845 Michael Regan 4/25/1864 I'm coming to Lanark Co. in August for a week and was wondering if you could tell me were I might be able to go and find the original documents on these individuals? Thanks much for any help you can provide. Yours Truly. . . . . . . . . . .Christopher H. Bay =================== June 29, 2002: Christopher: Thanks for your e-mail: Here's the info you requested - from the registers of St. Michael's Church in Huntley Township, Carleton County: 1. Lennon, Elizabeth daughter of Lennon, Michael and Regan, Margaret was born on 2/9/1865 and baptized 3/7/1865 by Father Vaughan Godparents were: Regan, Michael & Connors, Margaret (Note: in the old church records, you may find Lennon spelled as "Lenihan") 2. Regan, James son of Regan, Bernard and Morris, Mary was born on 6/5/1845 and baptized on 7/8/1845 by Father Smith Godparents were: Curran, Morgan & Curran, Catharine 3. Regan, Michael son of Regan, James and Heffington (spelling?), Sarah S was born on 4/25/1864 and baptized on 6/14/1864 by Father Vaughan Godparents were: Regan, John & Heffington, Margaret S. These Regans may have come from Mallow in County Cork with the 1823 Peter Robinson settlers on the ship "Stakesby". You may be able to find the original farm in Lanark Township. Also, there are probably Regans buried in the cemetery at Almonte (Ramsay Township, Lanark County). There are two books which also may help: The Peter Robinson Settlers, by Carol Bennett and also "Once Upon a Country Lane" by Garfield Ogilvie. You might be able to borrow them on inter-library loan. The details regarding these two books are at: www.bytown.net/bibliog.htm A visit to the Parish Priests in both Corkery and Almonte may also be useful. I'll also put this e-mail onto my web site and you may hear from others researching these families (maybe a descendant who lives here). ... Al Lewis
July 6, 2002: Dear Mona, Chris and Al, HI! I'm Marcia Ragan Thompson of Hammond, NY originally from Canton, NY. My Great, Great Grandfather was John Ragan. I believe but haven't stumbled on the right document for proof, that this John is the son of Daniel Regan who came over on the Stakesby in 1823. I haven't found out who John's parents were. In 1850, he is registered in the Book of Aliens, in St. Lawrence Co. as having been 18 or younger when he came from Ireland. He bought land in Canton, in 1852, (I have the deed)and more land in 1856 and 1872. There is a John on the NY Census in 1830 in Oswegatchie Township (which is near Prescott,Ontario,Canada but I lose him until I find him in the book of aliens in 1850. He is approx. 46 years old when he bought land. He married Ellen Moore, but I don't know when and in 1858 my Great Grandfather John was born. In 1860, a son Micheal was born. Michael dies before the 1870 census. At the time that John registered in 1850, a Michael also registered as a resident of Canton. James in Norfolk, NY along with Jerimiah and Daniel and Patrick?? Daniel Regan was married twice. John, James, Daniel, Mary and Kathreen's mother was Judy Carney of Mallow. Patrick's mother was Julie Greer. I have no idea what happened to Daniel. That is what I was looking for tonite when I found your site. I hope that I have found the answer. I have much more info on the family as there were eight or ten in John's and my grandfather Stephen had eight or ten more:) My father was Bernard F. Ragan. I saw a Bernard on the list from St. Micheal's. Corkery. Could I have possibly found the connection?? Please stay in touch. thanks for all the great info I've enjoyed all of it. Marcia

