Ireland to Huntley Township to Renfrew County and North Dakota, USA

August 22, 2005:

Thanks to Donna McGinty who has sent along a lot of information regarding her ancestors
who came from Ireland and settled in the area originally settled by the 1823 Peter 
Robinson pioneers. Many of the names mentioned on this page are PR settlers or their

Donna's information (below) also illustrates the migration paths followed by many 
families in the Ottawa area -- Ireland to Carleton County (1820's) to Renfrew County
(1850's), to North Dakota (1880's).

My name is Donna McGinty. John J. Quinn and Margaret McGrath originally from 
Ontario are my great grandparents.  I also have Margaret's family, Michael McGrath 
and Ellen O'Brien. The Margaret that died was young and was buried on the farmstead.  
John J Quinn parents were James Quinn and Mary Bonfield.  

I would be happy to share information but I can't figure this program out - or how 
to list my information. The Bernard Quinn on bytown is not related to my family - 
unless he married in. He is not a direct line. There were several Quinn families 
(if you went back to Ireland there might be a connection).

You may reach me by email, if you are interested in my line.
Hi Al, 

I would love for you to list my information and questions.
I noticed you make mention of Margaret Manion and son Edward Kennedy 
married to Mary Lindsay.  Do you know who Mary Lindsay parents where?

Here is what I have,
Patrick Lindsay / Lindsey / Lyndsay / Lyndsey/ married to Catherine Quinn 
(I do not believe Catherine is related to my Quinn family). 
their children were
John L b. 1821 (m)  Elizabeth Manion
Bernard B. abt 1826 (m) Mary Quinn
Patrick b. abt 1828  (m) Mary Ann Nugent
Catherine b. abt 1822 (m) Patrick Manion
Ann b. 29 jan 1838 (m) Andrew Meehan
Joseph b. 10 april 1842 (m) Margaret Hogan
Sarah b. abt 1847  (m) James Devine
James Frances b. 1848 (m) Bridget Keef / O'Keefe / Keefe

Would appreciate any help,

Quinn information

James Quinn b. abt 1798 Tipperary, died 7 Oct 1858 age 60 Corkery, Ontario married  
in Ireland Mary Bonfield b. abt 1803. (Donna believes Mary is a relative of James Bonfield).

Their chirldren were:
John J. Quinn b. abt 1826 Ireland married Margaret "Maggie" McGrath
William "Bill" Quinn b. abt 1827  married Ellen Meehan
Mary A. b. 1832 married Bernard Lindsay
James Quinn b. abt 1836 married Ann Crawford
Michael Quinn b. 1837 
Daniel Quinn b. 7 Dec 1840 married Ellen Bennett
Patrick Quinn b. 1843 
Elizabeth Quinn b. 1847 married Thomas James Corkery

Please fell free to list my email address.

John J. Quinn son of James Quinn and Mary Bonfield

John J. b.abt 1826 Tipperary Ireland
married 20 Feb 1862 Carleton Co. St. Michael's Roman Catholic Church Ontario
Died 26 Oct 1904 Manvel, North Dakota age 78
Buried St. Timothy's Catholic Cemetery , Manvel North Dakota 

married to Margaret "Maggie" McGrath
b. 24 Sept 1841  Carleton co. Huntley Township Ontario
Died 22 March 1917  Cosby North Dakota, USA, age 75
Buried  St. Timothy's Catholic Cemetery , Manvel, North Dakota 

Their children
Mary Ann Quinn was the daughter of John's brother William Quinn and his wife 
Ellen Meehan. She left with this family in 1878 for the Dakota territory
She was born 1863 in Canada
Died 1935 in Manvel, North Dakota, Buried  St. Timothy's Catholic Cemetery , 
Manvel North Dakota 
married 4 nov 1892 William "Bill" Colosky  Manvel North Dakota 

James A. Quinn
b. 1864 Ontario
Never married
Died 26 Dec 1911 Fargo, North Dakota
Buried  St. Timothy's Catholic Cemetery next to his parents

Ellen Lucy Quinn
b. 1 Jan 1865 Ontario
Died abt 1918 Minot No. Dakota age 52
married E. M. Mitchell

John Patrick "Johnny" Quinn
B. 19 Jan 1867 Ontario
died 7 March 1935 Tioga, North Dakota
married Frances Agnes Cannon' 24 Oct 1906 Minot North Dakota

Michael Daniel Quinn
B. 27 May 1869 Ontario

Elizabeth Agnes "Lyda" Ann Quinn
b. 17 Nov 1871  Ontario
died 14 June 1956 age 83  Eugene or Mabelton, Oregon 
married 17 June 1896 Manvile, North Dakota St Timothy's Roman Catholic church
James Joseph Ryder
other spouse George La Fountain

