Edward REDMOND and Bridget DOYLE
Newtown, County Wicklow, Ireland to Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

January 14, 2009:

Hi Al,
I'm still on the trail of Martin Redmond. I have some records of Redmonds in 
Clonmore parish, County Wicklow, (a few Martins to be sorted out), but I've just found 
the attached Notre Dame death record for Edouard Redmond, husband of Brigitte Doyle. He 
came from Newtown in Clonmore parish!
I have the Clonmore parish bapt. record for his dtr Ann, b. Nov. 11, 1840, and for his dtr 
Catherine on May 5, 1833.
... Anne Burgess

I missed more kids for Edward Doyle and Bridget Doyle, Al:
31 Dec. 1826
bapt. of Mary
13 Jan 1830
bapt. of Sally/Sarah
5 May 1833
bapt. of William
There was an ND marriage of a Sarah Redmond (no parents named) to a Protestant man by 
the name of Dudley-Booth. Maybe this Sarah above?
... Anne

I haven't found him on the 1851 census, Al, but all those kids I sent you this morning 
appear to belong to the Edward and Bridget of Ballyraheen, attached. (Ballyraheen and 
Ballynultagh are essentially the same place, according to John O, and Ballyraheen abuts 
Newtown on another border.)
Here's the entry for the chart:
REDMOND, Edward and DOYLE, Bridget; Jane, Mary, Sarah, William, Catherine, Margaret, Ann 
from Ballyraheen 
to Bytown (Ottawa, ON) 

And here is the record of this family as shown on the companion CD to the book Surplus People 
by Jim Rees.

Fitzwilliam Tenants - Family Group 
    ID:  899 Parish     Mullinacuff 
          Year Listed:   1847 
   Surname   Redmond 
         Reference No.     78 
   Group Members: 
   Edward, Bridget, Jane 21, Mary 19, Sarah 17, William and Catherine 16, Peggy 14, Ann 13. 

... Anne
New July 26, 2009: Hi Al, I found the Redmond family earlier in ND records, but you can see from the attached 1861 census page for Osgoode that that's where they were in 1861, so I've added Osgoode to the Redmond line on our chart. (see link above). Edward Redmond family 1861 census, Osgoode Township Image Source: 1861 Census of Canada, Osgoode Township, Ontario at ancestry.ca

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