Ireland to Huntley, Pakenham and Renfrew County

Hello Al
enjoy your web site complete with the Irish music in the background.
My fore fathers came from Ireland and settled in the Pakenham and Brudenell districts. 
The family name is RUDDY, but there are references to RODDY / READY and RAWDY. Would appreciate 
you putting my name out for any information that might be available. 
Thank You!! 
Terry Ruddy
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Note: There's a large tombstone marked REDDY, but I can't remember where it was. I think it was at the Indian Hill Cemetery near Pakenham, or possibly St. Mary's at Almonte. I'll see it again and will get a picture of it, probably in the spring now. The name might also have been spelled REDDEN in the early days. ... Al
June 1, 2004: Hi. I have seen your name several times and heard of you through Grace Wolfe who was tracking Culls in the Brudenell area. I am related to Reddy families every which way and I would like to know more. When one branch of the family lived in Osceola, Renfrew County,they were Reddy and Roddy. When they came to Brudenell it was usually spelled and pronounced Ruddy. I had two Burbage great-uncles whose wives were Reddys,a great-great gandmother (married to a Cuddy) who was Margaret Reddy and a great grandmother (married to an O'Reilly) who was also Margaret Reddy. I know a little about all of them and would be happy to share info. Bernadette Burbage
new September 9, 2005: Hi 'fellow genealogists'!! Seeking information on a Mary FITZPATRICK b 1842, Osceola and married to a Patrick RODDY b 1846. I am tracing the FITZPATRICK line - would appreciate anything you might have on the (Henry) FITZPATRICKS of Osceola. Cheers, Shannon Fitzpatrick Mark _________________________ Hi Al, By all means add my name to your email list. Thanks for getting back to me with the FITZPATRICK info. The two Catholic FITZPATRICK brothers, Henry and William, are the ones I am VERY interested in learning more. Do you have more specific information on what their 'ties' to Osgoode and Huntley were? Also, what makes you think they were brothers? This is very important to us as we are trying to find evidence to verify that 'fact'. I have been given a date for a marriage (15 Feb 1836) of Henry FITZPATRICK to Margaret McGrath with William FITZPATRICK as witness. But I have no record of 'place' for this marriage. The researcher donor has disappeared form email land!!!! But I suspect it was in Huntley as there are also some births of FITZPATRICK's that match Henry and Margarets' childrens' names. If you have any info that supports or negates those ideas please pass them along to me. My direct ancestor was John FITZPATRICK, brother of the above William. Marriage, some birth places, and a land record indicates John and William being in the Huntley area until they moved to Ile de Allumette in 1842-45 period. We believe Harry (Henery, Hennery, Henry) and James were brothers of John and Wm. with Harry moving to Osceola and James moving to Ross - (both Renfrew County). I gather you are tracing RODDY of Osceola, one of which married a Mary FITZPATRICK, daughter of Harry and his first wife Margaret. I was hoping you might know of Harry's earliest movement when he arrived in Canada in the 1830's (as did the above 'brothers' from Kilkeel, County Down). Anxious to hear what more titbits you might have for me!!! Cheers, Shannon _________________________ Hi Shannon: Thanks for the e-mail (and the good words about the web site!). I may have spoken too soon about William and Henry being brothers. Like you, I saw the marriage record and, I think that William was the best man at Henry's wedding. I assumed that they were probably brothers, or at least, cousins, as the local population was very small at the time. We'll keep going on this. The above marriage took place at Notre Dame Cathedral, the "Mother Church", in downtown Ottawa. There are quite a few Fiztpatricks recorded there and they may or may not all be related. Hopefully, on the weekend, I'll have a chance to look closer. The couple may have been living in Bytown or Huntley at the time and it's possible that the marriage was performed by a missionary from Notre Dame to Huntley, or the couple may have travelled downtown to be married in the big church. I think that there are also some Roddys recorded at Notre Dame. I believe that the name Roddy has also been spelled Ruddy and maybe Reddy in the early church records. There was a family of Ruddys at nearby Richmond, not a long buggy ride from either Huntley or Bytown. I'll also check those records as well as the records for St. Mikes at Huntley. One line of the Fitzpatricks seem to have been located in Osgoode Township, in my ancestor's neighbourhood. Some witnesses at baptisms and weddings of these Fitzpatricks were familiar names in this area (Osgoode and South Gloucester). Huntley is about 20 miles west of downtown Ottawa, Osgoode about the same distance to the south. I'll look into this also. ... Al

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