July 6, 2002: According to The Peter Robinson Settlers by Carol Bennett, "Daniel was a widower when he came to Upper Canada. In 1826 there were seven people in the family including John, a landowner in his own right, who resided with his father". In 1823 the family consisted of Daniel 48, John 18, James 17, Mary 14, Katherine 12 and Daniel 8. They lived on West Lot 22, Concession 4, Ramsay Township. ... Al Marcia: I tried to reply to you by e-mail directly but my message was returned ... Al)
July 11, 2002: Al, Thank you very much for looking up the info I requested. While going through it I made a couple of conclusion that you may be interested in. I believe that Sarah S. Heffington is actually Sarah Skiffington and the same for Margaret S. Heffington - Margaret Skiffington. I assume you are looking at hand written documents? I know these can be very difficult to read at times. Sarah and Margaret where both sisters to my great grandfather James Skiffington. My records show James Regan and Sarah Skiffington as husband and wife. Thanks again this info helped me fill in a few gaps. Yours Truly. . . . . . . . . . .Christopher H. Bay =================== also on July 11, 2002: Hello once again Al. My email address is now mmbrooks38@rogers.com and this may be why you haven't been able to get Marcia's reply to connect. I would like to respond to Christopher and Marcia. Daniel Regan came to Canada with the Peter Robinson Settlers in 1823. Daniel had been married twice. The first marriage was to Judy Carney and they had 4 children. John b.1805;James b.1806;Mary b.1809;and Catherine b.1811. After Judy died he married Julia Greer and had 2 more children Daniel b.1815 (my gggrandfather) and Patrick b.1821. I have the children of Daniel and Patrick pretty well documented. The first of his children have been somewhat more difficult. John his first son was married twice and the Eganville Leader has his second wife dying in the state of Michigan.I have the names of 4 of John's children Edward (from his first wife) and Grace,Sarah and Michael from his second wife. Family indicte they may be in the Kingston or Elgin county area but I have not been able to make a connection yet. Mary his first daughter died in Almonte according to Bryan O'Regans research. From family I have been told that James married in Dalhousie but to date I have no other information. Catherine I haven't been able to find at all. However in the St Michael's Corkery information I see a Catherine Curran as a witness to # 5 James Regan's birth and I wonder if this is the elusive Catherine.From the documentation she is probably the wife of this Morgan Curran? Catherine's brother Daniel married a Johanna Curran,who was my gggrandmother. Of course I am only assuming at this point. Also in #6 of St Michael's records there is a reference to a James Regan married to a Sarah Heffington and again is this James my James Regan. I believe that Sarah's name should be Skeffington. In the 1881 census there is a Sarah Regan age 41 living in Gananoque,Leeds South,Ontario and it states she is a widow. Family have indicated to me that me that James was married in Dalhousie and may have connection to the Regans in the Kingston area. To date I have not been able to connect with any Regans in the area and there are many there. Al do you have any connection to the Kindston area? (Unfortunately, no ... Al). Sometimes it is so difficult when one is trying to do this from a distance. Thank you Al for allowing this family documentation to be on your website and hopefully we can keep the dialogue going with everyone looking for Regans. Mona Brooks ================= Note: There is also a Skeffington page on this website. ... Al
July 12, 2002: Hi Al: This family of Daniel Regan might not be connected to my Skiffington/Regan families. My Sarah Skiffington was married to James Regan, son of John Regan and Janet Condon. My James Regan was born circa 1832 and he had at least two brothers and one sister that I know of: George, born June 1837 and married on June 7, 1860 to Helen Fair. (He died in Sanilac, Michigan) Margaret Ann, born Aug. 28, 1834 and married to Michael Lennon (they also went to Michigan) Michael is another possibility: Married to Agnes Paul. Although I do not have the Town of Perth Census here, and am not especially concerned with the Regans, except as connected to my Skiffingtons, I did find a John Regan on the 1817 Census for the Town of Perth. There are most definitely two Regan families living at various times in Dalhousie Township, Village of Lanark, Town of Perth, Darling Township, etc. I do not think they are all related. I kind of doubt if the Pakenham Regans are connected, but you never know. As to the records for St. Michael's R.C. Church in Corkery, I think that the Parish Priest there did have some of the records for Dalhousie and DarlingTownships. I believe that sometimes the Priests rotated at different times and these Townships may or may not have come under the charge of St. Michael's. Also, my James Regan was born in Scotland, as per Census records. Sandra Rattray.
July 19, 2002: Hi again Al: (Thanks to Sandra Rattray for the following also) John REGAN ... note( This may be John RAGAN from King's County , ML# 264) ... Al The Diary of Father John McDonald (Catholic Priest for Perth from c. 1823 - 1837) gives the names of some of the Regans, including John, Lot 4, Conc. 4, Township of Dalhousie. This needs to be looked at by individual researchers because there is some doubt as to the interpretation of the handwriting, as well as the fact that Father McDonald was a Scot, more accustomed to the Gaelic language, and mispelled the Irish names of his constituents. He is also listed on another Lot in Dalhousie so the original microfilm should probably be consulted. It is available at the L.D.S. Church or Algonquin College in Perth. Also the Smiths Falls L.D.S. Church has this - it is a very tough read - some parts missing and very difficult to follow. I have a publication here translated by Duncan W. (Darby) MacDonald in 1985. This was distributed by the Leeds & Grenville Branch of the O.G.S. in Brockville. Will check names if you like, but as I said, subject to interpretation Sandra Rattray.

July 22, 2002: Hello again to all. These Regans sure are an elusive lot. I will attempt to share what I have gathered about John Regan.He married Catherine Farrell May 15, 1831 in John the Baptist Church Perth Ontario. Catherine was the daughter of John Farrell and Margaret Hughes. Catherine was the widow of Michael Doyle. They had one son Edward b. March 19,1837 in Elmsley. Then family tells me that Catherine died and John married Jennet Condon in 1838 and they had 3 children . Grace baptised 1839;Sarah baptised 1841 and Michael baptised 1843. all in Dalhousie. I do have records to prove the first marriage and Edward's birth. According to Brian O'Regans' chronological account of "some of the Regans of the Ottawa Valley" he states John was issued free grant deed to E Lot 19 Concession 5 Ramsay on December 03, 1835.Brian states that John bought west lot 22 Concession 9 Pakenham Township on October 21,1876. I have not found Grace or Sarah but did find Michael son of John Regan and Janet Condo of Perth married to Agnes Paul on February 8,1866 (from the original Corkery Records) In the Protestant Marriages of Perth and Area there is a George Regan son of John and Janet married to Helen Fair. And so the puzzle goes on and on. It would certainly make one question whether we do have 2 Regan families living in the same area? Sandra any help you could give me would be much appreciated. In the meantime I will continue to search. Thanks for your interest....Mona
January 27, 2003: e-mail address for Marcia Ragan buddyboo@cit-tele.com It appears the .com is not on the above address. Maybe that is why I haven't heard from anyone?? Marcia ____________ Marcia: I fixed it today (Jan 27, 2003 ... Al) ... Sorry
June 12, 2005:
Catherine Ann O'REGAN
Looking for Catherine Ann O'Regan to Qubec from Cork approx. 1861. Children Katherine, Patrick, John, Peter. Please add to site. ... Reg Volk e-mail: regvolk@silk.net
E-mail Allan Lewis

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