Mary Theresa "Tess" Quinn
b. 8 feb 1874  Ontario
Died 12 Aug 1965
married 13 July 1898  Winnipeg, Canada
David Franklin Douglas

Margaret Quinn 
b. 7 Nov 1876 Ontario
died 12 Nov 1876 Ontario  age 6 days
buried St. Michael's Roman Catholic Cemetery, Corkery Ontario

Bridget "Ligoria" Quinn
b 19 July 1879 Manvel, Grand Forks Co. North Dakota
died 14 July 1918 Crosby North Dakota  during the flu epidemic age 39
buried St. Patrick Cemetery unmarked grave
married 1909 Cosby. North Dakota
Edwin Ralph     

Anna Marian "Mae" Quinn
b. 21 June 1881  Manvel, Turlte River,  North Dakota
died 18 Aug 1964  
married George William West  1914 Redlake Co. North Dakota

Mary Louise Quinn
b. 31 DEC 1883  Manvel, Grand Forks,North Dakota
died 29 Dec 1966 Eugene Oregon Sacred Heart Hospital age 82
married 18 nov 1907 Fargo North Dakota  Parish of St. Mary's Cathadral

Etta Margaret Loretta Quinn
b. 20 May 1887 Manvel,  Grand Forks,North Dakota
died 12 July 1967 Castelrock, Washington
married Martin Rockwell 1908
other spouse  Hyden Blake Connors

William Quinn son of James Quinn and Mary Bonfield

William b. abt 1828 married Ellen Meehan b. abt 1835
their children were

James Quinn b. abt 1860
He was raised by Williams brother James and Ann Crawford

Mary Ann Quinn b. abt 1863 
She was raised by Williams brother John J. and Margaret McGrath 
(see their listing for information)

John Quinn b. about 1865
He was raised by Williams brother James and Ann Crawford

Andrew Quinn b. about 1867
He was raised by Williams sister Mary Quinn married to Bernard Lindsay

This is the family I would love to find some information on.

Mary A. Quinn daughter of James Quinn and Mary Bonfield

Mary b. 1832 Ontario
died 12 Jan 1916  Ontario
married Bernard T. Lindsay  abt 1858 
Bernard b. abt 1826 Co. Tryone, Ireland  died 14 June 1900 Ontario age 78
Buried Indian Hill Cemetery, Pakenham, Ontario

their children were;

Patrick Lindsay b. 3 Jan 1857 Ontario

Mary Ann Lindsay  b. Oct 1858 Ontario

Catherine "Kate" Lindsay b. 1862 Ontario
died 7 Dec 1885 Ontario age 23
Buried Indian Hill Cemetery, Pakenham

Elizabeth Ellen Lindsay
b. 19 Feb 1864 Ontario
married 7 Oct 1890 Ontario Pakenham, St. Peter Celestine Roman Catholic Church to Hugh Colton 

Andrew Lindsay b. 1866

James Joseph Lindsay
b. 10 Feb 1867 Ontario
died 10 July 1889 age 21 Ontario
Buried Indian Hill Cemetery, Pakenham

William John Lindsay
b.20 March 1870 Pakenham  Ontario

James Quinn son of James Quinn and Mary Bonfield

James Quinn born abt. 1836 Ontario
married Ann Crawford b. 1844 on 29 July 1869 Renfrew Ontario Ann died at the age of 52 in 1896  
James died between 1891 -1924  
There is a memorial stone St. James Roman Catholic Cemetery, Eganville but no dates are listed 

Their children were

James Quinn born abt 1860

John "Jack" Quinn born abt 1865

Mary Quinn b. 1870 
died 22 May 1891 Huntley township, Ontario age 20
Buried 24 May 1891 St. Michael's Cemetery Corkery, Ontario

Margaret Quinn b. 1872 Ontario
died 5 Sept 1924 age 52 Gratton Township, Ontario

Elizabeth Quinn 
b. abt 1874
died Before 1924

James Quinn
b. 1876
died after 1924

Daniel Quinn
b abt 1877

Thomas Quinn
b. abt 1878
died after 1924

Annie Quinn
b. abt 1880
died after 1924
Michael Quinn son of James Quinn and Mary Bonfield

Michael Quinn born abt 1837 Ontario
No other information is known about him

Daniel Quinn son of James Quinn and Mary Bonfiiedl
Daniel was born 7 Dec 1840 Ontario
married Ellen Bennett born abt 1854 in Ontario on 19 Aug 1872 Our Lady of Angels Church Brudenell Ontario 
Daniel died 26 Feb 1905 age 65 Brudenell
Buried St. Ann's Cemetery, Sabastopol, Ontario

