Richard RAY or Lawrence RAY and Mary BURNS
County Wicklow ?, Ireland to Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

New January 28, 2012:

Hi Al, 

That Lawrence Ray marriage to Mary Burns at Notre Dame, Ottawa, is a bit of a problem. Itís in the index, but the actual records 
for 1860 seem to be missing. And thenÖwe have several records in subsequent years showing that itís RICHARD Ray who married 
Mary Burns, and had a daughter, Julia, for instance. So Iím not sure on this one. 

Here is the Killaveny and Annacurragh, County Wicklow, parish record:
10 Sept 1831 
Baptism of Lawrence,
s/o Richard Ray and Ann McDonald
Sp: John Burke and Judith Dalton
The place name is hard to read, but it looks like Muskeagh. 

In the ND Ottawa records, Lawrence did have a son, Richard, so I think this is the right man. Does the name ring any bells with you?

Thereís also this still-missing Fitzwilliam Estate, County Wicklow, Ireland, Ray family (below) with those same names, too.

A possible connection?

Fitzwilliam Tenants - Family Group 
    ID:  896 Parish     Mullinacuff 
          Year Listed:   1847 
   Surname   Ray 
         Reference No.     201 
   Group Members: 
   Richard 42, Catherine 40, Laurence 18, Joesph 16, John 14, Judith 3.Brother James 38. 
   Ballyraghine  / Ballyraheen 
   Other Information    Holding 1.5 acres from Patsy Byrne. 

... Anne Burgess

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