Ellen's parents were Matthias Bennett and Johanna Lyons

Their children were

Mary Quinn born abt 1874 Ontario

Johanna Quinn born abt 1875 Ontario

Bridget Quinn born 4 april 1876 Sebastopol Township, Ontario

James Quinn born 13 JUne 1878   Sebastopol Township, Ontario

Matthew Quinn born 23 may 1880 South Algona, Renfrew Co, Ontario
married 23 1907 Elizabeth Jane Nevin Brudenell, Our Lady of angles 

Patrick Quinn b. 25 Feb 1882 Brudenell Township, Renfrew Co. Ontario

Edward Quinn b. 11 Jan 1884  Sebastopol, Ontario
died abt 1915

Teresa Quinn
born 12 July 1886 Sebastopol, Ontario 

Elizabeth Quinn
born 10 Feb 1888  Sebastopol, Ontario 

Julia Quinn
born 16 june 1890 Sebastopol, Ontario 

Florence Quinn 
Born 10 June 1893 Sebastopol, Ontario 

Patrick Quinn son of James Quinn and Mary Bonfiield

Patrick Quinn born abt 1843

Elizabeth Quinn daughter of James Quinn and Mary Bonfield

Elizabeth Quinn
b. abt 1847 Huntley Township,. Ontario
died 24 aug 1923 age 76
married Thomas James Corkery in 1872 Douglas Renfrew Co, Ontario
Thomas was born 18 June 1845 fourth line Ramsey, Ontario
died 13 April 1919 parents were Michael Corkery and Catherine Donohue

Their children were;

Patrick Corkery  born abt 1873

James Corkery born abt 1875

Michael Corkery born abt 1878

Mary Corkery born abt 1879
married Patrick Coyne Nove 1905
That is the end of the children of James Quinn and Mary Bonfield
Thank you,
August 24, 2005: Hi Al, Thank you for listing my information. Just received information from Mary Jane Moss: Patrick Lindsay and Catherine Quinn have a daughter Mary Lindsay confirmed by marriage record Fitzroy Harbor to Edward Kennedy 27 July 1860 Mary b. abt 1840 Edward born abt 1834 Their children: Joseph Parker Kennedy John Angus Kennedy James Edward Kennedy Mary Kennedy Emma Kennedy ... Donna
New July 26, 2006: Here's an interesting and informative family story ... Thanks to Jo Glinnon! Hi Al & Donna, Just snooping around Bytown or Bust. I came across this page on decendents of James Quinn and Mary Bonfield. Their son John J. married Margaret "Maggie" McGrath. Their daughter Mary Theresa "Tessie" Quinn and spouse David Franklin Douglas are my Great-Grand Aunt and Uncle. They lived in Gilby, North Dakota. which is close to Manvel, ND. David & Tessie Douglas had the following children: Erva Margaret Douglas Born: March 21, 1901 Gilby, North Dakota Married: Owen Traynor Flint, Michigan, USA Florence Meredith Douglas Born: Nov 30, 1902 Married: Joseph H. Guiberson Esther Lillian Douglas Born: Nov 14, 1907 Married: O.A. Knutson John Franklin Douglas Born: March 03, 1913 Married: Elwilda Gullikson June 20, 1936 Here is some info that was written down about Tessie (Quinn) Douglas by her children Erva & John. some of which can be verified and some only hearsay. Our mother's mother was Margaret McGrath born in Fitzroy, Ontario Nov.17, 1842. She was married at a Roman Catholic Church in Pakenham, Ontario to John Quinn when she was only fifteen. She died at Crosby, North Dakota, March 22, 1917 and is buried in St.Timothy's Catholic cemetery beside our grandfather John Quinn at Manvel, North Dakota. Grandpa Quinn was born in Ireland in Tipperary or Cork cty. in Feb. 1826. He died in Manvel, North Dakota Oct. 26, 1904. Our grandparents homesteaded in Huntley, Ontario, in a house that had been built in 1816. (this is the house where our mother was born). Our Aunt Lyda,(Tessie's sister) was in Huntley , Ontario many years ago she stayed with some cousins, the O'Brien family, who helped her secure her birth record in the Huntley Catholic Church. No doubt mother's birth is recorded there also. Aunt Lyda found the baptismal certificate for Uncle John Quinn in Corkery, Ontario. She also located a John McGrath at Eganville who was Grandma Quinn's cousin. Aunt Lyda said that we were related to William Jennings Bryan. His name was originally O'Brian. (but dropped the O). The O'Briens were one step back from the McGraths. Our Grandfather John Quinn came to the Dakota Territory, possibly in 1877, filed a homestead and built a log cabin on the banks of the Turtle River northeast of Manvel. This land later became part of the Roy Ronan Farm. In 1878 Grandmother Quinn came by train from Huntley, Ontario to Fisher's Landing, Minnesota with her six children: James, Lucy, John, Danial, Lyda, and Mary Theresa (our Mother). From there they came by barge to Grand Forks, North Dakota. The boat docked at a point on Kittson Ave. and Thrid Street. They were met there by Grandfather Quinn and traveled to the homestead in Manvel. Grandma told about how frightened she was on the barge. The railing around the decks was only a few feet high and the water kept lapping up on the deck. Our Mother was only four years old at the time and was fascinated by the boat and the water. Four more children were born in Manvel. Ligora, Anna Mae, Mary Louise, and Etta. The birth and death dates for the Quinn children are: James born 1859-died 1911 Lucy (mrs E.M.Mitchell) born 1862-died 1918 John Patrick born 1867- died 1935 Daniel born 1868 died ? Lyda (Mrs James Ryder) born 1871 died 1956 Mary Theresa (Tessie) born1874 died 1965 (Mrs David Franklin Douglas) Ligora (Mrs. Ed Ralph) born 1879 died 1919 Anna Mae (Mrs W.T. West) born 1881 died 1964 Mary Louise (Mrs. James Darmody) born 1883 died 1966 Etta (Mrs Martin Rockwell) born 1886 died 1967. Our Grandmother Quinn was a typical pioneer mother- patient, kind, courageous, generous, and thoughtful. She was genuinely loved and respected in the community. She often served as a mid-wife and would often be called out at night to travel miles to be present at a birth or a death. Mother said as children they dreaded the sound of approaching sleigh bells because that usually meant grandma would be called away for hours or even a day or two- during cold, stormy, dreary weather. These are just some of the things we know about our Family History that we cherish and are priceless as days go by. Written Nov. 1976 by Erva and John Douglas. My Great GrandFather John Kinsala / Kinsella born Franktown, Ontario married David Franklin's sister Maria Douglas. David Franklin Douglas born: July 13, 1889 Morris Township, Jamestown, Ontario Died: Oct. 27, 1962 Gilby, North Dakota Father: John Douglas Mother: Mary Newell Spouse: Mary Theresa (Tessie) Quinn Just wanted to pass this on to you ... Jo Alene Glinnon jglinnon@mainstreetcom.com ______________________ more from Jo: Hi Al, Yes by all means add it to your web site. the Erva Douglas that wrote it lived to be 100 and had been a school teacher and had traveled most of the world. She could tell some very interesting stories. I am so grateful that she took the time to write down what she did. The tid bits of information. Are great resources for others when they are researching. like when you find the name of someone that you knew nothing about, it gives them a whole new starting point. Just by going to your site I typed in the name Douglas, and I thought maybe they are talking about my Uncle David and Aunt Tessie and sure enough when I dug out the paper work everything fit. Most of my relatives were instrumental in the building of Gilby, North Dakota. all coming from Ontario. The Red River Valley in North Dakota has the richest farm land in the world. "The Prairie Girls" Dakota Territory: More history of Gilby, then ever went between the covers of a book, lived in the memories of the "Prairie Girls of Gilby". Their average term of residence in the community was more than 65 years. The history they knew is of "the prairie" when it was a sea of grass, dotted here and there with a claim shanty. They could remember the bitter cold of the flimsy shack. The real danger of a prairie fire. The tragic loss of a loved one in the calamities peculiar to pioneer life. It was not until the "pioneer days" were passed, that the prairie girls realized that they had a knowledge, that neither their children, nor the friends that moved to the community later, comprehended. Wise enough to recognize it's true value, they organized their club. All members of the group spoke the same language, and knew another way, of life. Some of the members were: Jeannie McLean, Tessie (Quinn) Douglas, Mary (Newell) Douglas, Mariah (Douglas) Kinsala, Mary (Douglas) Clark, Esther (Douglas) Wilcox, and Emma (Douglas) Reiton. all Tessie's sister-In- Law's and Mother In Law. The first structures to be built in Gilby, North Dakota in 1887. was the Saloon, Slaughter House, Butcher Shop,(built by James Douglas) and 4 Elevators in preparation for the fall crop to be shipped by rail. as the railroad was coming to Gilby. The hardware store was built by the Reiton brothers. The lumber for the store was ordered from Duluth, Minnesota and $2500.00 worth of hardware stock came to Inkster by rail and was hauled by team and wagon to Gilby. The merchandise was stored in a makeshift shed until the store was completed. As a testimonial to the honesty of the very early settler, the only fastening on the shed was a rope tied around the nail. I found this writing to be so fascinating I wanted to share it with you. So if you want to add it go ahead and do so. Thanks, Jo P.S. My Great-Great-Grandfather James Kinsala (Kinsella) born 1812 Ireland. living in Franktown, Ontario. also settled in Gilby, North Dakota.

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